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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Time to Rehearse

for for lotrjunkie
by iamari

Pairing: Marton Csokas/Viggo Mortensen
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None
Notes: For LotrJunkie who requested fluffy smut.

The soft knock at his door almost didn't register with Viggo, since he was deep in the script, and comparing it side by side with the book. Some nuance was missing, and he was hoping to find it and point it out to Pete the next day. Another knock followed, and Viggo shook off the thought, marked his place and went to the door.

Marton stood silent, but fidgeting slightly as he waited for Viggo to answer. When he did, Marton smiled and nodded a bit. "Hello, hope I wasn't interrupting."

Stunned, Viggo looked at Marton and tried to discern why the other man was there. Oh, he knew who Marton was and had done his best to avoid those clear, intensely hazel eyes. There was something about Marton that left Viggo feeling shaken, which was odd as he didn't even know the man beyond a mere introduction, and that was weeks ago.

When Viggo didn't speak right away, Marton felt even more uneasy. Maybe this was the wrong move, but they had some scenes to do this week, and it had become clear to Marton that Viggo was avoiding him. "If you're busy, I can always come back later." Marton already knew that if he left tonight, he wouldn't be back. Or maybe he would, after all the thing drawing him to Viggo wasn't letting up. If Marton were honest with himself, he would know that the upcoming scenes were just an excuse to seek the man out.

Viggo stepped back and shook his head, one hand waving Marton into the house. He couldn't seem to find his voice, and every word that paused before flashing across his brain was inane. "No. Please, come in. I was just...very focused on something."

As Marton entered, Viggo found himself looking up, and for some reason, that pleased him, though he didn't really think too hard about why. When Marton's arm brushed over his stomach, Viggo tried to suppress the nearly electric jolt he felt at that light touch, but he knew he wasn't entirely successful when Marton offered him a strange look followed by a warm smile.

Perhaps if Marton were blind he would have missed that poleaxed expression on Viggo's face, but the moment he saw it, he understood. Suddenly the avoidance and odd looks made sense to Marton. He barely managed to keep a straight face as he returned Viggo's smile with one of his own. At least then he knew that Viggo's reticence wasn't because Marton didn't exactly bother to hide his sexual orientation.

Watching Marton move, Viggo was reminded of a lion, or maybe a leopard. In his mind, he could picture photographing him naked, laid out on some kind of rich golden brown fabric. Shaking off that image, Viggo closed the door and turned toward the tiny kitchen. "I was just thinking about making some tea. Would you like some?"

"Please", Marton nodded and followed the other man into the kitchen, leaning into the counter so he could watch Viggo as he moved. There was something about it that had attracted Marton, something about the way Viggo always looked so comfortable in his own skin, which was a trait Marton envied, as he rarely felt that at ease with himself. "If it's not too much trouble."

"Not at all." Viggo grabbed the kettle, and looked over his shoulder at Marton. "So...what brings you by again? Something about scenes?"

Marton's stomach clenched at that look, but he managed a nod. It was more than his gut that recognized something in that look and Marton was hoping that Viggo wasn't as observant as usual. "Yes. You've seemed a bit standoffish on set and I figured that if I came by and we chatted, things would be a bit more comfortable between us."

Viggo made a face, as he nearly dropped the kettle into the sink, before he managed to fill it and place it on the stove. "" Turning to face Marton, Viggo leaned back against the counter and tried not to look like he was using the edge to hold himself up. "I..." Again he paused, not sure what he could say, because the truth of the matter was that his responses to Marton confused him a bit.

Marton couldn't say what propelled him across the room and over to Viggo, it didn't matter really. His hands rested on either side of Viggo's as Marton leaned in so their eyes were just inches apart. He could feel Viggo squirming slightly for a moment before the other man went still, his blue eyes focused on Marton's lips before moving up to focus on his eyes.

They swallowed in unison, Marton leaning in slowly and hesitantly pressing a kiss to Viggo's jaw. Viggo exhaled softly as his hands moved almost of their own volition to Marton's hips. His head tilted to one side, offering more of his neck to Marton. "This...this is why I avoided you. "

Nodding, Marton kissed along the curve of Viggo's neck, more than pleased that the other man hadn't pulled away, and encouraged by the invitation for more as Viggo's hands guided his hips closer. "Do you not like men usually?" Marton asked his voice quiet and low against Viggo's ear.

", I mean...I like men, but usually not men like you. I mean...intense and just...." Viggo was stuttering his way through talking. Every touch of Marton's lips left an almost after shadow of sensation that had Viggo stifling soft moans that embarrassed him. He'd never felt such an urge to just allow himself to be overwhelmed and swept away like this. Oh, with art or writing yes, but never with sex.

Marton drew back and looked at Viggo, hazel eyes intense and almost boring into Viggo's, who stood like he was pinned against the counter of his kitchen. "I understand." That's all Marton had to say before his lips met Viggo's. There was nothing tentative in Marton's kiss, his mouth nearly crashed into Viggo's, his hands moved to the small of Viggo's back and fisted into the soft fabric of his shirt. The kiss demanded a response and left no room for anything less than that.

More than willing now, his uneasy feelings brushed aside by soft lips, Viggo melted against Marton. He pulled Marton closer; felt the slide of Marton's hip against his groin, which finally forced a soft moan to escape. The kiss deepened until Viggo felt himself completely wrapped up in it, unable to remember why he'd felt so anxious. Marton's mouth tasted dark and rich and something hinted at cloves, which had Viggo wanting more, responding to that need by offering back the same passion and desire that Marton was pouring out.

When Viggo went pliant in his arms, Marton felt a surge of lust and need course through him. The sudden feeling of surrender from Viggo surprised Marton, but in that instant he realized how much he'd been hoping for that exact reaction. His hands slid under Viggo's shirt, pulled it up and over his head as Viggo murmured softly in protest at losing contact with Marton's mouth for even those few seconds.

Marton's hands ran over Viggo's body constantly. Caressing the planes of muscle and smooth skin as his mouth moved over Viggo's throat then lower, over one firm pectoral to Viggo's nipple. Viggo's head tipped back, his hands tangling in Marton's hair as Marton's mouth closed over the sensitive flesh and sucked it to firmness. "Fuck, oh God...nnngh..."

"I think it's a bit soon for that, mate, but I have some ideas." Marton looked at Viggo, eyes dark, lips parted and moist. Without breaking eye contact, Marton unfastened Viggo's pants, then his own. They both groaned softly as their cocks slid together before Marton wrapped one of his hands around both of them and stroked slowly.

His eyes glazed with lust, Viggo leaned in sucking lightly along the side of Marton's throat. Cupping one hand behind Viggo's head, Marton held him in place, "Damn, that feels good," his voice hoarse and low. His hand moved faster, spreading their slick fluids to ease the motion as Viggo sucked harder. Each flick of Viggo's tongue against his skin sent another spike of need through Marton, leaving him groaning softly until his hand fisted in Viggo's hair, tugging him back until their mouths crashed together again.

Viggo's knees felt weak and, if not for the way Marton had him pinned to the counter, he'd probably be a pool on the floor. Marton's hands were slightly rough and calloused, and the friction was perfect. When Marton began rocking his hips, Viggo simply wrapped his arms around Marton's shoulders and held on, as their tongues collided and slid together, their bodies rubbed full length against each other.

Marton could feel himself getting closer. Could feel it in Viggo too - the way the other man tensed, the pattern of his groans. The kiss ended and he glanced down breathless. Looking up, he caught the look in Viggo's eyes and time began to slow. The sight was easily the most erotic thing Marton had seen. His thumb slid over the heads of their cocks, dipped into the slits and that was all it took for Marton to bend around Viggo, his body shuddering as they both peaked and spilled together.

Panting softly, both men leaned in, their bodies supported each other as they kissed again. Slower this tim as they caught their breathe until the kettle started screaming, and they both jumped. Grinning, Marton helped Viggo get cleaned up, both of them getting their clothes back together again.

After a few moments, Marton moved back to wrap his arms around Viggo again, kissed the top of his head gently. Viggo seemed a bit more relaxed, but shy once again as he looked up at Marton. Something was happening here, and it felt like more than just sex, but Viggo would worry about that later. Until then, he was content to lean into Marton's body and just enjoy the moment.


Slashababy 2004 Stories