Alpha Male

Recipient: uraneia
Author: waqaychay
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: nc-17
Summary: Billy wants to watch tv. Dom has other ideas.
Warning: a bit of D/s
Author's Notes: hyacinth_sky747, maverick0324, and divinemadam for the beta!!

The opening credits of his favorite show were just starting, and Billy was comfortably settled in the couch, snack food and beer within easy reach, all set to spend an enjoyable hour vegging out in front of the television. Dom, it seemed, had different ideas, as Billy suddenly found his lap full of half-naked, randy Englishman. This was not good.

"Gerroff, you great wanker," Billy grumped, pushing ineffectually at Dom's shoulder.

"But, Bill-eee," Dom whined, tugging at the front of Billy's t-shirt. "I'm bored. Come play with me."

Billy rolled his eyes. "Can't you entertain yourself for the next sixty minutes? My show is on."

Dom pouted. "No. There's nothing to do."

Glancing at the clock, Billy said, "Weren't you supposed to call Lijah about now? Go do that. He's probably waiting by the phone, just eager to kill some time by listening to you ramble on about eyeliner and hair gel."

Dom snorted. "That's not fair, Bills. I talk about more than eyeliner and hair gel. I talk about nail polish, too. Besides, I can't find my cell." He moved in close, throwing his arms around Billy's neck and sneaking a hump against his belly. "And I'm horny. I want you to play with me."

"But my show --"

"Play with me! Play with me! Play with me!" Dom chanted, bouncing annoyingly on Billy's lap.

Billy threw up his hands. "For fuck's sake! Okay! Stand up and take your clothes off."

"Yes!" Dom cheered and stood, quickly divesting himself of his clothes.

Billy followed more slowly, standing and stretching while Dom shucked his pants and started stroking himself eagerly. "Such a slut," Billy growled, watching Dom play with himself. "You're so easy, Dominic."

Smirking, Dom shot back, "Well, at least I'd rather get some exercise rather than lay around the house all day watching tv and getting fat." He wiggled his eyebrows and winked.

Pausing in the middle of pulling his shirt over his head, Billy glared daggers at Dom. "Did you just call me fat?" he asked menacingly. Dom just smirked again. Quickly removing his shirt, Billy threw it on the ground and in the next second, had the hair at the nape of Dom's neck tight in his fist. "You'll pay for that, Dommie," he growled.

Dom's eyes lit up and he began sinking to his knees. "Fuck, yes," he breathed.

"Oh no." Billy stopped his downward progression with a slight pull on his hair. "I don't want you on your knees." He ignored Dom's whine of protest and continued. "I want you bent over the arm of the sofa. Now." He released Dom and watched as he scrambled to get into place as quickly as possible. "Slut," he said affectionately. Dom bent over the sofa and wiggled his naked arse at him.

The show was just coming back from its first commercial break as Billy slowly undid his belt and opened his fly. His eyes flickered to the screen and he was captivated for a moment, only to be brought back to the situation at hand when Dom whined, "Bills, come on!" and wiggled his bum again.

A hard smack to one cheek stopped the wiggle, and Billy chuckled. "Calm down, Dominic. Bad boys don't get fucked, remember? Be a good boy. Do as I say, and I'll fuck you good and proper. Fill you so full of come, it'll run down your leg for hours. Got it?"

"Right. Sorry, sorry," Dom mumbled, burying his face in his arms on top of the couch cushions.

Eyes drifting back to the tv, Billy started half-heartedly stroking himself erect, appeasing Dom by slipping one finger down his cleft to probe at his arsehole. He wasn't surprised to find it opened and wet. When Dom got horny, he usually prepped himself before coming on to Billy so he could get Billy's cock that much sooner.

Slipping his finger inside, Billy fucked it in and out a few times, anyway, to make sure Dom was ready. Below him, Dom panted and tried to be good. Billy could hear the mewling noises Dom was making, along with the half-voiced and choked-off cries for Billy to hurry. Those, of course, only made Billy want to take his time.

He finger-fucked Dom slowly as he watched the first segment of his show. By the time the second commercial break started, Dom was almost crying in frustration. "Goddamn it, Billy!" he finally yelled. "Fucking fuck me already!" He reared back as much as he could, trying to get the finger in his arse to go deeper and hit his prostate.

Billy calmly withdrew the finger, spread Dom's cheeks with both hands, and thrust his cock inside. Dom threw his head back and howled. Billy gasped and clenched his hands around Dom's hips. When Dom tried to start a rhythm, Billy stopped him with a firm voice. "Don't you dare, Monaghan. Don't you fucking dare. You haven't earned that yet. Put your hands behind your back."

Awkwardly, Dom complied. He gripped his wrists with his hands, laying them over the small of his back. Without his arms to support him, his face was flat against the cushion and he had no way of gaining any leverage to move. He rested his left cheek against the couch's leather and pleaded. "Please, Bill, please. Whatever you want, just move."

"No begging," Billy commanded and gave a short, sharp thrust of his hips, pushing Dom's into the arm he was bent over. He went back to watching his show.

Dom groaned, but was silent. For thirty seconds. "Bill-eee," he whined and let go of his wrists in an effort to push himself up and back on Billy's cock.

Billy caught the movement, though, and gave another sharp thrust into Dom's arse. "Hands," he demanded and nearly laughed when Dom pouted, his lower lip coming out like a three-year-old's. "You know that doesn't work on me, Dominic. Now, hands." Grasping his wrists again, Dom was good for almost a minute this time. Then he began rhythmically squeezing around Billy's cock in his arse in just the way that he knew Billy liked best.

That certainly got Billy's attention. Dom's arse was always warm and tight, but when he pulsed like that around Billy's shaft, it nearly made his eyes water with the pleasure. He took his gaze from the tv screen and watched the muscles in Dom's bum flex and bounce while he enjoyed the massage... but only for a moment. That kind of behavior really couldn't be allowed.

"Enough," Billy groaned between clenched teeth. When Dom didn't stop, he bit his bottom lip and smacked an arsecheek hard enough to make a satisfying noise but not hard enough to really sting. "I said enough."

Groaning, Dom stopped the squeezing and buried his face in the leather. Billy could tell that his shoulders were shaking. He felt oddly pleased at that.

Another few minutes were spent in silence, Billy still buried balls-deep in Dom's arse and neither of them moving. Then a muffled ring sounded just as the show went to its third commercial break. "Oh, for fuck's sake!" Billy shouted and dug around in the cushions until he came up with Dom's cell. Flipping it open, he growled, "What, goddammit?"

"Uh." Elijah's voice was hesitant. "Billy? I was, um, just looking for Dom. He was supposed to call me over half an hour ago. Is this a bad time?"

Billy grinned a very wicked grin. "No, Lij, sorry. Didn't mean to snap. This is a perfect time, actually. Dom," he said to the man under him. "Elijah's called looking for you." He took the phone away from his mouth. "Be a good boy and talk to him until my show's over and you can have a reward."

Dom thought about it for a second, then sighed heavily. "Let me up, then."

Drawing his hips back then shoving forward again to the hilt, Billy asked, "Did you hear me say you could move?"

Going completely still, Dom whispered, "Billy, no."

"You don't want a reward?"

Blushing furiously, Dom closed his eyes. "I won't be able to concentrate. And you know how mad he got after the last time...."

Billy laughed. "You're an actor, Dom. Act like you don't have my dick shoved up your arse." Leaning forward, he managed to wedge the phone between Dom's face and the couch so he could make a decent attempt at a conversation. Billy could only hear Dom's side, and he tuned it out after Dom's irritated "Hey, man... just hanging out on the couch, doing absolutely nothing," and finished watching the tv show in peace.

When the end credits began to roll, he turned his attention back to Dom, who was sullenly giving Elijah one-word answers to questions Billy couldn't hear. Stroking a hand down Dom's back, Billy quietly said, "You were good, Dominic. Get rid of the boy, and I'll give you your reward."

Shooting a dark look over his shoulder, Dom huffed. "He's in the middle of a story. I'm not going to hang up on him."

Billy laughed. "Then tell him you have to go because I'm fucking you. He'll hang up on you."

"But you're not--" Dom was cut off when Billy started a slow withdraw from his arse. His eyes closed in pleasure and he breathed, "Finally!"

"Tell him," Billy ordered, gripping Dom's waist and beginning to push back inside.

There was a brief struggle across Dom's flaming red face. Another thrust of Billy's hips made his decision for him. "Lij, I have to go. Billy's -- OH, god! -- fucking me so goodgottagoBYE!" he finished in a hurry when Billy nailed his prostate and fire shot throughout his entire body.

Billy could hear Elijah yell, "Fuck, guys, again?!" before he reached down and flipped the cell shut before tossing it onto the coffee table. "That boy has a dirty mouth on him," he muttered as he built up a steady, fast pace into Dom's hole.

Dom gripped his wrists tighter and grunted with Billy's thrusts. "Yeah, yeah!" It was unclear to Billy if that was in answer to his remark or not. He didn't really care.

Soon, Billy was jackhammering away at Dom's arse, putting his back and thighs through a good workout. Dom was mewling and writhing under him, just the way Billy liked best. "God, Dom," he groaned. "So fucking... Jaysus, I love your arse!"

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Dom panted, trying to thrust back onto Billy's cock.

Gripping Dom's shoulders, Billy lifted him roughly. "Up, up," he commanded, stepping back slightly to give the man room to gain his feet, but never missing a stroke. Finally letting go of his wrists, Dom braced his palms on the arm and began slamming himself back into Billy, gasping and shouting obscenities with every lunge backward. "That's it, take it, take it!" Billy gasped, nearing the end now.

"Yes! God, Billy, do it, please!" Dom shouted, every muscle in his body tight and straining for release.

Billy threw his head back and shouted wordlessly, his hands tightening almost painfully around Dom's waist as he came. He thrust deep and went completely still and rigid for almost five seconds before he shuddered and began thrusting again, at a much slower pace, as be shot his come into Dom's body.

Whimpering, Dom closed his eyes and hung his head, the muscles of his arsehole fluttering around Billy's cock and milking him through his climax. "Billy," he whispered. "Billy."

His body shaking as he came down from the peak of pleasure, Billy sagged forward onto Dom, resting his forehead between the man's sweaty shoulder blades. "Yeah," Billy gasped, his body still jerking with aftershocks. "Just a second."

Taking a deep breath, Billy pulled himself together enough to gently pull out of Dom. He took a step backward and fell gracelessly to his knees. Immediately, Dom whirled around, hand already on his cock and stroking fast. "Need it, Billy!" he cried, almost in tears in his need to come.

"Shh," Billy soothed. "Come here." He opened his mouth and let Dom thrust inside. The salty bite of precome flooded his mouth and made it water, which only made it wetter and easier for Dom to slide into his throat. He let Dom use his mouth and pet the man's heaving belly and sides, arousing and calming at once.

Gripping Billy's hair frantically, Dom shoved in as far as he could, not even caring when Billy's teeth scraped harshly against his shaft. It took only three quick thrusts and Billy swallowing around the head of his cock, and Dom was coming. "Yes, Billy, yes!" he shouted over and over, bucking wildly into Billy's mouth.

In moments, it was over and Dom was left shaking and moaning on wobbly legs. Pulling back, Billy let the spent cock slip from his lips and quickly swallowed a few times to clear his throat, wiping at the corners of his mouth with his hand. Then, with his hands around Dom's waist, he helped guide his lover to the floor gently so he didn't fall.

"There, love," he crooned when Dom was flat on his back and gulping for air. "You're all right. God, you're lovely." He kissed Dom softly on the cheek. "How was that?"

"So good. Love you," Dom said weakly.

Billy smiled. "I love you, too." He laid down next to Dom and took him into his arms. "But, the next time you interrupt my show, Dominic, I will not be so accommodating. Understand?"

Dom frowned even as he snuggled into Billy's chest. "I don't know why you like that damned show so much," he pouted.

"It's educational."

"Really," Dom snorted. "And what, exactly, do you learn from watching The Dog Whisperer? We don't even have a dog."

"Hey," Billy replied, grinning and kissing the top of Dom's head. "It's taught me how to keep you in line." Dom raised his head quickly in surprise, and Billy laughed and kissed the shocked smile off his face.

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