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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

My King

for telesilla
by enchanteresse

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Orlando/Bean/Viggo
Warning: BDSM, as per request. I hope you enjoy it, Telesilla.
Summary: We all know the story of Sean and Orlando getting stuck together because of a mudslide and having to be brought back by helicopter. This is my version of what would happen if Viggo was with them.

Two pairs of accusing eyes converged on Orlando, who backed away with his hands raised defensively. He wasn't looking like as much of a drowned rat as the two other men did. This was mostly due to the fact he didn't have much hair left. His baggy jeans were creating a small puddle on the floor.

"It's not my fault, could have happened to anyone, really," Orlando babbled, still backing away. "I mean, how the hell could I know the road was going to get washed away?"

"Oh, I don't know," Sean said, injecting as much sarcasm in his answer as he could manage with a British accent, which was indeed a dangerous amount, "Perhaps the radio announcer hysterically warning us about all the rain and requesting that people please stay home? Viggo, what do you think?"

"Maybe the way the locals flat out told us we were insane while we did another bit of Christmas shopping? If the locals are running away, you should do the same," Viggo said, busy trying to wipe his face dry with an equally wet and dripping shirt. "Mind you, most of the time it applies to earthquakes and hurricanes, but the principle is sound."

"We're getting off track here," Sean said, taking another step towards Orlando, voice going silky and dangerous. "You realize that as far as our director is concerned, we just dropped off the face of the earth?"

"Very unprofessional," Viggo added after throwing his shirt on the floor with a wet smack.

"The phone isn't working Orlando," Sean continued, managing to crowd Orlando against the nearest wall. "If it wasn't for the kindness of a perfect stranger, we'd have nowhere to sleep right now; all because you had to do your Christmas shopping at the last second."

"Well, at least we have somewhere dry to sleep and we met a very nice little old lady... eek!"

Sean had managed to pin Orlando against said wall and was glowering at him with a less than pleased expression. Usually one of the nicest men, he had obviously just decided that he'd had enough of this nonsense.

"What if the mudslide had happened when we were driving on that road, Orlando?" he pressed on, "Were you planning to explain to my girls why they've been orphaned?"

Orlando's eyes widened dramatically as he tried to look around Sean, expecting Viggo to lend him some support.


"He has a point, Orli," Viggo added serenely, this time busy trying to get the stubborn zipper on his jeans to work.

"Do you have any idea how long it will take us to get out of here with no working roads, Orlando?" Sean continued, obviously not done ranting.

"To be fair," Viggo pointed out, wandering next to them, "we could have stopped him from going into that last store."

"I was trying to be polite," Sean began, then abruptly went silent, staring at Viggo.

Orlando got on tiptoes to look over Sean's shoulder, then snickered. The mad King had obviously gotten tired of walking around in wet clothes. He had dumped them on the floor. What made it even more interesting was that Viggo obviously didn't believe in underwear.

"Errr," Sean said, still staring.

Orlando wolf-whistled a bit too close to Sean's ear, causing him to take a few steps back, releasing Orlando. Viggo scratched his belly and wandered away to inspect a painting hanging on the wall.

"I don't suppose anyone has any dry clothes?" Viggo asked over his shoulder, looking as comfortable as if he was wandering buck naked in his own house.

"Maybe, if the rain didn't go through my bag," Orlando said, still staring at Viggo with an alert and quite pleased expression.

Sean abruptly felt very, very tired.

"I'm hungry," he muttered. "Nice ass, by the way," he told Viggo, before wandering away to poke around the small kitchen, leaving Orlando to drool in peace.

"Thank you," Viggo said, sounding a bit surprised. "I haven't heard that in years."

"You do have a nice ass," Orlando said, sounding like he was nodding pretty eagerly, even though Sean didn't look away from the cupboards.

"We could do... spaghetti, something involving slightly moldy cheese, or perhaps unnatural canned potatoes. What the hell?" Sean was muttering, pretty sure those two were done listening to him, too busy teasing the hell out of each other.

"Spaghetti would be wonderful," Orlando warmly agreed, obviously expecting Sean to do all the cooking.

"Viggo," I could really use some help," Sean said pointedly, still poking around the cupboards on a mission for more edible things.

"I think I can find us dessert," Viggo offered, his voice oddly muffled.


"Orli just bought chocolate," Viggo said in his usual mumble, yet slightly predatory at the same time.

That brought Sean back to the kitchen's entrance and Orlando's head swiveled around to keep an eye on Viggo. He looked worried.

"Oi, that's a gift for my mom," he said, slowly backing away again. "It's not fair."

"I don't know. Viggo?" Sean asked, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorway, watching Orlando.

"I think it's only fair, really," Viggo said, still not moving from his spot. "After all, it's his fault we're stuck here."

"I was thinking exactly the same thing."

Viggo and he exchanged a brief look. There was a moment of silent communication that shouldn't have been possible with a man he'd only known for a few weeks.

Nonetheless, their attack was so much in sync that they had Orlando cornered and lying flat on his back in less than five seconds. Sean laughed his ass off as Orlando squirmed madly under him while a totally nude Viggo gave Orlando a full body search.

"I think it's actually in his bags, you know," Sean said offered as Viggo straddled the younger man.

"Of course it's in my bags, you cunts!" Orlando screamed, wriggling even more.

"I think we should be very thorough," Viggo said, a bit of a crazy light dancing in his eyes. "He's an Elf, he could have hidden it very cleverly."

"Of course," Sean solemnly agreed, managing to pin down one flailing arm.

If he found some pleasure in watching a helpless Orlando desperately wriggling to escape Viggo as he ran his hands over ticklish bits, Sean didn't mention it.


It took a few minutes of lying there in the dark for Sean to realize that he had been hearing hushed voices in his sleep. They were obviously pitched not to wake him up. When he finally opened his eyes, wondering what time it was, the cramped living room was flooded with moonlight. At first, he couldn't remember where he was, though it didn't cause him any particular distress. He spent too much time away from his own home to be panicking waking in a strange place.

Then he remembered everything: The kind lady who had offered to let them use the guest house, Orlando sulking because he and Viggo had eaten all his chocolate, then firmly telling them to take the bed because he didn't want a squirming Elf sticking his cold feet anywhere near him, thank you very much. He was fine with sleeping on the couch for a few nights.

The obvious fact that Viggo and Orlando were getting along on an entirely different level wasn't even worth mentioning.

Sean punched his pillow a few times, then turned around, trying to go back to sleep. There was an incredibly loud clock ticking somewhere in the house. The hushed conversation continued, though it was too far away for him to catch any words. The tone was intriguing, making him want to pay attention. He wasn't sure why.

"I'll just go to the bathroom to pee, then drink some water," he told himself. The fact that he had to pass in front of the bedroom was only a coincidence.

Someone had thrown a pink scarf over the lamp at some point, casting a muted and intimate light over the bedroom. Viggo was sitting on the edge of the bed, in profile, his rarely untied hair hanging in his face as he looked down at the floor. He was wearing another ratty pair of jeans, his white shirt hanging open, revealing his chest.

Sean barely registered Viggo's appearance, as he was too busy staring at Orlando, or rather at what he was doing. Orlando was kneeling at Viggo's feet, his eyes submissively lowered and his hands clasped behind his back. It made Sean think that it was a practiced pose, not something accidental. Orlando was actually holding himself still in a way that Sean wouldn't have expected him to be capable of.

Orlando was also entirely nude.

Even though the actual significance of what Sean was seeing hadn't reached his brain yet, the flood of heat in his belly meant his body had instinctively understood. It wasn't that Orlando had a genuinely attractive body, rather it was Viggo looking him over so casually.

"Like a King receiving the respect that he's due," Sean thought. There quickly followed a reflection that if Aragorn had ever looked at Boromir this way, they wouldn't have bickered as much as they did.

"I don't know. What do you think you could possibly do to please me?" Viggo asked pleasantly. He may as well have been talking about the weather.

It occurred to Sean that he was intruding on a very private moment. He didn't want to be caught staring at the two of them.

Of course, the moment he tried to leave, Viggo caught the movement from the corner of his eye. He pinned Sean in place with his intense gaze. Sean swallowed hard, wondering if he shouldn't just silently walk away before Orlando also noticed him. It was already too late.

Viggo was an intense man, no matter what he was doing; acting, painting, or taking photographs. He tended not to do things half way, which was something Sean had always admired. Viggo was positively lethal now that he was radiating lust and power, bending Orlando to his will.

Sean realized he was licking his suddenly dry lips when he noticed Viggo staring at them.

"Don't move," Viggo ordered Orlando with a low voice. He then looked back at Sean. "Isn't he beautiful?"

Orlando startled a bit, then forced himself to remain still again.

"Yes," Sean replied, having no idea what sort of wonderfully twisted idea Viggo had come up with this time. Sean was thinking that Viggo was also very beautiful, though he made no further comment.

"Why don't you join us, Sean?" Viggo asked, still staring at Sean.

Sean took a few steps into the room before he realized what he was doing, then realized there was no going back. He was half expecting Orlando to protest, thinking he was playing a part to please Viggo.

"Sorry for disturbing you," Sean mumbled, thinking it was the right thing to say, though his heart was beating quickly in his chest.

"Believe me, it's my pleasure," Viggo said, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "Orlando, undress him."

Now would probably be a good time to protest. It would also be the time for Orlando to refuse the obviously insane request. Viggo just sat there, watching them, as if he was sure they would do exactly what he wanted. Sean started a little when he felt warm hands on his chest. He stared at the younger man while chewing on his lower lip, obviously trying to be graceful about this to please Viggo. Sean was wearing an old faded t-shirt and track pants that he had rescued from the trunk of his car. Somehow Orlando managed to turn tugging Sean's shirt over his head into an erotic show, trailing his fingers along Sean's chest.

There didn't seem to be quite enough air in the room as Orlando fell on his knees again to get rid of Sean's pants. Sean stared in wonder when he noticed that Orlando was aroused and that something was glistening in the light, circling the base of his cock†a cock ring. Sean bit his lips as the fabric of his pants trailed across his erection, then it sprang free. He could feel the heat of Viggo's gaze looked him up and down. Viggo watched the progression of the flush spreading from Sean's face down to his chest as he stood there, naked and desperately needy.

Orlando was now kneeling at Sean's feet, not meeting his gaze, still playing the submissive. Sean flexed his hands a little, then looked at Viggo with a helpless expression, wondering what he was expected. Sean felt like he had to ask permission to do something.

"Touch him," Viggo said, nodding in Orlando's direction.

"You want a show, my King?" Sean asked him, trying for teasing but coming out breathless instead.

"That would be nice, yes," Viggo said, leaning back on his elbows to get more comfortable and get a good view of the proceedings.

"Bastard," Sean thought, though his hands obviously had a mind of their own. They were already busy petting Orlando's buzzed scalp. Sean couldn't quite believe that Orlando was going to let him shamelessly paw on him, but other than the telltale biting of his lower lip, Orlando had no reaction. His breathing quickened as Sean let his fingers wander lower, exploring his neck. Sean's eyes moved back again and again to Orlando's bound erection, wondering if it hurt as much as it looked.

"Oh, you can do better than that," Viggo spoke again, daring him to do something insane.

Sean knew that tone so well he instinctively reacted to it, crouching to put himself on Orlando's level. Sean pinched one of Orlando's nipples before finally touching the object of his fascination. The ring had warmed up from being in contact with Orlando's skin and the younger man yelped when Sean's big hands squeezed his cock playfully, just to feel it throb in his hand.

"I can put one on you, if you want to know how it feels," Viggo offered.

"I'm not going to ask how you managed to get stranded here and still manage to have two cock rings in your bags," Sean said dryly, delighted when he felt pre-cum at the tip of Orlando's cock. Sean looked up at Viggo as he lazily lifted his hand to his mouth, licking it off.

"I didn't bring the whip, actually," Viggo said, now running his hand over his own chest, teasing his nipples.

Sean had the feeling Orlando was going to vibrate out of his skin, but Sean only had eyes for Viggo, whose eyes were going darker by the minute. Sean felt some satisfaction when he realized he was going to be a good enough playmate for Viggo.

"Do you actually have one?" Sean asked, this time eliciting a low cry from Orlando as Sean began to wank him roughly. The calluses from the sword fighting probably making it more maddening.

There was a slight pause, then Viggo smiled, his hand hovering next to his own cock. Sean didn't want him to touch it, not yet. He wondered if he was only going to be allowed to watch Viggo while he played with Orlando.

"No," Viggo admitted. "We don't push things that far."

"How far are you planning on pushing it?" Sean asked.

Orlando was slowly falling to pieces, barely only holding himself still out of sheer stubbornness. His nails were leaving marks in his own skin as he gripped his knees convulsively.

"If he doesn't want it, he has a way to stop it," Viggo said thoughtfully, now staring at Sean's hands as they coaxed more pre-cum from Orlando. He watched as Orlando's cock slowly turned red and angry, loving the way Orlando was tensing all over and desperately trying not to scream.

Sean was getting more than a little desperate himself. Later on, it would occur to him to wonder why he had accepted Viggo's authority over the two of them. He would realize that he'd have fallen on his knees just to see the pleased look in Viggo's eyes.

"What happens if I make him come?" Sean asked, thinking it was a real possibility, since Orlando's teeth were actually leaving marks on his lower lip.

There was an evil chuckle.

"I suppose I'd have to punish him. Let him watch as I slowly fuck you."

There was something that sounded suspiciously like a whimper coming from Orlando. Sean raised an eyebrow.

"Would you now?"

The funny thing was that he might actually let Viggo get away with it, even though he wasn't in the habit of letting anyone fuck him. It got harder to ignore his own need, just thinking about it.

"Stop," Viggo suddenly ordered.

Sean let his hand fall away immediately, without making a conscious decision to do so. Orlando made a little tortured noise at the back of his throat, quieting down again when Viggo looked at him.

"Crawl over here, get on the bed," Viggo ordered him with a predatory smile.

Orlando shivered convulsively before moving, crawling over to the bed with a grace that he never displayed unless he was pretending to be Legolas. His cock was rigid, standing away from his belly, his head hanging down so he wouldn't look up at Viggo. Orlando briefly hesitated when he came to the edge of the bed as Viggo scooted over and patted a spot on the bed, still watching Sean like he planned to eat him alive. Sean could only watch, resisting the urge to just squeeze the base of his cock, feeling that he was dangerously close to losing it. It occurred to him that maybe he would be the one forced to watch as Viggo bent the Elf in two.

He probably would go insane if it was the case.

Apparently Viggo also happened to have lube and condoms, along with cock rings and other mysterious sex toys. He put them on Orlando's heaving belly when the younger man flipped around to lie on his back, making a pattern with the little foil packets.

"Sometimes I wonder how many times I could fuck him before he'd beg me to stop," he said thoughtfully, still playing with the little packets. "Why are you still all the way over there?" Viggo asked, smiling over at Sean.

Sean wasn't a stupid man. He was climbing on the bed almost before that sentence was over.

"Do you think he would ever beg you to stop?" Sean asked idly, his hands returning to pinching Orlando's nipples, enjoying the little strangled noises Orlando emitted.

By some miracle, Orlando managed to stay still, though he was obviously at the end of his rope and watching Sean with huge, begging eyes.

"You don't know me very well," Viggo said, smirking. "Get on your hands and knees, Orli," he added.

He kept staring at Sean, seemingly unaware of how fast Orlando was moving now that he actually had some hope of getting what he wanted. Sean didn't know how he managed it, but somehow, he was able to stay still and stare right back at Viggo. Orlando was between them, keeping them from touching. Sean waited to know what Viggo wanted.

"Fuck him," Viggo ordered, still staring in Sean's eyes, carefully enunciating the words, as if they were giving him pleasure as he reached to unsnap Orlando's cock-ring.

Orlando moaned in a way that suggested he was about to come on the spot and Sean reached out, caressing his back to calm him. His tongue came out, swiped along his lower lip. He had always been a bit of an exhibitionist and Viggo obviously had every intention on devouring the scene with his eyes.

It was surprising how quickly it all came back to him; the pleasure he got out of twisting his fingers inside Orlando, relishing how tight he was and the low keening sounds coming from his throat. Orlando's arms were shaking as he struggled to hold himself still, though he couldn't help but push back against his fingers. Sean was a bit startled at himself when he smacked Orlando's ass to make him hold still. There was only a knowing smile on Viggo's face.

Sean was still staring at Viggo as he slowly let his cock sink into Orlando's body, relishing the heat. He let Orlando feel a few inches of himself, he deliberately holding himself back. He found pleasure in torturing the man that was shaking under him.

Sean watched as Viggo touched himself when he finally began to move, thrusting hard inside Orlando, causing him to scream out loud. Viggo's scarred hand wound casually into the little bit of hair that Orlando had left, as though he had every right of doing it, pushing him towards his crotch. Orlando's screams were abruptly silenced as he was forced to swallow Viggo's cock.

The arch of Viggo's neck as he threw his head back, obviously savoring the feel of Sean pushing Orlando into his cock, made Sean's mouth water. Sean wanted to be fucking Orlando and sucking Viggo at the same time. His hands were less than gentle as he got a good grip on Orlando's slim hips, slamming him forward, making him choke a little before he managed to accommodate Viggo's cock.

Sean's eyes were barely open as Orlando suddenly went tight around him, obviously coming even though Sean hadn't even touched his cock. Sean kept fucking Orlando right through his orgasm, using rougher and rougher thrusts, feeling like he was about to climb inside of him. Viggo's hands were still cruelly keeping Orlando's head right where it was.

Viggo reached out for him then and Sean knew he was lost. Gentle, scarred hands framed his face as they both bent over Orlando. There was a shock wave going through his whole body as they finally kissed, touching for the first time, though they were both fucking Orlando. It wasn't the rough kiss that Sean had been expecting, rather something friendly, barely the hint of pressure to get him to open his mouth. Viggo apparently liked to do wicked things to people with his tongue, enjoying the lazy exploration.

In the middle of the never-ending kiss, Sean came for what felt like eternity. Sean's fingernails dug half moons into Orlando's perfect skin as he did so, Viggo swallowed his cry. Everything seemed to go into slow motion as Orlando slowly folded under him and Sean somehow managing to curl up around him, panting and a little wild eyed.

Orlando tasted of Viggo when Sean kissed him and he made sure to chase every bit of flavor out of his mouth before allowing him to take some rest. Viggo was leaning close to Orlando too, near enough for Sean to see the little scar over his lip. Viggo was petting Orlando as he breathed hard, obviously pleased with himself.

The dawn found the three of them still sleeping on the same bed, Orlando sandwiched between them, bruises barely starting to show on his hips.

A few days later, Sean would add to those bruises by desperately gripping his knee during a helicopter ride.


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