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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.


for teffy
by sileya

Pairing: DM/BB (my first ever this pairing!)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is a work of celebrity fan FICTION. I am making no claims as to the veracity of this material; it is meant for entertainment purposes only.
Note: Written for slashababy's Secret Slasha ficathon: teffy, who has requested the pairing bb/dm in a story that has "naughtiness in the kitchen. Table!sex."

Dom ran through the house, dodging furniture and bumping the doorframe with his shoulder as he stumbled into the kitchen to meet Billy at the back door. Billy stepped inside, tossing his bag on the table with a thump as Dom slid to a stop on the tile floor.

Billy surged forward and kissed Dom hard, putting all his longing into the press of their lips. Dom reeled backward against the heavy butcher-block table, bracing himself, arms going around his lover and pulling him close.

Their mouths parted, gasping for breath. Each man was unwilling to separate from his lover long enough to breathe properly. Finally Dom sagged back against the table and Billy lifted his head with a grin.

"I missed you, Dom," Billy said, leaning into his lover.

"Aw, Bills, it's been too long," Dom said, running his hands over Billy's shoulders.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner," Billy said softly, leaning forward over Dom's body to nibble at his ear.

Dom shuddered. "Even a day is too long. Six months was almost unbearable."

Billy nodded, eyes traveling Dom's face carefully, searching for changes. "You look...incredible," he purred, smiling at the stubble and rough, ragged haircut.

Dom smiled, soaking in the compliment. His own eyes devoured Billy's face, and he sighed. "You look... edible..."

Billy's eyes turned dark and liquid. He pulled Dom's T-shirt over his head and threw it on the floor, and then pressed Dom back against the table, lips claiming his lover's again. Dom accepted Billy's dominance with pleasure - it wasn't often that Scot took the lead in their lovemaking. Billy stepped between Dom's spread legs, pressing his erection against Dom's and grinning at Dom's low, needy wail. Growling slightly, Billy dragged his hands up and down Dom's body, worrying at the soft fabric of his cutoff jeans. Dom reached up and secured Billy's head, his lips smashing to his lover's with fresh urgency. His mouth dueled with Billy's and he started pulling the slighter man's shirt from his slacks.

Whimpering into Billy's mouth and frustrated by the fabric between them, Dom pressed his hands between their chests, fumbling with the buttons on Billy's shirt, suddenly starved for the touch of his skin.

"Too long, too long," Billy chanted, his brogue clipping the words short in his throat as he tried to get closer to Dom. His fingers trailed down the flushed skin, stopping to pinch at a sensitive nipple.

Dom nodded and gave up on the buttons, simply jerking the shirt edges and opening the fabric, ignoring the ping of the buttons on the floor. His hands molded to Billy's warm chest and shoulders, reacquainting himself with the contours of his body.

Billy chuckled against Dom's mouth and pulled away to see the face flushed, lips somewhat swollen. He traced a finger along Dom's chin, yelping slightly when Dom nipped the finger with his white teeth.

"Put those fingers to work, Bills... I need you something awful," Dom said, eyes flashing.

He smiled and moved Billy's hands to the button fly of his jeans, his mouth reaching to bite at the Billy's neck. Billy's eyes rolled and he shuddered when he pulled open Dom's jeans, the thick cock springing free between them to brush against Billy's stomach. Dom was hard, straining and leaking already.

"You did miss me, didn't you?" Billy muttered. Dom just growled in reply, grabbing Billy's ass with both hands and squeezing.

Teeth clenching, Billy unfastened his slacks and pushed them down his hips, pulling his cock free and crying aloud as the two hot pillars of flesh brushed together. Dom boosted himself up onto the table and wrapped his legs about Billy's waist, gasping. "Do it, Billy."

His gut clenching, Billy fumbled for a tube of lubricant from a pocket in his bag, struggling to coat his cock as Dom's mouth and roving hands drove him insane. Fingers thickly coated, he plunged a finger into Dom's ass, stretching that tight hole as Dom groaned louder and hitched his feet up to the table's edge.

Another groan ripped from Dom as Billy's heated skin slapped his own, their bodies straining against one another. He grasped Billy's long cock, pumping it and smiling as he gained a groan from the Scot. Billy roughly shoved against Dom, the catch and slide of their midsections casting fire through them both. Dom laughed breathlessly as a loaf of bread fell to the floor, followed by the basket of napkins.

Billy slid a second finger into Dom, then a third, really trying not to hurry, but Dom urged him on with his teeth, his lips, his hands, his hips... with a groan, Billy pulled Dom's legs about his waist and without warning thrust his cock deep inside the hot, writhing man below him.

Dom howled and squeezed his eyes shut as he put his hands on Billy's hips, pulling him into a hard, thrusting rhythm, growing harder and more animalistic. His own cock buzzed with feeling as it created friction between their bodies, spreading sticky pre-come on the flesh like jelly.

Before long, their moans turned to ecstatic cries, the noise bouncing off the kitchen walls, accompanied by the clatter of heavy clay dishes and the bright tinkling of shattered glasses that toppled from the table. The heavy wood furniture was jarred rhythmically, thumping the wall like a bass guitar line as Billy thrust against Dom's hips, his cock sinking deep into his lover's body.

Sweat dripped off them both as Billy pounded into his lover, hands grasping Dom's hips, and his face flushed as he heard Dom's hoarse cry and the flood of his burning come splashing his belly and abdomen. It was enough. With a wild cry, Billy pistoned in and out of Dom erratically, his cock spurting.

Billy collapsed on top of Dom, their sweaty skin sliding as they settled against each other, catching their breath.

"Welcome home, love," Dom murmured, pressing his lips to Billy's temple.


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