Making Sure

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Pairing: Elijah/Dom
Author: foxtales
Rating: R for language
Summary: Elijah doesn't usually miss much
Author's Notes: Thanks to dicorvo for the spot checking and carving knife, elouisa for the betas and brit pick and strawberryelfsp for the betas and the idea that made this ficlet much better than it was originally. Your hard work on this was most definitely appreciated, ladies. ::hugs::

Elijah's eyes were huge, and though it was a running joke on set that they didn't work for shit, he rarely missed what was going on around him. He certainly didn't miss the closeness between Dom and Billy. He tried not to think about it too much, because if he did, he'd have to admit to himself that he was jealous of what the two of them shared. Sure, he was close with Sean Astin, but that was a completely different vibe from hanging out with Dom. Astin was his older brother, caretaker, guardian and fellow Hollywood veteran and there was absolutely no comparison. It could never be equated to showing up at Dom's place in the middle of the night and getting teased about 'booty calls' or allowing Dom to convince him that pissing in fountains was a grand adventure. It would never even be in the same league as doing body shots off boys and girls in clubs until they were all kicked out at closing time and then wandering into convenience stores at some ungodly hour in the morning and screaming "I WANT PORN AND CHOCOLATE." Elijah recalled hearing Dom's drunken harpy-shriek laughter and never wanting that horrifying sound to end because it meant that he had Dom's complete attention for that moment.

And now Elijah was watching Dom stare at Billy who was currently loading the next game into the Play Station. He'd seen Dom look at Billy like that before - intense yet with a crookedly hopeful smile on his face, and it drove Elijah nuts every time. It made him wonder when those two would get together and fuck each other senseless, if they hadn't already. It could only be a matter of time, really. He sighed heavily and wondered if he could be more of a dick about this. Probably, but it would require more effort than he had within him right now.

"Quite a sigh there, Frodo," came Dom's voice, gravelly from drinking, smoking and alternately cursing whoever was beating him or crowing over whoever he'd beaten at gaming all night.

Elijah felt that low, raspy tone down to his toes, which were in the process of curling involuntarily as opposed to other parts of his anatomy, which seemed quite eager to straighten up. He squeezed his eyes shut even tighter for a moment, fighting for some control, and then opened them to glare at his friend. "Yeah, well, it's fucking late, Merry."

"Like you aren't used to it, Hollywood Boy," Dom said, rolling his eyes.

"Shut it," Billy snapped, still trying to concentrate on the game. "I can't wipe the floor with his manky arse if you distract me."

"Oh ho," Dom clapped his hands. "What's that with the manky bit, Boyd? Was that some sort of joke?" He turned to look at Elijah. "He's fucking hysterical, yeah?"

"Yeah, both you cunts are," Elijah said, ignoring the two fingers from Dom and a 'fuck you too, Elwood' from Billy. He found himself wishing the night was over and that he was out the door already, because that would mean freedom from Dom proximity overload, which he was in desperate need of at the moment. How he could be so affected by a skinny, crooked-jawed, obnoxious idiot had been giving him cause to worry about his mental state lately. He just didn't know what to do, which was a rare occurrence for him.

He'd tried to talk with Astin about it but had only been given what he thought of as the Safety-Sean Movie Set Rule Number One. This sage piece of wisdom was pretty much along the lines of, "Er, Elijah, I don't think it's a very good idea for you to, uhm, 'get involved' with any of the main Fellowship actors. I mean, we have to work together for quite a long time, and if something goes wrong, well, it's not just the two of you affected," delivered in the fatherly tone that sometimes set Elijah's teeth on edge and made him want to pummel his friend about the head and shoulders repeatedly. He hadn't bothered to ask if Sean would have said the same if Dom or Billy had asked the question.

In any other situation, he would've gone to Bill to ask for help or to bitch and moan about how he was feeling. Elijah had discovered that Billy was the kind of friend who would listen to what you had to say, then mock you and quite possibly laugh in your face before settling into helping you try to figure your shit out. You could also trust him to keep his mouth shut. That said, it was probably out of line to ask the object of the guy you want to fuck's affections if he could help you win the guy you want to fuck's attention.

As much as Elijah wanted (and wanted to be with) Dom, he knew they were referred to as the 'Dom and Billy Show' for a reason. They were perfect for each other, goddamn them, and it would be completely pointless to try and come between them. So here he was, watching their perfect fucking love affair unfold before his huge bug eyes, and wishing he could hate them for having what he wanted.

He was jolted out of his thoughts by Dom's triumphant, "HA!" He glanced over to see Billy exaggeratedly hang his head in shame and let out a huffy sigh.

"Come on, Billy boy," Dom said cheerfully, massaging Billy's shoulders. "Let's get sustenance, shall we? We'll let someone else kick someone else's arse for awhile."

Billy was muttering under his breath about cheeky tits who needed comeuppance, but he allowed himself to be helped off the floor and toward Orlando's kitchen. Elijah watched them go and wished it was his ear Dom was speaking into, his hip Dom's long fingers were stroking.

It took him a moment to realize that Orlando was challenging him to a round. He cast another quick glance toward the kitchen, but Dom and Billy were out of sight. He sighed inwardly and settled in to have his ass kicked by the elf.

The next half hour nearly drove him mad. Out of the corner of his eye he'd seen Dom and Billy disappear down the hallway towards the bedrooms, beers in hand. They hadn't come back. In between Orli's cajoling and threatening, he'd managed to play two games but he'd been thoroughly distracted the entire time. He'd heard snatches of laughter from down the hall and couldn't keep his mind from filling in the blanks. If anyone could laugh during sex, it would one or both of those two.

He shook his head, trying to clear that thought but the seed had been planted and his brain seemed happy to supply all sorts of images of Dom and Billy together, touching each other, kissing, licking, sucking...was that a fucking moan? He concentrated so hard he didn't even realize his character had died and the game had ground to a halt. There it was again - definitely a moan.

"What the hell are they doing back there?" he cried, jumping to his feet, dropping his controller on the floor and stalking towards the bedrooms.

"Oh thank fuck," Orli muttered as he went.

He barged into the spare room to find Billy lying on his stomach on the bed, Dom straddling him, knees on either side of Billy's hips, his hands splayed over Billy's shoulder blades. They were both fully clothed but seeing them in such an intimate position was just too much for Elijah and he spoke without thinking.

"Are you fucking each other?"

"Not at this very moment, no," Billy said, eyebrows arched.

Dom ducked his head, snorting.

"Not funny, assholes," Elijah said, glaring at the both of them. "Answer me. Are the two of you together? As in, are you leaving here tonight, going back to one of your places and having sex?"

"Getting a little personal there, Frodo," Dom said, dissembling as he climbed off of Billy and the bed. "Besides, everyone knows it's you and Sam who are-"

"Don't, Dom," Elijah said, his angry, hurt gaze meeting Dom's. "Not now, all right?"

"What do you want me to say, Lij?"

"I want you to tell me if you and Bill are together."

Dom took a deep breath, held it and looked over at Billy before meeting Elijah's gaze squarely. "We're not together."

"Are you fucking?"

"No, Elijah," Bill answered as he sat up and swung his legs off the bed. "Dom and I are not together and we're not fucking either."

"You're not..." Elijah trailed off and looked down, his eyebrows drawing together as a frown formed on his face. "Then what are you doing in here?"

"I was getting a massage, Elijah. What are you doing in here?" Billy's voice was kinder than Elijah imagined it should be and when he looked up, Billy was standing next to him, smiling warmly.

"I-" He looked over at Dom, who was watching him closely. "You are driving me crazy," Elijah said, flustered by that intense gaze. "I mean, fuck! The Dom and fucking Billy show, you know? How do you compete with that shit?" His hands rose in a wild gesture before he let them fall back to his sides, sighing heavily. "I feel like you're tig-togging me again," he continued quietly. "You've already made up the rules but you don't bother to let me in on them. How do I know what to do? Jesus." He scrubbed his hands over his face, rubbing at his eyes for a moment. He wanted to make sure that both of them had gotten his point so he looked around for Billy, but realized that at some point during his outburst Billy had silently slipped out of the room.

"Elijah," Dom began, his tone low and husky. "You're right. And I'm sorry. But I couldn't think of any other way to make sure..."

"Make sure of what?"

Dom swallowed loudly. "That you wanted this. Me. Anything. I don't know."

Elijah blinked slowly, trying to wrap his mind around what was happening. "Dom?"

"Why did you come in here, Lij?"

"Because I couldn't watch the two of you be fucking perfect together and not know how deep it went anymore."

"What did you expect to get out of it? What do you want, Elijah?"

"I want you, Dominic," Elijah said with a self-deprecating snort. "But Billy-"

"Is the best mate I've ever had but that doesn't mean that we're in love with each other or shagging like minks, it just means that we're best mates. All right?"

Elijah nodded silently, staring up into Dom's serious face.

"You're one of my best mates, too, Elijah, but it's different with you. I want..." he broke off, his eyes closing as he sucked in a ragged breath.

Elijah leaned forward and brushed his mouth against Dom's, making only the barest of contact before he started to pull back again. Dom's hands shot out and held him fast by his shoulders. Lij made a small sound deep in his throat as Dom's fingers bit into his skin and Dom groaned and closed his mouth over Lij's, pressing their lips together and gently pushing against his teeth with his tongue, asking for further entry. Elijah's mouth opened on a sigh and Dom's tongue swept in, caressing and exploring every centimeter as they moved against each other, holding each other tightly.

When they broke apart, Dom rested his forehead against Elijah's.

"I want this, Dom," Elijah said, his voice low and hoarse. "But is it a good idea? What about the whole being in Middle Earth for the next million years thing? It isn't just about you and me, you know?"

Unexpectedly, Dom began to laugh.

"What?" Lij said, the tiniest pout appearing on his kiss-swollen lips.

"You've been talking to Astin, haven't you?"


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