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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

The Way This Feels

for a slasha dropout
by teffy

Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Billy is leaving and Dom is determined not to let him be unhappy.

Dom feels a chill near his leg and realizes it's uncovered, bunched up blankets letting in the drafty air of the room.

His head has sunken deep into the pillow and as his eyes blink open, he can see the empty expanse of bed next to him and beyond that, Billy standing in front of the large window, the sunlight behind the curtains bright turning the fabric orange.

Dom shifts and feels the pulling of his tired muscles. His feet become tangled in the blankets when he tries to kick them off. He's awake now as he stands up, digging his toes into the plush carpet.

Billy doesn't move.

A huge yawn spreads on Dom's face and he hears his jaw pop. He stretches, arms reaching high above his head and he can't help the contented grunts and sighs that escape him.

Billy still doesn't move.

There's stillness. A desperate atmosphere permeates everything.

Dom shuffles up behind him, leaning over to kiss the nape of his neck. "You alright?" He mumbles against soft skin.

"Aye... just tired." Billy says in a voice barely above a whisper.

Dom moves a hand to Billy's shoulder, finger lifting the loose collar of his t-shirt. "I hear sleeping is a good remedy for that." Dom says with a small smile. "It's only half-six, Bills. Come back to bed."

Billy leans into his touch, drawing back until he's pressing against Dom's chest. "You'll be there with me?" He asks hesitantly.

"Course I will." Dom answers instantly. "There for snuggling and all sorts of other sleepy things."

"You won't stick your cold toes under my legs will you?"

"You're very warm, I can't help it."

Billy sighs, deep and drawn out, and Dom tips his head to press lips against Billy's temple. "What's wrong?"

"Leaving today."


"Don't want to. Don't want to forget this."

Dom hums against his skin. Billy's voice is small, quiet... reflective. He wants to make sure he says the right thing.

"Bills... " Dom whispers, letting his arms wind about his waist.

And maybe that's enough. Maybe he doesn't have to say anymore because Billy knows. Billy knows just by the way Dom holds him close.

Billy lets himself be pulled back to bed, Dom's hands stroking the sides of his face. It's warm there where their bodies have been and Billy arches up into Dom's touch.

Dom smiles and slides his lips down Billy's neck. "Let me take care of you, Billy." And his heart soars when he hears a relaxed sigh.

He lifts the worn cotton of Billy's t-shirt out of the way, kissing the soft belly that's revealed.

Dom knows Billy loves this slowness, loves when he takes his time, and Dom breathes hotly on Billy's half-hard cock, letting dampness spread along his boxers.

Billy's hands fist in his hair, tugging firmly, and Dom feels his own erection pushing into the mattress beneath him.

It may be slow and gentle, but Billy's always in control.

Dom moves up to straddle Billy's thighs, pushing against him, rocking with the friction. With a finger he traces Billy's lips and watches them part. Dom groans when Billy's tongue snakes around his index finger. Teeth scrape along the ridges of his knuckle and when Dom pulls back he hears a wet, popping sound.

"Ready yourself, Dominic." Billy says lowly and strokes his fingers down Dom's trembling thighs.

Dom rolls off him, hands pulling at his clothing until he lies naked next to Billy, who watches him with dark eyes.

"Slowly. Do it slowly."

Dom circles a finger around his entrance, planting his feet against the mattress. He stretches himself, first one and then a second finger. His eyes slip shut but he can feel Billy shift forward, feel warm breath on his leg.

Dom groans when Billy's lips trail along his knee. "You'll do this to yourself when I'm gone."

Dom doesn't know if it was a question or not, but he hisses "Yesss" anyway.

"Touch yourself and think about me." Billy continues demanding as his tongue traces the freckles along Dom's hip. "About what I do to you."

Dom's legs fall open as Billy kisses his way to his stomach and he pushes Dom's hand away to replace it with his own.

Soon Billy's rising above him, pushing the boxers down and off his legs, rubbing his cock along the cleft of Dom's ass shamelessly.

"Supposed to take care of you." Dom mutters, rising up, hands thrown above his head, fingers gripping the headboard unconsciously.

"You do, Dommie." Billy assures him, pushing into his willing body. "You always do."

Dom gives himself willingly, allowing Billy to overwhelm him.

They fight for breath in the early morning light that finds its way down through the blinds.

Dom wants to dream of this, wake up when Billy's gone and still feel the strong grip of his fingers, the slick wood of the bedpost under his palms. He wants to touch the bruises made by the pressure of Billy's sharp hips against his own and gasp at the stinging pleasure of this moment.

Billy might be leaving him but they'll both remember the way this feels.

Slashababy 2004 Stories