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FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

The Way It Actually Happened

for trianne
by shanalle

Dom/Elijah PG-13


It wasn't that Elijah hadn't thought about it happening. It was more that he hadn't thought it would. Happen, that is. But now it was. Happening. Here in his own house, nonetheless.

He had imagined this so many times, in so many different ways. Maybe he would go outside to have a cigarette and Dom would follow. They'd start talking and then Dom would just lean in a little bit, and Elijah would blink uncertainly, but Dom would close the distance between their lips... Or maybe they'd be out dancing. The buzz of too much alcohol flowing through their veins. Dom would pull him close, close enough to feel exactly what he does to Elijah, and Elijah would feel him, too. And Dom would whisper something in his ear and then kiss him, softly on his neck... Or Elijah would find Dom somewhere far off from the others on set one day, sitting all by himself. He'd ask him what was wrong and Dom would just look at him, and Elijah would just know, he'd see it in Dom's eyes and they would slowly gravitate toward each other...

As it turned out, it wasn't at all like he'd imagined it. There was no uncertain hesitation, no meaningful glances and no slow leaning forward. There was alcohol, though, and plenty of it. That was what had led them here, where it was happening.

But perhaps we should rewind a bit.

It had all started some hours before, when some of the guys had come over to Elijah's house for a small party. By small, it meant that it was only the four hobbits plus Orlando, their elf-in-crime. By party, it meant several cases of beer and a Playstation.

It hadn't taken long for the guys to grow bored with the Playstation. Or perhaps it was just that the bottles of beer strongly outweighed the number of controllers. Either way, it was barely an hour or so before they were all, as Dom would say, rightly pissed.

Elijah would have said they were wasted. Plastered. Utterly shitfaced. But that was all relative.

It would become quite an arguable assertion between the five, but Elijah thought the moment the night began to go downhill was when Billy ran out of Elijah's bedroom with a copy of Fellowship of the Ring in his hand like he'd found the goddamn golden ticket. They had all groaned, saying that it was their weekend off and why must they be forced to look at Tolkien on the one night they didn't have to? But Billy had danced around the room, reminding Elijah of a leprechaun -- not that he would ever tell Billy that -- and said that he had an idea.

Billy's idea turned out to be a drinking game. He would read bits of the story aloud, and every time one of them -- or, their characters, rather -- had a line of dialogue, they would have to take a drink.

To Elijah's dismay, every one else had thought this was genius.

But here's the thing about drinking games: they never last as long as they are intended. It makes sense, because it's never long before the participants are too drunk to continue properly. In this case, they were all drunk before the game began. Elijah knew that trouble was ahead.

What ended up happening, predictably, was that Billy was only twenty-or-so pages in before he gave up from laughing too hard. And, also to Elijah's dismay, Frodo's speaking parts by far exceeded everyone else's. In fact, Billy hadn't even got far enough for anyone other than Elijah or Sean to drink.

Now, Elijah was the youngest. He was also the least used to drinking heavily, and the others always teased him for having a low tolerance. Truth of it was that he was a fairly good drinker for a guy his size. Unfortunately, this didn't stop the teasing.

So, when faced with a situation such as Billy's not-so-brilliant drinking game, Elijah felt as though he had to hold his own. Which meant that he drank. And drank. And then, he drank some more.

Then, of course, the inevitable happened.

Elijah had only been sick from alcohol one other time in his life, years ago when he and some friends had nicked some liquor for what would become Elijah's first and worst drinking experience. Although what was happening on this particular evening was soon beginning to replace that night.

His head was bent forward, his hands were gripping the sides of his toilet for dear life. The room was spinning. It would not stop spinning. And every time it spun around, his stomach churned and he lurched forward once more.

The only comfort was Dom's hands, one on his back, soothingly rubbing, and the other in his hair, brushing his bangs back off his forehead.

Vaguely, he heard knocking on his bathroom door, heard Sean asking Is Elijah okay? Dom's hands left him for a minute and Elijah wretched once more while Dom told the others, Just get on home, I can take care of Elijah for the night.

Elijah was grateful when Dom's hands returned.

When he finally stopped heaving, Elijah stood shakily and thanked Dom with an embarrassed smile. The room was still a bit spinny and Elijah wondered if Dom was still drunk as well. Probably not. He knew from experience that nothing could sober a guy up like taking care of a drunken friend.

Dom seemed concerned, but Elijah was able to kick him out of the bathroom long enough for him to clean himself off in the shower quickly and brush his teeth. He emerged feeling a little less disgusting and utterly exhausted.

It was probably then that Elijah realized Dom had no intention of leaving.

No matter how many times Elijah protested, Dom insisted on sleeping in his room with him. He told some horrible story about people lying on their backs and choking and Elijah had made him stop before he was sick all over again.

In his bedroom, Elijah felt a bit self-conscious. Which was strange, really, since they all changed in front of each other every day. But this was his bedroom and no one else was there and he had just been ill, for Christ's sake. Elijah had undressed quickly, pushing his jeans off and hopping into bed in one huge rush.

Dom stripped down to his shorts and then disappeared, leaving Elijah to feel a bit ridiculous in his own bed. He lay there on his side -- he didn't think he'd ever sleep on his back again -- and pulled the blankets up to his chin, waiting. And waiting. When Dom finally returned, he had a ridiculously large cup of water and a wastebasket in his hands.

Elijah sat up and took some of the water gratefully, giving Dom another small smile. This was utterly embarrassing. So much for proving he could hold his alcohol. Dom smiled back, placing the trashcan at Elijah's side of the bed on the floor, and climbed into bed.

Are you feeling any better? Dom asked, and Elijah nodded, Much, thanks. He flicked off the lamp and settled back under the covers, entirely too aware of Dom's bare legs brushing against his in the small bed. You wake me up if you need anything, Dom told him and Elijah nodded again, already feeling too drowsy to respond.

When Elijah woke up, it was dark in his room. His stomach still felt a little bit funny, so he sat up and reached over for the glass of water Dom had brought him, careful not to shift on the mattress too much. He didn't want to wake Dom unnecessarily.

That's when he realized that Dom wasn't sleeping. He was lying on his side, propped up on an elbow, his eyes wide open. Watching Elijah.

Elijah set the glass back down on his nightstand and turned. Dom?

He was on his back before he knew what hit him. Dom's entire body lunged forward, his mouth pressing against Elijah's instantly. Elijah's mouth opened in a silent gasp of shock and Dom's tongue snaked its way inside, pushing clumsily against Elijah's teeth before sliding in the most delicious way against Elijah's own tongue. It was unexpected. It was shocking. It was fucking brilliant and Elijah finally kissed back with a fervor he wouldn't have thought he was capable of. Dom rolled over, his body covering Elijah's, and dear God, Elijah could feel him.

Which was presently how Elijah found himself.

And so they kissed. And kissed. And kissed some more, both gasping for breath when they finally parted.

Elijah looked up into Dom's eyes dazedly, trying to string together enough coherent thought to figure out exactly how he had gone from vomiting to making out, mentally thanking every deity he could think of that he'd had the sense to brush his teeth before bed.

Dom? he asked, unable to help grinning back at Dom's sheepish smile.

I... sorry, Dom licked his lips and smiled some more, and Elijah stretched his neck to kiss him again. Just... wanted you, Dom mumbled against his mouth and Elijah pulled away long enough to speak.

S'okay, he said, his lips and legs and entire body tingling, I've been waiting for this to happen.


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