Recipient: Kimberleigh_
Author: Offbeatentrack
Pairing: Bernard/Miranda/Karl
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The threesome finds a great way to cheer up Miranda and pass a cold, windy night in her trailer.

Wind had turned his face a deep red, the skin chapped and sore. It wasn't just Karl, they all had it, even with the layers of makeup they had to put on every day. Make up was complaining, but not nearly as much as the actors themselves at the end of the day. He touched a finger to his cheek and lay back on the too short bed.

"Touching it won't make it better," Bernard offered in his quiet, authoritative voice as he stepped into the small bedroom, his own cheeks and the tip of his nose red from the chill.

Karl mock glared, but it melted into a smile when Bernard sat on the edge of the bed then stretched out alongside him. One arm looped over Bernard's waist as Karl turned onto his side and easily fit his body against the older man's. Some of the tension bled away as Karl soaked up the warmth of Bernard's body.

There was another low howl of wind followed by the creak of a door, then the sound of the door slamming into the side of the trailer. A soft, feminine voice swore in the most unladylike manner before the door slammed.

"Ah, and there's our fairy princess now," Bernard laughed softly, his hand tucked up under Karl's shirt and into the back of his pants.

Karl chuckled softly as Miranda's purse thumped to the floor and her footsteps grew louder until she was standing in the doorway, her hair blown all askew. She had one glove on, the other caught in her teeth as she used the bare hand to try and separate strands of hair from her eyelashes. When she saw the two men stretched out on her bed, she lifted one eyebrow ten grinned brightly. "I see you nearly started without me." She pulled her other glove off and dropped them both onto the tiny night table as Bernard sat up.

"We wouldn't dare," he intoned solemnly, reaching for her jacket and slowly pulling the zipper down.

"Never," Karl agreed, but his eyes were glinting mischievously as he watched Bernard helping Miranda out of her jacket. Only he had been in the position to see her wince as she shrugged the wool lined coat she favored off. "Mir..." he said softly, his gaze turning more intense and direct, "What happened?"

"Nothing," she said softly, wising Karl hadn't been paying so much attention. She should have undressed fast and distracted him with her boobs. "It's nothing. I came off a horse when I was practicing with Viggo."

Bernard's expression grew tight and he finished removing her shirt over gentle but insistent hands over Miranda's increasingly loud protests that she was fine. Finally he caught her face in his hands and smiled, "Miranda, you do realize that you can protest from now until the end of the year, but I am going to look at your shoulder and until I get to, there will be no signs of exhibitionism on my part or on Karl's." He gave Karl a look, but Karl was already nodding his agreement.

"You might as well let him look and fuss over you," Karl pointed out quietly, sitting back down on the bed since there simply wasn't much room to stand in.

Miranda let loose a long suffering sigh and stripped her shirt off to expose the bruise marring the side of her left arm. "It looks worse than it is," she murmured, shrugging lightly. "You both know how easily I bruise."

"Intimately," Bernard teased, but he was already moving toward the fridge for an ice pack.

Karl took the opportunity as Bernard moved away to stand up beside Miranda. His hands slid up around her waist then up her back, his touch soft and tentative. "Promise me it's not as bad as it looks," he whispered, kissing her on the forehead.

"It's not. You know I'd say if it was." She glanced toward the kitchen and lowered her voice, but her eyes were soft, "You know how he is and so do I."

"True", Karl agreed, his mouth brushing hers in just the right way that made her nipples tighten and her hips rock forward against his.

"Now who's starting without whom?" Bernard asked in an amused voice as the two parted for air.

Miranda laughed softly, her eyes twinkling as she peeked over Karl's shoulder. "You're always welcome to join in, love. I'm bruised...not broken. It would take more than a fall from a horse to do that."

Laughing, he laid the ice pack on her shoulder, grinning when she gasped and glared. "Yes, I'm well aware of how tough you can be." He leered and used his free hand to caress Karl's ass.

Karl watched the two of them, his lips twitching as he tried to hide a smile, but failed utterly.

"Brat," Miranda teased, but which one she was teasing wasn't clear. She tipped her head to one side, her tongue tracing over Karl's pulse before she nipped gently. "Be nice."

"Oh, I'll be very nice," Karl assured her, his hand dropping her ass as all three of them pressed closer together in the tiny space.

"I'm sure you will be," Bernard breathed against his ear then moved to suck lightly at the sensitive skin just below his ear. His other hand tossed the ice pack aside; he'd get her to use it later. Right then, he had other things on his mind. Like maneuvering them around to get clothing off; at least Miranda was already half undressed.

It didn't take them long to leave a tangled pile of clothing behind as they moved onto the bed, Karl and Bernard trying to be inconspicuous of the way they tried to keep Miranda's weight off her arm, not touch her upper arm more than necessary.

She noticed, but could hardly chide them for it. Settling onto her back, Bernard on one side and Karl above her, she smiled at each of them. It was always settled easily, who was in what place and taking which role. They never needed to talk, it just flowed with an ease that still stole her breath and left her in awe.

Karl stroked her hair back as he kissed her, the gentleness belying the strength that came moments later as his fingers tightened just enough for her to feel the tug against her scalp. Miranda gasped into his mouth, her heel dragging up the back of his leg. She could feel the hard length of his cock teasingly against her thigh and squirmed around as if he needed to know how much she needed him.

Bernard enjoyed watching them, Miranda writhing as Karl teased her. He waited a moment longer then reached for lube and a couple of condoms. Setting the condoms on the bed where he could reach them, he slicked his fingers then reached between Karl's legs to tease him.

The moment Bernard's fingers slid into Karl, Miranda knew. His moan vibrated along her throat as his hips went still then suddenly pushed back. She smiled into the kiss and moved her hand to Bernard's thigh, sliding it up until she could curl her long, slender fingers around his cock. Bernard's groan joined Karl's, his lips seeking her shoulder as she stroked him.

Miranda's hands grew more insistent, fisting Bernard, digging into Karl's back as she rocked her hips in frustration. Karl only smiled in return, but as Bernard's finger glided over his prostate, Karl suddenly gasped then moved back. He didn't have to ask for the condom. Bernard was already there, his strong grip rolling the smooth latex on in a slow torturous motion.

Kneeling behind Karl, Bernard waited until he heard Miranda's groan ring deep in the room, her exhalation almost a match for the growling wind outside before he gripped Karl's hips and steadied him.

Both Karl and Miranda went still, waiting, waiting as Bernard drew the moment out until they were both nearly whimpering before he plunged into Karl's body in one strong, insistent thrust. His moan met theirs, mingling in the air as all three paused for a long moment, waiting for Karl to relax, Bernard to catch his breath, Miranda to shift into better positioning.

Then they moved, three bodies in easy, practiced rhythm. Fervent kisses were passed from one to the other and back again while hands and nails caressed and marked skin. Bernard sped them up only to slow them again as Karl alternately whined and growled at the incessant teasing.

When Karl finally reached down between Miranda's legs, his fingers pinching her aching clit, she was so close she was trembling with the effort of waiting for her lovers. She arched into him, her entire body pressing up toward both men as her orgasm rolled through her in waves, her cunt clenching and releasing around Karl's cock. Her climax set off his, then his bled into Bernard's before they collapsed to the bed in a sated, sweaty heap.

It was Miranda that recovered first, turning on her side and snuggling into Karl's body, her leg thrown over his and Bernard's body, her arm under Karl's and resting on Bernard's side. " two always make the end of the day out here so much brighter."

Both men chuckled softly as Bernard pulled the blanket over them as the wind howled even louder. "I can't think of a better way to pass a windy night."

"That's because there isn't one," Karl chimed in, his voice already thick with sleep as he settled between the two warm bodies of his lovers."

Miranda brushed a kiss over his forehead as Karl relaxed into sleep. She met Bernard's eyes and the two exchanged a look that said, 'why not' before they joined him in sleep.


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