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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Comfort of Friends

for hobbitgwen
by elvengirl98

Pairing: Dom/Viggo
Rating: R- For swearing and naughtiness!!
Summary: Dom is stressing out on set and finds comfort in a friend.
Notes: Beta'd by the lovely celticpickle. Thanks loads for your help, love! This is only my 3rd fic. Hope it's not too bad! * ducks behind couch *

It had been a regular day on set, Dom thought. There had been the usual banter and roughhousing in between takes. At one point there was a snowball fight. Pete had to shout at them to stop before anyone got hurt, as it resulted in some of the cast- particularly Dom and Elijah, almost tackling each other to the ground. The cast was filming the 'breakfast' scene from Fellowship. Everything was going smoothly, then it began to snow and things began to become frustrating.

"Fucking shite, man! Bloody hell!!" Dom screamed out after about the tenth time Pete called 'cut'.

He strode over to a corner off set, cursing to himself.

"S'fuckin' freezing! Wankers! Can't bloody get your shite together!"

"Dom!" Pete called out.

"Dom, come on man. We need to get it before this weather gets worse!" Elijah pleaded.

Dom gave Elijah the finger.

Viggo motioned for everyone to wait and walked over to where Dom was standing, smoking a cigarette.

"Hey, it's okay man. I know, it's freezing and we're all tired. Just try to relax a bit and then we'll get this," Viggo said soothingly.

Dom nodded and smiled half-heartedly.

"Here, this will help." Viggo added. He walked behind Dom and started to massage his shoulders.

Dom tensed at the touch, then suddenly found himself feeling incredibly good and definitely more relaxed. Viggo's hands seemed to make his skin warm through the layers of his costume. Dom closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the hands that were now beginning to evoke other feelings. He accidentally let a faint moan escape his lips and it jolted him back to reality.

Viggo chuckled. "How's that?" he asked.

"Yeah... um... great. Better. Thanks," Dom said sheepishly.

"Come on then, let's finish this so we can get out of here," Viggo said with a smile.

After that occurrence, everything went quite smoothly and Pete cut just as the weather seemed to take a turn for the worse. They cleared out, loaded the vans and headed back to civilization. Dom headed to his trailer after getting his feet removed for the day. Just as he got to there, he noticed an envelope taped to the door. It just said Dominic on the front. He pulled it off and went inside. He sat on his bed and pulled open the envelope.

It was a piece of paper that simply said, "The comfort of friends is always a doorstep away."

He sat there for a moment smiling to himself, having a good idea as to who had written it and wondering if he should make use of this friendly offer. He decided he'd shower and change his clothes before he considered anything else. As he was in the shower, he stood there letting the water hit his face and then he started to think of what Viggo might actually have in mind. Then Dom recalled that he has never been choosy of the sex of any of his partners. He felt attracted to both.

After some contemplation, Dom decided to accept the offer. He made his way next door to Viggo's trailer and knocked on the door.

"Hi, come in, come in," Viggo said while extending his hand. "What can I get you to drink?"

"Uh, beer's fine thanks," Dom said while looking at the various photos that Viggo had taken of the cast that were covering practically every surface in the trailer.

Viggo handed him a beer and they sat down on the futon.

"Man, I'm sorry about earlier, guess I've been a little stressed out and a bit homesick lately," Dom confessed.

"Hey. I know. It's fine. We all get that way sometimes. It's quite all right, everyone has the right to loose it sometimes you know?"

"I just find it harder and harder to relax. For some reason, I just can't help feeling stressed out. This is my first big project and all... " Dom explained.

Viggo nodded. "I think I can help. At least help you feel more relaxed and take your mind off things for a while." He took Dom's bottle from him and placed it on the table.

Dom looked slightly puzzled. He felt nervous when he recalled his reaction to Viggo's hands that afternoon.

"Stand up," Viggo said.

Dom looked a bit apprehensive. His stomach did a flip at the thought of what Viggo might do, but he did as he asked.

Viggo pulled down the futon so that it became a bed.

Dom looked nervous again. He felt his face begin to turn a bright shade of crimson and begin to burn.

"Don't worry, I don't bite despite what you may have heard from all of those lunatics," said Viggo with a little grin.

Dom smiled. He still felt somewhat anxious as he started to think of the wonderful feeling of Viggo's hands on him and how incredibly attractive Viggo looked in his Aragorn attire. He felt a tingling in his groin and his hands began to sweat.

"My masseuse always said that a massage is one of the best ways to relax your mind and your body," Viggo stated while gesturing to Dom to lie down. "You might want to get your shirt off, don't think I can do this with it on," Viggo continued while shaking a bottle of massage oil.

Dom hesitated for a second, and then started to unbutton his white cotton shirt trying not to let his hands shake in the process. He succeeded in undoing the buttons without looking like a complete fool. He also removed his trainers before getting onto the futon.

"Get as comfortable as you can," Viggo said as he reached over to place a CD in his stereo that was just on the floor.

The music began to play. It was some kind of Tibetan meditation music that also had some kind of chanting. Dom found that it was indeed quite soothing.

"You cold?" Viggo asked.

"No, m'fine," Dom answered.

"OK. I can't do this any other way so I'm going to have to sort of sit on you. Just warning you, I'm not trying to molest you or anything!" Viggo laughed.

"OK," Dom answered with a snigger. He closed his eyes and tried to keep his stomach from turning in anticipation. He heard Viggo rubbing his hands together and saying something he didn't understand, but when Viggo's hands touched his skin it felt like tiny sparks all over his back. The combination of the warming oil and Viggo's hands we're doing things to him that he didn't think should be permitted. Dom tried to will himself to not respond the way he did, but his nether regions told him otherwise.

"Oh dear God, those hands!" he thought to himself.

Dom was fighting the urge to turn around and snog Viggo senseless. His breath was getting heavier and he was starting to sweat. He bit down on his knuckles to keep from vocalizing his pleasure, but resistance was futile. He let a soft moan leave his lips as he had earlier, then he really felt his skin burn.

He heard Viggo chuckle softly. "Feel good?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Dom thought. But all he could answer was "mmmmm... "

"I take that as, yes... ?" Viggo laughed.

"Bloody hell, Monaghan! Just fuckin' do it!" Dom said to himself again.

Viggo was saying something he didn't understand again. It sounded almost like something in Elvish. Then Dom felt the touch become lighter- more like caresses. He couldn't resist any longer. As Viggo's hands went up close to his shoulders, Dom took hold of one of his hands and turned over to face him. Viggo's eyes looked dark with desire. While still holding onto Viggo's hand, he suddenly pulled him down onto him and took his mouth in a kiss. He felt Viggo freeze for a second, and then he eagerly returned the affection. Dom felt Viggo's hand come up onto his face and he gently stroked his cheek with his thumb. When their lips finally parted after what seemed like several minutes, Viggo looked him in the eyes, then said something again in Elvish.

Dom seemed confused.

"You are beautiful," Viggo said tenderly. "That's what I said."

"And... what did you say before?" Dom asked.

"I said... how I'd love to touch you."

There was a pause. Dom felt his heart pound.

"So... may I?" Viggo asked while stroking Dom's cheek once more.

Dom could only nod his response.

Viggo's hand moved from his face down to his chest, and his stomach. Next, he slowly made his way down kissing every part of his torso.

"Mmmmm, Viggo... please... please... nnghh!!"

Dom was whimpering and tangling his fingers in Viggo's long tresses.

Viggo complied, by pulling down Dom's track pants and freeing his straining erection. He moved back up and kissed him with a fiery kiss. Then Dom felt Viggo's hand surround him in what felt like fire... and heaven. Dom didn't think he could last very long with a touch such as Viggo's.

"Oh God, Viggo. Sooo good, feels so good!" Dom chanted.

It wasn't long before Dom was beginning to tremble. A few more strokes of Viggo's hand and Dom squeezed his eyes shut and saw stars behind them. His breath hitched, and he was crying out in pleasure.

When he came back to, Dom opened his eyes and saw Viggo smiling next to him. Viggo leaned down to place a kiss on his forehead.

"How do you feel now?" Viggo asked curiously.

"Oh man, like you wouldn't believe. That was incredible. Don't think I have ever felt so wonderful in my life," Dom said while blushing a little. "There's something quite amazing about your hands, if you haven't noticed my reactions."

"Mmm, yes I have been told that before. I was once told by an Indian shaman, that my hands are those of a healer."

"Really? Well, I can believe that now," Dom answered, smiling at him.

Viggo ran his fingers through Dom's tousled hair. "You should sleep now. You can stay, if you'd like. I'll wake you early before you have to get to makeup."

"All right," Dom replied with a yawn. "Viggo?"


"Thank you. I really do feel much better."

"You're welcome, Dominic. I'll be here any time you need anything, no matter what it is."

Dom smiled.

Viggo turned off the lamp by the futon, pulled the blankets up from the bottom of the mattress and placed a kiss to Dom's temple.

Dom slowly drifted off to sleep to the soft music playing on the stereo and felt more at peace then he had in a long time.


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