Hobbits in Toyland

Recipient: jira_rd
Author: dizzydame
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Locked in a toy store overnight.
Author's Notes: Beta'd by maverick0324.

This is the last place I wanted to spend the night. The night before Christmas, especially.

I don't even know where Dom is. Buggered off after I yelled at him, I imagine. Such a fucking idiot sometimes, I swear. Like I'd want to play a game of sodding Twister in the middle of a toy store at one am on the morning of December 24th. It's his fault we're here, and he thinks he can make it all better by suggesting naked Twister?

His fault that we were in the toy store at a quarter to ten, just before it closed, and his fault we're still here three hours later. Had to take a piss, he said, and I had to go with him. That cheeky grin, that cheeky bastard, didn't have to piss at all. Had to snog me, that's what he had to do. Who the fuck wants their first snog with a person to be in the toilet at a toy store? Said he just couldn't wait any longer. Like to fucking disagree with that. He could have waited just five minutes, we'd have been outside or in my car or even twenty minutes and we'd have been back at his mum's house.

Maybe I shouldn't have shouted, though. It is Christmas after all, and he was so excited when he asked me to come down to Manchester with him.

Didn't really mind the snog, after all. It was the timing I object to, not kissing Dom. It isn't like I haven't thought about it happening before. I like Dom - I'm pretty sure that he knows it. Pretty sure everyone knows it. The only thing more obvious about how I feel about Dom is how Dom feels about me. Things have been building here, but I didn't want to rush it. Still. I had expectations. When he invited me around to his to meet the family over a holiday? I knew he was going to do something. I liked the idea of it happening here, at home. New Zealand's where the magic is, but something that's begun here seems more stable. Like it will last, like it's grounded. Like it's real.

Better go find him, before he does something daft. Yeah, that's Dom; he'll come up with the most outlandish way to get us out of here. I'll find him with some sort of children's chemistry set trying to blow out the windows.

Or not. Maybe I'll just find him sitting in front of a display of stuffed animals, hugging his knees to his chest and looking miserable.

"Dominic," I crouch down beside him. "Come on, give us a smile."

He won't even look at me, just shakes his head keeps staring down.

Yes, this is definitely guilt weighing in here.

"Dom. Sblomie." I try my hand at the nickname that Orli graced him with. It doesn't get even the slightest reaction. "Dom, come on. Going to stay mad at me forever, then?"

Dom shrugs. "Dunno. Are you still mad at me for getting us stuck in there?"

"No more than I'm pissed and myself for leaving my mobile in the car." I admit. I sit down beside him, my knees creaking. "If I'd brought it with me, we could have just rung someone and had them come let us out."

"It isn't like you thought we'd be in here for more than a few minutes," Dom shrugs. "You had no way of knowing to bring it."

"Well, we're here, regardless." I look around. The store is dark, but there are enough lights outside that we can still see fairly well here by the front. "What should we do?"

Dom shrugs and rests his face on his knees. "I'm sorry."

"Stop that." I reach over and knock him in the shoulder. "Nothing to be done about it."

"No, I'm sorry that I. That I tried to." Dom squeezes his eyes shut.

I realise what it is he's trying to say, and sigh. "Don't be, all right? Come on, idiot. You know I fancy you."

His eyes pop open and he starts to grin. "You really do?"

"No, I just drove six bloody hours to come tell you that I'm not the slightest bit attracted to you at all, you wanker." I sit back with my head resting on the stomach of an oversized stuffed panda.

Dom sits up, looking a bit more like himself. "Yeah? I mean, I thought so, but when you started in on me earlier..."

"Yeah. Sorry about that. It's just frustrating."

"I'm frustrating, you mean." Dom grins. "Come on, don't deny it. My mum's been telling me that since I could walk."

"Well, yeah. I suppose you are a bit." I cock my head to the side and grin a bit. "But you're cute, so I can forgive you for it."

He scoots a little closer to me. "Cute, you say? Or do you really mean dead sexy and irresistable?"

I pretend to think it over. "No, I meant cute."

He scoffs and acts affronted, which is actually even cuter. "All right, maybe a bit sexy."

"And irresistable?"

"Just a bit," I say, and then he's leaning in and I'm leaning in and we're kissing again. His mouth is soft and sweet, and there's stubble on his chin that scratches me but his tongue is warm and in my mouth. I give a bit of a sigh when he pulls back, but he isn't gone for long. He faces me and kisses me again, or maybe I kiss him. It's a bit of a struggle for who is in control but we compromise nicely with a back and forth.

His hand goes to my shoulder and my hands are on him, one on his hip and one on his shoulder to keep us from both toppling right over. His eyes are very, very blue this close up. I catch him watching me while I'm watching him and we smile, mouths pressed wetly against each others.

"This is nice," he whispers. His breath is warm and tastes like peppermint.

"Yeah," I smile. We pull apart but sit closer. My hand is on his thigh, and I see his hand moving slowly like he's sneaking up on it. His fingers slide against mine and I turn it over so my palm is up. We're holding hands then, and it may be twee but it's also pretty damn sexy just to feel his skin against mine in such a deliberate way.

The store doesn't open for another five hours. We'll have some explaining to do to Dom's family and probably to the store manager's as well. They don't allow security cameras in the toilets, do they? We can just say that Dom's tum was giving him trouble and we lost track of time. It's his fault, after all; he can take the blame for it. I grin, imagining how he'll fight me on that one. He's grinning, too, looking at me and I wonder what he's thinking.

"Done being a grouch over it?" He says.

"What? I suppose. Done being a wee baby?" I tease right back. He's in better spirits, and takes it in stride.

"I am." He leans over and gives me a quick kiss on the mouth. "So let's have fun!

He leans over and grabs something that I haven't noticed sitting beside him.

Oh, God.

It's not-

It is.

He's got Twister.


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