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Stainless Steel Christmas

Recipient: caras_galaghadon
Author: lexi_mirkwood
Pairing: Sean Bean/Viggo/Richard Taylor (Head of Weta Workshops)
Rating: NC17 mild BDSM.
Summary: Viggo needs some lessons and Sean is more than happy to teach him.
Story Notes: The requestee wanted Vigbean and another from a list very nice characters and I picked Richard Taylor. Set during the filming of LotR and probably the time line is not quite correct but hey its fiction.
Author's Notes: Betaed by nimlothriel. It was a joy to actually write Richard Taylor cos I do love him.

Viggo looks up from his notebook where he had been sketching something with a broken piece of charcoal and speaks to the world in general. 'I need to learn to weld,' he proclaims.

Sean drags his attention away from the newspaper which is describing in gruesome detail the latest defeat inflicted on the Blades. 'I'm guessing that is actually directed at me,' he says from the other side of the table, 'Do you have some sort of kinky fantasy about hot, manly welders from Sheffield?'

I have a fantasy about hot men from Sheffield,' Orlando yells from the other side of the catering tent. 'You want to hear it?'

'Fuck off elf boy, I'm so far out of your league you have no chance. Go back to your hobbits,' Sean calls back without bothering to turn around. 'He's pouting now isn't he?' he asks Viggo quietly, a smile playing across his lips.

'Oh yes he is and thank you so much for pissing him off. He's such fun to work with when he's all put out and tragic,' says Viggo, closing his tattered sketch book, stretching his arms over his head and hearing his back pop. 'I'm too old for this, it's going to be a long afternoon.'

'I'll make it up to you later tonight, how does that sound?' teases Sean, 'Try out those new cuffs we got last weekend.'

'Well we have lots of time before we are due on set, why don't you start cheering me up now?' Viggo murmurs, running a boot clad foot up Sean's shin. 'Then we can use the cuffs later and maybe that butt plug.'

'Wardrobe will have our balls if we turn up on set looking like we just fucked, again,' says Sean, thinking about the fifty five layers of clothes he'll have to get through to just to find Viggo's cock. 'I'm going home soon but they can still make you look like a complete pillock later on in the film.'

Ignoring the fact that Sean has bought up the nearness of his departure, Viggo gets to his feet and adjusts his ridiculously complex costume.'Nothing ventured, nothing gained,' he says, picking up his sword and leaning over Sean's back so his lips are very near his ear. 'And I got my wardrobe girl to rearrange things to it's easier to get into my pants. You know, if you were interested.'

'Oh yes I'm very interested in that,' says Sean, 'Let's go find a nice quite caravan and I'll start making it up to you, then I'll call Richard and see if he'll let us use the Workshop out of hours.'


A couple of weeks later Sean had given Viggo given a crash course in welding interspersed with random acts of sex between lessons. Despite the thoroughness of his education, Viggo tended to be slightly haphazard in his welding and required supervision. This meant that for a few nights Sean had been planted in the corner of the workshop with strict instructions not to watch and not to intervene unless Viggo was actually on fire.

Finally on the seventh night of reading his script and not watching his lover Sean was toey as a Roman sandal.

'Okay I'm bored now,' Sean says, stalking over to Viggo with a length of rope and a determined look on his face,

'You can't see this before it's done,' protests Viggo, throwing an old cloth over the sculpture. 'You'll spoil the surprise.'

'Fuck the surprise,' Sean growls in his deep accent, 'I'm bored and you look so hot and manly and sweaty and I need to tie you up and fuck you right now, before I explode.'

'You are always the romantic,' laughs Viggo, wiping his hands on his paint stained t-shirt. 'Lucky I'm the poet.'

'On your feet, I have plans for you,' murmurs Sean waving the black cotton rope back and forth in front of Viggo's gaze. 'All week you have been teasing me with all those sly smiles on the set, the way you run your hand over my shoulder between takes. It's about time I got my own back.'

Viggo puts up very poor effort in protesting his innocence and it's only the work of moments for Sean to get his hands tied behind his back and to push him forward over a handily positioned work bench.

'And you know how turned on I can get when I watch you creating things,' growls Sean. 'Having to just watch you drives me fucking crazy.'

'I know what would make you feel better,' says Viggo, spreading his legs wider to get his balance and settle his already hardening cock more comfortably against the wooden bench. 'Punishing me for being such a bad boyfriend, would make you feel great.'

Sean's answer was firm open handed slap on Viggo's jean clad arse.

'I knew you'd get the idea,' moans Viggo, the sudden stinging pain sending shivers of pleasure shooting up his spine, 'There should be some more of that, really, just so I learn my lesson properly.'

Sean sighs and lays down five more more hard slaps, feeling his own hand start to sting. 'You know what? You talk an awful lot for a man who is tied up and at my mercy,' he says, his voice low, dark and promising. He pulls his tee shirt off and walks around to the front of the bench , pressing the cloth between Viggo's teeth and tying it roughly behind his head. 'Much, much better,'

Viggo can taste Sean on the fabric of the tee shirt and he gets harder, canting his hips to try and get some friction against his aching groin. 'Please,' he mumbles around the makeshift gag.

'Uh uh, no coming until I tell you,' says Sean, dragging Viggo back by hips. 'Hope you prepped like I told you to because I'm very ready for you and I'm in no mood to be gentle.'

Tugging Viggo's jeans down to his knees, he takes a deep breath, the air of the room is thick with scent of burnt metal, sweat and sex. The way Viggo tugs restlessly at the rope and the smell of the room is getting Sean even harder than he was a few minutes ago.

Viggo lets out a low groan as Sean pushes his cock steadily inside him, not pausing until he's balls deep in his lover. 'Fuck me,' he demands from behind his gag, pushing back aginst Sean. 'Hard.'

'I love that you are so fucking built,' says Sean, his hands grabbing Viggo's muscular houlders and dragging him back onto his cock. 'I love that I can fuck you so hard and not be scared of breaking you.'

'Yes, yes,' cries Viggo, his words clear despite the gag as he pulls at the ropes ringing his hands. 'Please.'

'You still don't get to come before I tell you,' says Sean, starting to fuck Viggo enthusiastically, one hand tight around rope, the other teasing at the red skin of his arse. They are both so immersed in the moment they don't notice someone walking into the room.

'You know what? I lend you my workshop and look what you get up to,' says Richard leaning on the door frame and admiring the way the two men are moving together. 'Doesn't look much like welding is going on here.'

'Oh you finally dragged yourself away from all those feet,' says Sean, pausing in his movement, one hand stroking Viggo's back gently as he grins at Richard. 'I guess you could come over here make us stop,' he murmurs, 'Cos we were welding a while ago, but now Viggo seems to be a little tied up.'

'Hmm maybe I should do that,' Richard says, wandering across the familiar workshop being used in a most unfamiliar way. 'Or maybe I should just wait and see if you get back to the welding soon.'

He turns presses his lips against Sean's, one hand slipping behind the others head. The kiss deepens, their tongues tangling together. They would have gone on longer but an annoyed grunt from Viggo breaks the moment.

'Oh someone is feeling left out,' says Richard, stepping away from Sean and moving to stand in front of the bound man, 'You want to join in Vig?' he asks, his hands already unbuttoning his jeans as Viggo nods vigorously. 'Give me a second to get this gag from your mouth.'

Richard looks down and locks his gaze with Viggo's wide blue eyes. 'You are so very good at that,' he croons softly, his hand caressing his cheek as he slips his cock between Viggo's lips.

Viggo is trapped deliciously between the rough thrusts of Sean's length inside him and the weight of Richard's cock laying heavy on his tongue. Closing his eyes, he lets himself get lost in the moment, lost in the way he can give up control to these two men and still feel safe and secure. And soon the only thing he is thinking about is how much he needs to come.

Richard leans forward and steals a quick kiss from Sean as his cock is engulfed in the hot suction of Viggo's talented mouth. 'I'm not going to last very long you know Vig, watching the pair of you is enough to have me almost coming before I got in here.'

Viggo knows exactly how close Richard is to his completion. There is a constant stream of the man's precome trickling down his throat, the familiar taste dropping Viggo deeper into the safe warm darkness of his headspace.

'I'm not going to be far behind you,' Sean groans, as rivulets of sweat slide down his spine, his fingers digging hard into Viggo's hips. 'God you feel so good, you get both of us off and I'll let you come.'

Almost at the same instant the dim room is filled with the sounds of both Sean and Richard coming inside Viggo's body. As they are still shuddering through their climaxes they meet over the top of the bound man's body sharing a rough, breathless kiss.

'Thank you,' says Richard, stroking Viggo's stubbled cheek as he pulls his spit slick cock out of his mouth. 'I think it might be your turn now.'

'Thank god,' Viggo says, the taste of Richard still lingering at the back of his throat, the stinging burn of Sean's thorough fucking still making his head spin.

'Learnt your lesson?' asks Sean, tugging Viggo upright by his bound hands and wrapping a calloused hand around his rock hard cock.

'Oh god yes Sean, please don't tease me any longer,' he demands, 'Let me come or next time I tie you up I'm leaving you on the bed and going out.'

He is tugging hard at Viggo's length, a small twist at the end of each stroke has his lover squirming and bucking. 'Alright, alright,' chuckles Sean the laughter gentle and amused. 'Come whenever you can Vig, I'm sure Richard would love to hear you,'

'Oh fuck,' howls Viggo, spraying the evidence of his climax across the scarred wood of the workbench. 'Oh fuck Sean you are fucking going to kill me one of these days,' he says breathlessly.

'You two look good together,' Richard says smiling as he watches Sean take Viggo in his strong arms. 'And thank god I had a bed put in the back office for when I stay late,' he says. Ever practical Richard, is wandering around the room picking up pieces of scattered clothing as Sean undoes the rope binding Viggo's wrists.

'I'll say, I'm in no condition to get home and we aren't working tomorrow,' says Viggo tiredly, resting his most of his weight on Sean's shoulder as they walk through the deserted workshop. 'Bed sounds just perfect, then I can finish the sculpture in the morning.'

'I'll try not to disturb you when I'm woken at six am by someone complaining about not having enough spears,' says Richard, leading the other two men to the back room.

In a few minutes the only sound is the gentle snores of the three men, their limbs tangled together as they sleep the contented sleep of those recently having had good sex. The next day would take care of itself.


A big crowd of the cast had gathered at Viggo's randomly decorated house one last time before the Christmas break from filming. Their host was lying with his head in Sean's lap while he sketched pictures of the people scattered around the room.

'I hate that I have to go back home,' Sean says softly, his fingers tangling in his lover's long hair. 'But I guess at least you'll have Richard to keep you in line.'

'Not the some as having you here,' says Viggo quietly, tearing off a piece of sketch paper and handing it to Orlando who peers at it in surprise. 'It's a picture of Elijah, just so you don't miss him while you are apart.' Orlando looks up and is about to speak before Viggo puts a finger on his lips. 'The pair of you are so obvious you might as well have sent out a press release. Now off you go and get drunk, just don't leave such a mess in my spare room this time, it scares the cleaner.'

'Oh wise old Mr Mortensen, educating the younger members of the Fellowship,' says Sean reaching for his beer. 'You are my hero Aragon.'

'Shut up,' says Viggo, poking Sean hard in the side, 'All you do is lead the hobbits astray by feeding them scotch and encouraging them to climb fountains.'

'It's all an education Vig, just in different skills,' says Sean, looking fondly at the pile of young men wrestling in one corner.

'Well, now they are all engrossed in something else, lets go to the bedroom, I have something to show you.' Viggo rolls to his feet and tosses his sketch pad onto the coffee table. 'C'mon old man, on your feet.'

'I've seen it before you know,' says Sean as he follows Viggo into the room that lacks much furniture but contains piles of books. 'So it's not going to be that much of a surprise.'

'Oh you do make me laugh,' says Viggo dryly, ' I actually brought you here to give you your present, I wanted to make something that was special to both of us,' he says indicating a box sitting in the corner of the room.

Sean reaches in and pulls out a polished steel sculpture. 'Oh Vig, it's gorgeous,' he says, examining the the intricately welded stylized version of the tree of Gondor sitting in front of the two crossed swords easily identifiable as Boromir's and Aragorn's weapons. 'I love you,' he says softly, running a finger over the cool metal.

'I know and I love you as well,' says Viggo, 'Distance won't matter, it won't change our love, you'll just have to look at it and it'll make help you remember what we had here and what we will have in the future.' Viggo carefully takes the sculpture out of Sean's hands and puts it down on the bed. 'Merry Christmas lover,' he says, kissing him on lips, 'And here's to our future.'

'Our future,' murmurs Sean as he loses himself in the kiss. 'Forever.'


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