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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Calmer Still the Waves

for mixmasterhobbit
by sathinks

Notes: Thanks to Fox and Versaphile for encouragement and beta. For mixmasterhobbit, who wanted Billy/Dom.

Dom was in love with the ocean.

This wasn't a recent thing; ever since they'd all decided to try surfing out for the comic value, if nothing else, everyone had taken to spending their weekends at the beach. But for Dom, it was something more. He went there the days he had off work; he dragged Billy there whenever there was a space of time longer than an hour to spare.

Billy endured this all with his general good nature. It wasn't as though he or Dom had never seen the ocean before--hell, they came from an island, after all. But there was something about the ocean here in New Zealand, its warm, blue-sparkling water, that seemed to draw Dom like a magnet.

Most of the time, they wouldn't even surf. Dom would pull Billy to the car, and stop at a convenience store for shit food and a case of lager, then beeline straight for the coast. In Wellington, it was easier; there were public beaches only a few miles from their apartment. When they were on location, Dom would sometimes drive them around for hours to hit the water, even if they would get back only a few hours before call the next morning.

It had become ritualistic, the looks Dom would throw to Billy when he was gearing up for another trek to the sea. Billy would change the plans he'd made to go out to the pub or a footie match, giving apologetic smiles to Elijah or Orli and getting into the foot queue earlier so they could take off sooner. Truth be told, he held something of a fondness for their excursions himself. If nothing else, they brought Dom and him closer. Billy liked being in the car, too, just driving for miles in pleasant silence with the radio on to nothing in particular and Dom singing softly along.

In the months that passed since their first trip out, Billy and Dom had evolved to a sort of common ground. The beach things had become a permanent fixture in Dom's car, and Billy always carried extra cash for the petrol. When they arrived at the beach, they'd set up the blankets and bug candles and chest of lager before plopping down, their conversations carrying on merrily from the car. Billy was always impressed with Dom's ability to keep a continuous line of thought no matter the intrusive circumstances.

They would talk for a time before the sound of the waves would overtake their voices, and soon they would subside into peaceful quiet. At that point, Dom's fingers would start to fidget, and Billy would mumble something, pushing him to scoot over so that Billy could position himself in Dom's lap. Dom's fingers would fool with Billy's hair, his forehead, his mouth. Dom would undo the buttons on Billy's shirt and refasten them, or walk fingers up Billy's sides while mumbling nonsense. It was easy for Billy to slip into a sort of half-sleep then, just let Dom play and get it out of his system. He was more at peace by the sea.

If they had enough time, more than a couple of hours, Dom would do his yoga with Billy watching, propped up against blankets. Billy could recall the routine perfectly, from the first moment Dom bent into a crouch to the stretches he would do. It always ended in the same place it began, with Dom's eyes closed and his feet turned out, his hands relaxed on his knees and his spine relaxed.

It was soothing, watching Dom move gracefully into one form and the next. Billy knew the routine as well as Dom, and would name the positions under his breath. It took on a stronger resonance with the waves crashing in the background, as if Dom was connected to the beach and the water in some way and was simply acting out their motions.

When Dom was limber and relaxed, he'd flop down next to Billy, and it was too easy to lean over and kiss him. Having Dom languid and willing beneath him was worth all the trouble it took to get to the sea. Dom was worth all the trouble in the world.


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