Between You

Recipient: Absolutefiction
Author: Idrillia
Pairing: Elijah/Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Elijah is frustrated. Billy and Dom 'help'
Scottish vernacular used:

Sassernach: An Englishman/woman
Bonnie: Beautiful/handsome
Bairn(s): Baby(ies)
Rickle a bones: Very thin
Story Note: For the purposes of this fic we're pretending there's no such thing as sexually transmitted diseases and therefore no need for condoms.
Author's Notes: beta: The very helpful indeed valderys, Prompts used: Elijah with either Dom, Billy, 3somes, jealous rages etc., filming fic, on set fic and first anything. Hope it worked ok for you *s*

From where Elijah sits, chain smoking as usual, Billy and Dom look as thought they are having the finest, superest, funniest, perfectest little night out it's possible for two love birds to manage

Fucking sickening.

Bill has an arm slung around Dom's shoulders and is whispering in his ear. God only knows what he's saying, Dom's giggling occasionally whilst turning an ever-deepening shade of what Elijah likes to term 'pathetic pink'.

Pathetic puerile puke-producing pink.

Shit. His cig had burnt out without him noticing, he's been so engrossed in watching the endlessly not entertaining love fest duo.

They were coming up on two years of trudging about New Zealand. When he'd auditioned no one had said to him, "And remember...these movies are all about walking. Sometimes running. But mainly walking."

Sometimes he can't even remember which Frodo he's meant to be. Brave and naïve Frodo? Exhausted and hopeless Frodo? Distrustful and mean to Sam Frodo? Happy and affectionate Frodo? Sometimes he was meant to be able to be one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

And people wonder why I'm getting a bit fucked off and smoking like a chimney. Oh, and that would be a chimney on a nuclear power plant in full meltdown.

"Do power plants smoke when they're in meltdown? Fuck it. I know what I mean."

He snatches his pack of cloves off the table and fires up, resting his elbows on the table and biting on a ragged nail in between drags.

Sometimes, he considers, I fucking forget which Elijah I'm meant to be.

And all the others are having such a divine time. It's like the biggest gay blind date ever arranged. Certainly the most expensive. Most people pay twenty bucks and either go to a club or some speed dating thing and hook up. Not this lot. Noooooo. All the way to New Zealand to work in the rain and snow in order to get it on.

Or at least, that's how it seems to Elijah.

Vig and Bean had gone first. Elijah had been rendered utterly speechless. 006 and Lucifer getting it on together. Hells bells indeed.

Then Orlando and Craig, the beee-yoooo-tee-ful blondies apparently unable to keep their elegant elven hands off each other. When Craig had completed filming Orlando had simply joined Vig and Bean in some sick sideshow of a 'relationship'. 006, Lucifer and an anonymous rent boy. Elijah's still not sure what that's all about. Not at all.

But the pair who piss him off most of all is Billy and Dom. Merry and Pip. In lurve. Vig, Bean and Orlando never talked about love, though Elijah suspected it was lurking beneath their couldn't-give-a-shit casualness. Billy and Dom have it practically written all over their faces. All the time.

And actually? Their faces are stuck together so much of the time they are in fact like one stuck together hideous beast. I shall name it... The Domly.

Elijah slumps back on the bench seat.

"I'm just so fucking tired. That's all, I'm tired."

And a bit wasted. I must be 'tired and fucked off Elijah' at the moment. That's all.

A shadow falls on the table and he looks up.

"Ah. The Domly. Cool. What could be better? Hey."

The Domly puts its glasses of drink on the table and slides into the other side of the booth, its face wearing a double expression of confusion.

"I think our Elijah has had a few too many, Dom."

"I would have to say I agree. A bit too far into his grog on this fine evening."

"It's not a fucking fine evening. It's a fucking freaking shit evening."

"Ah," says the Domly, in two voices, at once.

"What's troubling you, young fella?" asked the Scottish part of the Domly.


"And what, exactly, is a Domly?"

"It's you. What got formed when Dominic and William, my buddies, decided to merge in an unholy meshing of British testosterone. A Domly."

"Ah," says the Domly, again, in two voices, at once.

Each of the Domly's heads looks at the other in a certain amount of consternation.

DomHead leans towards the table.

"Lij. Seriously now. What's up? What have we done?"

Elijah shakes his head. I'm too tired for this.

"Nothing. It's cool. I'm just tired."

"With much respect, it's clearly not 'nothing'. You've been sitting over here, alone, for most of the evening. You've been indulging in all your bad habits, except the toe nails, and, I have to tell you, it looked like you were talking to yourself every now and then."

"Ah," says Elijah. Dom noticed that? How could he have when he was so...*into* Billy?

BillyHead chimes in.

"We've been a bit worried for a wee while now Elijah. Hobbits notice things after all."

Elijah snaps back, "Not when they're busy banging each other."

The Domly looks satisfyingly shocked. This time each of the Domly's heads looks at the other in a certain amount of surprise.

"What? Elijah, what are you on about mate?" DomHead recovers first.

"Oh, I don't know. How about the fact that Viggo and Bean are in their little love triangle of happiness with Orlando? And Ian's boyfriend is here all the time? And ... Do you realize what it's like having to film with Sean all day, nearly every day? Listening to Sam's whining? Constantly? While being followed round by a middle-aged man on all fours in a white lycra cat suit? Of course you don't. You're too busy off in Gondor, or Edoras, or banging each other!

"At least I thought the three of us were solid. Proper buds. But no. You two became the Domly and are as happy as five kinds of pie. And Sean's married."

"Okaaay. I was with you, until the Domly and the marriage thing."

"Sean's married. So he doesn't want me. He's the person I see all day, every day, and he's in love and married. Bean and Viggo and Orlando and Craig didn't want me. Ian didn't want me. None of the tall people did. So I thought, well, it's fine, you know? Hang out with Billy and'll be cool. But then you got together too. Without me. You didn't want me. Everyone here is either gay, or turned gay, but no-one's so much as made a pass at me. Not even you two. Not even my hobbits. My buddies."

The Domly's mouths hang open in a most unattractive way. BillyHead shakes his head slowly before speaking.

"Elijah... You're so young."

Elijah feels his eyes widen, probably massive and blue and too fucking childish, but he doesn't know how else to indicate his disbelief in what he's just heard.

"Fuck. Off. You appear to be making the mistake of counting my age according to my date of birth. Remind me? How many movies have you done? How many trailers have you called home? How many piece of shit hangers on have you had to make sure you didn't get used by? How many years have you spent, alone, in this business? Oh yes! In answer to all those questions, a few less than me. Well...Fuck. You."

BillyHead tries again. "But you're straight."

"Oh, really? Well, so was half the rest of the cast before they came here. There must be some weird shit in the water is all I can say. And everyone has someone, everyone wanted someone, and you wanted each other. And not me."

Elijah stands and leans over, patting the Domly on each of its heads simultaneously.

Wouldn't want the heads to get jealous of each other.

"See ya' around, Domly."

He grabs his cigarettes, the lighter and his coat, heads out into the cold winter air, and walks, no, stalks his way home.

He's half way back before he realizes the coldness on his cheeks are tears. The frustration and loneliness and tiredness and jealousy have clearly been waiting for this chance to catch him with his defences down. A mean sneak attack.

Elijah shoves his hands in his pockets and picks up the pace.


Back in the bar, the newly christened Domly is staring at the door Elijah just exited through.

"I told you Bills."

"Oh, come diddnae know he felt like that."

"I had a feeling, and I told you, I said to you, 'Billy, that there is a young man with sexual frustration levels about to go off the chart.' And what did you tell me?"

"That you were projecting your desire to shag the blue eyed beauty on to said blue eyed beauty."

"That's right, you did tell me that. And what did I tell you?"

"That I was simply attempting to deny my own desire to shag said blue eyed beauty."

"Not so clear a case of 'projection' and 'denial' now, is it?"

"No. Indeed not, Dominic, indeed not."

Silence as each of them consider the last ten minutes.

"I reckon we should try and make it up to him mate. Which might mean making it with Elijah of course."

Billy turns his head to regard Dom, a broad grin on his face.

"Now that would be a real difficulty."

"But...Like I said before...we can only do this if we do it right. I'm not going to use him. We would have to make room for him between us, if he wants it."

Billy leans forward and kisses Dom lightly.

"I love you, and I love your sense of right and wrong."

Dom feels pleasurably loved up. "I love you too Bills."

"And Dommie? I love how the prospect of getting your sassernach hands on Elijah makes you get hard."

"You don't know that. You've not touched me to find out."

"I dinnae need to touch you my lad, but I'll check and make sure." Billy reaches out and strokes the front of Dom's cargo pants.

Sure enough.. Dom's length is semi-hard, and getting harder by the second.

Dominic allows the caress for a moment and then pushes him off, laughing. "Made you touch!"

"Time to get serious my young friend. We have plans and considerations to attend to."

Their heads bend together as they murmur about how to deal with the Troubling Problem of Elijah.

Conveniently for the scheming Domly, the hobbits are due to be all together two days later to film on the Rivendell set.

They decide to call Elijah the following day and contritely ask him to hang out after filming. Just so he keeps that evening free.

Plan A relies on the bedroom set being dressed, so Plan B is to head for home if that part of the set is not in action.

They agree that, in all probability, Elijah has indeed been straight up until this point. They agree that this is rather an exciting thing to think about.

Later that night as Billy and Dom fuck in the darkness, they whisper about Elijah, and what it might be like to have him in their bed, between them, as Dom suggested.


Two days later and the Domly is giddy with excitement. Elijah has been fine on the phone, and has agreed to hang out. They arrive early and before 'Feet' have slipped over to check on the bedroom set which is all fine. The bed was bare but they've planned ahead and have sheets, blankets and pillows in the trailer.

The filming day is nearly done and the giddiness has started to combine with nerves. Both parts of the Domly bear a great deal of affection for Elijah, and they want this to work and make everyone involved content. Or 'blissed out' as Dom insists on calling it.

After they're out of costume and showered, Sean heads back to his wife, and the three crack a beer. It's pointless rushing, the set needs to clear. After a while Dom slides out of the door, heading to fix the bed up. Billy and Elijah turn up some music and open another beer.

After a few minutes Billy broaches the subject of The Other Night.

"Ye know Elijah, you couldae let us know how you were feelin'. Me and Dom, we never meant you to feel left out in the cold. We diddnae know."

Elijah looks a bit shame-faced.

"I shouldn't have exploded like that. It was a bad day."

"It mighta been a bad day, but was what you said true?"

Elijah looks at him and then nods.

"I'll tell you a secret Lij. Dom told me he thought things... weren't good w'ye. He wanted to look at making what you term a Domly into what we might term an Eldomly. He wanted to ask ye if you were interested. And I stopped him. Because I thought you were too young. And too straight."

Elijah's eyes are as big as saucers now.

"But... You and Dom. You're in love, I've seen it, I've heard you tell each other. You didn't want me, you chose him and he chose you."

"Aye, we are. And we did... 'choose'. But now we want you to choose us as well. There's room for three, Elijah."

They're interrupted by Dom coming back in. He looks from Billy, whose eyes don't leave Elijah, and over to Lij, who looks likes a startled cherub in headlights.

"You asked him then?"

"Aye, I did."

Lij looks up at Dom. "Is this serious? Don't fuck about with me."

Dom chuckles. "I think not Elijah, we've learnt not to fuck about with you. But how about simply fucking? Although Bills and I hope it won't just be about the fucking."

Elijah finds his head nodding before he realizes he's made a decision.

"Good. Shall we head over, Bills? Elijah?"

"Where to?"

Dom's crooked smile appears again. "You'll see."

When they reach the set, Elijah comes to a stop, looking around in amazement. Billy slides his arms around Dom's waist from behind and nuzzling his neck and murmuring, "This is beautiful, Doms. Perfect."

Dom inclines his head in acknowledgement.

The bed is made up, it's the one from the scene where Frodo finally wakes up from his sleep after Mount Doom. Which means it's over-scale so Elijah looks suitably hobbit-like and small.

Candles are aglow all around.

Dom reaches over and pulls Elijah in front of him, so the three of them are touching for the first time, facing the bed.

"We thought this might be a good spot to demonstrate that we do, in fact, want you. It's a place where Frodo is happy, recovered from his exhaustion. A place where Merry and Pippin are ecstatic to see him returned safely from his journey. Bills and I, we're like Merry and Pip at the moment. We're ecstatic to think you might choose to be with us."

Dom turns Elijah in his arms to face Billy, and they both see Elijah's smile in his eyes, and not just on his lips.

Dominic claims the first kiss as Billy looks on, one hand around Dom's waist, and the other resting on Elijah's shoulder. They look fine together, these bonnie lads, thinks Billy, anticipation tingling in every touch.

He releases them to slip out of his clothes, then turns his attention to Dominic's, and moments later the two are naked as newborn bairns.

Dominic has barely stopped kissing Lij the whole time, his hands now cupping Elijah's face, Elijah's hands holding on to Dom's forearms like a little monkey.

Billy steps behind Elijah, arms circling the slim waist, and rests his chin on Lij's shoulder, watching Dom's face, seeing the tell-tale crease on his forehead that tells Billy his Dominic is deeply, deeply turned on by what he's doing.

The two pause for breath and Billy takes his chance.

"Elijah, will you let us undress you?"

Elijah twists his neck to look at Billy and nods.

Between them Dom and Billy make short work of the jeans, shoes and t-shirt. Billy runs his fingertips down Elijah's back.

"Look at ye. You're nothing but a rickle a bones."

Elijah issues a vague murmur. "I'm a what?"

"He means you're slim and perfect and we can feel every bit of your muscle and bones."

Billy smiles at Dom over Elijah's shoulder. That's not exactly what he means but it's better than a strict translation.

Elijah has drifted to a very happy place, caught as he is in the warmth of their two bodies, It doesn't feel so lonely here, it feels like he's wanted. He's starting to believe in what they've said to him, that they want him to be part of them.

There's no doubt it feels very strange having two men, and their cocks, pressed up against him. He can feel his own length nudging against Dom's. Awesome.

Dom drops to his knees and begins kissing Lij's pale thighs, drifting slowly upwards. Gently, he runs his tongue the length of Lij's cock and feels the younger man stagger slightly, but Bill's there to hold him up.

Elijah settles back against Billy, hand dropping to caress Dom's hair, waiting to see what will happen next. The tongue is back, lapping at the head, flicking around the ridge. He realizes Billy's speaking to him.

"Lij...Elijah? There's something we need to know, and we need you to be honest with us."

Elijah breathes an "Ok". It's hard to concentrate with Dom doing what he's doing.

"We need to know whether you've been with men, with a man, before. We need to know so we can look after you properly."

Dropping his gaze in embarrassment, Lij meets Dom's eyes as he does. Dom, paused, on his knees, mouth hovering next to Lij's cock, looking up at him.

Elijah shakes his head, trying to keep his focus. "No. Never."

Dominic smiles, and so does Bills. Their whispered fantasies from the other night are about to become real.

Dom slips the head of the cock before him between his lips, tightening them around it, then slides resolutely down to the root, swirling his tongue as he goes.

"Fuck! Dom!" Elijah's had blow jobs before, but this is something else.

Billy can feel Elijah quivering, and begins kissing his neck and shoulders, licking his own fingers before reaching for one of Elijah's nipples and pinching it lightly, rolling it between his fingertips before repeating the gesture on the other.

At the same time, Billy begins to gently slide his cock along Elijah's arse, gently rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

Elijah sways again. "I...I don't think I can stand much longer. Sorry...I just, I can't..."

"Come on laddie.. to the bed with you.."

Elijah climbs on to the bed, presenting the most unexpectedly gorgeous sight to the two older men watching from behind. Billy and Dom glance at each other and they know they are each more than content.

"Dommie, why don't you finish what you started now that bonnie Elijah is safe on the bed?"

Dominic grins and climbs up, murmuring to Elijah to lie back against the pillows as he settles between Elijah's spread legs. He takes Elijah as deep as he can, the slender length nestling against the back of his throat. Billy is pleased to see Lij's head tip back, eyes squeezing shut as Dom works his magic. Small mewling noises emerge from the American; delicate, erotic sounds as he clutches at the blankets.

Billy lies next to Elijah, stroking the skin between the boy's ribs, tweaking the dusky nipples to hardness. And then it occurs to him that he hasn't tasted Elijah's lips yet.

He moves to remedy this and as he begins to kiss Elijah he is rewarded by Elijah's eyes flying open. Elijah returns his kiss and they each watch the other with open eyes.

Dom's clever mouth is pushing Elijah closer and closer to the edge. Billy sees Lij's eyelashes start to flutter and his body begin to shudder as the waves of the approaching orgasm build higher and higher inside. Lij pulls away breathless and practically unable to speak.

"Billy... Dom needs to get off me.. I'm gonna.. I'm gonna..."

"It's ok, let it happen."


"It's ok Elijah, he likes it."

Those words, and the feel of Dom chuckling around his cock, send Elijah over the edge.

Billy watches as much as he can, eyes flicking from Elijah's crumpled, beautiful orgasm face, high pitched groans falling from his lips, down to Dominic, eyes closed in his own bliss as he swallows around Elijah's pulsing cock.

Elijah is exhausted, filled with post-orgasm languor. He's aware of Billy sliding down the bed, assumes that Billy and Dom are going to do something together. For himself, he just needs to catch his breath, get over the orgasm. He can't move.

He opens his eyes and sees Billy reaching for the lube Dom must have thoughtfully left on the bed earlier. Dom seems as breathless as he is, beads of sweat visible. Then the Scot places a hand on the back of Dom's skull and pulls him in for a long slow deep kiss.

Even a day ago Elijah might have considered that gross, but it just seems intimate now.

He makes no effort to change his position from the wide open sprawl Dom had him in, just closes his eyes again for a second and drifts in the happy place where he is wanted.

Dom tongue fucks Billy's mouth, sharing as much of Elijah's perfect taste as he can.

When they break apart Billy flips the cap on the lube, and drizzles a plentiful amount of lube over Dom's fingers, then does the same to his own hand. They slide their fingers together, thoroughly coating them in preparation for what they want next.

With a shared grin, they turn to business.

Billy takes the lead here, gently placing a fingertip at Elijah's entrance. Elijah starts to sit up, blue eyes displaying his apprehension.

Billy pauses, just resting his finger. Not pushing, not withdrawing. "It'll be ok, Elijah. We're good at this."

Elijah's eyes seek out Dom, worried and nervous. Dom smiles at him and strokes a thigh with the non-sticky hand.

"Our Billy is a bit cocky, isn't he?" Dom asks.

Elijah nods dumbly.

"But he's right Lij, we are good at it. And we want you to enjoy it. It'll be good, mate."

Elijah gives in and drops back onto the pillow. His eyes dart round the Rivendell chamber, resting on the windows, the door, the ceiling. Billy's finger strokes and presses and teases, waiting for the moment when Elijah flexes his arse muscles, as he will eventually. Not more than a minute has passed when Lij pushes out, involuntarily allowing enough looseness that the tip of Billy's finger slips in without any trouble at all.

He gasps sharply as he realises that Billy is inside him, and another as he feels the finger start to gently pulse inside him. Feather light pressure.

Dom speaks again. "Consciously relax all your muscles Lij, all of them, work from your fingers up, then from your feet, just release all of them."

He tries his best to concentrate on doing what Dom says, he hadn't realized how tense he is. When he reaches his pelvic muscles it's so difficult, he had thought he was thoroughly limp after he came, but instead he finds he's tense.

"Take a deep breath and breathe out, release the tension with it."

Elijah gives a shaky laugh "What are you? A Buddhist training coach?"

"For you, I can be whatever it takes."

Lij follows instructions and at the end of the outward breath he feels the pulsing finger slide much, much further inside.

Billy begins to finger fuck Elijah, moving in and out and pressing up and down against his opening. Eventually, he speaks to Dom. "I think..."


"Yeah Dommie, I think we're good..."

Elijah is hiding behind his closed eyes. If he can't see them, they can't see him, see what they're doing to him.

Oh God.

He feels another finger pressing into him. He thinks it's Dom.


It is another finger, and it is Dom's finger. The lovers press in together, their digits starting to twist together, not always keeping the same rhythm, pulling out and pushing in at the same time.

He can hear them murmuring, but can't hear what they're saying.

In fact, they're agreeing that Dom should be the one to slide in, to fuck him for the first time. He's longer than Billy, but not as broad, so more comfortable for a first time.

Elijah is much looser, staying slightly open instead of closing tightly when they slip their fingers out, a good sign. His dick has started to harden again as well, so he's enjoying it.

Dom twists his finger round, searching for the bump inside...There.

"Holy fuck! What did you just do?!"

Dom does it again.

Elijah's ring seems to flex open, begging for more. It's time.

Billy withdraws, wiping his hands on a small towel Dom also left earlier. He lies next to Elijah, catching his gaze and kissing him before speaking.

"Dom is going to make love to you Elijah, if you want him to."

"I.. I do. I want him to do it."

Dom is kneeling, watching them. His face is a picture of tenderness.

"We, Dom and I, we think that it would be best if he takes you from behind the first time. And I would like it if I could lie beneath you, keep an eye on you, alright?"

A nod. "What do I need to do?"

"Just let me into the middle of the bed, then turn over and kneel above me. There's nothing of you so you'll not have to worry about squashing me if you fall."

Elijah begins to move, allowing Billy to wriggle under him as he turns. He places his knees on either side of Billy's waist, kneeling on all fours.

"Here Lij, rest on your elbows, you'll have more support." Dom helps him get into position. Billy bends an arm back and rests it on the bed beside his head, taking Elijah's hand and lacing their fingers together.

Dom dips his head and steals a kiss, first from Billy, then from Elijah, before moving back to settle between their legs, behind Elijah's raised arse.

Lij's opening is still flexing open. Dom takes the lube and dribbles some more inside, causing Elijah to shiver at the feel of the fluid dripping into him. He coats his own hardness with copious amounts of the silicon gel. Anything not to hurt Lij.

Elijah is caught in Billy's green eyes, mesmerized. Billy's stroking his hair with his other hand and, feeling Dom shift closer between their spread limbs, he pulls Lijah down for a kiss.

Billy's timing is perfect, he can feel Elijah stiffen as Dom breaches him. Elijah breaks off the kiss, breathing harshly, eyes shut, face clenched tight, fingers like iron around Bill's.

"Wait there, Dommie. Give him a moment. Elijah? Remember what Dommie said about relaxing everything? Can you do that again for us?"

Elijah concentrates, commanding each part of his body to relax as best he can. As his face begins to smooth, and his breathing begins to even out, Billy speaks again.

"Gently now Dom, be kind to him."

Elijah feels Dom push in to him slowly but steadily and starts to shake his head to stop this, to say no more.

Billy croons to him, releasing his fingers to pet his skin, to hold him close, and Elijah buries his face in Billy's shoulder, gripping Billy's shoulder so, so tightly.

And then, the pushing stops.

In a small voice Elijah asks, "Is it in? Is it done?"

The Scot looks up at Dom, their eyes connecting in the sadness that there seems to be no way to avoid all the pain in a first time.

Billy strokes Elijah's hair as replies, "It's ok, Lijah, that's it. How are you? Do you want to stop this?"

"I.. I think I do, I'm sorry, I wanted to, but..."

"But nothing laddie. It's not a problem. Dom?"

"Yeah, I can hear. It's really ok Elijah. I'm sorry. I'll pull out of you but you need to hang on 'til that's done."

Elijah nods into Billy's neck and issues a tiny sniffle which breaks both Dom and Billy's hearts.

Rubbing Elijah's long, lean back, Dom begins to withdraw.

He leans forward slightly to grip Elijah's hips for purchase, when he hears a sudden gasp and freezes.

"Sorry! I'm being as gentle as I can."

Elijah's face comes out of hiding, fingers still gripping Billy for dear life.

" wasn't that. don't know..."

"Did it feel good? Bairn, did it feel like a sharp pleasure inside you?"

", yes."

With an experimental twist of his hips, Dom rubs the same place inside Elijah.

"There! So good. It's like before, with your fingers. It's so good. I don't want you to stop making me feel that way."

Dom slides back in, slowly and gently, dragging his length along Elijah's gland.

A tirade of swear words colour the air around them. The mood changes from worried and heavy to hopeful and sparkling as simply as that.

"I think he liked that, Dom."

"I think he did at that, Bills."

Dom picks up the pace just slightly, and finds the resistance inside Elijah is gone. He reaches round to take Elijah's cock in his hand, and finds Billy pumping his own erection, briefly they clasp hands before returning to their tasks.

Billy is overwhelmed by the blissful look on Elijah's face and he leans up to suck on Lij's plump lower lip, transforming the contact into a kiss.

Suddenly, he feels Elijah shift, and realises he's trying to push back on to Dom's cock. He smiles as he kisses and licks and sucks at the beautiful mouth above him, jerking himself harder, wanting to come.

Dom experiences the first voluntary thrust back on to him as a flash of fire through his body. Elijah likes it. He throws his head back and revels in what he's doing. He wants to wipe out the traces of Elijah's loneliness and jealousy by this simple act of fucking.

He slips and slides his hand around Lij's cock, still aiming for the lad's prostate with every thrust.

The moment which pushes them all over comes out of the straining, groaning, sighing heat of the three of them tangled together.

Dom's hand is nearly as good as his mouth, and coaxes the second orgasm from Elijah who rips his mouth from Billy's and cries out a wordless affirmation of his pleasure. Elijah's clenching, quivering muscles trip Dom into his own climax, calling out Elijah's name as he comes.

For Billy, the sight of his laddies in their moment of shared ecstasy and the feel of the pulses of Elijah's cum against his belly does the trick just nicely. He grabs Elijah down for a hard kiss as his hand clenches just so around the head of his cock, sullying Elijah's pure, pale flesh with his cum.

Elijah offers a final cry as Dom slides out of him, collapsing on the bed next to Billy, pulling Elijah down to rest between them.

A few minutes drift past as they recover, their harsh breathing finally calming. Dom leans over the bed and grabs up the bottles of water he'd left earlier, as well as another towel for a wipe down.

He hands a bottle to Elijah.. "So mate. What do you think? Will you be with us? Between us?"

"You both want me to be with you, the Domly, like this?"

A laugh comes from his other side.

"C'mon now. You cannae need us to answer that! But yes. We do. An Eldomly has a better ring to it."

"Then yeah. I want to be with you."

The three lie quietly, stroking flesh and kissing softly. It's Elijah who breaks the moment.

"Fuck, I need a cigarette."

He sits up and looks for his jeans.

Dom snorts in disbelief. "No way are you smoking in Rivendell. PJ will actually kill us if we send it up in flames."

"So what do you suggest?"

"Pack this lot up and get back to ours and take things from there. Yes?"



Elijah raises his bottle of water.

"To the Eldomly."

The other two raise their bottles, grinning, and chorus back, "The Eldomly!"

OoOo The End OoOo

Merry Christmas!

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