Sekrit Slasha

Slasha, Baby is the Lotrips Fanfiction holiday fic exchange. These stories depict real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened.They are works of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

title pairing recipient
  Home for Christmas Orlando/Karl _runningmascara
_runningmascara Clear as snow Viggo/Eric Bana afra_schatz
randomdarling Cold Hands, Warm Heart Elijah/Sea Astin afullmargin
kimberleigh_ The Misadventures of Karl Urban, Rock God Karl/Orlando angiepen
afra_schatz So Fucking Clichéd Orlando/Karl azeweish
eyebrowofdoom The Codgers Bernard Hill/Sean Bean/Viggo caras_galadhon
shegollum A Fine Vintage Viggo/Ian McKellan almostnever
ullman79 Correlation Sean Bean/Viggo dalehead
eff_reality Bouts of Attraction Dom/Billy dizzydame
valerienne Get Up, Stand Up Billy/Orlando, Billy/Dom, Billy/Elijah eff_reality
savageseraph Riding Double Karl/Viggo/Sean Bean elmathelas
kiltsandlollies Something That's Enough To Keep You Dom/Billy escribo
frisbyg I'll Tell You Why I Can't Find You Viggo/Dom eyebrowofdoom
azeweish Spontaneous Acts Sean Bean/Viggo (Dom/Orlando) frisbyg
Kalypso Fear of Falling Sean Bean/Viggo foxrafer
dizzydame Auld Lang Syne Dom/Billy, etc. ipso__facto
ipso__facto Countdown pairing ismenin
escribo All I Want Viggo/Liv itstonedme
almostnever Easy Now Elijah/Stuart Townsend, Elijah/Dom kiltsandlollies
v_angelique Remember When Miranda/Karl kimberleigh_
afullmargin A Priest and a Cat-boy Go into the Bedroom Elijah/Orlando moit
thepsychicclam Fishing For Change Elijah/Dom randomdarling
afra_schatz Releasing Tension Karl/Harry Sinclair savageseraph
foxrafer Realizing Truths Sean Bean/Viggo shegollum
dalehead The Sun Beyond My Ken Karl/Orlando slashababy dropout
elmathelas Skin Ian McKellan slashfairy
ismenin The Other Story Elijah/Dom thepsychicclam
caras_galadhon Turn Your Face To The Sea pairing ullman79
itstonedme Den Haag Viggo/Dom v_angelique
slashfairy Over Years Billy/Ian McKellan valerienne
Created by megolas, revised by yueni
fabulous artwork © by Hope
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