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  FANFICTION: This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Good Match, Good Match

for a slashababy dropout
by moonfairyhime

Pairing: Billy/Dom

Request: First time, friendship evolves into love. Hot & fluffy.

Summary: Dom is a heterosexual. Well, if his heart and Billy have their way, that's a lie.


Dom met Billy at the airport. As soon as they caught sight of each other, it was like no one else existed. Dom ran, rather literally, into Billy's arms and they snogged each other senseless, making promises to never let each other go for longer than a trip to the loo.

Okay, that's a lie. Well, not all of it. Dom did meet Billy at the airport and they did snog each other senseless, but not at the airport. Anyhow, sorry for the interruption. We'll get back to the story now.

Dom met Billy at the airport. Dom surreptitiously snuck his way behind Billy (who looked like he had enough of Americans in general and was more then ready to high-tail it back to Scotland) and tapped him on the shoulder.

"I'm sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone else. I'm not. Dom!"

Dom grinned like a cheeky monkey. "I'm glad you're not me. If you were me, then who would I be?"

Billy didn't answer, but instead hugged his best mate as though he was a certified life saving device and Billy was drowning. Bystanders enjoyed the reunion, especially a group of teenage girls visiting Hawaii. They enjoyed timing the hug and deeming which stage the hug was at. After one minute, they deemed it past the 'dear, old friends' level. After two minutes, they deemed it past the 'seekrit lovers meeting behind their spouse's back' level. When they finally stopped hugging after four minutes and forty-one seconds, the girls had deemed the hug worthy of the title 'best friends who desperately want to shag each other but don't want to ruin a good thing so they're going to ruin a good thing by trying not to ruin it'.

As they drew apart, Dom looked at Billy. "It's not like I mind this impromptu visit, but why?"

Billy looked at Dom, his eyes sad before covering it up with a smile. "I just needed to get away from Scotland for a bit. And I wanted to see my best mate." Dom grinned and hugged Billy again as Billy thought about the real reason he was here.

"Billy, you care more about Dominic then you care about me." Ali looked upset.

"Ali, you know that isn't true." Billy wondered if the words sounded as fake to her as they did to him.

"I'm not going to be second place in your heart, Billy. Go to your Dominic, you'll not have me anymore." Ali said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Ali, I do love you."

"Aye, you do, but not as much as you love him. And you know that you love him more than you love me. Your mouth may say I love you, but your eyes speak betrayal to the one you do love."

"I'm sorry."

"I know you are and I do forgive you Billy. I release you Billy, go to the one you do love."


The next day, Dom took Billy surfing, which turned out to be either a Big Mistake or the Best Thing That Dom had Ever Done. Dom had forgotten how hot Billy looked in a wet suit and how hot Billy looked surfing. Dom had taken Billy to his favorite spot to surf, and he was currently having a problem keeping his drool to himself as he watched his best mate (as he mind kept telling him) surf. He also tried to think of unattractive things to keep his mind off how attractive Billy looked. Dom hadn't realized how much working on Lost had taken him away from Billy. He remembered making a promise to Billy while they were filming some of their last scenes together that they would never, ever lose touch with each other. That they had too much chemistry between them to keep them for them to just lose touch with one another. Dom reaffirmed the vow to himself to never, ever let himself lose contact with the Scot.

Billy grinned at Dom as he walked over to the Brit and Dom tried to tell himself that his heart was beating faster because of the heat, not at how sexy Billy looked. His heart told his mind to get over it and just realize what it had always known. Dom's mind and heart proceeded to get into a rather large fight.

"Dommie, my lad, why aren't you out there surfing with me?"

"I like to watch you." Dom said before his mind smacked itself and his heart cheered for its minor victory.

Billy titled his head sideways before grinning wider. "Really, Dominic?"

Dom had the grace to blush before doing his best impression of a little child. "You're a great surfer, Mr. Boyd. I just keeping hoping that one day I'll grow up and be just as good at surfing as you are, Mr. Boyd!"

Billy laughed, ruffled Dom's hair. "Very well, lad. When you're older, I'll teach you how to surf like me."

Dom mocked growled at Billy before tackling him into the sand and wrestling. When Billy straddled Dom's hips, Dom tried to ignore how right it felt while Billy tried to ignore the pang of sadness of what could never be.


The next day, Billy came down to breakfast after a refreshing wank to thoughts of his best friend and a half-decent night's sleep. He grinned as he saw Dom walking about the house talking to himself before a flash of pink caught Billy's eyes and he grabbed Dom's hand. Dom tried to ignore the how right it felt for Billy to hold his hand.

"Dom, you've been writing on your hands with pink ink."

"Pink makes a statement." Dom was trying to ignore how well his hand felt in Billy's. Dom's heart smacked Dom's brain and went back to sending quiet (read: so frickin' loud that a deaf woman in China was smiling to herself and going "Ah, yes, Dominic loves Billy. Good match, good match.") messages to Dom's brain.

"Dommie, did you ever think about being gay?"

"How'd we go from pink ink to being gay?"

"Seemed appropriate at the time."

"Ah. Why?"

"I think women are too complicated. Always saying one thing but meaning another. Like, they tell you that we have to be in somewhere in an hour, so get your ass out of bed, but it takes them forty-five minutes to get ready and you have to take a shower in cold water. And they screech at you when you leave the toilet seat up, but did they ever think how annoying it is when they leave the toilet seat down? And then complain about how we never communicate, but they spend so much time talking that it's impossible to talk to them. And if they wanted to keep the house clean, they should have moved in with a gay guy."

Dom was impressed. "Wow, you had a lot of time to think about that, didn't you?"

Billy nodded. "Long plane ride. The movie sucked."

Dom look intrigued. "What was it?"

"Fellowship of the Ring."

Dom blinked before the entirety of the question and what it implied hit him as he also remembered what Billy said at the airport. I just needed to get away from Scotland for a bit. "Billy how's Ali?"

Billy gave him the patented 'deer in the headlights' look. "What do you mean, Dom?"

"You've been here for two days, but you haven't said anything about Ali. And she hasn't called you and you haven't called her."

Billy sighed before deciding to just say the truth and move on. If he was lucky, maybe Dom would hug him. "We've over, Dom."

Dom's eyes took on a nasty look. "Do we need to kill anyone? I've got a lovely place in mind to hide the bodies."

Billy smiled warmly at Dom. "No, Dom. It was just a mutual decision."

Dom looked at Billy warily before giving his friend a hug. "If you're sure, Bill."

Billy sighed and leaned into Dom's hug. Dom smiled at Billy and pulled him closer, once again trying to ignore how right it felt while Billy basked in the moment.


The next day, Dom showed Billy some of the best spots in Hawaii and made a point of telling Billy, multiple times, that one didn't have to live on a cold, drafty island to get the feeling of living on an island. Billy told Dom to bugger off, that his roots where in Scotland. Dom replied that's probably for the better as his roots weren't at the top of his head. Billy pushed Dom into the ocean for that comment.

All day, Dom had felt a completeness that he hadn't felt since New Zealand. As he watched the sunset reflect against Billy, Dom wondered for a moment that if it was Billy that made him feel complete.

A small voice popped up in his head that sounded like his heart. "Of course it's Billy, you wanker. You love him."

For some reason, this fact wasn't very surprising to Dom. It was something he had known all along. His heart had convinced his brain of that, now all he had to do was act upon it and now that his heart had finally got the message through, it was going to take a nice, long rest and bask in the love of a love that only comes once a lifetime.


Billy was reading in bed when Dom appeared with his chameleon.

Dom smiled childishly at Billy. "Karma can't sleep."

Billy grinned at Dom, knowing that this was Dom's way of wanting to spend time with him. He flipped open the covers and allowed Karma and Dom into his bed. He tried not to think about how kinky it was having Dom and a chameleon in his bed. "All right, my lad. What kind of story do you want?"

Dom cuddled into his best friend. "Don't know. Just make one up as you go along."

Billy nodded and began his story. "Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away."

"Billy, I told you to make one up, not quote Star Wars."

"Hush, my lad, or you won't get your story. Now, in this land lived Will, a humble but happy traveling musician. Will had a best mate that he could share anything with and his best mate would listen without judging. Unlike some friends, they couldn't claim that they had been friends since their second year of school, but it felt like they had known each other for forever and a day. One morning, though, Will awoke with a sudden realization: somewhere amongst their eons of friendship, Will had fallen in love with his friend."

Dom studied Billy's face as he told the story. There was something in his fey green eyes that was shouting something at Dom, but for the life of him, he couldn't figure it out. "What did Will do?"

Billy smiled sadly. "Will did what anyone would do in that situation: he pretended that he didn't love his best mate and he made life continue on as usual, hoping that these feelings would just go away. He was wrong, of course. Once true love finds your heart, you can't ignore it, it won't go away. Instead, love will settle deep into your heart, leaving you loving and lusting and deciding that no one else will ever do but the person you can't have. Will knew that he couldn't tell his best mate how he felt; he could lose the best mate he ever had and Will would rather live a thousand lifetimes with his friend as his best mate and not know his true feelings than live one day with his mate knowing how Will felt and not be able to stand Will because of his feelings. So Will continued on loving his best mate and he took his secret with him when he died broken hearted after his mate got married."

Once again, this Billy's green eyes were shouting at Dom. Dom knew how he replied would change everything, but he wasn't sure how. "I think that was very foolish of Will. You should always take a chance at love."

"Really, Dommie?" Billy's voice was quiet and Dom was suddenly aware of how important his response was.

"Yes, Bills."

Billy blinked at him, and Dommie had just enough time to put Karma on the floor before his arms were full of a warm, snogging Billy. Dom didn't respond for a moment before realizing that this was exactly where he wanted to be. One thought ran through his head as kissed Billy back with equal fervor: he hadn't realized what he'd been missing by subconsciously denying his feelings for Billy by claiming to be a heterosexual.

Then Dom felt his clothes begin to fall off and he realized that Billy's clothes were falling off too. Dom also realized that he was okay with this. Billy broke the kiss and Dom began to suck on his neck.

"Dom, you have no clue how long I've been waiting for this." Billy said before his gasped again as Dom began to suck on a nipple. On the floor, Karma seemed to be enjoying the show.

"I wish I could say as long as I have Bills, but I'd be lying. I just realized today how much I love you." Dom said as he arched his neck to allow Billy better access to molest it. Billy stopped for a second, but as Dom said the words 'I love you', he continued his attack on his neck with renewed vigor.

Dom felt Billy's hand heading south for the winter, but also found himself not bothered by this fact. Instead, he concurred with Billy's idea and found his hand going south.

Billy groaned slightly as Dom touched his cock. "Hate to sound like a broken record."

"You already sounded like one on the The Return of the King commentary, love."

"Oh. OH. I like when you call me 'love', Dommie."

As Dom began to wank Billy off, Billy sunk his teeth deep in Dom's throat. "Dommie, you're mine."

"Same to you, my Bills."

They wanked each other in perfect unison, as if the act was one completed many times instead of it being the first time. Teeth sunk themselves into skin, leaving tangible marks of what occurred. Hot and steamy kisses found themselves on many body parts, words of promises of what is to come were spoken. Billy and Dom both moaned as the climaxed simultaneously before laying together contentedly, limbs tangled as if they were one person instead of two.


"You know Billy, this blows your idea of gay men keeping their house clean."

"Blow me."

"Don't mind if I do."


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