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Slasha, Baby is the LOTR RPS Fanfiction holiday fic exchange. This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Slasha, Baby! 2003

The stories from 2003 were posted in the slashababy comm in December, January and even one in February.

author title pairing recipient
Aelane untitled Paris/Orlando/Karl acari
airgiodslv The Immortality of Turtles Billy/Dom Kohaku
anatsuno Thirty-seven Dom/Billy shanalle
andrealyn In the Shadows Elijah/Ian beachkid
antigone-ks For the Ninety-Eight Dom Katin
Aqui Sequential Elijah/Dom Beth
azewewish Shimmer Orlando/Sean Bean Jintian
azrhiaz A Cold Descent of Fearful MInutes Dom/Billy KASI
blackkoda Net Metaphors Dom/Elijah eyebrowofdoom
blythely logical positivism Dom/Billy aelane
bron Shed Your Skin Orlando/Sean Bean veuki
buffonia Lost in Translation* Viggo/Elijah azrihaz
chaya untitled Dom/David Wenham JemJ
chaosmanor Easy Dom/Orlando Jess
cimorene flood Billy/Orlando buffonia
collie Duende Viggo/Orlando thisside
crazybutsound Tomorrow Dom/Billy Fiona
cupiscent Shut Up Sean Bean/Viggo empy
cupidsbow Common Tongue Miranda/Cate Jubilancy
cykie Forever Billy/Elijah inbetweens
dolores Christmas Wrapping Craig/Karl ellie
ellie-fic less than nothing and dreams Billy/Dom melliflori
elliewaiche The Underground Orlando/Sean Bean MorganWilde
empy Lights Out Elijah/Billy slipstreamborne
enchangress Alcoholic Haze Dom/Viggo dolores
eyebrowofdoom preview- untitled Elijah/Billy oneangrykate
fly-meaway Christmas Wish Elijah/Dom Rachel
heychasm The Bonfire Karl/Viggo Christina
iamari untitled Dom/Billy D
inbetweens Method Acting Elijah/Dom Christina
itsaslashything All I Want for Christmas Billy/Elijah [unknown]
jenlittlebottom Cheat Sean Bean/Karl cykie
juleskicks Four Souls Dom/Billy Fiona
karri A Hobbit's Tale, by Billy Boyd Billy/Karl mdbfan
katrin Please Karl/Harry Gayle
kohaku1977 Wisecrack Dom/Billy chaya
l0rn Ockham's Razor Dom/Orlando girloftheq
ladymoonray Cocktails, and things Karl/Orlando meari
littlemimm Fevered * Karl/Marton Cherry
lux--aeterna casualties Billy/Orlando shaenie
marginalia bloodshot smile Billy/Dom elvea87
mauvemalady House Hunting Billy/Dom/Elijah Megan
mcee Scism** Orlando/Elijah cupidsbow
meari Break Me Karl/Orlando


mellyflori Wicked Viggo/Sean Bean thalassatx
msilverstar Good as Gold Viggo/Marton yueni
pippinspeach Getting It* Elijah/Billy karri
qthelights Rustle Dom/Elijah


rynalwyn No Angel Elijah/Viggo trianne
shaenie Memento Dom/Viggo, Dom/Billy blythely
shirasade Party Fun Sean Bean/Karl/Marton cruel-intentions
skyathena Poker Nights Dom/Billy/Elijah Marysia
slipstreamborne Wallet Sized Photographs Andy/Sean Astin marginalia
smut_polar_bear Zoo Lights ** Billy/Elijah Lauren
starfishchick untitled Sean Bean/Craig SBP
thepsychicclam Holiday Viggo/Sean Bean Darla
trianne Eleven Minutes to Midnight Orlando/Marton littlemimm
untappedbeauty In a Draw Dom/Bernard starfishchick
veuki Recidivism Billy/Dom


yueni You Know I Never Play Nice Bernard/Viggo mcee

* fic no longer online, may be available on request from

** fic no longer online

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