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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Unlike Some People

for dystopic
by fly_meaway

hard R
beta: the_cordelia on lj

Unlike Some People

Outside snow is gently falling from the sky. With the quiet breeze it looks beautiful. Elijah had hoped some snow would fall this Christmas and seeing the snowflakes softly falling down to earth is good enough for him. The streets are still not white, but the dark sky shows no sign of a changing weather anytime soon.

Elijah sighs and as he hears the rummaging in the kitchen, he can't help but smile. This may not be the Christmas he had in mind for himself in the first place, but at least he's spending it with a friend. And what else is there left to ask for when you've got that?

The kitchen door opens and Dominic comes walking in. A tray is in his hands, which he's holding firmly, afraid it might fall. Two steaming cups are on the tray, as well as the Christmas cookies Elijah brought along with him. Dominic has a smug smile on his face and looks around anxiously, not wanting to trip over or bump into anything.

"It's snowing," Elijah says as Dominic puts down the tray. When Dominic looks up at him, Elijah realizes he must still have that grin on his face. It's good Dominic loves him that much. He even loves the silly little things he does or likes.

Unlike some others.

"What movie did you bring?" Dominic asks as he sits down on the couch and molds the cushions a bit so they're just the way he likes them.

"Moulin Rouge."

"Oh no... Lij, I know you think Ewan is fucking hot, but please... Watching that movie 3 times in a row with you is more than enough." Dominic pulls a face that shows his displeasure. Elijah smiles and walks to his bag to retrieve the box. He holds it up to show Dominic.

"Die Hard." Elijah walks up to the television. "Because you've put up with my movies in my rebound period."

There's silence for a moment.


Elijah places the disk in the player, trying not to let his thoughts wander off. But he's sure Dominic notices, because they both know that whenever it gets mentioned Elijah can't help himself but think about it. It's still like a fresh wound.


There's a hand on his waist. Then there are lips on his. Hot lips, filled with want. Or lust.

A tongue finds his and they dance together like they've done this before.

He almost bites his under lip. The sheer joy, the feeling that 'fuck this is real'. It's too real and so surreal at the same time. All those times thinking about it and there it is -- A hand at his zipper. A hand that touches him right there.

Like he's in some sort of haze, everything goes on. But at the same time he can feel everything, every little nerve in his body, and he makes himself remember this. The hands that travel over his body are rough but delicate as well. They leave a trail over his body and it makes him shiver.

This all feels too good.

The way his own fingers touch skin. Warm skin. The way that feels under his fingers. The way his thumb brushes over the sensitive parts and want to leave a mark there that will show visible bruises late in the night when he watches them form.

As he's exploring this body, there's suddenly hot breath against his dick. There's heat. And when he looks down his dick is in that mouth.

Soon he's coming. Grasping the table for support. He cannot stop a name from leaving his lips.



Elijah snaps back and he shakes his head. Beside him Dominic is sitting cross-legged. He's watching the movie that has already started. He has the plate with cookies in his lap and one of them in his hands. He takes bites from them, his eyes never leaving the screen.

Elijah stares at the Christmas tree, trying not to think about it again. He and Dominic had so much fun decorating the tree, but they also had such difficulties with the stupid lights. But Dom is persistent and like always he kept going until the tree was fully decorated with them.

Would Elijah even be here if things with Viggo hadn't ended the way they had? Elijah loves Dom dearly, but he would at least liked to have Viggo around for Christmas. But like so many things that won't happen.

Elijah sighs and grabs a cookie from the plate in Dom's lap, before they're all gone. Dominic catches his eye and when Elijah turns his head he can feel Dominic looking at him. Examining him. He can almost hear him thinking, until he realized those words were actually said out loud.

"You just thought about him." Elijah doesn't have to answer, because they both know it's the truth.

I didn't mean to. But Elijah keeps those words inside, because he shouldn't be apologizing and that's not what Dominic wants either.

"Well, if the bloody bastard doesn't care enough to come over for Christmas it's his fucking loss."

"I don't expect him to come over anytime soon. He made that perfectly clear." Dominic snorts at that and squeezes Elijah's knee. Elijah knows he cares and when he looks Dominic's way he looks mighty pissed for a few seconds.

Elijah doesn't even know if he didn't expect Viggo to come over. He knows not to expect anything like that, but that doesn't stop him from hoping anyway.


Seventh heaven is a beautiful place to be. Walking on the clouds is like touching heaven with every step. It's so soft around the toes and that's what this feels like.

Love can make you feel that way.

Even when you're falling through the clouds, as they don't support you anymore, you can't see it. Sometimes love can be blinding that way too.

Hands travel over his body. Arms are around his neck. Around his waist. Lips at his neck. He can feel the pressure at his entrance. Then there's the feeling of some sort of bliss when it's inside of him. When there's that feeling of being filled, of being whole. There's still pain at first, but then there is that feeling that is more than enough to make him fall.

But somewhere it changes.

When he shows affection, there's a snap and some harsh words being spoken.

"Don't cling to me so fucking much, Lij."

Then the fall is hard and life suddenly becomes real again.


The movie has ended and Elijah hasn't even noticed. Dominic is looking at him, or rather staring at him. Elijah coughs and wonders how long Dominic has been doing just that. Why of all days did he have to start thinking about Viggo again today? He thought he was doing okay, but now he isn't even sure of that. "I'm sorry," Elijah apologizes. Dominic smiles at him and shakes his head. Elijah knows what he's saying without having him actually say those words. Dominic stands up and grabs the plate to place it back on the tray. Elijah stands up as well and places both their mugs on the tray. He follows Dominic to the kitchen.

Dominic opens the dishwasher, while placing the tray on the kitchen table. "I wasn't going to think about Viggo, I really didn't want to. But apparently I'm not over it yet." Elijah hands Dominic the plates and Dominic looks him in the eye.

"You don't have to apologize, I hope you know that by now." Dominic closes the dishwasher and he grabs two glasses and Elijah nods at Dominic's unspoken question if he wants something to drink. Elijah sits down at the kitchen table and looks at Dominic filling their glasses.

"You've been such a great friend, Dom. You've been there for me the whole time and listened to me when I needed to talk. I needed that and I don't know if I told you enough." Dominic gives him the glass and sits down on the chair as well.

"You did."

Elijah has the feeling he didn't. He thinks he should tell Dominic more often, but he also knows that perhaps he did tell Dominic more than enough. It's just that he's really grateful for what Dominic did for him. He could always talk to Dominic. He could always call him. And Dominic always listened.

Unlike some other people.

Dominic has been a true friend. Elijah just hopes that he can be the same to Dominic if Dominic needs it that badly.

"It's been three months and I thought I would be over it by now." Elijah takes a gulp from his drink and thinks back about that moment when it all started.

"But you've liked him so much longer than that. I remember you coming up to me, completely distressed, wanting to talk about something." Dominic smiles and Elijah remembers. He was completely soaked from walking through the pouring rain to get to Dominic. He couldn't even wait another second to talk to someone about this. And though at that time maybe Sean was more his confident, he felt so much better when he thought of telling Dominic.

"I remember... You even laughed at me and I stressed out. I thought you were being mean and I wanted to walk out."

"I was laughing at you, because Billy had been joking to me about it. And there were you, at my front door, soaking wet and telling exactly that which Billy had been joking about with his silly voice." Dominic laughs again and to this point Elijah still doesn't get the joke, though Billy explained it to him way after he and Viggo really got together.

"Still, you made me stress out." Elijah sighs and then looks at Dominic, ready to forget all about Viggo for the rest of the evening. "But I came to you because I trusted you. Which I know I can. And I love you for that." Dominic smiles, stands up and kisses Elijah on the cheek.


'Here it is', he thinks. He is backing away against the door and looks at the person in front of him. He doesn't quite know what he's done wrong, but he knows by the look on Viggo's face that he's done something wrong. And suddenly it hits him; this is going to be it.

"We're through, Elijah. This is not working out."

He has been waiting for something to happen between the two of them, that he never even considered this might actually happen. He feels like he should cry, but he's also very angry.

Angry for getting dumped like this. Angry with Viggo for whatever stupid fear he has. Angry, because Viggo makes him feel like this is his entire fault in the first place. When he knows he's done nothing wrong and all he did was show Viggo he loves him. And that scares the shit out of Viggo.

"Of course it's not." Elijah searches the room for his bag. He has to go, because he is afraid he might start crying if he doesn't leave this instance. He's so angry, but he's also so scared that he's losing everything he's been dreaming about.

"Don't give me that shit." Viggo steps closer and his hand reaches out to Elijah and that angry flare is off his face again. Elijah steps aside and bends down to grab his bag, which is lying on the floor. "I just don't know how to handle this."

"For once you're being honest." Elijah stares at Viggo, who has stepped back by now. "You can't handle this. I can handle this fine. Not perfect, but fine. You keep telling me I fucking cling to you, but whether I call you once a week or every day you keep telling me the same thing. You keep telling me you can't handle me, but the truth is you can't handle you."

Viggo sighs and sits down on the bed.

"You can't handle that maybe you might love me too."

Elijah opens the door and he waits for a second, hoping that Viggo might say something. He is waiting for the apologies, for the words being spoken. But nothing comes. Viggo stays silent. And Elijah knows that he has to leave, because suddenly his nightmare is coming alive.

Seventh heaven was a beautiful place, but real life is as much like a nightmare sometimes.

So he steps outside the door and closes it behind him. Even when walking to the elevator he hopes -- prays -- to hear those words. To hear Viggo's voice calling him back.

But as usual nothing comes.


Dominic is on the telephone, ordering Chinese food. They both didn't feel like cooking. Which really means that Dominic didn't feel like cooking, because Elijah can't cook. Elijah might like cooking, but Dominic kindly told him 'not tonight'. So he's ordering Chinese, which is fine. Elijah likes Chinese food.

Dominic comes back in the living room. "They'll be here in 15 minutes." Elijah nods and walks after Dominic. They are busy setting the table, when the doorbell rings. Dominic looks on his watch. He mutters something that sounds like: "That's not even 8 minutes, most of the times they're so much later."

Elijah finds the candles and sets them on the table. He searches in his pockets for his lighter. He really wanted to quit smoking, but he just can't. Dominic has asked him so many times to stop and tried different tactics, but none of them worked. So to be polite he hasn't even smoked since he got here. But his lighter is still in his pocket.

"Lij, will you come here?" Dominic calls from the hallway. Elijah doesn't know what it is, but walks to the hallway nonetheless. When he gets there, Viggo is standing on the front porch. Elijah looks at Dominic and Dominic looks back at him.

Elijah doesn't know what to say. He's stunned. He never expected Viggo to come over, because over the last three months he didn't even come over once. They had contact over the phone once. In which Viggo told him that it was definitely over and that he was sorry and that this was going to be it for a while. No contact for a while. "Dom said you were spending Christmas with him." Elijah stares at Dominic, who looks back at him and then to the ground. "He told me... Well, he obviously cares about you. I said I might come, but then I knew I wasn't going to." Viggo sighs and Elijah can see he's nervous, just as Dominic is a bit and still holding the doorknob in his hand. "But here I am."

"Well, it was nice to see you, Viggo. But now I think it's time for you to fuck off again." Elijah has been hoping to see Viggo again, but seeing Viggo standing there he realizes nothing is going to change. Viggo will pull the same thing again, saying that Elijah clings too much and that he's too young for this. Too young to know what he wants.

Well he isn't.

Viggo steps inside and Dominic looks at Elijah to see if he has to step in, but Elijah shakes his head. And then Viggo is standing before him again, like he was the last time. But now he's calmer, though apparently nervous. Elijah waits for him to say something, but Viggo just stares at him. His eyes looking deep into Elijah's.

And then suddenly lips are on his own.

Viggo presses his lips against his and Elijah wants to back away, but he's been waiting for this so long that he can't help but respond. When Elijah does break the kiss, Dominic has left the hallway and the door is closed. Elijah steps back and leaves a clear distance between him and Viggo.

"What do you really want, Viggo?" Elijah keeps reminding himself, that nothing is going to be different. Nothing is going to be different.


And then Viggo speaks: "I love you."

For a moment Elijah thinks he forgets to breath. "You were right, Lij. I'm just sorry I had to find it out this way. And I know I've been horrible to you and I probably don't deserve a second chance. But if you could give me one, I would really want to try again. To try us again."

But sometimes things can change, right? Viggo just said the one thing he never said before, only if they were talking about their friendship. He always pushed Elijah away faster than Elijah could come close. And now he's here, asking Elijah to come close. It's something Elijah has been dreaming about, only now he can feel his skin heating up. He can hear his breathing.

He just has to make sure to stay in this life this time.

Elijah wants to say he doesn't know, wants to make Viggo believe he doesn't care. But he also knows that's not true. "I would like that too." Viggo smiles back at him and steps forward again to kiss him. Softer this time.

"I don't understand though, did Dominic call you to come here?" Elijah breathes in Viggo and closes his eyes for a second as he lays his head on Viggo's chest. He feels Viggo's hands at his back.

"Yes." He can even feel Viggo saying those words.

When they walk into the living room, Dominic is sitting there and looking up at them. Elijah knows he has a great friend. Dominic smiles at them, as he realizes that things worked out this time. Elijah walks over to him and gives him a huge hug. "Thank you."

As he sits down on the couch and Viggo sits down next to him, making jokes at Dominic, he realizes he finally got what he really wanted this Christmas. To spend it with Viggo, but he can also get to spend it with his best friend.


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