You May Already Have Won the Chirstmas Love Sweepstakes

Recipient: hobbitgwen
Author: Saklani
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Christmas time is here, by golly, and true love does not make Dominic jolly. Or does it?
Notes: Well, this is not quite what I intially envisioned, but I kinda like it anyway. I hope you all do, too. Happy Holidays, all!


True Love.

Dom always capitalized the words in his mind, the way sweepstakes' letters capitalized You May Already Be A Winner!! He viewed love with the same amused disbelief as any instant millionaire contest.

Sex; sex was good. And getting easier all the time to find, now that people were starting to understand hey-you're-one-of-those-actors-in-that-really-epic-movie-based-on-a-kinda-famous-novel-being-shot-around-here. And that was convenient because their crazy shooting schedule did not exactly leave time for him to get to seduce anybody.

A good job (crazy hours notwithstanding), great mates, lots of good booze and sex- life was sweet for one Dominic Monaghan of Manchester.

Which was why he really could not understand his heart's decision to fall in love with Billy Boyd.

Not just you're-my-best-mate love, but please-stay-with-me-forever love!

Cause first off, love? Love was for chick flicks and terrible romance novels and sappy songs and those lame poems you read in school.

Except, of course, some of those were starting to make sense.

But Billy Boyd?

Not that there was anything wrong with Billy, of course. Great sense of humor, excellent drinking buddy, good shoulder to lean on, nice face, lovely green eyes, perfect ass...



And not into other men... if, that is, Dom had any plans to tell him. Which he did not because the chances of that ending well... he'd win the instant millionaire sweepstakes long before.

So, hopelessly, inexorably, completely in True Love with his best mate.


And to add cliché to injury, he discovered how much he loved Billy on Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays! Ho ho ho.

Bah Humbug!


"Hey, Sblomie, are you going to fucking sit there all night or are you going to get up and dance?" Elijah whined.

Dom managed not to snap the teenager's head off, shaking off his daze and scooting out of the booth to join the others on the dance floor. He steered clear of Orlando, preferring not to get an elbow to the jaw, ducked around the grabby Elijah and ended up in the relatively safe proximity of Viggo and Bean. Relatively cause they were fucking lunatics.

As the music took hold, he made sure to keep far away from Billy. No sense making the torment worse, not without being completely plastered first, at least. Of course, that meant hurting his dear friend, but having spent the last half hour discovering how much he loved Billy, Dom was not feeling particularly generous.

'Twas not the season to be masochistic.

But Billy fell into his orbit like the moon to Earth, and Dom could not help but notice that dancing with Billy was much better than not.

Break out the whips and chains.

"You all right there, Dommie?" Billy asked, managing to sound concerned while screaming over the music.

"Sure, Bills," Dom hollered back, trying not to notice that if he angled his hips forward just a little, they would be dry humping.

Billy moved with all the grace of a professional, unconscious of his own appeal. "You just seem... down."

"Holiday blahs." Dom twisted away as Viggo and Bean nearly steamrolled him. "You know."

Green eyes looked suspicious. "You don't seem the type, Dommie."

He let an exaggerated shrug answer for him, eyes on the public spectacle that was Orlando and Elijah.

"You should spend the day with me," Billy announced. "We'll have too much fun for the blahs."

You can watch me pine pathetically away for you all day without knowing what's going on, Dom thought sourly.

"We can go surfing and watch some of that stupid porn Doodle bought-" Billy warmed up to his idea "-trim the Christmas tree and then get plastered and sing Christmas carols off key all night. What do you think?"

Dom thought that sounded like the best Christmas ever, if Billy would only throw in some sex under the tree, and oh yeah, if he would not spend all of it in said pining. "Sounds great, Bills. The whole gang should love it."

"Nah. Everyone else has plans. Besides, this day should just be for us."

For the first time, Dom noticed the slight sadness tingeing Billy's face and eyes. He felt terrible for not noticing before and forgetting that Billy had better reasons than he to have Christmas blahs. "For us. A best bud's day."

Brightening up like, well, a Christmas tree, Billy gave an overly enthusiastic swivel of his hips, ended up crashing into Dom and nearly sent them both to the floor. "Oops."

His traitorous hands having settled on Billy's hips to keep them both upright and now refusing to let go, Dom smiled stupidly at his best friend. "It will be great."

"Hey, get a room, you perverts," Orlando yelled at them.

In one motion, both Billy and Dom gave him a one-fingered salute, causing Elijah to bray like a donkey with laughter.

"Shut up, children," Viggo said imperiously, never glancing away from Bean.

"Yeah, it's good when two people finally wise up and admit they want each other," Bean added in his deep rumble. His mouth sealed over Viggo's, as they danced with both tongues and feet without missing a beat.

"Jesus, fucking Christ, how the fuck do they do that?" Elijah gasped, his mouth open wide enough for a Mack truck to drive in.

Billy glanced uncertainly at Dom. "I didn't, you know, mean it like that."


Little pieces of Dom's heart littered the inside of his chest, though the traitorous organ kept beating.

"Yeah, course not, Bills," Dom said, removing his hands quickly and trying to reestablish his rhythm.

The doubtful expression did not leave the Scot's face, his bud mouth quivering slightly. "Cause, I would never endanger our friendship, ya know?"

"Uh. Bills, something wrong?" Now, Dom stopped his gyrations and studied his friend closely. "Cause, there's nothing to get worried about. I mean, we piss with each other all the time."

"Yeah." Billy shook his head and waved away the concern.

They stood in the middle of the floor, staring at each other, unmoving and unmoved by the music and bodies beating and pounding around them.

"I guess... I mean- Christmas is for family, yeah?" Billy finally ventured when the prolonged silence got too much for him. "So, you know... asking another bloke to spend Christmas with ya can be misconstrued."

With each hesitant word, Dom felt his eyebrows inch upward, until they clung to his skull by mere threads. "Should I be misconstruing here, Bills?'

Oh please, oh please, oh please!

Red crept up Billy's neck until even the tips of his ears were stained with the vibrant color.

Thump. Thump. THUMP!

Dom's heart began to re-piece itself back together like a jigsaw puzzle. "Cause, I may not mind all that much."

Dominic Monaghan, YOU may have WON the instant Billy Boyd sweepstakes!

"But you- I mean... you- Fuck, you like girls. And I am not a girl!" Billy's last words drew more than a few curious stares, though neither man noticed.

Anymore than they noticed Viggo, Bean, Orlando and Elijah watching them like soap opera addicts.

"Yeah, I noticed." Dom slurped his tongue back in before he bathed the floor in spit. He took a step forward and put a hand on Billy's arm tentatively. "You're so much better. You're you."

Magnetic poles never noticed before suddenly switched on and pulled both men's bodies tightly together. Their heads aligned up with each other and slowly, inexorably inched forward until soft, chapped lips met equally soft, chapped lips.

"Well, hooray for that," Viggo said dryly, pulling Bean back into a dance and leaving Orlando and Elijah to stare and stare and stare.

"Um, Dommie," Billy gasped, when air finally hit his lungs again and switched back on his brain, "can we get an early start on spending Christmas together?"

"Early?" Dom asked, biting at Billy's earlobe. "It's already Christmas to me."

"Fucking sentimental slob," Billy mumbled, every word a caress. "Can we at least get out of here and go to my place?"

"Oh yeah." Dom snagged Billy by the wrist and plunged through the crowds at a breakneck pace.

Turns out, Christmas was a pretty fucking awesome time of year.

Merry Christmas to all! And to all a GOOD night.


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