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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.


for sophrosyne31
by thepsychicclam

Pairing: Dom/Orlando
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes they had sex with the lights on.
Disclaimer: I made it all up.
A/N: Written for slashababy's fic challenge. For sophrosyne31, the only person I'd write Dom/Orlando for (and half-way enjoy it). Merry Christmas, Kate! *loves*

Sometimes Dom fucked Orlando with the lights on. The dim light glowed against Orlando's brown skin and made him seem to blur around the edges, like he would eventually just fade into the background of the sheets. Dom touched his skin reverently, noting the contrasts as he splayed his fingers across Orlando's chest before lightly thumbing a hard nipple. His own hands were rough, just like his nails as they scratched ten near identical pink lines down Orlando's flesh. Orlando arched into Dom's touch, moaning softly when Dom raked his fingernails across thin hips.

Dom liked to watch Orlando's face as he kissed his way down his chest, circled his bellybutton with his tongue, dipping inside before dragging his teeth across his lower belly. Orlando's face contorted like a surrealist painting, similar to the ones Dom saw in the museums in Germany, and he didn't think it was a bit of a stretch. Orlando was reminiscent of a painting; lines of perfection like fine brushstrokes, each curve of his body the mark of a skilled hand. Dom licked his inner thigh before biting down roughly, worrying the flesh with his tongue. He watched Orlando's jaw clench and unclench, the tendons in his neck tense as he twisted on the bed.

Slipping his mouth around Orlando's cock, head sliding down as his tongue pressed against the underside, Dom wanted to memorize the planes of his body. Compare the view from between his legs with the way he looked when he shot an arrow or took a shot of whiskey. The sweat gathering on his chest, his stomach rippling with shaky breaths, eyes heavy with lust instead of laughter. Dom rolled Orlando's balls around in his hand, squeezing ever so slightly just to watch the way his face scrunched and relaxed again.

The light cast shadows onto Orlando's chest when Dom lifted his legs, fingers around his ankles as his cock pressed against Orlando's slick arse. He trailed his fingers down the backs of Orlando's calves, hooking his knees over his shoulders as he sank lower and pushed slowly pass the tight ring of muscle. Dom buried himself deep inside, leaning forward and kissing Orlando's damp lips, tongue slipping easily inside his warm mouth. Dom lazily slid in and out, hands anchoring his body above Orlando as he tasted every corner of his mouth.

When Orlando came, Dom caught every flutter of his eyelashes against his cheek, the way his mouth fell open, and the stretch of his neck. He leaned down and licked his way across Orlando's exposed neck, tasting the salt on his skin.

Dom still left the lights on after they finished and Orlando had curled into him, head beside his on the pillow, legs tangled up with his own underneath the thin sheet. Orlando stared as Dom followed the line of his hands spiderwalking down Orlando's bare side, leaving quick imprints before forgetting Dom had even been there.

He touched Orlando again to remind him.


Sometimes Dom fucked Orlando hard and fast. Pressed up against a cold wall, Orlando's cheek flat against the surface as Dom hastily slipped two slick fingers inside. Dom liked to hear the sounds Orlando made when he touched him like that, without any concern or affection, just lust and need. It wasn't Orlando that Dom needed, just what Orlando could give him, sex without too many strings and no bullshit.

Dom dropped to his knees, yanking Orlando's trousers the rest of the way down, leaving them around his ankles. Dom fumbled with the button on his own trousers as Orlando craned his neck back, tongue prodding forcefully inside Dom's mouth while his teeth nipped painfully at Dom's lips. They met like this often, a quickie at a club or after a long day on set. No words, nothing except the fervor of their touches. Dom pulled his straining cock out of his fly, covering it in what little lube he had. Orlando pushed his hips back against Dom, and Dom gripped them tightly before thrusting in.

Dom squeezed his fingers tighter as he thrust in and out, letting his head fall back and his eyes drift shut. He could hear the quiet obscenities that fell from Orlando's mouth as Dom pushed deeper, going as far as Orlando could take him. Orlando braced himself on the wall, hands keeping Dom from crushing him as he wildly fucked him. Dom didn't think of Orlando, only the way he felt around his cock and yes, that's it when Orlando clenched around him.

After Dom came, he pulled out and zipped his trousers, ran a hand through his damp hair and left the room without another word.

Orlando knew it was just about the sex anyway.


Sometimes Dom didn't fuck Orlando at all. They met at parties, fell into a tight embrace and a quick snog before Orlando went back to Kate and Dom found a drink and a pretty face. Dom watched Orlando, always watching Orlando, as he posed for pictures and held his girlfriend's hand.

Dom didn't think about the nights they lay in bed together, sharing beer and weed and stories until Dom had to stumble to feet, half-stoned and well-fucked. He didn't think about the time they fucked in costume, Merry bending Legolas over the dining room table while the hobbit curls fell into his eyes. He didn't think about the night he told Orlando he loved him in LA (the year between the Fellowship and Two Towers premieres when neither one of them were anything but an elf and a hobbit) and the way Orlando had kissed him, the taste of beer on his breath and smoke on his skin.

Instead, Dom thought about Kate; if Orlando fucked her with the lights on, if he pinned her to the bed and growled obscenities into her pretty little ears before kissing her and coming. Or if he touched her with soft caresses, kissed her skin and her hair and told her he loved her. He thought about how lucky she was and raised his glass to her in a silent toast.

And as Orlando left the party with an arm protectively around Kate's waist, Dom thought about the emptiness.


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