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FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.


for saklani2
by cortie

Paring: BB/VM
Rating: nc-17? Just to be safe...
Disclaimer: They're not mine. This didn't happen... That I'm aware of. ;p
For: saklani2 have a very slashy x-mas!!!

Close to the start of filming, the members of the Fellowship (minus John, whose face was exceptionally raw after the day's shoot and declined the invite) gathered at a local pub in Wellington on one of their few nights off. Everyone knew that the Hobbits got on famously from day one, and Orlando as well, but this was an effort on all parts to try and be a Fellowship on screen and off.

This would, of course, call for large quantities of alcohol. So the pub it was.

One hour into the evening, Orlando, Elijah and Dom were having a rather animated discussion with Ian at one end of the table, Sean and Sean were trading child rearing horror stories, and he was sitting, staring at his barely touched mug of beer, and being shy. SHY. If most people had the chance to describe Billy Boyd in one word, it would most definitely not be shy. However, on this particular night he couldn't seem to help himself. He felt like a schoolgirl with a crush. And when he thought about it, which is precisely what he had done for the better part of the evening so far, he was exactly that. Well, minus the schoolgirl part.

Billy Boyd was hopelessly smitten with the King of Men...

And with everyone split off into their own conversations, only he and the afore mentioned king remained. Currently, Viggo was at the bar getting more beer for everyone... as well as chatting up the bartender, apparently. The male bartender. Billy slapped himself mentally. Of course Viggo wasn't hitting on the man! He was most definitely straight. Married even... well, divorced, but to have the latter you must have the former. Billy shook himself out of his rather incoherent train of thought, as Viggo walked, no strode, back to the table, arms full of beer and sat down next to him with a lopsided grin. He eyed Billy's still nearly full mug and waved a new one before his face.

"C'mon Bills, we're already on the next round. Bottoms up." He said, stirring the foam with his index finger and winking. Billy didn't think he'd make it through the night. However, if he was to make it, getting completely wasted was going to be his best bet. And with that thought accompanied by the image of Viggo licking froth off his finger in a manner that was entirely too erotic to be healthy, Billy brought the mug to his lips and tipped it back, downing the contents in no time.

"Bring on the next round, then." He said, wiping his mouth on his sleeve and grinning at the man next to him. Maybe the night could be salvaged yet. Viggo slid the new mug towards him and raised his own. Billy mimicked him. "To the Fellowship!"

Glasses touched, eyes twinkled, and Viggo downed half his beer. Billy's own was still raised to toast, as he was busy staring at Viggo's adam's apple moving as he swallowed his beer. Again, way more attractive that it should have been. Billy blinked as Viggo sat his beer down and raised an eyebrow at him, then smiled toothily and drank.


That night was many months ago. Billy and Viggo had become the best of mates. Certainly not as good of mates as he and Dom were. And not quite as close as he and Lij. But close, all the same. Billy was still hopelessly taken with the leader of their Fellowship, but had resigned himself to the fact that there was no way, EVER, that anything could happen. He still thought about that night often, though.

Now, Billy lies in his trailer, staring at the ceiling and kicking his hobbit feet back and forth. There's a knock as the door opens-his mates never wait for an invite- and Viggo breezes into the room.

"Alright, up with you. Sean's filming his wedding and needs our support. C'mon, c'mon!" Viggo explains himself while pulling Billy from the bed and ushering him out the door.

They arrive on the set and Sean is wringing his hands as they retouch his makeup. He smiles at his two friends as they move to sit just out of the shot where he can see them. Just before they take the next shot, Viggo moves a bit closer to Billy. Billy starts, but enjoys the closeness. Of course, it means nothing, he reminds himself. Then, suddenly, Viggo grabs his shoulders and turns him so that they are facing. Before he knows what's happened, Viggo's lips are crushed to his own with bruising force. His eyes go so wide he fears they may escape their sockets, but only for a moment. His mouth begins to open of its own accord and just as it begins to heat up, his lips are cold again. Viggo has pulled back and his head is resting against Billy's own.

"Later." He rasps out against Billy's ear, sending not at all unpleasant shivers down his spine.

The take is finished and the shoot follows shortly. Costumes are traded for regular clothes, everyone has a good laugh over their "help" for Sean, and they part ways. Except they don't. Billy heads outside through the back door and leans against the wall. Sighing loudly, he closes his eyes and grins like an idiot. The door opens and closes again. Footsteps.

"What, may I ask, are you so happy about, Mr. Boyd?" A voice asks, as a calloused hand comes to rest under his chin, tipping his head up. He knows the voice, the hands, the sounds-god, even the smell of the man before him by heart. He memorized everything about this man so long ago. And now? Now this man that he fantasized about night after night is standing before him, cupping his face, and leaning toward him. Lips meet, and Billy's hands shakily make their way around Viggo's neck. Viggo's hand slides back into Billy's hair and his other drops to the small of Billy's back, crushing their bodies together. Billy gasps as he feels Viggo's erection against his hip. Viggo pulls back, searching the younger man's face, and smiles in a way that makes Billy weak in the knees. Viggo plants a chaste kiss on the smaller man's lips and whispers against them, "My place? Or yours?"

Billy chuckles throatily and returns the taller man's quick kiss before shrugging his shoulders in response to the question. Viggo smiles and grabs Billy's hand, leading him out towards his car.

"Mine it is then... "


Once they reach Viggo's flat, the door is barely shut before the two men are attached at the lips once more. This time, hands roam and hips buck, seeking more friction and less clothing. They move clumsily through the house, knocking over lamps, bumping tables, and colliding with walls, until they reach the bedroom.

Viggo almost growls into Billy's mouth as the door opens. Soon, Billy feels his calves touch the edge of the bed and Viggo is pushing him down onto it. He has never felt so extremely vulnerable and so incredibly aroused in all of his life. With Viggo standing over him, he feels the happiest he has in such a long time. He reaches out to his king and pulls him down to the bed as well; wrapping his legs around the backs of the taller man's and making his knees buckle. Billy smiles and recaptures the older man's mouth. "You've no idea how long Ah've been waiting for this... "

Viggo smiles softly and runs a hand through Billy's soft hair. "I had no idea, you know... " A kiss. "Elijah had to point it out to me... " Another. "I've watched you for so long, Bills." Kisses down the line of his jaw. "And I still didn't see... " Soft nips on his neck. "I'm sorry." Kisses on his collarbone. "Forgive me?" Viggo looks up, eyes wide and soft and green like eternity.

Billy bites his lip, and pretends to ponder the idea "Hmmm, Ah dunnae know if Ah can... " He grins cheekily up at the man he's been head over heels for since day one. "But since you asked so nicely... " He places a kiss on Viggo's forehead. "Ah suppose Ah can forgive you."

Viggo smacks him upside the head playfully and then at once is kissing him again with so much passion Billy is sure no one man has ever felt this loved in all of the world. The kiss deepens and Billy reaches for the fasten on Viggo's jeans, eyes open in question. Viggo simply smiles and kisses him again, tugging on the hem of Billy's t-shirt. They break apart briefly and discard their clothing, sending it flying all over the room. Viggo returns to his position atop Billy, and they just stare into one another's eyes for what seems like years but can only really be seconds. A silent question is posed by the look in Viggo's eyes and the heat of his cock pressed against the indention where Billy's thigh meets his hip. Billy's smile is bright enough to light up the entire house as he nods once, knowing that the answer was always, always yes.

Viggo plants a soft kiss on the tip of his nose and reaches over to the bedside table. Opening the second drawer, he pulls out a condom and a bottle of lube that looks as if it's seen better days. He motions of Billy to shift on the bed so they're not hanging off of it any longer. As he is scooting around, Billy moves to turn onto his stomach but is stopped by a strong hand on his arm.

"I want to look into your eyes while I'm inside of you... " Viggo breathes against his neck, making Billy almost come then and there.

Billy turns to lie on his back once again and Viggo moves between his legs, kissing him deeply. He lifts his legs to rest on Viggo's muscular shoulders as the older man coats his fingers in lube. Leaning forward, Viggo hovers just above Billy's lips and slowly slides one finger inside him, then another, and then another. Viggo raises an eyebrow. Billy sticks his tongue out in a way that is nothing but childish.

"Ah never said Ah was a virgin."

Viggo laughs, deep and rumbling, and kisses Billy hard and fast. He pulls his fingers out and cots himself with lube, all the while kissing Billy so deeply he's sure he'll melt into the bed. Billy moans loudly as he feels Viggo push into him slowly, and wraps his arms around the larger man's body. Viggo moves one hand down to Billy's own erection and begins stroking it in time with his thrusts. Billy's eyes are glossy and dark with pleasure. He moans Viggo's name over and over again, hips rising to meet the older man's with every thrust. Viggo begins thrusting harder and deeper, almost growling as he twists his hand into the smaller man's hair. Billy's fingernails dig into Viggo's back as he inches closer and closer to climax with every thrust, every pump. Viggo's hand begins moving faster and more erratically and he thrusts one last time, hard and deep and hot and the two men cry each other's names as they come.

Viggo doesn't pull out, but let's Billy remove his legs from his shoulders. They lie together, sweaty, sticky, and sated, Viggo still inside Billy. Viggo kisses the younger man's neck and smiles against it, tasting his sweat.

"How's that for an apology, eh?" He grins, and nips lightly at Billy's jaw line.

Billy just chuckles and flicks Viggo's ear. "It's a good start, anyhow... "



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