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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Best You Can Do?

for a slashababy dropout
by scots_in_kilts

Rating: R, NC-17 Summary: Billy wants to control a 'bad' side of Dom Authors Note: Written for slashababy, a request for dom!Billy and snarky!Dom that is 'hot and heavy'. Hope this works for you. Enjoyed the challenge of writing snarky!Dom. Beta'd by the lovely aire_blair


He smirked from his spot at the bar as Dom downed shot after shot with Lij, getting drunker with every overturned shot glass. Billy had bribed Lij in the feet trailer to get Dom as drunk as he could. An easy enough task as Dom could rarely stay sober when in the company of Elijah Wood and alcohol.

Right now, Dom was telling Elijah how he'd led some bird on the night before, only to tell her off when she asked for his autograph with his pants around his ankles. Billy watched with interest, waiting for the moment to come so he could strike.

Then, just as they'd planned, Lij stood up and left Dom alone. The young actor walked over to Billy, slapped him on the back, and quickly left the bar.

Billy wandered over to Dom's table. "Hey, Dommie."

"Billy! You Scottish bastard, you! I'd offer you a drink but I don't quite feel like it." Dom burst out into a fit of laughter as he gathered up the remaining alcohol and held it against his body as though Billy would snatch it away before running off laughing into the night.

Billy smirked. There was the Dom he wanted to see, to tame. "Well, I came over for a... different reason." He leaned over and whispered into Dom's ear, "Want to come over to my place?"

Dom looked up at Billy for a second before bursting into another set of giggles. "Are you picking me up, Boyd? If you are, you suck! No wonder you're still single."

Billy chuckled. "Well, s'long as I get my way, does it matter?" Dom looked up at Billy again and raised an eyebrow. "Suppose not."

"Then, let's go."


Billy dangled a pair of handcuffs in front of Dom's face. "What about..."

"Handcuffs? Gonna tie me up, are you? Not very original, Bills. Expected more from you," Dom said from his position sprawled across Billy's bed.

Billy held his face steady, betraying no emotion, as he crawled up Dom's body. "Never said I wanted to be 'original'." He wrapped one end of the handcuff around Dom's right wrist and snapped it closed before hooking the other end around a small opening in the headboard.

He looked down at Dom before taking pair of handcuffs out of his dresser drawer and putting it on Dom's left wrist.

He straddled Dom's waist before leaning over and kissing him full on the lips. Dom responded instantly, snaking his tongue out to meet Billy's. He struggled against his bindings, wanting to touch Billy, feel all of him.

Billy pulled back and stared down at Dom. "Who told you to move?" He raised his hand and slapped Dom across the face. "Stop that. Don't move unless I give you permission to."

Dom was shocked for a minute but quickly recovered quickly and let a grin creep across his face. "Like it rough, do you?" He cocked his head to the side. "I've had rougher."

"Well, we'll see how rough I can get." Billy reached down, unbuttoned Dom's jeans, and quickly pulled down the zipper. He hooked his fingers into the waistband and rather, well, roughly pulled them down. He yanked off Dom's shoes and soon had the jeans off.

Dom lay before him, in only his boxers and shirt. Billy smiled to himself before straddling Dom's waist again. He leaned over and kiss Dom's jaw line, making a trail of kisses along his neck. He got to Dom's shirt and pulled back.

"That has to go," he said, huskily. He undid the top button before pulling the shirt apart, sending buttons flying in all directions.

"Much better." Billy leaned over and kissed his way across Dom's chest, down to his nipples. Without anyway warning, he sank his teeth into one of Dom's nipples. Dom squirmed a little but quickly stopped when Billy glared up at him.

Billy licked, sucked, and bit both of Dom's nipples before raising his head again. "How's that for rough?"

Dom matched Billy's stare. "Like I said, had rougher." He moved his leg and bumped his knee into Billy's hard cock. "That feels quite rough, Mr. Boyd, but maybe not as rough as I've had. You'll have to... show me, won't you?"

Billy smirked, ran his hand down Dom's chest, and stopped at his boxers. Again, without so much as a word, he roughly pulled them down, allowing Dom's equally hard cock to spring out as his boxers joined his jeans on the floor.

Then, he got off of Dom and walked out of the room, turning out the lights, leaving an almost naked Dom quite shocked, and in the dark. "You aren't scaring me, Billy. I've seen Lij and Orli naked, so this is nothing!" he called out.

He struggled against the handcuffs, trying to find someway to get free when suddenly the lights went out. "Um, Billy? This also is not scaring me. I've seen Viggo naked as well, remember! And Sean "Grower Not a Shower" Bean! And then there was the time I walked into the Orc trailer..." Dom shut up when something silky slide into his mouth.

A light appeared before him. Billy, holding a candle, was standing beside him. "Need you to be quiet now, Dommie," he whispered as he gagged Dom with a silk tie.

Dom spoke but his words were muffled against the fabric.

"Much better." Billy lit a few more candles, filling the room with soft light. Dom could see that Billy had on a dark robe that shimmered slightly in the candle light.

"Ready for things to turn rough?" Billy asked, not expecting an answer. He untied the belt on the robe and let it fall from his shoulders. He was quite naked and hard. He got back onto the bed and pressed himself flush against Dom, grinding their cocks together. "If not, you'd better get ready." He kissed Dom hard again before pulling back and grabbing a bottle of lube from seemingly no where.

"Strawberry flavored." Billy poured some into his hands before reaching down and grabbing his own cock, not bothering to warm the lube up. He sat there, stroking himself for a bit, not paying any attention to Dom's own aching erection.

Dom felt a shiver run down his spine as he watched the sight before him, but he managed to keep relatively still. He struggled to keep his breathing under control, not wanting to show Billy how hot this was making him. "Fuck you," he said as best he could against the tie.

Billy stroked his cock a few times before moving his hand down to Dom's entrance. "Oh, I think I'll be fucking you, Dommie." With his other hand he pushed Dom's legs back, pressing his knees into his chest as he shoved his finger into Dom's hole.

Dom bucked a little at the sensation of Billy's finger in him. He groaned softly as he felt a second one slide in but it was muffled once again by the tie.

Billy worked a third finger, brushing against Dom's spot several times causing the bound and gagged man to arch his back slightly. "Well, well," he whispered before pulling his fingers out. "You still want it rough?"

Dom looked into Billy's eyes. "Fuck you," he said again, though it was muffled by the tie.

Billy smirked at him. "Don't think so, Dommie."

Looking into Billy's eyes again, Dom slowly nodded.

Billy placed his hands on the back of Dom's thighs, pushing his legs harder against his chest. He kissed Dom hard again despite the gag as he pushed his cock deep into Dom. Dom groaned as loudly as he could into Billy's mouth, pushing himself down, driving Billy deeper into his body.

Billy reached between them and stroked Dom as he thrust harder and harder into Dom's body. They moved in unison, Billy thrusting into Dom, Dom pushing himself against Billy, Billy stroking Dom's cock.

Dom was so close to coming, Billy could feel it so he stopped stroking him for a few minutes as he continued to pound into Dom's body. He would stroke Dom a few times, waiting until he was close, then stop or give Dom's rock-hard erection a hard squeeze and twist. It was a while before they both came, long and hard. Dom harder, warn out from the teasing and the pounding of Billy's cock into his body. Billy gripped Dom's hip with his hand, threatening to leave a very dark bruise, as the other stroked him, milked him for all he had. Panting, Billy collapsed on top of Dom. After a few moments, he raised his head. "Rough enough for you?"

Dom nodded as Billy reached up and undid the tie. "Fuck, yes. I mean, could be a little rougher but we'll save that. For next time."

"Next time?" Billy asked as he rolled off of Dom and lay beside him. "What makes you think there'll be a next time?" He looked into Dom's eye, stone faced again.

"Well, yes. Next time. When I'm in control. I'll show you how it's done."

Billy scoffed. "You? In control? I don't think so." He ran his finger through the small pool of cum on Dom's stomach. "But I think we could arrange a next time."


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