Recipient: not_a_lamb
Author: jira_rd
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dom might be sending signals, and Billy might be seeing them, and they might be crazy enough to act on them.
Author's Notes: Beta'd by my dear friends Mori and Blue - the two crazy enough to read my fics and offer true criticism without fear that I'll chomp them.

A morning rain.

Billy woke up to the sound of pattering against the windows. The rain was coming hard and steady, loud enough to sound almost like hail, and although it was... he glanced at the clock, blinking his tired eyes as he attempted to focus... although it was nearly six in the morning in the morning, the sky was nearly black still with clouds. He heard a low whistle of wind. He pursed his lips, whistled, and at the same time, hummed. A trick he'd learned when he was younger - it sounded like rushing wind.

The ground was going to be muddy today - filming might even be cancelled if they were lucky, especially if it kept raining like this. As if to aide Billy, he heard the sound of the rain come down even stronger, and then a flash of lightning illuminated the room, and a crack of thunder rolled sharply, almost ominously, through the air. Billy got out of bed, clad only in bright red and blue plaid boxers (he could never let Dom see them, because he'd never live it down. They were practically neon - Dom would have had a field day with them.) and padded over to the window. It was cold when he leaned his forehead against it, staring out at the sky before letting his eyes fall shut again.

He was still tired - he'd only gotten in not even three hours earlier. He, and the rest of the hobbits (sans Sean but Orli included) had gone back to Elijah's to drink. And then Elijah and Dom had somehow gotten into a drinking contest, and Dom dragged Billy into it. Billy had already had almost four beers, and really wasn't in the mood for it, but Elijah had bounced off to get the drinks already. He'd returned with something that appeared potent, a murky brown colour. When Billy leaned over to sniff it, he almost gagged. It looked potent and smelled like someone had poured pure cane sugar into an alcoholic form.

"I don't wanna know what's in this." Billy muttered, as he, Dom, and Elijah raised the cups and began to drink. It had been sweet, so sweet. He tasted peppermint and chocolate, and it was hard to swallow more than a few sips at a time, because it caught in his throat, thick, making him feel like it was clotting as it passed his tongue. But he forced it down, and Elijah hurried back to the kitchen to return with another, returning with one less sweet, yet more disgusting. After that, plus the beers, he definitely began to feel the effects of the liquor.

He had to stop after that - the drink was potent and he was stumbling as he walked, watching Dom stumble as well, right into his arms, leaning against him. "Dom, no, get off me." He managed to slur out, as he was stumbling still, except backwards, right into a wall. Thud.

Thud. He opened his eyes. The first piece of hail had just cracked into his window, loud, abusing his sore brain. He'd asked what had been in the cups finally. It had been a mix of peppermint shnapps, and strong at that, and kahlua. That hadn't been so bad, apparently about four or five shots equivalent of the stuff, but then Elijah had decided to experiment, and had dumped in some vodka into the mix. Strong vodka, too. Not the cheap stuff.

Elijah had been considerably more rat-faced than Dom, and giggled rather high-pitched. It hurt Billy's ears and he swore at Elijah, who giggled louder. "Fuck!" He slurred out and managed to mumble out a goodnight to them, heading over to Elijah's room. He didn't doubt that Elijah would pass out on the couch at some point. He remembered telling Orlando, who was distinctly less drunk, to look after Elijah and make sure he didn't vomit and choke on it, and Dom talking to Elijah, his voice almost as loud as Elijah's giggles.

He managed to shut it out as he fell onto Elijah's bed. He wiggled out of his pants, rather uncoordinated as he attempted to get them off, balance on his one arm, and not fall off the bed. He eventually succeeded and then collapsed back on the bed, passing out within a few minutes. And then he'd woken up, still vaguely drunk and exhausted, just a few minutes ago.

He decided to go take a piss - his bladder was about to imitate the River Clyde, and as he opened the door to get to the loo, he found Dom snoring on the ground. He blinked a few times, and then shuffled forward, and poked his toe into Dom's shoulder. "Wake the fuck up, you pish." But he didn't mean his insult, and as Dom ignored him and continued to snore, Billy made his way past and was just unzipping his fly when -

- "Having a wee wee, Billy?" Dom slurred behind him.

Billy yelped (he would not admit that it was rather high-pitched, similar to a girl's shriek) and twisted around, staring at Dom. After a moment, he realised he still had his dick in one hand and spun around again. "Dom, do yeh mind? I'm trying to have a piss here."

"That's fine." Dom said, sounding like he too was still recovering from the night previous. "I'm not watching. I can't keep my eyes open."

Billy rolled his eyes, and managed to put out of his head that Dom was directly behind him, watching him urinate. And he managed to do his business, flush, and then turn around to find Dom grinning at him like a madman. The hair didn't help either, sticking in about seven different directions. "What?" He asked, tired, and Dom grinned more widely.

"They're bright." Dom snickered, and Billy frowned at him, pushing past him. Damn boxers. His mouth tasted of socks and bed breath, and he rummaged through a cabinet to search for mouthwash. He found it, and took a swig, swishing it around his mouth, gargling, watching Dom make faces in the mirror behind him.

"Shtopt." Billy muttered at him. He'd meant to say "Stop it", but having a mouthful of liquid tended to screw with your pronunciation. He was still a bit sloshed, and that wasn't helping either.

Dom stumbled forward and dropped his head to Billy's shoulder, wrapping one arm around his waist and the other over Billy's other shoulder. "Nrgh." Dom said in reply. "Nrr..." And then Billy realised that Dom had fallen asleep leaning against him. He leaned forward, and Dom came with, heavy weight on his back, and Billy spat into the sink. He reached behind him to hold onto Dom's lower back, and the other hand came to grasp Dom's that was dangling by his chest, and he shuffled towards the bedroom.

"You're a fucking oaf, Monaghan." He swore again, and managed to get to the bed where he turned, dropped Dom onto it, and then crawled to the other side and fell back to the bed. He'd been there all of two minutes when a loud, jangling ring split the air. Elijah's phone. He reached over to grab it just as Dom jerked awake, and managed to bang Dom right in the eye with his elbow.

"Ow! Fuck!" Dom cursed. Billy tried to shush him as he answered the phone, but Dom continued his tirade. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, you fucking cunt!" Well, his tirade consisted of mostly "fuck" and the occasional lesser swear thrown in, but it was still loud enough that Billy knew whoever was on the other end of the line could hear him. "Right in my fucking eye. Makeup will love you!"

"Dom, would you for the love of god shut the bleeding fuck up!" Billy practically shouted. "Hello!" He spat into the phone, furious now.

"I'm not sure what's going on, but I just wanted you to know that filming's cancelled. Weather's shit, we're not going to be able to film." It was Peter, and he sounded rather peeved, at both the cancelled filming and most likely Dom and Billy. Billy wasn't given a chance to respond before there was a click as Peter hung up.

"Dom, you wanker." Billy glared, but didn't continue. Dom looked at him, glaring in return. They were stuck in that pose for a good twenty seconds before Elijah stumbled into the room and looked at them.

"Why's Dom turning into a sailor?" Elijah asked. Billy looked at him in confusion. "What's with all the bloody swearing?"

Dom glanced over at him and snorted. "Elijah, you're American. Start talking like one." He replied. "Billy cracked me in the eye with his elbow. I'm pretty sure I'll be blinded for life now."

"Shut your gob, Dom." Billy snapped back. "Shooting was called off for today. Thank god for weather." He fell back onto the bed, exhausted. Elijah stared for a few more minutes, and then shuffled off. "Dom?"

"What?" Dom asked, sounding very peeved. "What the hell do you want, Billy?"

Billy turned, not willing to lift himself up, but instead staring at Dom with one eye smooshed into his pillow, still closed, and the other half-open. "I was going to say I was sorry, and ask you if you wanted ice for it."

"It'll be fine." Dom said, turning over so he wasn't facing Billy.

"Right." Billy said. "You're pissed at me, then?" Dom sighed heavily and burrowed his head into the pillows.

"Help me take off my trousers."

Billy blinked. "Help you ... take off your trousers?" He repeated. Dom confirmed it with a "mm". "Do I want to ask why?"

"Because my head hurts now and I'm tired and can't move my hand to do it myself. But don't cop a feel. I've seen the way you stare at me." His tone was now teasing, even if it was also exhausted, and Billy knew he was forgiven. Mostly. He carefully reached over to undo the button and tug, but Dom's nearly dead-weight interfered.

He shoved at Dom with his other hand. "Lift your arse." He ordered. Dom did so sluggishly, and Billy got an eyeful. "You don't wear anything under your trousers?" He asked, and Dom mumbled something. "What?"

"Never have. Uncomfortable. Sleep now." And then Dom was gone again. Billy sighed and shook his head. Goddamn him. He moved over a bit and covered Dom's pale arse with the blankets, and then curled up under the sheets, separating himself from Dom's dick. The rain had slowed enough that it was no longer harsh, and it lulled him softly into sleep.

When he woke again, Dom was staring at him. Billy was jolted awake with a thought of, "Stalker!" and sat up straight in bed. Dom also sat up and continued his intense perusal of Billy. "So - ehm, Bills. I have to ask you something." Dom's eyes were nervous. Billy noticed the bruise from where he had hit him with his elbow, and touched it lightly, but Dom winced and Billy dropped his hand.

"Yeah, Dom?"

"I... erhm. You're a nice looking bloke." Dom said. He nodded. "Yeah. That's it."

Billy looked at Dom, bemused. "Not a question there, Dommeh. So, I have a question for you now. What the bleeding hell?"

Dom got out of bed sheepishly and mumbled, "Never mind." He left the room, leaving Billy confused as to what had just happened. He followed Dom into the kitchen, seeing Orlando making coffee. "Yes please," Dom said, without Orlando asking the question, and dropped into a chair, going facefirst into the table, moaning as he hit his eye. "Fuck, Billy. Be glad that I'm-" he cut himself off. "Well, be glad, because otherwise I'd be forced to give you a black eye in return."

Billy stared at him. "Dom, you don't normally talk this stupid when you're hung over. Care to explain?"

Orlando glanced at Dom and then at Billy with a grin. "I know why he's acting like this." Dom raised his hand and flipped Orlando the bird, and Orlando snorted, and handed Dom a cup of coffee. "Here you go, princess." He emphasised the last word, and Dom raised his head to direct a death glare at Orlando.

Elijah came into the room, looking like a trainwreck. "I feel like shit." He announced. Orlando glanced over at him.

"I'm not surprised. You consumed about the equivalent of perhaps your body weight in alcohol, I think." Elijah buried his face against Orlando's shoulder, and Orlando patted his head gently. Billy watched, and realised that -

"Elijah? Are you and Orlando ..." he didn't finish his sentence for a moment. "... an item?" He didn't know exactly how else to term it. He didn't want to say dating, or lovers, or just sound stupid and blurt out "gay". Because he was bisexual himself, and blurting out "gay" would just sound stupid. He was also a bit thick in terms of realising attraction, both to him and between people.

Orlando glanced at him. "Took you long enough to figure it out. Dom practically knew it before we did. He's got excellent gaydar." Billy glanced at Dom, and something went click in his head.

"Is Dom gay?" He asked, and then realised perhaps he should ask Dom. "Dom, are you gay?"

"I'm open to anything. Or rather, anyone." Dom replied. Billy nodded, and then went to get his own cup of coffee. He'd raised it to his mouth when his brain finally connected the dots. Dom was possibly attracted to him. The coffee was hot, and when it hit his chest, he let out another shriek.

Orlando looked over. "You scream like a girl." He stated. Billy glared at him.

"I'm, ah, going to head back to my place." He looked at Dom and raised his eyebrow. "I feel grungy. Going to take a shower, and then maybe just lie around and do nothing, unless someone rescues me from boredom." Still pointedly looking at Dom. Dom smiled slightly, nodded.


Billy had indeed showered and was lying on the couch about an hour later, when Dom knocked. He'd left the door open purposely, and called, "It's open!" He turned and saw Dom standing there, and decided that Dom was attractive. Dom sat down on Billy's legs, and stared at him.

"So. You invited me over, not so subtly. Orlando kept teasing me after you left." Dom said. Billy rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. Well." He didn't finish the statement. "So... I have to ask you something." Dom nodded at him, and Billy said, "I... erhm. You're a nice looking bloke-No, I'm kidding!" He yelped as Dom thwacked him lightly in the stomach. "Ow, you plonker. That hurt!"

"So, what did you really have to ask me?" Dom asked. Billy looked at Dom, decided again that Dom was attractive. Very attractive.

Billy shrugged. "Nothing really. Just wondering how acceptable it would be to snog you every now and then."

"Snog?" Dom looked at him, his lips curving into a smile.

"Maybe a bit of hand action." Billy continued, sliding his hand along Dom's thigh. "If you're interested."

Dom tilted his head, full out smirking now. "Took you damn long enough, Boyd."

Billy moved so that Dom was pinned against the couch. "Be good, Dom. I could retract my previous statements."

Dom silenced himself, and then Billy moved forward to kiss Dom, and decided that Dom had a good mouth, warm, a bit chapped from the cold weather, but nice to kiss. A bit of stubble scratched his face, and he rubbed against it, enjoying it. He liked to pull away from a long session of snogging with that feeling that his mouth was scratched and slightly swollen. And he was going to get that with Dom, he suspected.

They shifted and adjusted on the couch until Dom had gotten Billy's shirt off and Billy had managed to push Dom's jeans down enough that he could get his hand around Dom's cock, stroking it strong and sure. Dom shuddered slightly beneath him, pushing his hips towards Billy with each stroke. "God, Bills." He moaned against Billy's mouth, and Billy decided right then that he wanted to hear Dom to moan like that again. He tore his mouth away from Dom's reluctantly, and watched Dom open his eyes, staring at Billy. "Wha-" Dom started, but Billy slid down and pulled at Dom's jeans further until they were lying puddled on the ground.

And then he took the head of Dom's cock into his mouth, swirled his tongue around it, and slid down until he'd taken Dom completely into his mouth. Dom groaned, his fingers grasping the couch cushions, and he thrust into Billy's mouth. Billy pushed his hips back down, and took a slow pace, up and down, teasing Dom, watching Dom's fingers clench, his hips struggle to move upwards, his stomach taut.

Billy began to slowly stroke himself, balancing on one elbow, going faster now, matching rhythm with his mouth and fist. Dom's eyes were shut tight, and his breathing was becoming hard and fast, and Billy knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Bills..." Dom gasped out, and Billy took him deeper, took him into his throat, and heard Dom's stifled cry, and then Dom was arching up against him, pushing, panting out, "Ohjesusfuckbillygodyes..." as he came. Billy had barely pulled himself away from Dom's cock before Dom was on top of him now, his fingers replacing Billy's, and Billy kissed him hard, and it took only a few strokes from Dom before he came, spilling onto his palm, hearing a low noise escape him, almost a keen.

Dom collapsed on top of him, his neck sweaty where Billy nuzzled and licked at, and after a few moments, lifted himself up to look at Billy. "So."

"So." Billy said agreeably.


"We're very sticky. And we should move into the bedroom if we plan on continuing because I like this couch unstained. And you're taking me out on a date tomorrow night." Billy said, a gleam in his eye. "Thai. We can bring back the leftovers and if we get hungry after tomorrow's round of sex, we can just bring it into the bedroom and eat it cold. Maybe off each other."

Dom began to laugh. "Sounds good." Billy followed Dom as he walked to the bedroom, backwards, eyes locked on Billy's, and Billy decided that maybe he should have done this a long time ago.


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