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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

A New 'Move'

for zarah5
by sparkleblsm

Fluff with a bite

Orlando flipped on his CD player and rolled his neck back, then forth; the sounds and feel of the music instantly made him feel better. He stood straight and closed his eyes, feeling small vibrations on the floor.

He loved using Latin music for his stretching and yoga classes; the music was so powerful and the beats held your attention.

Orlando raised his arms above his head and slowly lowered them to his sides, and then slowly to his hips. His legs slowly dropped into a half-split with his hands moved to the floor in front of him to cushion his upper torso. His legs then moved from the half-split to behind him as he arched his back, enjoying the tightening, then release of tension in his back.

Dom knocked on the door, after a few moments of still staring at the door he tested and doorknob and was most pleased when it opened. "Orlando? Are you h..." Dom chuckled to himself when he heard the bass from the Latin music pulsing from the upstairs. "Figures," Dom muttered. Orlando was always doing something that he'd never heard of, the yoga thing sounded interesting; but after Elijah had made quite a few dirty jokes about different 'positions', he'd be hard-pressed to try yoga and not bust into a fit of giggles.

Dom walked lazily up the stairs, stopping every so often to swivel his hips to a certain chorus in one of the songs. He chuckled as he finally reached the top of the stairs, going to knock on the open door to announce himself he was quite distracted by Orlando's latest move.

Orlando's body was arched - his hands resting palm down above his head and his feet going from flat on the floor to pointed and his bare chest and abdomen tightened with every tense of his muscles. On one of the beats Orlando pushed away from the floor with his feet and flipped himself into a standing position.

'That boy did inherit some elven grace after all...' Dom thought to himself, quite impressed. He raised his hands to clap, almost hoping sadistically that it would throw off his grace to he could have a good laugh by watching Orlando's rarely seen shyness manifest itself and cause a graceless flop to his training mat.

Instead, he was the one held at a graceless loss. Orlando decided to try a new move, one in which he decided to lay on his stomach and then raise up, rocking slowly back and forth. His back would arch and then he would rock backwards where it would lie flat and then repeating the motion.

The pervy-minded part of Dom instantly started working and to keep from becoming worked up to much, he lolled out of the doorway and rested against the wall. When he tried to focus, all he got was a picture of Orlando rocking back and forth, and slowly his mind started to subtract the clothing from that picture.

Dom wanted to groan, his mind would now never let him forget this and, of course, being stuck in a ridiculous and embarrassing situation; his body decided to show its approval.

'Great,' Dom thought. It wasn't bad enough his mind was replaying some odd-sort of yoga move/sex position, he now had the erection to prove (as if he needed any more proof) what a pervy-bugger he was.

'I'll just walk back downstairs and no one will be the wiser,' Dom thought. First three steps cooperated, the forth was a bloody traitor, it creaked. "Hey Dom! You're early. I'll be right down."

"Shit!" Dom grumbled under his breath. "Okay, I'll be on the couch. He practically ran/fell down the rest of the stairs and plopped down on the couch - his mind willing his erection to go away.

After a quick readjustment, which was not the least bit comfy, he sat on the couch, waiting as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Sorry I took so long mate, I didn't even hear you. Guess that's what I get for playing my tunes so loud." Orlando strode in, wearing his bright yellow workout shorts and a white towel around his neck. A couple of patches on his chest still shone a little bit from where he missed them after toweling himself off.

The visuals that entered Dom's head at that moments prompted a groan and then an exasperated giggle as Dom decided he couldn't really fight it and play serious, so he just went with goofy - it seemed to suit him well.

Orlando cocked his head, "You okay there Dom? You seem a bit out of it... remember the bar is for the evening. You weren't trying to get knackered behind my back now were you?" Dom just flopped down on the couch and proceeded to giggle his fool head off. Aside from the yoga position Orlando occupying his mind, now a somewhat drunk and dancing Orlando decided to join in. Orlando thankfully was not one of the bad dancers who look like fools after too many rounds, Orlando was just plain dirty. Not that anyone seemed to mind.

Orlando just sighed and shifted his weight from one leg to the other, "Listen mate, I'm gonna go shower and get ready for the pub tonight." He turned and started walking down the hallway for the bathroom, swinging his hips every so often as he was whistling the melody to one of the songs that had been playing earlier.

Dom relaxed and let out a breath he didn't realize that he'd been holding in, "Hey, Dom... something else too," Orlando called out from the bathroom. "You think you can remain somewhat sober and stable tonight?" Dom opened one eye and pondered for a minute, "Yeah, but any real reason why I should? I mean after all, the best part of drinking is to join the ranks of totally sloshed and to wake up not remembering anything." Dom heard a slight chuckle from the bathroom and grew quite suspicious, "Okay, what is this all about?" Dom called down to Orlando.

"Oh it's nothing..." Dom eyed the darkened hallway suspiciously and then lay back down to rest. The last words he heard were, "Well, instead of watching me this time, I actually was hoping you'd join me this time. You know, those mirrors in there do provide a quite interesting picture no matter what position you are in."

Dom near swallowed his own tongue as he heard Orlando laughing all the way to the shower.


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