2004 Stories

Contains stories depicting real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. Nothing in it ever happened. Nothing in it ever will happen. These stories are a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Cycles of Twilight

for cathybites
by denyce36

Pairing: SB/VM
Rating: overall Nc-17
Warnings: AU, post-apocalyptic
Summary: Sean and Viggo have survived through a global apocalyptic mutating virus....
Notes: This was written for the slashababy for Cathybites, who requested: a dark & gritty (post-apocalyptic/dystopianfic), smutty angst. Nothing too fluffy. Hopefully this will meet with her approval.

MAJOR NOTE: I must apologize, as I am late-my muse kidnapped me. Anyhoo, because of my tardiness & rl issues this is not fully beta'd. Blackkoda did a WONDFUL beta job when I was only half way done. Since then I made changes, added a ton & tinkered---so it's back to un'beta'd, and for that I'm very sorry, time just ran away from me. I will get it beta'd & will replace it once done. Otherwise I hope it's enjoyed.


"Fours days, four fucking days and he still hadn't said one word." Sean muttered under his breath, as he watched Viggo scan the area for a spot to make camp. Sean glanced up squinting toward the sky's violet hue. 'Stop being a bloody prat' he reprimanded himself, 'you have to give him time---time like he gave you.' Sean cursed again; he hated the silence, and longed for the sound of Viggo's voice as much as he longed for the days of blue skies. Momentarily he looked over at Viggo, mentally prodding himself to be quiet. Allowing Viggo his silence for one more day -- he'd endure and not push the issue, but for only one more day. Soon twilight's break would be upon them, and according to Viggo's ritualistic behavior it was approximately two hours away.

Sean couldn't stop the pangs of sorrow as he watched Viggo setting up their tent, sorting their supplies. His distress deepened as he remembered Viggo's laughter, his chatter, and games and tricks he used to play whenever Sean was slightly depressed or despondent. Now the tables were turned and there was nothing either of them could do to balance the other's emotion. Sean concluded that mourning for Henry's death would have easier than the impasse they had found.

Guiltily, Sean swallowed as Viggo stopped and turned toward him. It was almost like he had overheard Sean's thoughts. Viggo's eyes glittered with unshed tears, silently nodding like he agreed with Sean's unvoiced conclusions. Sean ached witnessing Viggo's misery; slumped shoulders his entire being palpable.

Thirty minutes later their horses were tethered, a makeshift pup tent made of lizard hide was up, and a fire roared roasting their dinner of fresh snake meat caught earlier that day. Viggo rolled out a measure of skinned parchment to salt and dry out the extra meat they didn't consume. Still no words were spoken as Viggo worked the spit from over the fire. Gingerly handling the seared meat, he blew upon each morsel before placing it between Sean's lips. It was a simplistic, peaceful action that seemed to interest Viggo far more than nourishment. Viggo's greased fingers pushed across Sean's lips; Sean greedily opened his mouth accepting the meat, licking Viggo's finger in thanks and it was perfect.

Internally Sean was thankful that throughout, what had happened with Henry, even the damnable silence that followed their meeting; Viggo had never physically pushed him away. Viggo's silence was painful enough to endure; he knew he couldn't survive without Viggo's touch.

Viggo fed him another small bite; his thumb hooking into Sean's mouth after he swallowed to be sucked clean of the juices. Looking up, Sean met Viggo's eyes glittering with their own hunger, a hunger for Sean not of their meal. Sean leaned forward wanting, needing more of Viggo's touch, his caresses. Viggo halted Sean for a moment as he secured the meat off the pit and set it to the side so it wouldn't burn. Then he stood grasping Sean's hand as he did, pulling him toward the tent. The flap had barely closed behind them when Viggo moved to cover Sean, pulling at his clothes with heated urgency.

Sean moaned in delight as Viggo's hands slid between his legs and squeezed his length. Viggo's mouth seemed to be everywhere refreshing faded bites, marks all over his skin. Sean noticed since Henry's strange appearance Viggo's expressions were more physical, more demonstrative in visibly marking him --- almost claiming him.

Sean groaned as Viggo's lips claimed his. Strong insistent arms pushed him to the floor. Internally Sean rejoiced at Viggo's dominance. Marking and clawing Viggo's back with approval; Sean returned bite for bite until he was left with no thought other than the tempo of pleasurable pain Viggo was creating with his body.


Holding his sated lover, Viggo ran his tongue over the side of Sean's neck, tracing the ragged mark he had made earlier. Gently as not to disturb Sean's descent into slumber, Viggo kissed and suckled the skin before pulling away. Half asleep Sean reached out for him, making Viggo smile as he did. Viggo tucked the man back under the makeshift blanket, then quietly left to finish the chores he had started earlier.

Rekindling the fire, unwrapping and adding the meat to finish cooking, Viggo thought again of Henry. Sean was right it would have been easier if Henry were dead; dead like so many others. That was not the case. Henry lived, and changed, mutated like they did; like anyone else who survived the dawn of the twilight.

Viggo closed his eyes as he remembered the encounter, remembered the look of hatred in Henry's eyes.



Leaning forward arrogantly on his horse, Henry's inner tone of voice snared at him with disgust, 'You mated?' 'You are weak! And with a strange mutant --- that you makes more of an outsider. By our laws now you could be put to death.' Henry tilted his head as a new thought occurred to him, and asked as he stared lustfully behind Viggo to Sean, 'Or do you just rut with him---?' Amused as he visualized rutting with another preferred cast member, 'do you think of the pretty elf when you take him? Wish it were him instead?'

Viggo was appalled by Henry's tone of voice, but something he felt from Henry made him pause, 'Orli, does he live?' Viggo asked unconsciously.

Henry smiled as he warmed to topic, 'it is rumored some of your fellowship survived -- who exactly I do not know, nor do I really care since none have changed to our superior race.' Henry started eyeing Sean once again -- only more closely. His mutation feline; a full mane of hair streaked blond, his fur-tipped ears almost hidden, eyes slanted with slightly more topaz than green within their depths. He couldn't help but wonder if he had more fur hidden, and if that mane was a soft as it appeared. Henry's mouth twisted into a smile as he pondered another thought, 'or are you trying to breed with him? The breeding camps - -perhaps you'd be willing to sell him, see how many litters if any this mutant can create? Or allow me to slate my own curiosity with riding such a beast' Henry licked his lips staring at the mutated man-cat.

Sean thought the silence between father and son was confusing, but the intensity of their body language was anything but loving. Sean looked over feeling the force of Henry's glare. Puzzled he met the boy's glaze and was stunned as unwanted images filled his mind. At first they were amorous memories of when he and Viggo were first together. Shocked Sean tried to dismiss the images by closing his eyes as they became more sexual, but found he couldn't. Shamed and excitement blurred together. Humiliated Sean blushed, yet was unable to turn away from Henry and his malicious grin. Then the images became physical --- Sean swore could feel Viggo's hard cock entering him, riding him hard then the vision twisted and changed as he suddenly saw and felt himself wantonly riding Henry's hard cock.

'No!' Viggo's mind screamed as he saw what Henry was doing. His only thought was to protect Sean and to stop the images; using power he didn't know he had, he wiped the images from Sean's memory, and twisted the remaining memories since they had encountered Henry.

The vision dissipated; dazed Sean turned away, feeling like he just woke up. Confused he tried to recall what had just happened, but was unable to decipher the last few moments, or why he had lingering feelings of shame.

Realizing Sean was safe, Viggo turned his fury on Henry. Henry sat there completely unconcerned. Viggo fumed, outraged by the enforced vision and Henry's mental assault on Sean. Viggo stared at him in disbelief unable to comprehend that this cruel vicious person was his son.

'That's the point old man I'm not your son! I, like you and anyone who lives has been reborn. Though I am of the superior race, and not a mutated animal like the one you choose to rut with!' He snarled, looking curiously at the man he once called father. 'Do you not fully speak within the mind? Or are you somehow infected from your mating with a beast?'

Viggo's mind was conflicted. He didn't know who stood before him but he immediately hated the man before him. A man who resembled his son in appearance but lacked the sweet laughter, kindness, sensitivity, love, and respect that his Henry had possessed --- no, his son had died, and this cruel imposer was only the shell casing of what his human son Henry had been. Sadness filled Viggo's mind and heart as he began mourning the death of his true human son. 'You are not my son,' mentally declared.

The boy literally spat his disgust for the man before him; the horse pranced about in anxiety of his rider's rising anger. 'Humans are dust old man as is your son! I am of the new leaders, warlords, and superior in everyway. We will control and rule this earth -- we are strong-strong enough to survive the twilight hours, to fight and kill the mutated beasts that hunt within the twilight. We need not speak, as your mate does -- we hear and take control of what others want and need.'

Pain and sorrow that was not his suddenly filled the warlord. Looking into the eyes of the man who had once been his father, Henry scowled further realizing it was Viggo's pain he felt. Hatred filled him; hatred that this emotional weak rutting mated man had turned his back-ignored his powers and the rightful place of their species. 'I will let you and...' his eyes narrowed on Sean 'that, leave this province -- this once-for life payment on what was this human shell, but if we meet again it will be as enemies.'

Sadly Viggo nodded his acknowledgment, knowing in his heart that his own Henry truly was dead. Viggo pulled the reins for his horse to turn; twisting back in his seat he glanced one last time at the young man who was the image of his son and for the first time spoke clearly within his mind to the young man 'Good-bye Henry.'

Cruelly he laughed, 'Good-bye father...should we ever meet again, know my true name, Cain.'

Viggo didn't respond, but grabbed Sean's reins making his horse turn as well. Heading toward the north, he led the horses into a cant then into a gallop. Ignoring Sean's silent questions, and his own tears as they fell.

(End flashback)


That was four days ago. Four days of mourning, of re-playing over every word. Henry-Cain had mentioned others of the fellowship surviving, of possibly Orlando. Since the devastation of the world, the mutations, and the changing of the twilight Viggo had not thought of anyone else's survival. He had only concentrated on Sean and their own survival. For a short time Viggo had harbored thoughts of being rescued from the ruins only to be confronted time and again, city by city of the complete vast destruction of death. Traveling and finally seeing the remains of Los Angeles had decimated any hope. Now because of Henry-Cain's words on the fellowship, he felt a tiny flicker of hope.

Stoking the fire and adding more meat to be salted, Viggo thought back to the first days.



Originally Viggo was the one who had convinced Sean to come down to Mexico to look over some property. Sean was looking for second home that would afford more privacy for him and the girls. At the time they were each still riding the success of Lord of the Rings trilogies. Even with all the success, Viggo found Mexico to be ideal. His expansive villa afforded him the needed privacy with land covering just over three hundred acres. The villa was large enough to breed stallions with the freedom to ride them when and how he wanted, yet he was close enough to the states to fly in whenever he was needed. After a few visits spanning two years Sean agreed to look at some of the property near Viggo's. The day after Sean's arrival, the world changed.

Some had speculated that it was a terrorist attack -- chemical warfare containing a mutated virus, others believed it to be the work of aliens, still more believed it simply was Armageddon --- who's to say or argue a point that no one will ever know for sure. There were no news reports, no scientists gathering data -- no God or power of any kind to explain it.

Mists of violet and red filled the sky bringing death, and mutation. Many humans, pure breed had died that day -- those bodies that could not handle or adapt to the changes their new DNA demanded. Though months later gossip around campfires; some had speculated that some humans escaped unaffected. Government elite buried deep within the earth, living like rats in man made compounds.

Viggo ignored all of it -- all that mattered to him now was Sean. They had been together when everything changed. Originally Viggo had thought it was a massive quake. They had heard the earth's roar then felt the rumbling under their feet. Shaking in fury the earth buckled lifting them off their feet. Almost unnoticed in their panic an ominous spiral of dust raced across the sky spreading out in every direction as it came closer. Together they ran for cover. Sean had stumbled. Viggo remembered turning reaching to grab Sean -- then nothing.

When Viggo regained consciousness, he knew he had changed. Felt it inside his mind and body. Though they were a distance away Viggo could feel their thoughts and pain; heard their screams and confusion knowing there was nothing he could do. Viggo physically winced fighting against their growing terror he felt within his mind. Fingers found and wrapped around Sean's body beside him. Instinctively he tugged Sean closer for protection-he just didn't know if it was for himself or Sean's. Confused with a sharp stab of pain, Viggo openly cried. Later he discovered he was feeling Sean's pain, as he lay unconscious. His body was burning, but Viggo knew, could feel the physical change Sean's body was enduring. Viggo opened his eyes, blinking for several moments before he realized he was still staring into darkness. Viggo's hand automatically rubbed at his eyes. He felt his lashes open, but another thin layer of skin was stretched over his eyeball. Quickly he squeezed his eyes shut then very slowly started to re-open them. Clearly feeling the two separate lids covering his eyes. As the outer lid fully opened he could feel a heavy sleep crust sealing the second inner lid closed. Using his fingers he forcibly opened one lid. Moving his hand away his sight returned. Viggo quickly forgot the strangeness of a second lid as he stared opened mouth at the bizarre new world he had awakened to.

Beside him Sean only moved slightly, but inside Viggo felt the pain, the sharpest coming at the end of Sean's tailbone. Worried, he quickly scanned the area for some shelter. Everywhere he looked his gaze-encountered destruction. A hot breath flared against his side. Viggo looked up to see a beautiful black mustang. Squinting he realized the mustang stood much higher and broader than a standard adult mustang. Her nostrils flared as she whinnied. Against logic Viggo intuitively knew it was Taj a colt he had recently branded. Just as he thought of it, she turned so he could see the elfish mark burned into her side. Viggo's breath hitched in disbelief, she only turned back nuzzling the side of his face. Taj was no longer a colt in size, and stood three to four hands higher than an average mustang. She was broader in width, her black coat glistening as if she had been brush a thousand times. Viggo tentatively lifted his hand stroking her muzzle then sighed in acceptance. A moment later she whinnied and nipped at his clothing trying to move him. Viggo nodded, accepting her help as he rolled to his side. Scrambling to get up on his knees, he cautiously stood. Sean lay motionless as Viggo quivered in agony feeling every vibrational hum of Sean's pain in excruciating detail.

Viggo took a deep breath then reached down and hauled Sean over his shoulder. Confused but trusting his intuition he followed Taj. Minutes later he saw were she was leading him to. A particle cave, created from recent quakes. It was no more than a tight hole on the side of a hill, just big enough for them to take shelter. Instinctively Viggo knew he had to get Sean inside and covered up. Following his instinct Viggo quickly he turned Sean on his stomach, striped off his own shirt and carefully covered Sean's face. Just as he was situated, Viggo turned toward the opening as he heard his mare, Taj take off in a full gallop; knowing it was to find her own shelter. Viggo moved to block their small entryway; the next moment his inner lids instinctively closed bringing darkness that lasted but moments. Suddenly a light flashed, piercing and bright; bright enough to blind those caught unprotected. The fierceness of the light stretched out across the sky. For several moments Viggo stared dumfounded by the clarity of his sight. His new thick inner lids were tightly sealed against the harmful rays as his outer lids blinked in stunned amazement. Remembering Sean, Viggo moved quickly to conceal the entrance as best he could.

Viggo was alert as his senses heightened with each passing minute. The wind howled angrily; slowly those unprotected voices that he heard within his mind howling in pain around him diminished, as they quickly became prey to others.

Later those who had survived called these hours, the twilight hours. Two to three hours that stood between the dawn to day, and day to evening. It was during these hours when 'the others' roamed hunting. Many were only mutated animals; hunting only for hunger. Then there were the twisted mutated breeds he couldn't even guess what their original origin was. They were known as, 'the others' beasts they had to hide from -- that hunted not only for hunger, but also for sport -- for the kill. Most human mutations were similar to Sean's animalistic changes. Changed, but weak against the dangers within the twilight; the brightness causing blindness once exposed. Those unable to find shelter though survive against the hunters within a cycle. Were later found blind, wandering driven mad by the twilight's hazarded rays only to die in the next cycle of twilight. During that first twilight Viggo tried to ignore the horrific screams he had heard outside by concentrating on Sean's needs. Painstakingly he washed, cleaned, and cared for Sean's unconsciousness body. Viggo was acutely aware of the continuing pain Sean's body suffered as the mutant DNA enforced its new changes. Viggo's own fear soared as the pain increased, his emotions tilted into overdrive with every unknown sound and mind skirting across his own psyche-driving a new innate need to protect Sean. A foreign awareness Viggo recognized as part of his own mutant changes no more different than his second inner eyelids. The instinct to protect was overwhelming and only subsided once he opened himself up and out toward Sean. Allowing his new empathic abilities to imprint Sean's scent, offering his own strength to help pull Sean through his various changes.

After the first twilight cycle, much to Viggo's delight Taj had returned, stamping her hoof against the small protective hovel. It was with her help -- images he had pick up from her mind that he was able to find and create a proper shelter for them. Hours had past, turning into days. On the third day Taj had returned with a friend. Viggo suspected he was originally a palomino, and a little older than Taj. In the beginning they were wary of each other, and kept a distance. By the sixth day, the stallion allowed Viggo near and led him toward fresh game. Afterwards Viggo was going to name him, and tried to read what he'd like. Viggo was amused when he wouldn't allow it shaking his mane, whinnying -- that was when saw the image of Sean from the animals mind. He was going to allow Sean that privilege.

Viggo tried to smile, but he was too worried, as Sean remained unconscious. His physical changes were notable. The first distinctive change was his hair. Like himself Sean had his hair dyed regularly, but his true color was darker with graying salt peppering the sides of his temples. From the change his hair started growing out-streaks of sandy blond, the gray now spun gold. Viggo reached out pinching a few silky strands between his fingers allowing them to fall only to pick them up again as he threaded his fingers through their softness. Viggo leaned forward inhaling Sean's scent, captivated by the different nuisances he was able to pick up; an aspect he realized was from his own changes.

Sniffing closely Viggo realized he'd always be able to track Sean's unique scent of rustic earth, and the light cinnamon scent wrapped around his new body. Nuzzling close to Sean's ear Vig's nose brushed up against new soft prickly hair. Leaning back to get a better look; his fingers gently guided Sean's hair behind his ear. There he felt it again -- inspecting closely saw the soft peach fuzz of hair growing around the edges on now slightly pointed ears. Not elf shaped ears, or hobbit type of ears, but soft flexible turned up ears -- more like that of a cat.

Viggo paused, thoughtful as another image filled his mind. Then mentally concentrated on Sean singular pulsing pain near his tailbone. Gently Viggo turned the man over on to his side, and quickly removed the light covering to closely examine the area. Viggo's fingers gently felt for that pulse point Sean's pain was centered on. His fingers immediately found a small wide piece of skin protruding a good inch from Sean's tailbone. Viggo experimentally brushed his thumb gently over the small tip where it wiggled against his Viggo's thumb. Sean moaned his body shivering. Shocked by the discovery, Viggo quickly laid Sean back on his side, and covered him.

Breathing heavily, Viggo just stared down at his friend in awe slowly taking in all of his changes -- There was no doubt he was breathtakingly beautiful, beautiful in a way that frightened him. He hadn't felt this strongly toward someone since his ex. Before with Sean they didn't have that kind of relationship. In fact he hadn't had that kind of relationship with a man since he was a young man, and Viggo knew for a fact Sean had never been with a man

Viggo cringed when he thought of how Sean might react to all his changes, and of his feelings toward him. Sean knew he loved him, they had always been close, but as friends and family -- not lovers. Viggo examined Sean's thick golden mane, his cat ears, and if he wasn't mistaken that protruding nub was the start of a tail. Viggo fell back, smiling as he stared at his makeshift ceiling imagining Sean swishing a tail about. How Orli would laugh and tease, paying Sean back for all of his inappropriate elf jokes. How they'd all want to see it, even Sean's girls. Viggo laughed as he imagined all the antics -- moments later reality hit and he couldn't stop the tears.

Viggo heard the wind pick up, dawn's twilight was approaching, instinctively his inner lids closed, he held Sean tighter.

(End flashback)


Viggo wiped away his tears as he remembered. The true devastation was beyond the scope of his imagination, and for an actor that was saying something. The civilization he had known was gone. Cities were nothing but crumbling dumps stretching out for miles with only smoke hovering over the smoldering debris. No power, military, government, electricity, or medicine-everything that they had once known was gone. In its place was a strange new world, yet to be explored.

And for months they had done just that, traveling by horse going from the outskirts of one city to another.

Viggo tilted his head at the sound of rustling, then smiled hearing Sean's slight purr. In the last few days while he mourned Henry, Viggo had mentally pushed Sean away, more for Sean's safety than Viggo's own sanity. He remembered Henry-Cain's words, the images. Had watched helplessly as Cain had easily manipulated Sean mentally and physically. It was then when he caught glimpses of the images Cain had been feeding Sean that Viggo knew he could have killed Cain. Viggo knew instinctively Sean was his, his other half, his mate. From the beginning Viggo had been fighting the extent of those feelings and what they meant in this new world. Their love and friendship from before had only increased ten-fold. The sex, and lovemaking were added bonuses that he didn't have a problem with. It was the extreme possessiveness he felt for Sean that disturbed him the most. All of his life he believed in individual freedom, had fought against tyranny, oppression, slavery and not even despair of the new world could change that belief. Discovering that he was capable of the same power and manipulation Cain had... Now he had difficulty trusting his own feelings toward Sean, and in some ways he believed he was worse than Cain. Cain played and manipulated Sean's feelings, but until he wiped the memory away Sean knew what was happening. Viggo honestly couldn't say the same. Since Sean woke up, and the three months after up until now he had led Sean to believe what he wanted him to believe under the guise of 'for his own safety' like a child needing to be protected. The first being that he had very little mutated changes. Sean knew of his eyes, but didn't know he was capable of reading his thoughts and emotions. Those were things Viggo had kept to himself. In the beginning he rationalized his actions believing Sean was too distraught about the world and his own very visible changes -- which he didn't want to add to Sean distress. Over time Sean like anyone else who had survived slowly adjusted to the new world. Viggo knew that's when he should have told Sean. Instead he kept quite. It took seeing his own son's change a reflection of his own changes to finally face that he was no better. It was a truth he could no longer hide from.

A slight rustle behind him, he knew Sean was awake. Without looking he quietly asked, "Miss me?"

Startled Sean held his breath for a moment. Grinning madly he bit his lips to calm himself down. Sitting his shoulder nudged Viggo's. "Don't be daf."

Blushing Viggo looked down avoiding Sean's eyes. The overwhelming love and trust he felt pouring from Sean only twisted as guilt followed in heavy pursuit. Sean scouted closer, his hand massaging Viggo's neck and lower scalp. Viggo turned looking into Sean's green pools, "I didn't...." Viggo swallowed and looked away ashamed of everything he did -- realizing he no longer deserve Sean's love. "I didn't mean to worry you."

Sean nodded, not sure what was going on, but something had happened he could feel it.

Viggo nodded, mentally hearing Sean's thoughts and concerns. Now he had to tell him now. Looking up, he faced Sean's questioning stare his own breath catching. Holding his breath Viggo tried to calm his frayed nervous; the sound of his pounding heart thundered within his ears as his silence stretched out. Nervously exhaling into the crook of Sean's neck Viggo reconsidered. Fear of losing Sean started to paralyze him; thoughts filtering though to let things be -- allowing Sean to believe as he did now.

Sean felt Viggo's hot breath, shivers of longing ricocheted throughout his body. Happily he shifted to accommodate Viggo's leaning weight; then took notice of Viggo's pale face, his poise crumpling before Sean's eyes. Sean's massage continued lower into a gentle supportive caress; then whispered, "Henry?"

Viggo snapped back pulling away and standing; cursing himself as he did. Sharply inhaling, Viggo forced himself to mentally remove triggers he had placed on Sean regarding Henry -- everything that had happened except those memories Henry manipulated.

"Something happened with Henry? Viggo talk to me..."

'Now' Viggo's inner voice screamed. "Yes, I.... I don't know where to start."

Sean nodded, "I s'pose from the beginning is always a good place to start."

Viggo nodded distractedly, "I suppose. Henry.... We are the same, have the same mutation." Viggo paused lifting his hand to stall Sean from saying anything, trying to ignore the questions filling Sean's head. "Not just our eyes---among our mutations is empathic abilities. We were able to silently communicate with each other." Viggo stoked the fire jamming at the embers anything to avoid looking at Sean before plunged ahead. "Henry's changed -- his soul, personality; the core that was Henry is gone. In his place...his name is Cain now."

As Viggo talked he remembered when they met with Henry, only realizing now Sean didn't understand the hatred in Viggo's voice as he talked about Henry. "Maybe Henry just needs you... us? We could...."

"NO! My Henry is dead in his place is that Cain." Answered with malice.

Shaking his head angrily Sean stood, "How can you say that he's your son. We all changed-mutated. If my girls..."

"You don't understand." Viggo sighed itching to replace the mental triggers.

"You're fucking right I don't understand. This is Henry we're talking about, you're son. He survived the god-forsaken disaster! Don't you understand you can have your son back? We can be a family."

Viggo spun around as he caught the images of the family life Sean desperately wanted. Viggo stalked into Sean's personal space, "That's not who he is -- it's not Henry. I read his mind. He's cruel, sadistic! Part of that new order we had heard about-taking and destroying everything in their way. The only thing he wanted from you---" Viggo paused, closing his eyes he was just as bad as Cain. All this time he had manipulated Sean. Pulling away Viggo looked into Sean's eyes, "I was...I wanted to protect you." Taking a step back Viggo concentrated and returned all of Sean's memories.

Confused and angry Sean started to take a step forward and fumbled as a door in his mind suddenly opened flooding him with memories. He remembered when they met Henry, how excited Viggo was when they heard news of a young man fitting Henry's description. Days later Sean sat on his horse watching them, and was confused why they didn't speak, but just sat there staring at each other on their horses. Then he remembered looking over at Henry as inappropriate thoughts flooded his mind. They weren't his thoughts, but memories that quickly changed to a nightmare.

Disgusted Sean sank to the ground shaking and crawled to the side vomiting what was left in his stomach. Viggo quickly moved to comfort him, but Sean pulled away. Wiping his mouth he glared angrily as pieces started to fall into place. "How long?"

Viggo didn't need the complete thought he knew Sean's quick mind had already ascertained he was able to read his mind. Deeply shamed by his actions, he tried not to shift under Sean's heated gaze. "Basically from the beginning -- I.... Some things I didn't know until later with Henry."

Sean growled, "But my thoughts, feelings -- all this time?" Sean could finish the sentence as his mind flashed from one memory to another. Looking up he saw Viggo could see every memory that ran through his mind. Screaming he cried "Shut it off!"

Viggo flinched at the intensity of the mental and verbal scream. " I don't know..."

He didn't get to finish as Sean stood and grabbed him literally shaking Viggo, and with one mindset franticly shouted as he shoved Viggo away, "Try!"

Stumbling Viggo nodded weakly, closing his eyes ignoring his own tears and the pain--- a low physical pain that hummed within his body just at the thought of being separated from Sean. Ignoring this Viggo concentrated, desperate to help Sean by shielding himself from his thoughts.

Long moments passed before Viggo opened his eyes nodding solemnly.

Sean clinched his fists in rage, and tried to focus on something small. 'If you can hear me stoke the fire... and Viggo don't lie to me.' Sean waited and Viggo just stood there. Sean shook his head he needed more proof-sadly he no longer trusted Viggo. Squatting near the fire Sean tried not to think, but it impossible. Every memory, every thought since he'd woken up was now a violation.

Viggo gazed dumbfounded at his mate. For the first time he felt alone. Closing his mind off from Sean was like cutting out his heart. The pain had increased ten-fold just from the attempt. Now he felt nothing just hollow and empty. Viggo knew he was still somehow connected with Sean, but he could no longer hear his thoughts, or feel his emotions. Though he didn't need his mutation to feel Sean's anger, pain, and betrayal he had caused it was all evident for anyone to see and feel.

Suddenly the quiet was shattered, "Tell me you hate fucking me!"

Viggo sat across from Sean. "What?"

"Just fucking tell me." Sean demanded.

"I can't I don't. I never lied about that -- I do love..." Sean's hand was suddenly there and threatened to cut off his air supply.

"I don't want to hear it! Now repeat after me, 'I hate fucking you.'

Viggo raise his brow then felt Sean's fingers ease off his throat. For a moment they stayed staring at each other before Viggo conceded. "I hate fucking you."

Viggo flinched as Sean moved closer sniffing his neck then his tongue snaked out licking the red mark his fingers made. "Tell me again."

Viggo gulped, his breathing erratic at Sean's nearness, but followed his orders. "I hate fucking you." Sean nibbled then bit down hard on Viggo's jugular until he tasted blood. Sean growled as Viggo tried to pull away, and forcibly held him in place. Sean lifted his head slightly, the skin was red gnawed and ragged with blood flowing over and down Viggo's neck. Sean licked his lips; Viggo's scent was rich, heady, and intoxicating. Sean pulled Viggo closer crushing his hard cock against Viggo's then lean lapping up his blood.

Viggo didn't know what to say or think. Ignoring his appearance Viggo had never seen Sean act this animalistic this possessive. The pain he had felt from closing his empathic bond with Sean was still there, but the pain began to dull the more Sean touched and held him.

Sean nibbled then bit hard on his ear drawing Viggo's attention. Purring between breaths Sean huskily asked, "Again tell me again."

For a moment Viggo's couldn't concentrate on what Sean wanted. Another painful bite on his lobe and raspy, "Again" from Sean reminded him. "I hate fucking you."

In response Sean picked Viggo up and walked back to the tent. Unceremoniously he pushed Viggo down ripping off both of their clothes as he did. His body aggressively held Viggo in place while his hands and lips were everywhere skimming and playing Viggo's body; taunting him until he withered beneath him begging for more. Once they were naked skin to naked skin Sean made his way back to Viggo's jugular licking reopening the wound, tasting his blood once again. "You're mine now!"

Sean's mind was swimming almost euphoric. It worked; Sean knew Viggo was lying, not through his words but through his scent. He could smell the difference. He had started to suspect this new ability weeks ago, but had had no immediate reason to test the theory that he had more mutant attributes than just his physical appearance. Sean wanted to laugh at the absurdity. He couldn't leap buildings, couldn't fly, or run faster than a bullet, but he did have some kind of supersonic smell when it came to Viggo. Closing his eyes Sean concentrated on smells outside of their tent. Other than knowing they were in no danger his acute sense of smell seemed to only apply to Viggo.

Though it was more than that; biting and tasting Viggo's blood had been innate instinct. Once he did and tasted Viggo's blood everything had intensified. Viggo's emotions were suddenly amplified. Sean felt their connection through a link or bond. Sean was astounded when he felt the barrier Viggo created within his mind then amazed as he realized it didn't stop him from entering Viggo's mind. He couldn't read Viggo's actual thoughts, but was more empathic.

Unaware of his surroundings Viggo laid beneath Sean in an erotic haze his body desperate to find release. His mind however was in chaos. Underneath the layers of erotic fire Sean had created Viggo was confused and intensely afraid of losing Sean. Sean felt Viggo's desperation, and it only fueled Sean's own need to make Viggo his.

Sean's fury and anger over Viggo's deception had only ebbed as he redirected his energy physically by violently taking Viggo. Sean hooked Viggo's legs up and over his shoulders; taking his leaking cockhead in hand Sean rubbed it over Viggo's entrance. Then without warning Sean shoved two fingers into Viggo's tightness. Sean leaned down nipping and sucking on Viggo's neck as he pushed his fingers in deeper into Viggo. Then hooked his fingers Sean searching for Viggo's prostate.

Sean grinned, knowing he found the right spot as Viggo's head thrashed back and forth continuing to moan incoherently. Sean quickly added another finger stretching Viggo's tight hole. Viggo tilted his hips needing, wanting a deeper penetration. Sean growled his own animalistic need as he felt Viggo desperation to be taken -- Viggo's deep-seated fear of Sean abandoning him still lingered deep within his mind shadowing Viggo's response. Annoyed that Viggo wasn't paying enough attention Sean bit down over the jagged mark he had created earlier. Viggo yelped arching up impaling himself deeper on Sean's fingers.

Satisfied he had Viggo's attention Sean started pistoning his fingers in and out hitting Viggo's prostate on every inward plunge. Viggo withered in his hands, moaning, yelling for more as he fucked himself on Sean's fingers. Delighted by the sight Sean took one last lick at his mark before slightly shifting his body so he could taste Viggo.

Continuing the hard fast rhythm Sean watched fascinated as Viggo's body danced on his fingers; his eyes narrowed, his nostrils filled with Viggo's scent, his tongue licking then bit at Viggo's hard nubs before moving down. Slick and wet Viggo's cock throbbed waving bouncing hard against Viggo's stomach as he continued fucking himself on Sean's fingers. Sean knew Viggo was close -- too close. Sean's mouth hovered over the Viggo's cockhead delicately blowing hot air watching Viggo's cock jump in anticipation toward his mouth. Without waiting Sean's tongue swiped across the head once before quickly taken Viggo deeply within his mouth.

Viggo screamed arching as he came. Swallowing Sean's possessive mind screamed, 'MINE!'

Licking Viggo clean, Sean quickly he removed his fingers. Angling Viggo's pliant body with Viggo's knees close to his ears Sean's promptly entered Viggo's slightly looser entrance.

Growling incoherently Sean quickly found the pace he fingers had prior. Sean felt Viggo's spent cock harden as he continued pounding into Viggo; his eyes dancing over the various red marks he had made on Viggo's neck and chest. Seeing the marks, Sean pushed harder, deeper, pistoning himself in and out of Viggo as he growled out his possession, "Mine, MINE!"

Viggo was no longer aware of anything beyond the ecstasy he was feeling, but smiled when he heard Sean claim him and could only state what was in his heart. "Yours!"

Hearing Viggo Sean reached down grabbing Viggo's cock pumping hard as he bit down into his mark forcing Viggo to come again. Feeling Viggo's muscles tighten around him, Sean screamed his own pleasure as he came.


It was minutes or hours, Sean wasn't sure, but he woke with Viggo still beneath him, his semi-hard cock still deep inside. Satisfied Sean sighed allowing the memories to invade his mind. He couldn't stop the shutter as he remembered his encounter with Henry.

"I'm sorry..." Viggo whispered. "I didn't.... I was trying to protect you."

Sean knew Viggo was speaking the truth, but it didn't stop feelings of betrayal. Unable to speak Sean only nodded.

Viggo tentatively asked, "You forgive me then?"

Sean looked down into Viggo's eyes and knew Viggo's real question wasn't about forgiveness, but rather if he was going leave him. "In time -- you betrayed me, us."

Viggo looked away pain filling his heart and mind.

Sean forced Viggo to look back at him. "But you're mine... I will never let you go. Do you understand?"

At first Viggo was unsure of what Sean was saying, but saw the intensity deep within there depths. Slowly he nodded accepting whatever Sean was willing to give.

Sean saw Viggo acceptance, and felt his peace. "Now tell me, now that you're talking where are we headed?"

Viggo nodded, "Henry, he calls himself Cain now. He mentioned he had heard rumors that some of the fellowship had survived."

"What?" Sean exclaimed.

"It was only rumors he had heard, but I thought we should..."

Numbly Sean agreed, and then glanced toward the tightly closed tent flap. They couldn't do anything until then after the twilight. At his slight movement Sean realized the position he was still in. Viggo whimpered as he felt Sean's cock filling to hardness. Sean laughed as Viggo squirmed to take all of Sean in. "Since we have to wait anyways...."

Viggo happily sighed enjoying the fullness, "Good plan; now execute."



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