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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

A Bad Start

for sathinks
by pippin1983



"No!" Billy slammed the door shut.

'Fine, Monaghan, you've done it! You just lost your best mate!" Dom told himself. He flopped back on the sofa and pulled his knees up to his chest. Laying his head upon them, sighing.

He nearly jumped in surprise when he heard a knock at the door. He stood up and opened the door.

Billy walked in with an angry look.

"It's you who's to leave! It's MY hotel room!" he yelled angrily. "Go!" he told Dom and pointed at the door.

Dom sighed deeply, snatched his jacket and left the room sadly.

Why had he done that? Why? He felt like such a goddamn fool right now.

Closing his eyes a shy tear fell. He wiped it away, made his way out of the hotel and slowly trudged home.

"Fancy another one?" Billy asked and held up Dom's empty bottle of beer.

"Yeah, please mate"

Billy stood up and fetched two new bottles out of the fridge. He sat back on the sofa and handed one bottle over to Dom.

"Cheers." Dom took a sip of the cold brew. Stretching his limbs out once the bottle was safely back on the table.


"A bit." Dom answered.

Billy put his own bottle on the table. Arranging himself so Dom could rest his head in his lap. And Dom did just that.

He took his beer again and drank, lying on Billy's lap.

His heart began beating faster. He could feel the warmth of Billy's body. He heard his stomach gurgle when he drank. He heard him breathing and his heart beating.

He had been this near to Billy before, and every time his own heart began to beat faster and he felt like butterflies were in his stomach.

He tried to relax and act like it was the most normal thing in world, to lie in the lap of one's best friend.

"So what do you want to do tomorrow?" Dom asked, first of all to distract himself.

"Dunno." Billy shrugged.

"Lijah's back from Europe. Think he'd like you to visit him."


"Very talkative tonight, Billz." Dom mused.

Billy shrugged. "Could be."

"What's the matter, Billz?" Dom turned his head on Billy's lap, to look up to him. Then he felt it, or thought he felt it. But, well, it couldn't be. Could it? No. Dom inwardly shook his head. No. Not Billy. Not straight Billy.

"Nothing" Billy said, with his lovely smile, which made Dom's butterflies flutter even more.



"Really sure?"

"Maybe just tired."

"It's just after midnight."

"So, you're allowed to be tired, but I'm not?"

"Yep" Dom answered shortly and turned his face away. With Dom turning his head in his crotch Billy moaned slightly. Dom grinned. After all, yes. Yes, Billy, straight Billy, was hard.

No one said a word. They kept silent for a reasonably long time and Dom got more and more tired. He began to shift his body into a more comfortable position. Movement making Dom's head rub against Billy's crotch again. Billy sighed and tried to breathe easy.


"Mmm?" Billy sounded normal, sounded as always, and Dom knew him well enough to know he wasn't acting.


"You've made meh curious now" Billy said inquisitive.

"No... No I don't think you'd like my thoughts" Dom replied.

"If you think so."

"Yeah, I think so."

Billy leaned forward to grab his bottle. Dom heard Billy's heartbeat. Was he really sure, Billy wasn't acting?

This erection. This fast heartbeat.

Should Billy have similar feelings for Dom, as Dom had for Billy?

Dom didn't allow himself to think so. It was just too surreal. Why should Billy, who always emphasized that he was straight, have more than friendly feelings for Dom?

Maybe it was just a traffic jam of hormones. Maybe Billy just hadn't had a good fuck for some time.



"When did you last get laid?"

"What?" Billy was puzzled.

"When did you last get laid?"

"Why d'you wanna know?"

"Just wondered."

"How come, you're wondering about MY lays Dominic?"

Dom swallowed. He had to give it a try, hadn't he?



"Just thought, maybe you'd want me to solve your little problem down here?"

Billy jumped up, furious, Dom rolled down onto the floor.

"No!" he yelled. Disgust could be heard in his voice. Dom stood up and faced Billy. He had never seen him this angry and disgusted. He tried to grin and play his question down that way. You could see Billy's corners of his mouth tremble as if he wanted to say something, but nothing came out. He couldn't speak.

"Was just a li'l offer, Billz." Dom said with his tried grin but he was nervous, his heart beat fast.

"NO!" Billy went to the door. "No!" Billy went out and slammed the door shut.

Dom didn't sleep well this night. Silent tears ran out of the corners of his eyes. He hated himself.. He felt filthy. He should have known Billy would react like this. If he was straight and had been offered a Blow Job by a fag would he had reacted any other way? He didn't think so. But how could he have said? He wasn't straight.

But... Well, Billy knew that, so why was he so surprised? Billy himself had offered him his lap to lie on. Dom thought Billy' reaction was kind of strange.

But still he felt guilty. It was his fault. He shouldn't have done this. Or wasn't it his fault? Was it just because he was drunk? Drunk? Well, they had been out for supper and had had two or three pints of beer and two bottles back at Billy's. But he had had much more than this before and it didn't have hardly any effect. So he must have been fully conscious. Therefore it had to be his fault all alone. He couldn't accuse Billy of being the culprit. No, he couldn't.

The next morning (or better said midday) he woke up feeling depressed and still guilty. He didn't want to get up. But he had to pee, so he finally forced himself to stand. With hanging shoulders he trudged to his bathroom.

Meanwhile he was taking a shower, when he heard his bell ring. He wasn't in the mood to see anyone. So he began shampooing his hair and neglected the bell.

After his shower he went to the kitchen. But when he opened the fridge he didn't feel like eating. He took out a bottle of coke and went into the hall. The ringing had died while he was busy putting on his clothes. But nevertheless he was curious. Would the ringer still be there? Who was it? He placed the coke on the sideboard and carefully opened the door. No one was there. He glanced up and down the stairways. But the person who had rung at the door was gone. He went back into his apartment. He just wanted to close the door when he saw an envelope lying in front of his door. He picked it up.


Was written upon it in capital letters, but Dom knew at once: Billy. It was Billy's handwriting.

"Billz?" he exclaimed. But there was no response. Nothing. He waited. After about five minutes, he turned back into his apartment and closed the door. He held the envelope firmly. He looked at it for a long time, fingers beginning to tremble. Slowly, he went into the living room and sat down on his easy chair, still clutching that envelope. His heart beat fast and hard up to his throat. Trembling he opened the envelope and fetched the letter out of it.

Dear Dom

Maybe you think "Why's that Asshole writing to me, when he told me to go?!"

Well, I can't sleep 'cause I've got a huge guilty conscience.

You're my best friend! (Please don't say you HAVE BEEN! Please!)

I overreacted. I was too flabbergasted. This was so... well, sudden! No, not that you're gay, I knew that. And, oh, you know I knew that... Nevertheless, I wouldn't ever have dared to think about such an offer from you.

Yes, you read properly "dared"!


I'm no good writer in such a situation.... Well, maybe I couldn't speak as well.

So, to make a long story short: I shouldn't have sent you away.


I love you, Dommie!

I'm IN LOVE with you!


Dom swallowed. He was trembling more than before. His heart beat fast, he thought it might explode. He read the letter again and again. With every time his eyes got wetter and wetter. All of a sudden he sprang up. He had to see him. He had to see Billy. Had to see his eyes.

But wait. What if....

If he was Billy, if he was in his situation, wouldn't he try to leave the town the fastest way? He would! Yes he would! Could he catch up with him now? It was an hour ago he rang at the door.

He could try the airport. Yes, he could give it a try.

But when he called, they told him the next flight to Scotland or the UK was in about six hours and a passenger called Billy Boyd or William Boyd wasn't known (yet).

Then suddenly, it returned to his mind! Billy couldn't leave! He had this TV-appearance tomorrow night!

Dom grabbed his car keys and ran to his car. He drove to Billy's hotel (much too fast), ran up the stairs and knocked at the door like crazy.

He didn't realize that the door was being opened, but before he could hit Billy directly in the face, Billy hold his fist tight.

"Hey. Did think about many reactions, but wouldn't have thought of beating!" Billy said.

"Huh? Billz! God, you scared me!"

"Wanna come in? Or would you rather break the door by fist?"

"Uh..." Dom looked at Billy flabbergasted. He wouldn't have thought of such a normal speech from him. "Come in." he replied quietly.

Billy made way and Dom walked in, heading for the sofa. Billy followed but didn't sit next to him but opposite in the easy chair. They sat silent for nearly half an hour. No one spoke. Dom was staring at the floor, not knowing what to say.

After some time, Billy stood up slowly. Standing in front of Dom he gently lifted Dom's chin with his hand so he could see his eyes. A silent tear was rolling down Dom's cheek. Billy leaned forward and kissed it away.

"I love you, Dommie..." Billy whispered.

"Love you, too, Dafty." Dom sniffed with a small smile upon his lips.

"Sorry I didn't open back at mine." Dom apologized, when Billy had sat down next to him. "Well, I was taking a shower, and I didn't feel like seeing anyone."

"It's alright. Well, maybe was better that way. I don't think I could have talked to you anyway."

"You can't write either, Billz!" Dom giggled. "I doubted you were the person I'm writing a script with!"

Billy hit Dom's chest with his free hand.

"Cheeky bastard!" he grinned.

Dom leaned in, about to kiss Billy, but he stopped, he didn't dare. But Billy took over the initiative and captured Dom's lips with his own. Dom held his breath in surprise. But as he felt Billy's tongue upon his lips he relaxed and slightly opened his mouth. His whole body prickled as Billy began sucking his tongue. He didn't want let go of this kiss forever. But after some time they broke breathless.

"God... Billz... I..." Dom began to grin. "Thought you were straight"

"Well...'til there was YOU, I think!"

"Yeah?" Dom stunned, but there also was a slight hint of pride.

Billy shrugged "Yeah."

"Love you even more for that!" Dom grinned cheeky.

Billy slightly shook his head. "Dafty!"

Dom leaned against Billy's shoulder.

"Yeah, maybe I am daft. But I'm your dafty." he grinned happily. When Billy didn't answer he turned to see his face and asked, anxious: "Aren't I?"

Billy smiled broadly. "You are!"

"I really don't want to cock up the spirit, but... Billz! I'm starving!!!" Dom lamented.

Billy giggled. "I'll invite you to lunch."

Dom kissed Billy on the cheek. "Thank you. Can we go NOW please, before I'll die of starvation?"

Billy pushed Dom impatient into his apartment.

"Biiiihiillz!" Dom rolled his eyes. "You're such a greedy bastard."

"Ey, it's all your fault! You shouldn't have done that."

"I found it quite amusing. I love long table cloths."

It was Billy's turn to roll his eyes.

"Well, but... I will now have to accept an offer."

Dom burst out laughing.

"I don't think it's funny to turn someone on- with your toes at that- in a restaurant ,and then laugh at him when accepting an offer." Billy put on an offended look. Dom laughed even more.

"Aaaawwww... you poor thing." he joked.

Billy punched him slightly into the stomach.

"Think, I should do it, don't I. Otherwise you seem as though you might kill me."

"Bad Idea, Dom; I'll have more than that one problem if I kill you!"

"Oooh!, I like that! You depend on me!" Dom grinned cheekily.

"No I don't!"

"Yeah you do!"

"I could go cruising!"

"You wouldn't!"

"I would!"

"You didn't even dare to accept me offer, so why would you dare cruising?"

"'Cause you're refusing to come up with your offer!"

Dom didn't answer; he looked at Billy for a moment, then went to the windows.

"What're you doing?" Billy asked.

"I'm going to come up with me offer."

"At the window?" Billy was puzzled.

"I'm closing the curtains, you fool!"

He drew the curtains closed and came back to Billy. He slightly wrapped his arms around Billy's waist and kissed his forehead.

"You are sure, Billz? Don't want to force you."

"Did you say, force? Dom! I said I accept the offer! It was ME!"

Dom sighed. "Yeah, right!" he grinned.

"So, now?" Billy asked and ran his hand down into Dom's crotch.

"Huh!" Dom gasped and grinned. Then he grabbed Billy's hips tight and led him to his bed. He set him down on the edge and knelt down before him. He fingered his belt open. Billy's cock sprang out. Already rock hard. Dom felt his jeans tighten at his crotch. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He looked up to Billy, looking into his deep green eyes.

"Love you..." he whispered, lowering down again. He stripped Billy's trousers, shoes and socks off, while Billy was unbuttoning his shirt. Gently Dom stroked the inside of Billy's thighs.

"Mmmmmh..." Billy moaned.

Dom smiled satisfied. He kissed this area, knowingly leaving out Billy's cock.

"Phoooh... Dommmm..... pleeeease!"

Dom smirked. But he didn't want Billy to suffer. He placed a soft kiss on the head before slowly licking it. Billy piped down. When Dom closed his lips around his shaft, Billy let out all gathered air in a loud sigh.

Dom licked down the whole length very smoothly, sucked intensely and nibbled gently. Billy arched his hips thrusting his cock deeper into Dom's mouth.

"God, Dom....." Billy moaned.

Dom sucked and licked pleasurably, casually kneading Billy's balls.

"Godgodgod.... DOM! ....fuck me!"

Perplexed Dom stopped. He looked into Billy's eyes, almost shocked.


"Fuck me!"

Dom shook his head in disbelief.

"Dom... I need you"



"Just... You're sure? I mean... I don't want to hurt you!"

Billy looked at him, uncertain, but still longing. Dom sighed, his own erection aching in his trousers.

"Alright! Lay back Sweetie."

While Billy shifted back and lay on the bed comfortably, Dom stood up, slipped out of his shoes, stripped off his socks and pulled his shirt over his head. He knelt on either side of Billy's thighs and bent on his hands on either side of Billy's shoulders. he looked deep into Billy's eyes.

"You're really sure?" he asked again.

Billy reached for the zipper of Dom's jeans and zipped it open. "Yes!" he whispered hoarsely, opening the button of the jeans. Dom kissed him deeply, then sat up between his legs and pulled at his jeans.

"Erm... would you...?" he pointed at the nightstand.

Billy reached for it and fished in it, until he got something in his hands. He fetched out a tube of lube and handed it over to Dom.

"And... er... please..."

Billy fished again and got out a condom.

"You're using 'Billy Boy'?" Billy grinned as he handed it over to Dom.

"Well... Can't stop thinking of you, so.. er... well, nevermind..."

Billy giggled.

"You're laughing at me!" Dom sounded offended.

"No just...." Billy held him tight to his chest and pulled him onto his body. He placed a gentle 'I'm-sorry-but-I-love-you-Kiss" on Dom's lips. "Love you, Dommie, really love you."

"I love you Billy!" Dom began pacing his way down Billy's body with sucking kisses. Pinching Billy's nipples, licking his belly button. When he reached Billy's crotch he sucked at his balls for a short while, then sat up and began stroking his own dick. But his hand was pushed away by Billy's. He held tight and squeezed.

"Feels awkward." Billy said quietly. "Never held another man's."

Dom smiled. "Don't think about it. Just do as you always do."

Billy nodded slightly and began kneading Dom's balls, stroking his dick, squeezing the head. Dom closed his eyes in the luxury of it and leaned his head back. But he still had to prepare Billy, and had to do this really properly, for he knew it was Billy's first time. So he opened his eyes again and put as much lube on his hand as he thought necessary. He rubbed his hands together to get the cold lube warm, then he carefully spread Billy open, applying as much lube as possible around Billy's entrance.

"Godgodgod....Billz .... You're....'re great." He sighed lustfully, enjoying Billy's stroking. "A pity I learn that this late."

"It's never TOO late, sweetheart."

Dom smiled slightly, mouthing "I love you" and sending an air-kiss. Then again he put some lube on his finger.

"This is gonna be a bit cold now Billz." he warned, then carefully thrust his finger in Billy's entrance. Billy yelped and contracted.

"Did I hurt you?" Dom asked, nervous. It was kind of a first time for him too, for Billy was his first virgin. And as he really, deeply loved him, he didn't want to do him any harm.

"No... Just... it's all new."

"I'll be really careful, just trust me and relax"

Billy nodded.

Dom thrust his finger deeper in, stroking and widening. Then he slid it out and thrust in two, repeating, till he had in four. Then he slid them out and looked into Billy's green gaze.

"You ready?"

Barely visible Billy nodded. Dom took Billy's ankles and placed his legs over his shoulders. Then he levelled his dick at the entrance. He locked his eyes on Billy's. Then in a short push; thrust his dick inside.

"God... yes!" Billy cried out.

Dom began to move inside him. "Yeah, fuck... Christ....Bill..."


"You feel so amazing... fuck... yeah!" He thrust faster and- with Billy arching his hips- deeper. He hit the Sweet Spot.

"Christfuckdomyes!... what did you do?"

"Hit your prostate."

"Faster...Dom...please.." Billy wanted to touch himself but Dom, now thrusting harder, so his balls could be heard slap against Billy's ass, pushed Billy's hand away and began stroking Billy's dick in the same rhythm he fucked him. Billy's tight, virgin hole soon brought Dom near his climax. He clutched Billy's dick firmer to get him to jerk off the same time as himself.

"Yeah....yes, yes yes... Dom... so close..."

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Bill YES!" Dom released himself in several strong shoots. Not a second after he felt Billy's cum first cover his hand, then heard and saw it hit Billy's chest. After his last shot Dom collapsed on Billy's cum covered and sweaty chest.

Both of them breathed hard.

"Never...felt...any...better!" Billy said between gasps.

"Me too."

When his breathing had slowed down, Billy kissed Dom soft on the neck.

"We just had a bad start."



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