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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

The Story So Far

for canciona
by almaviva

Rating: NC-17 Pairing: BB/DM Notes: for canciona, slashababy


The story so far is that Billy hasn't been laid in seven months, fourteen days, nine hours, and fifty-two minutes. He resists the urge to check the secondhand sweep of his watch, especially as it might give the wrong impression to the woman sitting across from him at the tiny table for two.

Seven months, fourteen days, twelve hours and eight minutes later and Billy is checking his secondhand wondering if Dominic is asleep or out.

Asleep, rumbled, and rubbing crusties from his eyes. Billy's question is perfunctory but he still tries to instill a bit of feeling into his voice. "Did I wake you?"

"No," Dominic lies, stepping aside to let Billy enter. Which he does, flopping spreadeagle into a big, cozy chair and heaving a sigh that speaks of a long suffering life of a celebate. Dominic is swinging into the kitchen, however, and misses it completely. Billy heaves another but this time it's small and private. Seven months, fouteen days, twelve hours and seventeen minutes.

After a few minutes, Billy follows Dominic into the kitchen. He hops up onto the counter, taking an apple and tossing it back and forth. "What's the longest you've gone without sex?"

"Five months, twentyone days, six hours and thirtyfour minutes."

"Is that record being achieved currently or are you working on another?"

"Right now?" Dominic is bent at the waist and leaning his elbows on the counter, watching his coffee brew. Before answering, he scrubs his fingers through his short hair then yawns, a short burst of "araha" sounding with his exhale. "It's been nine days, eighteen hours and -- "

"Nine days?"

"Yeah. When we were up filming on that mountain. It was just a, you know, one time drunk thing. Are you going through a dry spell?"

"No." Billy doesn't lie as well as Dominic and they both know it. He scrubs the apple on his shirt, looks at the bright shine on the red skin then sets it on the counter. "Yes."

Dominic dumps the coffee down the drain and flips the pot off. He snags two beers from the refridgerator and sets one on the counter next to Billy's thigh. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Billy can't help but to laugh at the look on Dominic's face, something between confessor and devil. He shakes his head as he takes up his beer. "Who were you with?"


"The, eh, one time drunk thing."

"Oh." Dominic takes a swig and sets the bottle on the counter next to Billy's. He's thinking maybe some pretzels or prawn chips would taste good. "Viggo."

Beer spews from Billy's mouth and nose, raining down on the kitchen and Dominic's back. "You slept with Viggo?"

Dominic accepts the shower calmly, still rooting around his cabinets for something to eat with beer. The only difference Billy can tell in Dominic's demeanor is a slight smirk at having kept such a secret for nine days. "I'd sleep with you, if you'd like."

Billy's expression says erk but his libido catches for a moment -- a nice, warm fluttery feeling in his groin -- before he tempers it with a mental picture of Dominic and Viggo going at it.

Hmmm, he thinks, didn't expect to make it worse.

Billy hops down from the counter and attempts to nonchalantly untuck his shirt and hide the telltale sign of his sudden interest in watching Dominic bend at the waist to search the bottom cupboard.

"No, thank you," he squeaks out, leaving off the oft-spoken I'm straight. Dominic knows. Little bastard seems to know a lot.

Dominic ends his search and straightens up. He takes another pull at his bottle before he picks up the apple and bites into it.

"Once you go -- "

"Shut it." Billy gets a soft laugh in response.

"So, what are you doing wrong?"

"I"m not doing anything wrong."

"Ah, but you are. You must be, because I'm having sex -- "

"-- With Viggo."

"-- And you're not."

Again with the mental images, and Billy's cock along with it. Billy wonders if there was enough disdain in his voice when he answered.

"So, I'm doing something right, and you, left to your own devices, will have hairy palms by the end of the year."

"Don't be ridiculous." Billy attempts -- and better manages -- a scoffing tone, even as he unconsciously tucks his hands behind his back.

"Tell me what you do."


"When you're on a date, idgit. Pretend I'm a girl."

"Not bloody likely."

"And we're on a date."

"No." Billy turns on his heels, mentally berating himself for coming to Dominic, and then -- even if just for a second -- for imagining Dominic as a girl. Or Dominic with Viggo. Or Viggo with a girl, and Dominic with Billy. Jesus. Spinning back to Dominic, he goes for nonchalant again. "Like role playing?"

"Exactly. Now c'mon. You're Billy, gorgeous Scottish sex god, and I'm Dominique. Cute, dumb as a post, and hot for your accent." Dominic leans into Billy, fluttering his eyes and pouting out his lips, making kissy noises. "So, what do you say, big boy?"

Billy smirks, then snorts which brings giggles and completely unleashes Dominic. Ten minutes later, they're on the floor, lying at right angles to one another.

"It'll still work."

"You're cracked."

"It'll work. Pick me up here at 8 tomorrow. It'll be good."


Seven months, fifteen days and nine hours on the dot, Billy knocks hesitantly on Dominic's door. He's terrified that he will find Dominic looking like a deranged transvestite Barbie. He's also really hoping that if Dominic is wearing a sparkly sequined dress and blue eyeshadow, that he's at least wearing flats instead of teetering on five-inch stillettos. He hates being shorter than his date.

Even if this isn't a date but some weird roleplaying game thing to help Billy get laid. Not that he needs help. This is just a temporary drought. In fact, he's almost convinced himself to leave when Dominic opens the door.

"Hiya. I thought maybe we would stay here, yeah? Be a bit more comfortable."

Billy nods, a wee bit dumbfounded to answer properly. Not only is Dominic not looking like a working girl from Canal Street, he's properly and very handsomely attired in a suit. It takes several minutes for that to register with Billy before he's nodding and entering the house.

It's not even until Billy has a drink in his hand and he's watching Dominic making the final preparations on their dinner that he realizes how much trouble Dominic's gone through. There is soft music in the background, candles lit and flowers on the table. Billy think maybe Dominic's got something here. He hasn't put this much thought in anything lately, much less his scant dates.

"The secret," Dominic says, as they are cozily sat across from one another at the table, "is to make your date feel special. Wanted. Needed. Safety and security is very important."

Billy raises his eyebrow. "I'm a very safe and secure kind of guy."

"Yes, but do you always give your date flowers?"

"No. Every time? You gave Viggo flowers?"

"Let's not talk about Viggo." Dominic picks up his wineglass, swirling it's contents and giving Billy a look that would melt snow. It makes him nervous. "Let's talk about you. Dinner is done. We've gone through a bottle of very nice wine. What's the next move?"

Billy agrees, nodding his head pleasantly, until he realizes that nodding isn't exactly an answer to what Dominic is asking. It requires thought beyond just listening to Norah Jones in the background and Dominic Monaghan in the foreground. Billy decides he better be clear on the whole roleplaying thing. He doesn't really think about who he's trying to be clear to. "You mean, what would I do if you were a lass?"

"Yeah. If I was a girl, and you wanted to make love to me tonight, what would you do."

Billy swallows. Hard. Make love to him tonight. If he were a girl, of course -- of course, he emphasizes to himself loudly. Though... He wonders if some kissing and perhaps some heavy petting would mess up his whole hetereosexual image. "I'd probably move us out to the sitting room, get you on the couch in front of the fire, and put the moves on you."

"I'm not sure what I find more disturbing, that you think I have a fireplace or that you want to put the moves on me." Dominic stands up, grimacing a bit as he picks up the wine bottle and motions for Billy to follow. Billy stays in his seat for a few moments, replaying the scene and wondering what was wrong.

"Billy," Dominic calls.

"Coming." Getting up from the table, Billy is still contemplating what went wrong, and if it actually has something to do with his unprecedented record. Finding Dominic stretched out on the couch and patting the seat next to him.

"So, it's not dinner where you falter, Billy. You're charming and witty, and anybody would be mesmerized by your voice and eyes."

"Thank you very much."

"It's got to be afterwards."

Billy sits on the farthest edge of the couch, eyeing Dominic warily. He's feeling warm and pliable from the wine, and he's not really sure if he trusts the look in Dominic's eye. When Dominic pats the edge of the couch again, Billy moves a little closer but not too close.

"No wonder you're practically a eunuch, Bills. C'mere." Dominic tugs on Billy's sleeve, pulling him back into the circle of his arms. "See. Isn't this nice?"

Billy only nods. It is nice. Snug. Romantic even. That thought brings him to his feet and he paces the length of the room, before settling back down. "I don't really think this is going to help, Dom. I think that I'm just -- "

"-- going to move to the mountains and lead a monk's life?"

"Dating the wrong people," Billy says a little more emphatically that he means to. "Why are you convinced that I'm never going to have sex again?"

"I'm not completely convinced. I'm worried about you."

Grunting his derision, Billy leans his head back against the couch and closes his eyes. He considers for a moment explaining why he doesn't settle down, why he's not married, but he usually saves those speeches for family. Dominic, he knows, understands distance and long hours. Dominic understands a lot.

Billy opens his eyes to find Dominic watching him. They're very close, close enough that Billy remembers again the tug in his groin last night when Dominic told him about Viggo. A one time drunk thing -- Billy wonders if he's drunk enough. He swallows hard, surprised by his own thoughts.

"What are you thinking," Dominic whispers.

"A lot of things," Billy whispers back. He's not surprised when Dominic strokes the back of his hand over Billy's cheek. In fact, it makes him swallow hard again, especially when he finds his body doesn't react the way he thought it might. Should. The way he thought his body should.

"Do you want to share any of them with me?"

Yes. "Probably not." Billy's eyes flicker to Dominic's lips.

"I was thinking. About your problem."


"Seven months is about as long as we've known each other. You haven't had sex since you met me."

"Coincidence?" It's the only answer he can come up even though he doesn't really believe it. His I'm straight speech seems to have buggered off, leaving him with only thoughts of how pretty Dominic's lips are, how nice his arm feels wrapped around Billy's shoulders.

"I'm thinking probably not. I'm thinking I could kiss you right now and you wouldn't mind so much. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that you would probably like me to do more than kiss you."

Billy doesn't answer, his mind buzzing in a way it did when he was ten years old and Moira Parker kissed him beneath the slide at the playground. Dominic's first kiss is much nicer than Moira's, and his mind still buzzes as he tentatively touches his tongue to Dominic's before he deepens the kiss by sliding his fingers through the short hair of the nape of Dominic's neck and pulls him closer.

When the kiss ends, they stare at one another for a long time. It takes Billy about one minute to decide that his sexuality has room to expand and another minute to decide that Dominic is the one it can expand with. Dominic seems to use those two minutes to decide which part of Billy to start on next.

When they meet again, it's less desparate and slower. Dominic slides his hands down Billy's sides and beneath his shirt, pressing him further back into the pillows of the couch. Billy sinks back, pulling Dominic on top, liking the snug, warmth of having another body on top of his. Especially when that someone has such talented fingers and tongue that Dominic seems to possess.

For a moment or two, Billy thinks maybe he should protest about how fast this seems to be happening. When Dominic brushes his palm over the bulge in the front of Billy's jeans, Billy's brain feels like it short circuits and the thought of stopping is gone.

Dominic slowly unbuttons Billy's shirt, trailing kisses over the exposed skin. He nips and sucks, his teeth and tongue reducing Billy to moans and shudders. Billy struggles to keep up, to slide his hands under Dominic's shirt, encouraging him to undress.

"Would you like to move this to the bedroom?"

Nodding, Billy lets Dominic pull him from the couch and they move, slowly, down the hall, pressing one another against the walls for kisses and touches. "This is weird," his whispers.

"Weird as in you want me to quit?"

"No. No, I don't want you to stop," Billy whispers. Pushing Dominic's shirt from his shoulders, Billy tentatively strokes his fingertips down Dominic's chest, applying the slightest pressure with his nails. He stops when he reaches Dominic's waistband, and tugs on the belt loops. "I just never expected that I would -- that we would..."

"Have a bit o'trouser action?"

Billy bites his lip, attempting to be stern as he swats at Dominic. He can't stop his giggles, however, and buries his face into Dominic's shoulder, his body shaking with laughter. It feels good -- familiar -- to feel Dominic laughing with him, and it gives him the courage to raise his head -- to kiss Dominic again.

Dominic needs no courage and is quick to shed his clothes and begin on Billy's. He groans when their cocks slide together, pulling Billy closer when he seems to hesitate. He waits only a moment before he presses Billy back onto the bed, laying on top of him so that they can become accustomed to the feel of each other's bodies.

Billy's rarely found himself on his back and it feels a bit like relinquishing control. He wonders that he's not panicking, instead twisting his body up to make more friction with Dominic. He likes this, likes that Dominic is exhibiting so much control and so much tenderness as he kisses Billy's body slowly, preparing them both.

Stretching to the bedside table, Dominic blindly pulls out a condom and a small bottle of lube. He's anxious to fuck Billy -- to feel the tightness and heat of Billy's body. Billy is mewing beneath him, so different from his usual self, giving up some of the control he usually holds onto so tightly. Rising up onto his knees, Dominic can tell that Billy is definitely not ready for this. There is fear in his eyes, though Dominic knows that Billy would never admit it. It might not even be fear, really, but some emotion akin to it.

Reaching down to stroke Billy's cheek with the back of his hand, Dominic changes his plans, inching down the bed to better position himself. He makes a show of pouring a generous amount of lube into his palm, rubbing his hands together.

"We'll do this easy, yeah?" Dominic whispers, preparing himself before he reaches for the condom and slides it onto Billy.

"Will it hurt?"

"No," Dominic says, guiding Billy's cock into his body before he takes Billy's hands from where they are gripping his waist. He entwines their fingers, gently kissing each of Billy's knuckles as he grows accustomed to the girth of Billy's length in his body. After a few moments, he raises up on his knees and then eases himself back down, tightening his grasp on Billy's hands and expelling a long breath -- a deep moan from the back of his throat. "Feels pretty fucking good, actually."

Billy instinctually bends his knees, supporting Dominic as much as he can though it doesn't appear that Dominic's strong body needs any help. Billy watches as the play of muscles in Dominic's stomach and thighs as he begins to gently rock back and forth, a slow easy motion that Billy's body responds to. He loves the almost transcendent look on Dominic's face -- the pleasure and sexual joy.

Stretching his legs out in front of him, Billy props himself up as far as he can, leaning back on one arm and pulling Dominic to him with the other. They kiss again and again, Dominic still keeping their pace. The silence in the room is disturbed only by their combined cries and heavy breathes.

They come together, clinging to each other -- Billy watching Dominic before his own body succumbs.


Seven months, fourteen days, nine hours, and fifty-two minutes and Billy is still with Dominic. He imagines that they'll be together for a lot longer.



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