Sekrit Slasha

Slasha, Baby is the LOTR RPS Fanfiction holiday fic exchange. This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.


2006 Slasha, baby gift fics, now with author names!

recipient title pairing author!
absolutefiction Between You Elijah/Billy/Dom idrillia
almaviva Watching, Wishing, Wondering Billy/Dom, Elijah/Orlando, Dom/Orlando, Ian/Dom sassywitch
angiepen In Character Karl/Viggo/Orlando, mentions of Andy Serkis/John Noble. POV: Brad Dourif. slashfairy
apple_pi The Cottage in the Woods Dom/Billy not_a_lamb
buckle_berry I Remember December Dom/Elijah v_angelique
caras_galadhon Stainless Steel Christmas Viggo/Sean B/Richard Taylor (Head of Weta Workshops) lexi_mirkwood
chaosmanor Not Your Typical Day Viggo, Orlando, Sean Bean yueni
cortie Christmas Day at the Cabin Dom/Elijah crumble72
crumble72 The Art and History of Kissing as It Relates to Elijah Wood Dom/Elijah, Dom/Billy, Elijah/Orlando often_adamanta
dizzydame When Next I Ask the Time Billy/Dom kiltsandlollies
elmathelas All Of Our Suns The Same Dominic Monaghan/Viggo Mortensen (implied Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd) kiltsandlollies
empy Watching Sean Bean/ Marton Csokas kimberleigh_
enchanteresse At the Ebb of the Tide Sean/Viggo/Orlando koulagirl666
feelforfaith Crush Various combinations of Dom, Orli, Billy, and Elijah. absolutefiction
foxtales White Christmas Billy/Dom hobbitgwen
hobbitgwen You May Already Have Won the Chirstmas Love Sweepstakes Dom/Billy saklani2
idrillia Just Like The Movies Viggo/Bean enchanteresse
jira_rd Hobbits in Toyland Dom/Billy dizzydame
kiltsandlollies Up and Down the Roads Going Dom/Billy apple_pi
kimberleigh_ Windstorms Bernard/Miranda/Karl offbeatentrack
koulagirl666 Ten Last Night Orlando/Viggo marius2045
ladysunrope Anyone Who'll Lie Down Dom/Elijah, Dom/Viggo tarteaucitron
lexi_mirkwood Of Lollypops and Lap Dances Karl Urban/Elijah Wood thevixenne
littlemimm Playing It Safe Marton/Craig empy
marius2045 In The Closet Sean/Viggo savageseraph
nessa_t Awakened Orlando/Sean littlemimm
not_a_lamb Maybe Billy/Dom jira_rd
offbeatentrack The Morning After The Night Before Sean/Viggo telesilla
often_adamanta Attitude Adjustment Orlando/Elijah chaosmanor
princessofg Fanboy Elijah/Billy thuri
rian219 Deja Vu Sean Bean / Marton nessa_t
saklani2 Leavings, Fragments, Balancing Viggo/Dom feelforfaith
sanzorama Mort Orlando/Elijah uraneia
sassywitch Paler Than Grass Dom/Billy strongplacebo
savageseraph Bound for the Holidays Viggo/Bean/David/Harry caras_galadhon
slashfairy Tierce Viggo/Karl/Orlando chaosmanor
strongplacebo Rhetorical Question Dom/Orlando, Elijah/Orlando, Dom/Elijah kyuuketsukirui
suede_scripture Friendly Persuasion Elijah/Billy trianne
tarteaucitron Dear Boys Ian McKellan/everyone valerienne
telesilla When Stealth Fails Viggo/Bean/Orlando angiepen
thevixenne triangle Miranda/Cate/Karl msilverstar
thuri Here Comes The Sun Dom Monaghan/Billy Boyd mirabile_dictu
trianne Pine: A Slashy Melodrama in Six Acts Orlando/Elijah sanzorama
uraneia Alpha Male Billy/Dom waqaychay
v_angelique One Tequila, Two Tequila Marton Csokas/Viggo Mortensen rian219
valerienne Sir Ian McKellen and the Christmas Eve Conundrum Ian/Billy buckle_berry
violettefemme Carpe Diem Orlando/Elijah, some Viggo/Bean zebraljb
waqaychay Fit To Be Tied Dom/Billy, Elijah wbearsmom
wbearsmom Things As They Are Billy/Dom elmathelas
zebraljb In The Abstract SB/OB, VM/OB implied almaviva
slashababy dropout The Axe Effect Billy/Dom suede_scripture
slashababy dropout I'll Be Home for Christmas, If Only In My Dreams Elijah/Viggo princessofg
slashababy dropout 12 Days Dominic Monaghan/ Orlando Bloom violettefemme
slashababy dropout Making Sure Elijah/Dom foxtales
slashababy dropout Toggling an AU Billy/Dom ladysunrope


slashababy was created by megolas, revised by yueni
fabulous artwork 2002 by Hope
now moderated by MSilverstar & feelforfaith