Carpe Diem

Recipient: violettefemme
Author: zebraljb
Pairing: Orlando/Elijah, some Viggo/Bean
Rating: R for language
Summary: After a five-year split, Orlando and Elijah finally seize the moment given to them by a few crafty friends.


"So we'll meet up in Vegas, and drive over, right?"

"I don't know if I can make it to Vegas by then," Orlando said, tucking the phone against his ear as he tugged a shoe on. "I have a photo shoot in London, then..."

"So, we'll meet up in Vegas on Friday," Billy Boyd continued as if Orlando had never responded. "I can get in on Wednesday, you'll be there Thursday, and I think Dom can make it Thursday night."

"I think I just said I don't know..."

"Because I know you can blow off a bloody photo shoot for this," Billy said.

"Am I talking to hear the sound of my own voice?" Orlando wondered.

"I think so, because no is not an acceptable answer."

"Bills, I'm not saying I'm blowing off the whole thing, I'm just saying that Vegas to L.A. is a long drive, and..."

"Do you really think I'm going to let you just fly in, tip your hat, then fly back out again? Hell, no," Billy said cheerfully. "This is a reunion in all definition of the word."

"Reunion of what?" Orlando sulked, falling back onto his couch.

"Ten years, mate. Ten years ago our lives were changed forever, and you know it." Billy sighed. "I myself can't believe it's been that long. Of course, I'm even handsomer now than I was back then, but, you know, we can't all be that lucky."

"How does Ali put up with you?" Orlando asked, shaking his head.

"Well, I believe she's up for sainthood next year," Billy mused. "Besides, Jack's much worse than I am. I don't think I was half as much trouble when I was five."

"Probably twice as much," Orlando said, laughing. "Fine. I'll see what I can do about Vegas."

"No, you'll be there. I'll have you checked in at the Spanish Main Resort under the name Sparrow."

"So cute," Orlando groaned.

"I thought so," Billy said. "G'night, Orli."

"Yeah, 'night," Orlando said, hanging up.

He picked up one of the sofa cushions and smacked himself in the face. He knew he owed it to the fans and everyone else involved to come to the special reunion party for the first Lord of the Rings movie. It had been ten years, and he owed everything he had to Peter Jackson. Viggo was even pulling himself out of his retirement in the middle of nowhere to attend. It was just too hard to think about seeing Elijah, though, and of course he would be there.

Everything had fallen apart five years earlier, but it still felt fresh and painful. Nasty words had been thrown out like daggers, accusations had struck deep, and suddenly ElijahandOrli was shattered back into Elijah and Orlando. Even after everything Orlando had done and experienced in his life...he didn't know if he really wanted those scabs picked off again.

"Smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave," Dom said, blinking to save his eyes from the blinding flashbulbs. They had just made it to the hotel in Los Angeles, after a crazy drive from Vegas.

"I do it without thinking," Billy said, his grin never faltering.

"I do it in my sleep," Orlando countered, putting an arm around Billy's waist and posing for a shot.

"Always gotta be the best, huh, Orli?" Dom said through his teeth.

"Shut it, or Evangeline will be a widow," Orlando growled.

Billy cracked up, finally losing his cool. Reporters shouted, wanting to know what the joke was. Orlando finally burst into giggles as well, holding on to Billy for dear life. It was so good to be with his friends again. He had missed them over the years, though they did still keep in touch.

"Hey, guys," a voice said from behind them, and Orlando really did cling to Billy as if his life depended on it.

"'Lij!" Dom yelled, jumping into Elijah's arms and wrapping his legs around the slender waist. The reporters shouted with triumph, and flashes increased in speed and number.

Orlando hung back, waiting for Billy and Dom to get their hellos out of their system. Elijah looked good, as always, in Orlando's opinion. He still had the scruff of hair along his chin, for even at age thirty, he still looked no older than eighteen. His bright blue eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, and Orlando was grateful for this. Elijah's true feelings were never well hidden behind those eyes, and Orlando couldn't bear to see the cold hatred that was probably flowing from every inch of blue.

Elijah finally turned to Orlando. "Orlando. Nice to see you."

"You, too," Orlando said formally. He held out his hand and Elijah took it, pulling him into a half-hug for the cameras. Orlando's heart and mind fought briefly, his heart finally winning. Harsh things might have been said at their last meeting, but the scent and feel of Elijah pressed so close brought the old love and passion to the surface.

"Let's go in. I'm starving," Billy said finally, and Orlando could have kissed him. "I need a full belly to deal with the press conference."

"The press conference isn't until tomorrow," Elijah reminded him.

"Aye, and I need to start eating now," Billy said.

Orlando shook his head, chuckling as he went over to give Liv a hug and a kiss. He was thinking more along the lines of alcohol...he'd need all he could get to deal with just a few days in Elijah's presence.

It took all Orlando had to roll out of bed at nine the next morning. The press conference was scheduled at eleven, and Orlando had only made it into bed at five. Staying at the same hotel with Billy and Dom was an incredibly bad idea. Staying at the same hotel as Elijah was an even worse idea, but Orlando was thankful that there had been plenty of things to distract him from Elijah. Or at least to distract him from pining over Elijah; Orlando was eternally conscious of Elijah's proximity, even if it was across a dining room.

Orlando groaned and forced himself into the shower, cold water pelting the top of his head. It was going to be a long weekend.

Viggo sipped at his coffee, staring at the brick wall across from his hotel suite's window. He had asked for the most private suite available, with a limited view from either other windows or street level. Jeans were low-slung on his hips, and he wore nothing else. He was so deep in thought that he did not hear the bare feet padding up behind him, and he jumped as warm hands slid around his back to rest on his flat stomach. "Scare the hell out of me, why don't you?"

"Sorry, mate. Thought you heard me...that whole Ranger thing and all." Warm lips briefly kissed his shoulder before Sean moved to stand next to him, an arm around his waist, fingers hooked in one of Viggo's belt loops. "Going to the conference like this, are you?"

"No," Viggo said with a chuckle. "I don't need you jumping me on the table."

"I don't need you to be half-naked to make me want to jump you," Sean said, bumping Viggo's hip lightly with his own. "That's a twenty-four seven sort of thing."

"Ah, I see. Good to know I still have that effect on you," Viggo said in amusement.

"Never stopped," Sean murmured, giving Viggo a tender kiss on the lips. Normally Sean was not this overly affectionate, even in private, but the whole idea of the reunion had brought back a lot of good memories of when their relationship had started. Ten years had only served to strengthen it, and it was one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood. Out of the two of them, only Sean was continuing to get work in Hollywood, but Viggo didn't mind. He was happy on his ranch, raising horses and painting, patiently waiting for Sean to come back "home."

"Speaking of relationships," Viggo began.

"Were we?" Sean asked, but he smiled as he spoke.

"Orlando and Elijah. They're idiots."

"That they are," Sean agreed. "But they're grown men now, Vig, not the kids we knew. If they want to be stupid..."

"We need to smarten them up," Viggo said with a frown. "I hate seeing Orlando so sad."

"From what I recall, there was fault on both sides," Sean reminded him gently. "And we're not playing matchmaker."

"You're right, we're not," Viggo said innocently.

"Good. I'm going to go make tea," Sean said, padding back to the small kitchen.

"I'M going to play matchmaker," Viggo said softly once Sean was out of earshot.

"Orlando...everyone else has gone into some other part of the field besides there anything that you'd like to do behind the scenes?" A reporter asked.

Orlando blinked. "Well, no, not really," he said finally. "I guess I'm happiest where I'm at...not sure I'd be good at that, really." He glanced over at Elijah, who was giving him a strange look. "I'll let Billy and Elijah take the glory that way," he finished with a laugh.

"Elijah," the same reporter said, before anyone could jump in again. "What's your fondest memory from the years of shooting the movie?"

"Well, I'm sure you can understand that it's pretty impossible for me to pick just one," Elijah said, propping his chin on his hand. "It was such an intense learning experience for me, especially watching Peter at work. It's what has made me get interested in directing my own films. The friendships that developed...relationships...that's probably my best memory."

Orlando blushed and looked down at his hands. He knew that it was his best memory...the way he had fallen in love with Elijah the very first time those big blue eyes turned his way.

"I heard a rumor...something about a closet?" The reporter persisted. The other cast members at the table burst into laughter while Elijah and Orlando carefully avoided looking at each other.

"Tell us, Elijah!" Another reporter called.

"Well, Orlando and I stumbled upon a closet in the one soundstage locked inside...were stuck there for an hour," Elijah stammered. "Nothing big."

"He's being shy," Viggo chimed in. "What he hasn't said is that they sat in that closet for an hour, thinking they were locked in, and the door was open the entire time."

The reporters started to chuckle. "Because one of you gits snuck up and unlocked it," Orlando retorted, coming to Elijah's rescue. "Don't forget that." Orlando couldn't help but look at Elijah now. This was a painful memory for him, and he wished he could strangle whoever fed that tidbit of information to the reporter. That hour in the closet was when he and Elijah had finally admitted their feelings to one another.

"Next question, please," Sean Bean said finally, drawing attention away from the closet and all its painful memories.

The press conference couldn't be over fast enough for Orlando. He wasn't due to fly out until the next afternoon, but he was more than ready to change his flight to that very second. Being around Elijah was worse than he had expected.

"Orli, come with me," Billy said, tugging on his shirtsleeve. "I found out there's a back way into the kitchen."

"We're about to go in for a six-course dinner," Orlando said.


"Have you not yet outgrown this immature need to break the rules?" Orlando asked authoritatively.

"No." Billy tugged on his sleeve again, guiding him out of the conference room. Orlando looked over his shoulder, sighing as he watched Viggo put an arm around Elijah's shoulder as he talked to him. Orlando would give up a year's salary to be able to put his arm around Elijah like that just one more time.

"I'm not even hungry, Bills," Orlando whined, but he let Billy lead him along.

"It's just through here," Billy said, walking into one of the hotel's smaller ballrooms.

"Bill, it's pitch black in here!" Orlando protested.

"Hold on. Let me find a light switch. Stay there." Orlando heard Billy wander through the room, saw a brief light at the other end as a door opened, and then the door closed.

"Billy?" Orlando felt his way through the room, reaching the door and trying the knob. It was locked. "Billy...c'mon." Orlando sighed. He was not feeling this right now.

He slowly made his way back to the door they entered through, and was about halfway there when it suddenly opened. "Viggo, I don't get it. What..." Orlando heard Elijah say. He stood and stared as Elijah was shoved through the door. It slammed behind him and locked. "What the hell? Viggo!" Elijah shouted, pounding on the door. "All those pranks I played happened ten years ago. You should forgive and forget!"

Orlando felt his way along a side wall until his hands found a switch. He turned on the lights and Elijah whirled around. "Hey," Orlando said weakly.

"Uh, hi." Elijah stared at him. "You know, Orlando, if you wanted to talk to me, you could have just said something, not put this little show on."

"This had nothing to do with me!" Orlando spat. "Bill led me through here, and like an idiot, I followed him. They locked us in here on purpose." He leaned against the wall and let himself slowly slide down to the floor.

"Why?" Elijah tried the doorknob once more.

"I don't know, Elijah. Maybe they want us to talk," Orlando said. "It's why they did it the first time."

"I have nothing to say to you," Elijah said, finally giving up on the door and walking over to one of the banquet tables. He pulled out a chair and sat on it backwards, leaning his chin on his arms. "I said it all five years ago."

"Yes, I remember. Word for word."

"Don't play the martyr with me, Orlando. If I remember correctly, you said some nasty things yourself," Elijah retorted.

"What else was I supposed to do, with the way you treated me?" Orlando said, honestly shocked. "The things you said, the attitude you gave me?"

"What attitude?" Elijah looked genuinely confused.

"You took one look at that script and got all cocky, asking if I was sure I could handle it...if it was really what was right for me," Orlando said angrily, jumping to his feet. "It was written all over your face that you thought I wasn't good enough."

"I never said that," Elijah said quickly.

"You didn't have to, 'Lij. You know how nervous I get about my talent. You know that I never think I'm good enough. And you fed that fear without ever really saying a word. I always wondered why. Why did you encourage me to try new things and attempt new roles, when you never thought I was good enough in the first place?"

"I never ever thought you weren't good enough, Orli. Please believe me," Elijah said, his blue eyes earnest. "It's just...I...I wanted that role."

"You?" Orlando gasped.

"Yes. My agent actually got me a copy of the script. But when I saw that the director had sent it to you herself...I was jealous. And embarrassed, really...because I saw myself as perfect for it, but apparently, she didn't."

"You threw away everything we had for a stupid part?" Orlando almost yelled.

"No...I just said things before I could stop myself, and then you said some pretty nasty stuff, and then I got mad, and..." Elijah threw up his hands helplessly. "I'm...I'm sorry, Orlando. I'm sorry that I let my own insecurities come between us. I just...everything I'd ever gone for I got, no problem. And this...I guess I felt like you were becoming the better actor, and it freaked me out. Not that you didn't deserve it," he added quickly, "Because you did. You do. I just...felt like I was losing something."

"And you did lose something," Orlando said softly. "You lost us. We lost us. I know that it was partially my fault. I jumped to conclusions without really asking why you were acting that way. I guess...I guess I was just scared of losing you, always worried that work would come between us...and it did."

"I'm sorry," Elijah said again.

"I'm sorry, too, Elijah," Orlando said. He walked over to where Elijah was sitting. Elijah slowly stood when Orlando offered his hand. "We're friends again, right?"

"Yes." Elijah shook Orlando's hand, but didn't let go. His other hand reached up to gently toy with Orlando's hair. "I've missed talking to you."

Orlando swallowed hard. "Me, too," he managed to whisper.

"Missed laughing with you..." Elijah's hand crept to the back of Orlando's neck. "Missed...touching you..."

Their lips were inches apart, and Orlando knew it was now or never. He bent down and kissed Elijah. He felt Elijah's hand fist into his curls, and he released Elijah's other hand, letting his arms wrap around Elijah's slender body. "Missed loving you," Orlando murmured against Elijah's mouth.

"God, Orli, I'm so damn sorry," Elijah said between kisses. Their bodies pressed tightly together, as if drawn close by an imaginary magnet. "I cannot believe I threw away five precious years..."

"We both did," Orlando interrupted.

The door suddenly opened, and they drew apart. "Time for dinner," Billy said, smiling at them.

"I should kick your scrawny butt for this," Elijah said.

"But I won't let him," Orlando added. "Because I want to do it."

"You boys done being idiots?" Viggo drawled from behind Billy. Orlando saw Sean Bean peeking over Viggo's shoulder and grinning.

"Yes." Elijah wove his fingers in with Orlando's. He looked in Orlando's eyes, asking a silent question. Orlando nodded, kissing Elijah's fingers. "Are any of the press still around?"

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The movie making industry was shocked today by an announcement given by actors Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood. "We're very much in love," Wood said during a special press conference at the ten-year anniversary gathering for the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy. "We've been an item, off and on, since filming started years ago." Bloom, who has been linked romantically to Kate Bosworth and Kirsten Dunst, smiled as he added, "We figured we were at a point in our relationship, and in our careers, where we were ready to led the world in on our happy secret." During interviews after this surprise revelation, co-star Viggo Mortensen said he was happy for his friends. "The entire cast and crew was behind this relationship from the start, and we're overjoyed to see Elijah and Orlando ready to let the world know."



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