Sekrit Slasha

Slasha, Baby is the LOTR RPS Fanfiction holiday fic exchange. This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened, it never will happen. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Slasha, Baby! 2007

Recipient Author
Title Pairing
absolutefiction trianne
Freak (PG15) Elijah/Dom
almaviva (Dani) ladysunrope
Finding Viggo (PG-13) Dom/Viggo
angiepen foxrafer
Sustaining Hope (G, futurefic) Viggo/Sean Bean
blackbird_song capra_maritimus
The Blessings of Old Friends (PG-13) Dom/Billy, Viggo/Sean Bean
Brenda (azewewish) blackbird_song
Presents (NC-17) Sean Bean/Orlando
canciona vensre
Wandering In Starflight (PG, AU) Dom/Billy
capra_maritimus foxtales
Acquiescence (R) Billy/Dom
caras_galadhon v_angelique

Coming, Returning, Revealing (NC-17) Cate/Miranda, Sean Bean/Viggo, Harry Sinclair/Karl
cesare (almostnever)
With a Shudder and a Sigh (R) Dom/Elijah
chaosmanor idrillia
The Night Before Christmas (PG-13) Viggo/Orlando
clocks caras_galadhon
Winter Wonderland (G) Viggo/Sean Bean (Orlando/Elijah)
feelforfaith cesare (almostnever)
Itemized Dom/Viggo
foxrafer sassywitch
What Once Was... (PG14) Billy/Orlando, Sean Bean/Karl Urban
foxtales stormatdusk
Weird Science (NC-17, AU, crack!fic) Orlando/Billy
hermit9 abundantlyqueer
Float Sean Bean/Orlando
idrillia often_adamanta
The Secret Ingredient (PG, AU) Orlando/Elijah
kiltsandlollies feelforfaith
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (R) Billy/Dom
kimberleigh_ hermit9
Untitled (Adult) Viggo/Bernard
kissing_athelas kiltsandlollies
Some Other Beginning's End (R) Elijah/Dom
koulagirl666 chaosmanor
Inside (NC-17) Viggo/Orlando
koulagirl666 ocko_okate
Peace Offering (PG-13) Viggo/Orlando
ladysunrope kissing_athelas
Silf Esteem (UK 15, AU) Dom/Elijah, Dom/Viggo 
marius2045 azewewish (Brenda)
Serva Me, Servabo Te (NC-17) Karl/Orlando (Sean Bean/Viggo)
ocko_okate chaosmanor
Only That Day Dawns to Which We Are Awake (NC-17) Viggo/Orlando
often_adamanta koulagirl666
Subsurface (M15+) Orlando/Elijah
sassywitch waqaychay
All Work and No Play (NC-17) Billy/Orlando
savageseraph marius2045
In Dark Night (NC-17, warnings for violence, con-non-con) Sean Bean/?
slashfairy savageseraph
Some Things Never Change (PG-13) Karl/Viggo
stormatdusk koulagirl666
Three Things That Sean Bean Dreamed of Doing (PG to NC-17) Sean Bean/various
strongplacebo valerienne
Mutual Assured Destruction (PG) Billy/Orlando
t_usual_suspect clocks
Singing In My Sleep (PG) Orlando/Elijah
trianne slashfairy

Always Good To See You (R) Dom/Elijah
tweedle_ kimberleigh_
Stealing Kisses (PG-13) Viggo, Billy, Dom, Liv, Orlando, Miranda, Bernard, Karl, Sala, David and Ian in various pairings and groups
unstealthy canciona
Six Second Epiphany (PG-13) Billy/Dom
v_angelique angiepen
The Spice of Life (R) Harry Sinclair/Sean Bean
valerienne Dani (almaviva)
The Purloined Heart (R) Billy/Dom
vensre strongplacebo

A Bad Feeling About This (PG) Billy/Dom
waqaychay slashfairy

In the days when all was new and we were made new, too (R) Billy/Dom/Elijah/Sean Astin
wonder_wallbdc t_usual_suspect

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (PG-13) Billy/Dom
slashababy dropout unstealthy
Crossing The Line (R) Billy/Dom
slashababy dropout tweedle_
How the Sky Became Blue (NC-17) Orlando/Elijah, Viggo/Sean Bean, Dom/Billy implied, Liv
slashababy dropout wonder_wallbcd
It's In The Stars (G) Billy/Dom