Recipient: feelforfaith
Author: absolutefiction
Pairing: Various combinations of Dom, Orli, Billy, and Elijah.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: NZ pub fic. Dom is feeling wretched; he and Orlando slip out for a bit. Angst.
Author's Notes: Thank you to Kyuuketsukirui for the amazing beta. I appreciate your thoroughness. I couldnít have completed the challenge without your help.

Dom was hunched over the bar scowling, waiting for his drink -- he didn't bother asking anyone if they'd like another. Orlando cruised over to him and set his hands on Dom's shoulders and laid his weight down on him, like that was supposed to make Dom laugh or something. He shrugged Orlando off then duly ignored him.

Orlando glanced at Billy and Elijah over at the booth and turned back to Dom, rubbing his hand through his curly Mohican and touched his forehead to Dom's, like they were supposed to bond over their fucked up hairdos. Dom ignored him again and took a sip of his beer as soon as it was set down.

Orlando motioned to the back door, lifting his chin, and asked, "Want to go for a walk?"

Dom stopped ignoring him, downed his beer, and led the way.

They stepped out back into the flood of yellow light coming from above the pub door. Regardless, the New Zealand night sky was darker than what Dom was used to and he looked up, trying to lose himself in the arrangement of unfamiliar stars.

"We're standing upside down," he said after a while.

"What?" Orlando asked, inching closer, bringing his body and mouth close enough for Dom to feel his body heat, his breath.

"The world is round," Dom explained.

"Yeah," Orlando agreed, smiling, sliding his smooth cheek against Dom's rough one -- even just hours after shaving his face hobbit-smooth he's already grown a light shadow.

"Mmm," Orlando cooed, licking along Dom's jaw.

He bent a little to touch his forehead to Dom's and, sliding an arm around him, followed Dom's gaze up to the heavy canopy of stars and finally said, "Gravity, yeah?"

The door swung open with a bang and they both jumped apart. Orlando tugged Dom's jacket and led them off into the darkened alleyway nearby.

Once hidden away, with only a small sliver of sky above, Orlando pressed against Dom, pinning him to the cold wall of the pub.

"What if I...?" Orlando said as Dom blinked at him sullenly.

Cracking a smile, Orlando held Dom's gaze and eased a knee between his legs leaning in to kiss him. Dom felt the tension melt away as Orlando began rhythmically pressing his thigh against Dom's groin.

Dom could feel Orlando's erection, hot and urgent, even beneath all of their clothing, and his own cock stiffened, the heat pooling below his belly.

But that was the only indication of the good time he was having; his heart and mind were still left somewhere inside. Maybe still sitting at the booth with Elijah, who'd been a bit clingy lately and trying too hard to be best friends, or perhaps moved onto some other, leaving poor Elijah alone, just so he could chat up some pissed bird at the bar.

Orlando's breathing was getting heavy and Dom noticed that his was, too, and when Orlando reached around and grabbed Dom's bum, he actually felt like getting into it.

He pushed Orlando off.

"Sblomie," Orlando whined.

Dom flipped around, faced the wall and began undoing his trousers. From what he could hear, Orlando quickly caught on and began doing the same. And then he was pressed against the hard wall again, this time face first. Orlando reached out his hand and said, "Spit."

Dom spat and felt Orlando's deft fingers push into him and twist and spread, stretching him, and fuck, it had been a while.

"Fuck yeah," he said with his eyes closed.

He shut his mouth and breathed deeply though his nose, and then said "fuck yeah" again, his voice dark and grainy.

He pushed back onto those long fingers and groaned.

Orlando pulled his fingers out, spit in his hand, and soon Dom felt a slick-sticky cock skidding over his arse and then pushing into him. He gasped, uncontrollably; it burned and tore into him and then smoothed out and found a slow rhythm.

"Fuck me, harder, Orli, come on. I can take it. Just do it. Do it."

And Orlando pulled back, all the way to the tight ring of muscle at the opening, tilted his hips and slammed back into him again and again until he built up momentum, slamming in faster and harder.

Dom reached down for his cock and grabbed it, squeezing at the root and tugging up to the tip and back down over and over with a fierce grip until he was suffocating in oblivion before finally exploding white into his palm and onto the wall in front of him.

Orlando must've come, too, because he was draped limply over Dom's back. Dom jerked him off and undid his jacket, then took off his shirt while Orlando watched.

He wiped the come on his hands and off of his arse and threw the shirt to Orlando, in case he needed it.

"Thanks," Dom said awkwardly as he zipped up his trousers and jacket.

Orlando stood there looking rather stunned. When Dom turned away and began walking back to pub he heard Orlando say, "He's straight."

Dom stopped and, with his back still turned, said, "Yeah? And I'm hopeful." He started walking again, leaving Orlando standing there. When he reached the corner, he stopped again and turned his head to look back at Orlando. "I still might come over tonight."

"Yeah," was all Orlando said, but there was a kind caring to his tone that cut though Dom. He quickened his pace.

Once inside, he saw that Billy was in fact still sitting with Elijah, who glanced up at him with surprise, as if he hadn't seen him in a year, and then cut his eyes away quickly.

And Dom didn't want to think about the fact that Billy didn't even seem to notice him come back in. He must have been standing by the door for a while, because suddenly Orlando was slipping by, wearing an expression that looked like the last thing he'd spoken had sounded, which really didn't do much for Dom's ego; the last thing he needed was his mates feeling sorry for him, making him wonder if he was being offered charity fucks.

He followed Orlando and they both sat down in the booth. Billy and Elijah's faces lit with recognition as they took in Orlando and Dom's appearances, and Billy's conspiratorial grin smacked Dom back down to feeling as wretched as he had earlier.

That wasn't the expression he wanted to see right now. He'd like to see something more like the look on Elijah's face, something more covert and seething.

He made a note to ask Elijah what that look was all about when he got the chance.


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