Recipient: empy
Author: kimberleigh_
Pairing: Sean Bean/ Marton Csokas
Rating: Nc-17
Summary: Someone doesn't know he is being watched.
Notes: I hope you asked for porn for christmas :D I didn't plan on it being so smutty, but the muse went that way and I just followed along. Merry Xmas EMPY!


Ethereal. It wasn't a word that Sean would use to describe another man, but it seemed to fit Marton. Sean first thought it was the costume, the silver wig that he wore, but there was something in his eyes that wasn't quite of this world. It intrigued Sean, aroused him in a way he hadn't felt in a long time. Sean had been intimate with other men in the past, so the feelings weren't foreign to him, but for the moment Sean was content to just watch Marton. He just failed to notice that Marton was watching him as well.


A night out was a welcome diversion. The pub reminded Sean of his local back in England. He could finally relax, and lay Boromir aside for a few hours. There was Guinness on tap and a decent selection of scotch. He found Viggo sitting in a booth next to the pool tables. Sean joined him and settled in for a night of drinking.

The sudden appearance of Marton at the bar surprised Sean. Even without the costume, Marton looked otherworldly and untouchable in the low light of the pub. Sean shifted in his seat, but his eyes never left Marton.

*** All night Marton could feel the weight of Sean's eyes on him. They followed him everywhere he went. The bar, the washroom. Marton knew he would have to make the first move. To him, Sean seemed the sort of guy who was content to just watch, while he was not. He had been watching the other man for several days now, and he knew what was hidden in the depths of Sean's eyes, they were full of heat and desire. Marton smiled to himself. If he had to make the first move, he was going to have some fun first.


It was easy enough to find someone to play pool with him, and luckily the only available table was next to Sean. He knew Sean was watching him as he bent over to take his first shot, so he made a big show of it, making sure Sean got a good look at his ass. He continued on that way, drawing Sean's gaze to him with every shot. He knew Sean was getting flustered without even looking. After lining up his last shot, he cast a look over his shoulder towards Sean. When Sean finally made eye contact, Marton winked.


When Marton winked, Sean turned blushed. Marton easily sunk the 8 ball, winning the game. Instead of returning to the table full of elves, Sean watched as Marton came over to him.

"So, are you just going to sit here all night watching me, or are you going to do something?"

Marton's tone was low and husky, his breath ghosting across Sean's neck. Sean didn't know what to say, he just stared at Marton in stunned silence. Marton kissed his cheek once, turned and left. After a few moments Sean tossed down the last of his scotch and followed after.


Their first kiss was hot and slippery. Ill aimed lips and tongues that just seemed to get in the way, neither of them noticed. Sean grasped at Marton's sweater as Marton pushed him against the rough brick wall. When Marton brought their hips together and he could feel Sean's erection hot and heavy against his own. He squeezed it through Sean's jeans. Sean moaned and his eyes, which had fallen shut, snapped open. He stared at Marton as if seeing him for the first time.

"Not here." His voice was ragged.

"Alright." And Marton was pulling him into the dark.


When they arrived at Marton's house, they weren't inside for more then five minutes before Marton had Sean sprawled on the living room floor, his fingers clawing at Sean's clothing. Sean captured Marton's lips in a fierce kiss, their tongues wetly sliding against each other. Sean's big hands roamed over Marton's body before settling on his ass pulling him close.

"You're wearing too many clothes..." Sean murmured. Marton slipped from Sean's grip and stood. He slowly began to lower the zipper of his jeans. He was enjoying this way too much.

"Shall I take some off then?" Sean could only smile.


Sean moaned softly as Marton rolled the condom on his erection. He watched as Marton coated him with lube. While he couldn't see Marton's fingers as he penetrated himself, he could see the effect of it all over Marton's face. Sean took hold of Marton's hips to help steady him. Before long Marton's breath was coming in short gasps.

"I'm ready." Was all he said and he began to slowly lower himself onto Sean's erection. They both moaned, Sean's fingers began digging into Marton's hips. Once he had all of Sean inside, he looked down at him, "Are you ready?"


The ride was long and wild. Marton had an uncanny ability to sense when Sean was close to coming and at those moments he slowed down. He did this several times until Sean finally had enough and took hold of Marton's hips and began fucking him in earnest.

He groaned and grunted as Marton encouraged him with moans and demands to fuck him harder. After what felt to him like hours, Sean could feel his orgasm building, and with a final thrust, he came. He held tightly to Marton's hips, holding him in place.

"Fuck", was all he could say.


When Sean finally let go of his hips, Marton straddled Sean's face. He traced his erection over Sean's lips. Sean's tongue slipped out and licked the head.

"My turn." Marton pushed his erection into the waiting warmth and wet of Sean's mouth. He let out a long groan.


It was an awkward position, but Marton knew he wouldn't last long. Taking hold of Sean's head, he began to fuck the other man's mouth. He came when Sean worked a finger into his ass and jabbed his prostate. Marton knew he would taste himself in Sean's mouth when they kissed.


Marton rolled off of Sean.

"That was fucking great." Sean didn't reply, he reached over and patted Marton's ass. The long day in combination with the booze and sex finally caught up to him and he drifted off to sleep.

When he awoke a short time later, it took him a few minutes to remember where he was. He was still lying on the living room floor, although Marton had covered him with a blanket. He rolled onto his side and began groping for his clothes. As he dressed he glanced around, but Marton was no where to be found.


He found Marton in the kitchen, staring out the window into the dark New Zealand night.

"Coffee?" Marton turned from the window to face Sean. Sean tried hard to ignore the fact that Marton was still naked, but he couldn't stop his eyes from roaming all over Marton's body.

"No, thanks. I really need to get going. I've got an early call tomorrow." They both knew he was lying, but Marton stayed silent.

"I'll walk you out then."

"No, its okay. Thanks for everything."

"Anytime, it was my pleasure." Sean gave Marton a small smile before he quickly left.


The tree bark dug into his back, but Marton didn't notice. He was too shocked at being pushed against the tree in the first place. Sean was kissing him hard and after a moment of hesitation, Marton began to kiss him back in kind.

Sean growled when Marton bit down hard on his lower lip.

"Come home with me?" Sean's eyes were full of lust and want and Marton found he didn't want to say no.

"Only if I can fuck you." Marton growled in his ear, and Sean smiled.

"Promise?" Sean's voice was eager, Marton liked that.

"I do."


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