Christmas Day at the Cabin

Recipient: cortie
Author: crumble72
Pairing: Dom/Elijah
Rating: No Rating
Summary: It's Christmas and Dom and Elijah are alone.
Author's Notes: betaed by the lovely slashfairy. It's a bit short but time ran away from me!

Christmas day had arrived. Elijah had woken early as he did every Christmas, but this year it was different. He was getting to spend the whole day with Dom. Still not sure how they had managed it, Elijah was very happy about the prospect of the whole day, his favourite day of the year, alone with Dom.

They had rented a cabin up in the Rockies, well, Elijah had to admit it had been Dom who had rented it while Elijah had just stood nearby giggling joyfully, as Dom made the phone call. But now, today, Elijah meant to make it up to Dom, the beautiful man who was lying next to him. Pulling the covers over his head Elijah began to kiss Dom's naked chest, meaning to give him a wake up call. But Dom, never a morning person, pushed Elijah away moaning about being woken up. Elijah sat up and sulked, as he was wont to do when he didn't get his way.

"But Dommie, it's Christmas, wake up! I just want to give you your present!" Moodily he threw a pillow at Dom's head and started to retreat. It took Dom all of 5 seconds to grab Elijah and pull him into a kiss. Elijah smiled under Dom's kisses. As always his sulk had worked and now Dom was awake. "More than awake," Elijah thought feeling down under the covers. Dom shivered.

"I want my present first!" Elijah said sitting up with a start leaving Dom looking bewildered.

"What the..." Dom protested, though he knew Elijah too know that he wouldn't carry on until he had his present. "You want your present first, do you Eli?"

Elijah nodded, grinning and bouncing up and down on the bed.

So Dom got up and rustled in the cupboard they had dumped their stuff in.

Two minutes later he came back with a little box. Elijah's grin faltered slightly, he had been expecting something bigger. Dom handed the little box over and Elijah slowly unwrapped it. Inside was a pair of cufflinks, not just any cufflinks though, they were sparkly blue crystal that matched Elijah's eyes and were shaped in the Elvish for 9, just like Elijah's and the others' tattoos. Now the box was open they were shining brightly and reflecting in Elijah's already sparkling eyes. Elijah's grin had taken over his face! Leaning over the end of the bed he pulled Dom down into a kiss.

"Thank you a lot Dommie they're perfect!" Elijah said into his lips. It was a long time before the came up for air.


Some time later they emerged from their room, hungry and ready for Christmas to begin.

"So hey, what about my present 'Lijah?" Dom commented pulling a jumper over his head heading out the bedroom door. Elijah grinned wickedly.

"Like I haven't already given you something?" He winked back at Dom. Seeing Dom look dispirited Elijah lightly punched him telling him not to worry. He headed back into the bedroom and came out with a huge box and handed it to Dom. Dom gasped. Opening it carefully, Dom grinned widely.

Inside the box was a bag of chestnuts, a tub of chocolate butter, some handcuffs and a note. Dom grabbed the note and read aloud. We are finally alone so light the fire, put on the chestnuts, and settle back for our Christmas you'll never forget!

Dom blushed but hurried to the fire. Elijah giggled.

"So what do you think then Dommie? You up for some fun on this Christmas day?"

Dom nodded excitedly, lighting the fire.

By the time the sun had gone down Elijah and Dom were curled up by the fire, worn out and so stuffed on chocolate chestnuts and each other that they fell asleep happy knowing this Christmas would be one they never would forget.


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