The Axe Effect

Recipient: slashababy dropout
Author: suede_scripture
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Some fancy new formula of glycerine and fragrance, tested on bunnies, subjected to market research and launched at a grocer near you through stupid ad campaigns was precisely the last thing in this bathroom responsible for turning him on quite this much.
Author's Notes: Thanks to aire_blair for the beta!


Billy's mouth curled into a smile as he heard the front door open and then shut with a soft snick. The beer in his right hand had gone warm, and his bare back was clinging to the leather pillow of the sofa back in a way that didn't warrant moving. The program he'd been watching had ended hours ago, but the remote was on the coffee table. Out of reach, except possibly by his toes, and Billy had never been particularly dexterous in that area. Didn't matter anyway. Police chases on mute were always fine for a mindless afternoon slipping in and out of consciousness. Besides...

A lean, golden forearm snaked over the back of the couch and planted its lovely long fingered hand on his solar plexus. A matching one appeared over his other shoulder and cool fingertips skittered along his jaw line, smooth with the grain of his five o'clock yesterday shadow, deliciously scratchy against it. A voice purred warm and low in his ear, gravelly and laced with cheek at the same time, "Honey, I'm home."

"Mm-hmm," Billy mumbled, because talking required far too much effort on his part. The hand on his chest circled around and might have made a lax attempt at worrying a ticklish spot under his ribs. Billy grinned further and turned his head towards the arm and inhaled deeply against Dom's skin, that familiar smell he adored. Dom's scent was like...

He stopped and blinked the remaining laziness from his eyes, perplexed. Dom unwrapped himself and came around the couch to the windows looking out to the garden.

"Stuffy in here Bills," he said in a tired voice, closing one of the windows and then the other. Billy watched his back muscles bunch and move beneath his sweaty t-shirt as he did so, then bent to turn on the air conditioning unit instead, "Why didn't you just use this to cool off?"

Billy didn't answer. At the moment he wasn't really interested in the benefits of CFC derived air versus the time-tested method of opening the windows and letting good old Mother Nature do her wind and clouds thing. No, right now he was busy contemplating the musky weird fragrance that had permeated his sinuses and taken up residence.

"'The fuck is that?"

"That's an air conditioner, my friend. Conditions the air." Dom explained, collapsing bonelessly into the opposite armchair and kicking an empty bottle on the floor as though he hoped it would refill itself and hop obligingly into his hand.

"No, that..." he sniffed and then huffed the warm air out of his nostrils, trying to clear the phantom smell and find what he was looking for.

"I think the heat's got to you, Billy," Dom told him.

"No, I'm fine, it's..." Billy peeled his skin from the leather and set the warm bottle down. He glanced around, looking for one of those plug-in air fresheners or maybe that poof thing that sprays on its own, but he'd been here for two days already, surely he would have noticed something that kept Dom's little bungalow smelling cleaner than it actually was at any given time. He moved across to Dom, planted a hand on each side of the armchair to lean in close to Dom's neck and inhaled.

A glint sparkled behind the fatigue in Dom's eyes. "Like that?" he rumbled, and stretched his neck to Billy's view.

"What is it?"

"I got that new body wash, you know? With the commercials that say it makes the girls go fucking wild," he snickered.

Billy had never known Dom to buy into the depths advertising would sink to in the name of selling a product. And he did vaguely recall a commercial featuring a scantily clad, gorgeous woman pole-dancing around a drainpipe beneath the shower of a presumably handsome man, because he'd been watching Goodfellas before the police chase tripe came on the Man channel, Channel for Men, fucking American TV. Never mind that shower drains are rarely free standing like that in the middle of someone else's laundry, but then the idiot who thought up the commercial probably didn't know the first thing about building codes, wet walls and structural integrity, and that smell really had a way of latching on to the little hairs in one's nostrils.

Dom's fingers were tracing a sweat slick path along the hair between Billy's pecs, down and up... "The girls at work couldn't stay away. Make-up girls, catering girls, extra girls," Dom grinned fiendishly, fingers sliding down a bit further, then back up, "And by the way, Evi's a pistol, just so you know, Bills" ... down nearly to the navel, then back... "Makes me wonder if it works on boys t--Oof!"

Billy yanked Dom up by a handful of damp t-shirt and dragged him around the settee, down the hall and into the bathroom, where he stripped off his own shorts. Dom grinned cheekily, "Guess so."

Bill shoved him up against the door with a hand to the chest, snapping the door closed behind him in the process and leaning close, "You. Quiet."

Dom's smirk remained in place while Billy peeled the t-shirt off of him. The odor was stronger beneath it, Dom's overheated skin sending it out in waves. Dom kept lazy and amused eyes trained on Billy's face as the older man went to work on the fly of his cargos, his breath huffing a little as quick fingers inadvertently brushed his rapidly hardening length while unzipping and yanking the khaki down.

Billy kicked the shorts away and planted a hand on each side of Dom's head, leaning close enough to kiss, and watched with some satisfaction as Dom's lips parted in anticipation. He drew breath purposefully, and then snorted it out through his nose before turning and jerking on the shower. Unceremoniously he took hold of Dom and pulled him forward. Not by the hand. Dom's breath left him in a similar sort of whoosh.

As soon as Dom's toes touched the wet floor tiles, he froze, "Billy, it's cold!"

"Aye. Because it's hot," Billy answered, rather enjoying the cool spray most of his own body blocked anyway. He adjusted the water to a luke-warm with his free hand and tugged a bit harder with the other. Dom followed with a squeak.

Letting go, Billy pushed Dom into the spray and smiled while the other man spluttered and shivered, then turned back to block the spray himself. Scanning the shower, he located the a little black bottle as Dom shook the water from his eyes. Holding it up with an arched brow, he flipped the lid and took a small whiff, again forcing the over-scented air back out of his nose. He idly tossed the bottle out of the shower, then took up his own soap, a simple, white and nearly new bar and held it up for Dom's inspection.

"It... ah... it comes in six different flavors," Dom told him, "You think I should try the next?"

Having soaped his hands thoroughly while Dom was stuttering, Bill lay the bar aside and stepped forward, backing Dom against the tile wall. Dom's breath hitched slightly as Billy spread cool lather over his chest, liberally, painting collarbones with white bubbles, sliding down along hard muscle, pausing to circle thumbs around peaked nipples. Dom's upper teeth slid over his lip at this, stifling a whimper in his throat. Bills fingers worked lower, tracing ribs and abs that moved in and out with increasing breath, dipped a finger tantalizingly into the well of Dom's belly button and lower.

"MmmmBill..." Dom moaned as his eyes drooped, and Billy smiled turned feral, wetting his hands in the cool spray again and then sliding them up Dom's sides, spreading the soap up to his armpits.

Dom clamped his arms down immediately, reflexively tensing all over in fight mode, but Billy was prepared, grabbing the other man's wrists and yanking them high above his head, crushing bone to tile with his fists. Dom's eyes opened and went wide as Billy leaned close, drilling Dom with a hard glare. "Be still, Dominic."

"T-ticklish,' Dom gasped out, voice trembling and higher than usual, "Really fucking ticklish right there, Billy."

"Mm-hmm," Billy confirmed, pressing his body against Dom and rubbing just a bit, giving into his own needs for half a second just to hear Dom groan beneath him. But that smell was still on him, too strong, too musky, too foreign.

"Getting you properly clean, Dom," he looked back and waited until Dom met his gaze again, eyes dark and swimming.

Billy very slowly began to inch his grip away from Dom's wrists, down the fine skin of his inner forearms, all the while keeping his eyes fixed hard on Dom, telling him silently he'd fucking well keep them there. An inch below rough calloused elbows and Dom began to quiver all over, fingers clenched around his own wrist in support.

"Arms up, Dominic," Billy murmured the warning, thumbs sliding along the ultra sensitive curve between biceps and triceps, another few inches to fine wet hair of his armpits, "Don't... move."

Dom squeezed his eyes shut and whined, knees shaking as Billy's hands worked soap along the twitching curves of muscle. Finished, he slid his hands back up to pry Dom's wrists apart and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Good boy."

"Jesus, Billy fuck... please," Dom pleaded, nearly collapsing against Billy with relief, who pushed him back up and propped against the tile.

"Not through yet," he whispered against Dom's jaw, then slid down to his knees, dragging the suds on Dom's chest down with him. He raked soap and nails down the long thigh muscles, around to tickle the backs of his knees, palms gripping and squeezing down calves, drawing his fingers between toes and back up hard shins.

Bill rose and resoaped his hands, taking the time to work the lather between each finger, clearing any dirt from under his own nails. Left untouched for more than a minute, Dom began to fidget as expected, but Billy carried on with the bar, lathering his own hands and forearms like a surgeon.

"Bills," Dom grumbled eventually, "M' not clean yet."

Billy didn't answer.

Dom propped his shoulders against the wall and pushed his pelvis out, "There are places where I'm still really dirty."

Billy stepped out of the spray and let the cooling water hit Dom's front once again, rinsing the soap away. Dom yelped and threw his arms up as a shield, leaving him vulnerable for Billy to swing him around and push him back against the wall, face first.

Billy planted a soapy palm in Dom's hair and held one arm behind his back though Dom didn't try to fight. He pressed close, mouthed with teeth over the dripping skin at Dom's nape, the scent there musky, like cheap liquor and allspice and emphatically not Dom.

He growled, pushing Dom's hands to the wall and working his soapy fingers hard through the mop of blonde, encountering flecks of sand along the way. He scraped them out and down with nails, circling the tender hollows at the nape. He squeezed along the diamond of trapezius muscles, scrubbing shoulder blades and down to the hard tense small of Dom's back. In the back of his mind, he guessed Dom had spent a great deal of time hunched in the sand at work today, and drew his thumbs firmly with the grain of the muscle, feeling the tense spot flex and give beneath sun-kissed skin. Dom grunted and sighed, forehead dropping with a wet thunk against the cool tile.

"Good?" he asked. Dom nodded, pressing back purposefully against Bill's cock in the cleft of his arse. Billy moved deliberately away.

"Billy..." Dom's voice was plaintive now, and Bill shivered with the cold water like needles on his back, contradicted with the radiating heat of Dom against his front. Then he grinned, knowing that some fancy new formula of glycerine and fragrance, tested on bunnies, subjected to market research and launched at a grocer near you through stupid ad campaigns was precisely the last thing in this bathroom responsible for turning him on quite this much.

"Not. Done," and he dropped to his knees.

"Oh fucking hell!" Dom cried out as Billy slid both hands from the lower back down, dragging his thumbs firmly along the spine and pressed right at the top of the cleft. Coccyx, he said in his head, grinning because it was secretly one of his favorite words, and fucked if this wasn't secretly one of his favorite parts of Dom's body, the perfectly exquisite little triangle punctuated by a dimple on each side, pointing the way right to where Billy was intent on driving all of Dom's attention. Billy had a lot of secrets. Dirty ones. Filthy, even.

Billy ran his tongue firmly along the cleft, teasing, pressing and then moving away, circling Dom's hole with both thumbs alternately. Dom keened, shifting to present himself wider, absolutely at Billy's mercy. Billy chuckled, stabbing his tongue inside. Dom tasted of soap and Dom and nothing else, exactly as he was meant to taste. Billy continued his assault, slipping one hand between Dom's legs to massage his balls, pressing them close to his body, sliding his index finger along the bottom of the rock hard cock that jerked with every flutter of his tongue.

"Unh, unghBilly please please, need it. Oh fuck! Now Billy, Billy please now!"

"Shh, Dom," he whispered, kissing and nibbling clean skin as he stood up, salty and slightly bitter from the soap, but clean, fresh and Dom flavoured. "Gonna fuck you."

"Ah God yeah," Dom gasped, shifting his feet wider, indicating right here, right now, just like this, and Billy heartily concurred. He slid his soapy hands down and laved the firm cheeks of Dom's arse, washing the flesh where each half met the thigh and between, but soap wouldn't do. Grabbing the nearby conditioner he coated his fingers and grinned. Vanilla, in stark difference from that macho crap, was mild and sweet and a far better match with Dom smell, natural like sea water and tilled earth and sunshine. Pressing with one finger and quickly two, he found Dom reasonably relaxed and ready, stuttering a curse and pushing back to meet him. He removed his fingers, slicked himself and pressed slowly in. Dom tried to further things along, forcing himself back, but Billy caught his hips and waited.

Dom whimpered, then folded his arms against the wall and leaned his head on them, the muscles in his shoulders arching beautifully. Billy pushed slowly in all the way, paused to kiss and lick the water from those curves. "Lovely, Dommie. Just you, nothing else," he murmured. He adjusted his angle and started a slow torturing rhythm. "You taste like skin and soap and sea."

Billy rose on the balls of his feet, bracing himself so he could move harder and quickened each stroke. Dom turned his head, rested his cheek to his wrists so he could see Billy from the corner of his eye, making a minute sound every time Billy's cock scraped over the gland.

Billy wrapped both arms around him and let his hips go, slammed harder with every stroke, grunting himself as he took a chunk of Dom's shoulder in his teeth, tasting the skin, smelling nothing but Dom and sex in the steam.

"Fuck Bill, touch me, I need to fucking come." Dom gasped. His spine was arched fully, biceps clenching with every slamming thrust to absorb the shock against the hard tile.

Finally Billy gripped him, slapping his fist fast and erratically. Dom didn't care, only yelled loudly the third time Billy flicked his thumb over the head, coming hard on the tile before him. Billy finished soon after, heaving for breath against hot clean smelling skin.

Pulling Dom into the spray, Billy turned him around to be thoroughly kissed, his hands pushing the remaining traces of soap from Dom's body.

"So you like the new soap, then?" Dom murmured.

"Don't push it, Dom," Billy grumbled back. "If you think that shite is what it takes, you can wank by yourself with Old Spice. Soap is for making you smell clean, Dominic, not like an overpriced magazine."

Following Billy out of the shower, Dom grinned as they dried off. "I'll remember that."

"I'm off for a nap," Billy yawned, "You coming?"

"In a minute," Dom said, watching him go. Crouching, he picked up the black bottle from the linoleum and flipped the lid to take a whiff. Grinning, he snapped it shut again.

Opening the cupboard beneath the sink, he pushed aside a tupperware of cleaning products and placed the bottle of body wash behind, where five more bottles stood in a line. Drawing out the next in the line, he placed it on the damp shelf of the shower with a grin.

The first had been the fragrance Essence&trade. There was also Touch™, Pulse™, Voodoo™, Phoenix™, and the last, the possibilities of which set his blood running faster at the mere thought, Unlimited™. The girls at work were great fun, but it was all about what happened at the end of the day. After all, the commercials with their sexy people and questionable situations lit the fire, but they never really told anyone how it was quenched, did they?


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