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Slasha, Baby is the Lotrips Fanfiction holiday fic exchange. This story depicts real-life public figures engaged in completely fictional, false and untrue activities. It never happened. This story is a work of fantasy and satire which in no way professes to express the truth about the life, thoughts, feelings, desires, opinions, beliefs, activities or sexual orientation of any person mentioned herein.

Riding Double

Title: "Riding Double"
Pairing: Karl Urban/Viggo Mortensen/Sean Bean
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Never happened, but nice to think about.
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Summary: Sean and Viggo have plans, as long as Karl is willing.
Pre-Reveal Notes: elmathelas gave me a good deal of free rein with respect to pairing and prompt.

If Karl had gone riding with one of the trainers, he'd have expected to dismount back at the stables and then wander off to catering for a quick snack. However, going riding with Viggo was an entirely different experience. The man insisted on rubbing down his horse, feeding it. Karl was certain Viggo'd be mucking out the stalls if the staff would let him. That's why it didn't seem odd to him that Viggo deposited a tangle of reins in his arms, threw a saddle over his own shoulder, and nodded toward the tack room. What Karl didn't expect was the door to shut behind them, a fact he didn't realize until he heard the click of the door being locked.

"Good ride?"

Sean was leaning against the door, smiling sinfully at the two of them. Karl might have thought about that particular expression and what it meant a time or two when he had himself in hand at night.

Viggo nodded without turning, grunted softy as he lifted the saddle onto one of the benches. "The horses thought so."

"The horses...?" Sean shook his head, a slightly bemused expression on his face. He slid an arm around Viggo's waist, kissed the back of his neck. "And you, love?"

"Mmmm. It was nice." Viggo sighed, leaned back into Sean. "And about to be nicer."

Nice didn't begin to cover it, Karl thought as Sean's hand dropped lower to cover Viggo's fly. His inner voyeur was quick to point out that this could be the stuff of grade-A wank fodder, but then he flushed slightly and edged toward the door. Before he could get there, Sean's voice brought him up short.

"Where do you think you're going, Karl?"

"I... Ummm..." Sean's stare had Karl fidgeting. "I thought that you might appreciate a little privacy."

"You did?" Sean arched an eyebrow. "Actually, we have...other plans." Karl relaxed as Sean turned his gaze on Viggo. "You didn't talk it over with him?"

Viggo shrugged. "It never came up." He went over to Karl, draped an arm around his shoulders. "We thought you might be up for another quick ride."

"Another...?" They couldn't be talking about.... Karl swallowed as his cock stirred at the possibilities. "Another ride?"

Viggo grinned, nodded. "Yeah." He carded his fingers through Karl's hair. "Could you use a good run?" Karl shivered at Viggo's touch. "Need to be put through your paces?"

Fucking hell. Karl took a few steps back, stopped when he bumped into Sean. "I, uh, think..." Sean pressed against Karl, rubbed his erection against Karl's ass, which made thinking about anything close to impossible. That and the fact that all the blood in his body rushed to his cock fast enough to leave him lightheaded.

Then Sean's lips were at Karl's ear, murmuring, "Don't think. It's overrated."

"What were you planning?" Karl couldn't think of a single thing that wouldn't be bloody brilliant.

A shudder ran through Karl as Viggo stepped in front of him and rested his hands on Karl's hips. "Wouldn't you rather we show you? Instead of wasting time on the telling?"

A sensible answer would have been "no." Karl realized that, but need overrode his better judgment. He nodded, and his throat tightened as Viggo's answering smile promised a host of perversities Karl hoped the other man could deliver.

"Perfect." Viggo nodded once, before moving his hands to Karl's fly, unbuttoning his jeans and pushing them and his underwear off over his hips. He made a soft, approving sound as his fingers moved lightly over Karl's cock and balls, feeling him out. "Just perfect."

Karl's eyes half closed at Viggo's light touches, and only Sean's arm, tight around his waist, kept him from pressing into them.

"Have you ever sucked cock, Karl?" Sean said after licking around the shell of Sean's ear. "Do you like it?" When Karl nodded, Sean blew softly in his ear. "Useful skill for a bloke to have." A pause before Sean said, "Let's get you some place comfortable, hmm?"

Some place? Karl glanced at the door, anticipating the uncomfortable struggle of having to stuff himself back into his jeans.

"Tsk." Sean nipped at Karl's earlobe. "I didn't say outside, did I?"

"Assumptions are dangerous, Karl." Viggo said as he hiked up Karl's pants long for him to maneuver Karl over to the saddle he'd just thrown over the bench. He shoved gently on Karl's shoulder, murmured, "Down."

Karl couldn't suppress a shiver as he bent over the saddle, moaning softly as Viggo shoved him forward until his stomach was firmly resting on the leather. He heard the rasp of zipper coming undone. Sean's or Viggo's? He couldn't tell.

"You have a great ass, Karl." Viggo cupped both cheeks, kneaded at them. "But I suppose you know that."

If there was an answer that question that didn't sound overly conceited or disingenuously humble, Karl couldn't think of it. He was still searching for an appropriate response when Viggo's fingers tangled in his hair. He yelped as they tightened and Viggo pulled his head back hard.

"You know, it's tough to tell sometimes. Whether to give a good mount his head and let him run or whether to rein him in hard. Finding that point where his wildness is focused but not broken."

Sean's fingers were surprisingly gentle as they ghosted over Karl's cheek and lips. "Today isn't going to be like that, love." Sean pulled his fingers back, curled them around his own cock, then brushed the head over Karl's lips. "Karl's going to be the one giving head."

When Karl licked his lips, his tongue grazing the head of Sean's cock, Sean groaned, his hips pressing forward so he could rub against Karl's lips.

"Open for him."

Viggo's words were a soft, dark purr that made Karl's cock twitch and his lips part around a sigh. Sean's fingers tangled in Karl's hair as he slipped into Karl's mouth, filling it slowly. Karl hummed softly as he savored the weight of Sean against his tongue, his taste and scent.

"And now open for me."

The words came just as two of Viggo's slick fingers slipped between Karl's cheeks and pressed into him. One thing Karl came to appreciate about Viggo was that the man had clever, efficient fingers. He groaned as Viggo stretched him, squirming against the smooth leather of the saddle.

Sean's fingers tightened in his hair. "Hurry, love. He's entirely too tempting."

If Karl could have spoken, he would have echoed Sean's sentiments to hurry the fuck up. No one liked a tease, and Karl hoped he'd have the chance one day to demonstrate that to Viggo.

Viggo laughed softly. "He's eager to run, aren't you Karl?"

Karl nodded as he sucked more firmly on Sean's cock, tightened around Viggo's fingers. He shivered as Sean groaned, thrust gingerly into his mouth.

"More than eager. Both of you." Viggo unzipped, steadied his cock, and pressed into Karl.

Oh yeah. Karl's eyes slipped closed. He moaned around Sean, who muttered a tense curse, as Viggo buried himself balls deep in his body. Karl's hips jerked as Viggo rocked, rubbing against him. His hands curled into fists as he fought the urge to come. "Ready, Karl?"

Karl nodded, not that he had a lot of choice. He was kind of committed. They all were. Although he expected Viggo to start moving, it was Sean who pulled back a little, thrusting forward slowly and carefully into Karl's mouth.

It wasn't until Sean had a slow, regular rhythm that Viggo pulled back, thrust in hard enough to jar a startled cry from Karl. He twisted against Sean's grip on his hair, Viggo's hold on his hips as they fucked him. Too much. He shuddered as his body jerked. It was too fucking much to take all at once, but some part of him ached for even more.

Viggo ran his fingers up Karl's back, stroking more gently than he was fucking him. "Just relax and take it," he murmured soothingly. "It'll be okay."

The gesture worked as well on Karl as he'd seen it quiet a skittish mount. He arched into Viggo's touch, let his body relax.

"That's it." Viggo's thrusts grew quicker, more urgent. "God, that's it."

Sean's thrusts grew erratic as he made needy sounds deep in his throat. The tightening of his fingers in Karl's hair, his sharp gasp, were the only warnings he gave before he thrust deep into Karl's mouth to come.

Karl was still swallowing as Sean pulled away, stumbled back a few steps to lean heavily against one of the other benches. "Make him come, love." His voice was as uneven as his breathing. "I want to watch both of you come."

Viggo moaned softly, curled his fingers around Karl's cock. He squeezed before stroking briskly in time with his thrusts. It only took a few strokes before Karl shouted, gripped Viggo tightly as he came hard an instant before he felt Viggo spill inside him.

If Karl was at home, he wouldn't move from his bed for hours. He stay sprawled, savoring the sweet ache, and he resented not having that luxury now. Still, if Viggo was true to form, maybe he'd get the chance for a rub down and good meal before they took him out again.

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