Of Lollypops and Lap Dances

Recipient: lexi_mirkwood
Author: thevixenne / Ashlyn K. Toliver
Pairing: Karl Urban/Elijah Wood; others mentioned
Rating: NC-1
Summary: Elijah's being bad...Karl likes him that way
Warnings: Lots of sex, no pesky plot to get in the way. There's m/m, m/f/m and a mention of f/f. In my world, everyone gets to play
Author's Notes: There's a prequel to this story called Fallen from Innocence. Beta: A very good friend who loves yaoi and can't figure out why I just discovered it.


Me and Karl are at Sean and Viggo's place and I'm straddling Karl's lap and working a black cherry Charms Blow Pop in and out of my mouth while watching his butterscotch eyes figuratively shred my clothes. My mom's been sending these things along with the standard baked goods and cute notes since I've been here in New Zealand filming. Everyone ribs me about it, but no one has ever turned down one of my mom's homemade toll house cookies.

I've used those same cookies more than once to get laid. Amazing how many people will get naked and fuck for chocolate.

Right now though I'm being bad with one man in particular and he likes me that way. There's some heavy drum and bass house music playing just loud enough in the background for me to work my hips over his to the beat.

I pout and preen and tease Karl with that look I know how to give him when I'm horny as hell and need him to do something about it, like right now. The tip of my tongue slides every so slowly over the slick dark purple surface of the lollypop as I suck in my cheeks and draw it in all the way up to the middle of the stick.

Oh, but he's so cool otherwise and I like that about him though my simulated cocksucking is making that huge dick inside his jeans threaten to burst through the zipper and nail my ass hard. He's laughing in that dark and nasty way of his that says loud and clear that I'm in big trouble if I don't behave.

Behave? Me? Not hardly.

He's sharing a dirty joke with Ian and the rest of our small group who hang out here every so often, or after an especially killer shoot.

Sean calls this the 'Helms off the Deep-End' party, though his character, Boromir, has already wrapped up his appearance. Still, he's been warned by Peter to stick around for pick-ups later.

We used to gather at one of Wellington's local watering holes, but Viggo, hating all the celebrity crap and certainly not wanting to stir up any bad feelings, didn't like the idea of the regular pub crawlers being told to stay away simply because we were there, so he decided to have the get-togethers in more comfortable surroundings.

To be honest though, it's more about the privacy.

Talk about everyone unleashing their inner whores. Basically, get-togethers at Sean and Viggo's house is nothing more than an excuse to boink various and sundry members of the cast whom we'd been lusting after.

Dom and Billy are late as usual and if I know them, they'll arrive just when things start getting interesting. More than likely, Billy's already been well-fucked at least twice. It's a wonder they haven't been caught yet, because they aren't exactly what I'd call discreet. I doubt Orlando will make it tonight -- the last time I saw him he was headed somewhere with two of the bearded ladies of the Rohirrim in each arm.

Dave's got his hand firmly on Ian's thigh and every time I crane my head toward them, that hand has inched up even closer to the man's crotch. Ian simply sips on his brandy and ruffles David's hair.

Miranda, that lucky little bitch, is obviously going to be the meat of a Craig and Hugo sandwich. Craig's hands are toying with her tits while Hugo's doing something between her legs and she's making these tiny little moans that would sound fake from anyone but her.

I see Viggo nibbling on Sean's ear as they're watching the proceedings.

Cate took off towards one of the spare bedrooms with Liv in tow and having caught the both of them with their fingers between each other's legs, I know damn well that they're going to be tearing up the sheets.

Oh yeah, sex is definitely in the air and I plan to get me some from the man whose dick should be considered a national treasure.


Lij's ass should be considered a lethal weapon.

The little man-whore wiggles around on my lap like a stripper who's been given a very nice tip. Of course, I already know how tight and hot Lij's hole is, having had it all to myself for nearly three months.

Three months is a record for me. Usually I'm bored with a lover in less than three weeks. Most run away screaming, calling me a pervert at the top of their lungs -- as if being a pervert is a bad thing.

Lij is sliding that infernal lollypop in and out of that sexy, dirty mouth of his and I'm wondering just how much more I should let him get away with before I push him to his knees and make him suck something thick and salty.

My cock agrees.

This is the second of Vig and Sean's parties I've gone to and it never fails to surprise me who ends up with whom. Outside of the two of them, no one really seems to be paired up exclusively, though I'd probably kick someone's arse if they tried to fuck Lij without my permission or my participation.

Then again, he doesn't seem all that interested in anyone else, though I know he's got some history before me. Not that I've been a monk either.

I see things are indeed starting to go from hot to off the charts as Miranda's being eased to the floor by Craig and Hugo. Her skirt is up to her waist and all I can see is a skimpy black thong which is about to find itself in some part of the room.

Dave and Ian are locked in a kiss that completely belies all of the older man's sophisticated elegance. He's got his hands wrapped tight in David's hair and it seems unlikely that either care all that much about breathing.

It's a damn good thing Viggo insisted on these private little 'house parties'. The press would have a field day if they were to catch wind of all the sybaritic excess that went on after Peter called "cut".

My gaze drifted back seductively back to Lij, who's now writhing on my lap, fucking that candy ball with his lips and tongue while playing with his nipples through his thin t-shirt.

Lij has got the face of an angel and he's perfect for the role of Frodo, with all that blue-eyed wonder. And he's going to have the entire world fooled because he's everything but angelic. The guy is a whore down to his toes and doesn't give a damn who knows it. I love fucking him and my cock is demanding that I stop dicking around and get to it.

I grab his thin shirt yank it off and start working those sweet little puckered tips of his nipples, tweaking them hard in that way he loves, and he yelps and groans at the same time.

"You are such a little pain slut," I growled at him as I increase the pressure. Lij's blue eyes glaze over and he opens his legs wider, making damn sure his hard cock rubs against mine, letting him know just how ready he is.

That cock of his is nothing to be ashamed of. Lij is hung like the proverbial horse and though I haven't let him fuck me, I've had it in my mouth when we're 69ing.

Pulling him close, I whisper in my thick Kiwi sex-voice that makes Lij cream in his pants every time, "Take that fucking lollypop out of your mouth."


I love it when Karl talks like that.

I remember the first night I seduced him, only to have him completely turn the tables on me and fuck me until I could barely walk. That voice of his, especially when he's turned on like he is now, makes me want to bend over and give him my ass even when he's in his Éomer persona.

People think Karl's dangerous, and he is, but they haven't a clue as to what he's really like behind closed doors. I know and I can't see myself walking away from the best sex I've ever had. I know there are a lot of people who want me, but Karl makes me feel owned.

Still, I'm bratty when it suits me and I know that it makes him do all the bad things to me that I want him to.

I pretend to pout. "I like my candy." I suck on the lollypop even harder, drawing it in deeper.

He doesn't miss a beat. "Get on your knees and I'll give you something to suck on."

"Is it as sweet as this?"

He smiles wickedly. "Oh yeah...real sweet."

"I doubt it."

"Really?" He raises a sarcastic eyebrow.

Before I know it, somehow I'm flat on my ass face to face with his crotch and he's practically tearing the zipper of his jeans down. Karl's always commando and I love how easy it is for him to get to me, or vice versa. The smell of him makes me forget everything save to have that thick piece of meat hitting the back of my throat.

Candy forgotten, my lips wrap around Karl's cock and this time I'm not thinking about technique I'm just sucking and savoring the taste of black cherry lollypop and Karl's salty precome at the tip. He squeezes my nipples as I bury my face deep between his legs.

"I'm watching the action up here," he says as he fucks my face slowly but relentlessly. Oh god, he's going to make me come using his voice so I suck harder.

"Miranda's getting her hot little snatch licked by Craig and she's got Hugo's cock in her mouth...wow, and he's not a small man either."

I know that firsthand, having done Hugo long before I became Karl's personal sex toy. I also know just how Miranda got so good at that. She and I discussed our techniques and I've also been on the receiving end of her mouth. Oh yeah, she's damn good.

With each bob of my head my mouth opens wider to take every inch of Karl's meat and he's a very big boy. I like how it plays with the leading edge of my gag reflex, skirts around just enough to where I almost feel that I'm going pass out from lack of air. It's kind of a mental game -- my mind cannot wrap around having so much of him at one time, but my mouth damn near tries to swallow him alive. I lick the underside of Karl's cock, take one, then the other ball sac in my mouth and roll them around like cherry pits. I make him rise up just enough to where I can wiggle the tip of my tongue inside his asshole. He smells hot, wet and dirty

His fingers are in my hair and he's pumping my face while continuing his filthy narration of everything going on behind me.

"Dave's bent over the bar and Ian's lubing up his cock...looks like someone's going to get nicely reamed..."

I know exactly what Dave is in for. Ian McKellen surprised the shit out of me when he had me on my back. He's not big, but he's long and for an old man he's got incredible stamina. Dave is going to find himself begging to come.

"And Sean has Viggo up against the wall with his hands over his head...I bet Sean's going to fuck Viggo real hard...just like I'm going to do you..."

...And Karl snatches me off my knees, practically tears my pants off and grabs both my ass cheeks and spreads them.

"You've got ten seconds to find some lube or I'm gonna fuck this tight little hole of yours without it."

I look around, not in a panic because Karl's done that to me before and yes, it hurts like holy fuck but it feels good too especially once I get into it; still, lube's always easier, though messy. There's a bottle of it a few steps behind me from Ian must have tossed it. Using my right foot, I reach back and somehow maneuver it and Karl picked it up. He squirted some on his palms then on his dick, stroking slowly up and down, making me quiver.

He felt the shiver and tugged on my cock. "Can't wait for it, can you, you little bitch? Well, you can have it...sit on my cock Lij..."

My back to his chest I slowly slide down his thick pole, eyes closed and enjoying every inch of him opening me up. The initial burn always hurts because Karl's huge but I totally get off on the pain.

I've got my own cock in my hand and it's joined by his and he's stroking me in time to my downthrusts and between the world-class fucking and his voice and watching this mass orgy going on all around me, I figured things just couldn't be any more perfect.


I've got Lij sitting on my cock, that tight little ass bouncing up and down while I pulled on his nipples again and berated myself for not bringing the clamps.

His sweet little hole opened and gripped my cock tight in spite of all the lube I used. It squeezed and held me and was so hot it rubbed my crown just right while I aimed for his sweet spot.

I fucked him, my chest against his slippery back, watching Miranda taking two cocks at once -- Craig deep in her cunt and Hugo in her ass.

My, my "sister" was quite talented.

Ian had Dave by the hair and was pounding away at him while he slapped the red-haired man's ass.

Sean was fucking Viggo into the drywall, though it was kind of hard to tell whether they were fucking or trying to kill each other.

It didn't take a genius to know what Cate and Liv were doing if the sounds coming from the direction of the bedroom were any indication.

Still, Lij squatting on my cock like a peg-boy was enough to keep my attention totally focused on him. I thrust harder, deep up inside him, brushing against his prostate as I worked his cock at the same time. From the way he encircled me, I knew he was going insane and when Lij goes insane there's no holding back.

"Oh god, yeah...fuck me Karl you fucking hot Kiwi bastard fuck me fuck my ass just do it hard don't stop..."

My teeth sank into his ear as I murmured, "There you go again with the language. How many times do I have to tell you to watch your language...and yes, this Kiwi bastard doesn't plan to stop fucking you until you forget your own name..."

I've fucked Lij enough times to where I've rubbed my cock raw, but I don't ever worry about such things because it just feels too damn good. Right now nothing existed save Lij, his ass, and my cock jammed up in it.

I spread my thighs wider which only made my cock slide in further and Lij kept right on bouncing up and down and I let go of his cock and grabbed his slender hips and slammed him down over and over and over until he howled as if possessed. I was going to fuck Lij hard enough to where he could taste my cock in his mouth.

People assumed he was frail, but Lij could take everything I gave him and come back for seconds.

We lost ourselves in the fuck, but could hear the sounds everyone else was making as they all slowly reached their climaxes. Skin slapped against skin, the smell of cock and cunt hung heavy in the air, the room was so hot and filled with sweat and I don't know who let go first but it was like a chain reaction as my balls slapped hard against Lij's ass in staccato rhythm. I bit down hard on his shoulder, pinched his nipples knowing how he liked his pleasure spiced with a healthy dose of pain. At times it felt as if he were fucking me with his ass, the way he rode me.

"...Oh shit Karl...I'm gonna come...oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck..."

I always know when Lij is about to come. He clamps tight around my cock so hard with his ass muscles it feels as if he's trying to cut off the circulation. It's a fucking amazing feeling, trapped in his almost resistant hole though he's slamming on me like a happy kid on a pogo stick. My balls tightened and I rammed home a few more times before hot darkness engulfed me and I emptied a load of come deep into Lij's ass and kept pumping more jets as I felt his own jizz squirt out over my hand and onto the floor but he wouldn't stop fucking until there was nothing left of either of us, until I was drained completely dry.

But I had one more surprise waiting for me from Lij's bag of tricks.

Before I could catch another breath he was on his knees again with my cock deep in his mouth and I thought I'd die knowing that it had just been in his ass and that he was licking it like that candy he'd been sucking on earlier that evening.

It took me less than a minute to find some inner reserve of come left in my balls and I eagerly shot them down his throat. I was lodged so deep I could feel his throat constrict as he swallowed every drop.

As I regained my breathing and my inner ear balance, I heard the little smart-ass say with a chuckle, "You're right...you do taste better than a blow pop."

~The End~


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