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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Five Ways in Which Billy is a Whore

for pippin1983
by mjjgoddess

Pairing: Billy/Most of the cast
Rating: PG-13/R
Feedback: If you'd like. :)
Disclaimer: I make no apologies or excuses for Billy's morals, or lack thereof. That said, I've still made this up.
Summary: Billy's five favorite...
Notes: For Pippin1983, who requested bb/dm, bb/dm/ew, bb/anybody. :)

Billy likes to kiss a lot of boys. Most people would say this makes him somewhat of a slut, but he likes to disagree and call himself "overly friendly". To each his own.

The first boy he kissed was Orlando, on the flight from Heathrow to New Zealand, in exchange for learning the entire "One Ring" poem. The only sex he'd ever kissed before were girls (and ones not nearly as affectionate as some of the cast - but I'm getting ahead of myself), so it was just a bit surprising when Orli suddenly leaned over and clamped his lips shut on top of Billy's, grinning like the moron he was when he pulled back. Billy felt his knees go weak, and knew if he was standing he would've fallen over in shock (a lovely shock, yes, but still in shock, mind you).

The second pretty boy was Dom, though he'd later blow it off as being "locked in the closet". Rocky Road, my ass. Yeah, they shared that house for the weekend - and the bed (one bedroom and no heat, what the fuck), but only as mates, and certainly no sort of sexual desire was there, either, no sirree. It was just when Dom did that yoga, bare-chested, in the center of the living room that made Billy's heart leap (among other things). So that night, they were sitting watching the telly and some mindless show, when Billy moved and kissed him. It was already fantastic enough, but Dom didn't need to go and throw his tongue in there, as well. Billy's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and that's all we'll say on that experience.

Third was Viggo, and why him, Billy may never know. Sure, there was that moment of hilarity when they kissed in front of everyone else, but.. .well, that came later. The time in question actually was about six months earlier, dressing room, 2:30 in the fucking morning. They'd both had a few drinks, and were laughing over the state of... something. Whatever. Who started it, he can't remember, just suddenly, Billy's on top of him, licking at Viggo's teeth and ripping his belt off, fingers digging into his own pants, wrapping themselves around him, his breath coming in short excited gasps. Neither of them can seem to recall this incident anymore, and they both are in denial claim total innocence.

Fourth -- Elijah. Who knew that wide-eyed innocent could give such fucking good head? Billy was in his trailer (that damn trailer), minding his own business and scratching absently at his wig, feeling rather cold and more than a bit grumpy, waiting impatiently for him and Dom to be called back on-set, when who should suddenly appear from behind his shoulder, blue eyes huge and mouth pressing suddenly against his own, Frodo and Pippin curls tangling, tickling at Billy's nose. Elijah looked around, put a finger to his lips, knelt, unzipped Billy's pants, and went for what was currently jumping around in there. You want to know what Billy thought of that? Just mention Elijah's name, and watch his face light up.

Fifth is -- well, could they really be counted again?


Dom and Elijah were their own selves, true enough, but when they ganged up on him, kissing, touching, fucking, breathlessly whispering their love and devotion to him, well, I'm sure you could forgive him for it. They became their own person, four hands and twice the ability to love him, the three of them comforted in one bed. Dom's curled up on his left; Elijah's stretched out, limbs askew, on his right. Billy'd much rather stay with them than with his "girlfriend", Ali, even though his PR people keep telling him to talk about her rather than the two of them. Maybe it's because he wouldn't be able to stop jabbering about the way Dom's tongue makes his hair on the back of his neck stand up, or how Elijah's sweet, loving giggles reminded him of the deepest, most luscious chocolate, and how he loved to coax it out of him, swallow it up hurriedly and beg for more. But, as Dom sleepily snuggled next to him, and Elijah whimpered softly, sweet, dreaming, Billy smiled.

Boys are more fun after all.


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