Sekrit Slasha

Slasha, Baby is the LOTR RPS Fanfiction holiday fic exchange. This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Slasha, Baby! 2004

This is the list for the Lotrips Secret Slasha 2004, where all your Christmas Slash wishes come true (at least, we hope they do) and Santa prefers you to have been naughty, rather than nice.

About seventy writers signed up to write a story-present based on the the pairing and genre requested by someone else, and to get a present of their own.

The fics came online the week of December 25 for general acclaim and speculation in the LJ Slashababy community. December 31, we added the authors, so people could find out who was their Santa this Christmas, and thank them (see list of Stories sorted by author).

As in past years, the quality of the stories was fabulously high -- this challenge brought out some great creativity!

author title pairing recipient
buckle_berry Narnia Billy / Dom _simbelmyne_
lovewithapathy Little Doll Orlando / Dom (Orlando / Kate Bosworth) 2am_optimism
cupidsbow Surfacing Orlando / Elijah airgiodslv
2am_optimism A Series of Social Occasions Viggo / Dom algernonthemous
algernonthemous National Turkey Federation Billy / Dom almaviva
_simbelmyne_ Kinetic Orlando / Sean Bean antigone_ks
chimerablack untitled Billy / Dom slasha dropout
telesilla A Bit of Rough Dom / Orlando / Karl azewewish
baranduin Ashes Bean / Elijah azhriaz
antigone_ks Deadly Karl / Elijah baranduin
almostnever (backup) Psychosomatic Billy / Dom (minor Elijah / Sean) broken_rook
broken_rook Untitled Dom / Viggo buckle_berry
almaviva The Story So Far Billy / Dom canciona
denyce36 Cycles of Twilight Sean Bean / Viggo cathybites
dizzydame aka lavitanuova Happy Christmas, Billy Billy / Dom charlottemay
lucky_jack A Bit of What You Fancy... Billy / Dom, Elijah / Sean Astin chimerablack
charlottemay Billy's Christmas Diary Billy / Orlando cincodemaygirl
saklani2 Life's Opportunities Dom / Billy ckdutchess
crazybutsound Cartes Postales Dom / Elijah cortie
canciona Now I See Billy / Dom crazybutsound
sophrosyne31 Refraction Orlando / Elijah cupidsbow
dystopic The Breakdown of Elijah Wood in 7 Parts Viggo / Elijah slasha dropout
cincodemaygirl Dom's Three Step Plan Elijah / Orlando, Dom denyce36
shirasade (backup) Sensory Memory Dom / Billy dizzydame aka lavitanuova
fly_meaway Unlike Some People Elijah / Viggo dystopic
frisbyg Since We've No Place to Go Dom / Billy elvengirl98
inbetweens Subject To Change Sean Bean / Viggo enchanteresse
azewewish Falls the Shadow Sean Bean / Orlando, Viggo epicanthus
ckdutchess Happy Anniversary Viggo / Dom flusteredspeech
flusteredspeech Ring Out Wild Bells Elijah / Dom fly_meaway
trianne Thro' A Mirror Clear Viggo / Dom frisbyg
healingwinds Perfection Dom / Orlando slasha dropout
chaosmanor (backup) Doraphilia Billy / Dom healingwinds
elvengirl98 Comfort of Friends Dom / Viggo hobbitgwen
yueni (backup) No Secrets Lawrence Makoare / David Wenham, Marton Csokas, Viggo Mortensen, Harry Sinclair, Karl Urban iamari
airgiodslv Futures Possible David Wenham / Billy / Dom / Elijah inbetweens
hobbitgwen Blur Viggo / Dom infamousfreaky
missiedith Mistakes Billy / Elijah ipso__facto
infamousfreaky Mistakes We Knew We Were Making Dom / Billy slasha dropout
kraken_wakes SC 383 765 Sean Bean / Billy katiekat2505
ipso__facto Consequence Free Dom / Elijah, Dom / Billy kiltsandlollies
ladymoonray Amethyst Marton / Viggo slasha dropout
owlgrey Fashionista Dom / Elijah kraken_wakes
epicanthus Good With Words Karl / Viggo ladymoonray
iamari Time to Rehearse Viggo / Marton lotrjunkie
katiekat2505 Moth to a Flame Orlando / Viggo lovewithapathy
turning_leaf Inconceivable Elijah / Dom lucky_jack
lotrjunkie Hello, Stranger Harry Sinclair / Sean Bean lunasv
sparcck Fever Pitch Sean Bean / Dom missiedith
sathinks Calmer Still Billy / Dom mixmasterhobbit
mixmasterhobbit Messages Dom / Elijah, Billy mjjgoddess
telesilla If It's Not Scottish... Dom / Billy moonfairyhime
rosemending What To Do When The Wolf Comes Elijah / Viggo msilverstar
moonfairyhime Good Match, Good Match Billy / Dom slasha dropout
msilverstar Magic Fingers Elijah / Billy owlgrey
scots_in_kilts aka hobbits_r_cute Best You Can Do? Billy / Dom slasha dropout
cathybites Fairytale Orlando / Billy queenbitter
mjjgoddess Five Ways in Which Billy is a Whore Billy / Most of the cast pippin1983
anatsuno (backup) Siva Elijah / Viggo rosemending
cortie Apologies Billy / Viggo saklani2
pippin1983 A Bad Start Dom / Billy sathinks
wbearsmom Billy-locks Dom / Billy scots_in_kilts aka hobbits_r_cute
kiltsandlollies Beneficial Billy / Viggo shanalle
yueni (backup) Time of Day Viggo / Orlando / Sean Bean sileya
thepsychicclam Imprints Dom / Orlando sophrosyne31
azhriaz The Inward Morning Dom / Viggo sparcck
lunasv It Must Be Love Craig Parker / Karl Urban sparkleblsm
sileya Reunion Dom / Billy teffy
enchanteresse My King Orlando / Bean / Viggo telesilla
queenbitter Three Things That Never Happened... Elijah / Dom thepsychicclam
shanalle The Way It Actually Happened Elijah / Dom trianne
teffy The Way This Feels Dom / Billy slasha dropout
zarah5 Prologue Orlando / Viggo turning_leaf
tripping_sin Calling His Bluff Billy / Dom wbearsmom
owlgrey (backup) Trouble Billy / Dom wbearsmom
sparkleblsm A New 'Move' Orlando / Dom zarah5


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