Never Let You Go

Recipient: often_adamanta
Author: jira_rd
Pairing: Orlando/Elijah
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Thanks to my friend for telling me about one of the best bands around. In my opinion. Plus, y'know, the singer's kinda cute. Maybe. Lyrics from Kill Hannah's "I Wanna Be A Kennedy".


I wanna be a Kennedy, I wanna be a big heartbreaker

The song started and the beat picked up instantly, throbbing while the words rasped out breathily and Elijah picked up the beat, raising his arms and swaying his hips smoothly. Orlando watched this display, eyes following the curve of Elijah's arse as he swung to the music. His eyes shut slowly and his hands trailed his sides to hang at his side.

live fast and for real and you can follow it in the papers

Orlando never took his gaze from Elijah as he sipped his drink and rocked his own hips slightly, talking to Dom. Dom looked at Elijah himself and then back at Orlando. His eyes strayed to Billy who was not too far away and Orlando felt calmer knowing at least one person was in the same boat as him.

They were at Elijah's place, having a Christmas party, and Orlando had been staring at Elijah all night, hopefully more discreetly than he thought he appeared.

I wanna be a Kennedy, I wanna shake hands with heros and kiss the girls of centrefolds all the time and die young

Elijah was a rising star, yet Orlando knew him as still some sweet kid who could creep him out by sleeping with his eyes open and blared rock music when they should have been sleeping, whose laugh was infectious and sometimes too shrill but Orlando loved it anyways.

And although Elijah had never given any inclination of being interested in him, he'd never not either. Though the chances of that happening weren't that big. What were the chances that three of the four hobbits weren't straight (because Billy had been stealing his own glances at Dom all night, whether Dom knew it or not)? Orlando doubted that the chances were high enough to give him luck with that.

Still, it wouldn't be bad to give it a shot. He left Dom after stealing the rest of Dom's drink and headed over to Elijah.

I'll be brave tonight, either live or die

Elijah saw him as he approached and smiled at him and Orlando took in a deep breath. "Hey." He said, staying close to Elijah and starting to follow Elijah's rhythm, not really asking him to dance but instead more letting their bodies start to grind together. Elijah laughed and let his hips bump against Orlando's.

I'll be brave tonight standing tall and bright

"Having fun?" Elijah asked. Orlando nodded. He wasn't really sure what to say about how he was feeling, but he was having fun so far. He hoped that it would stay that way at least. Slowly reaching out, he caught Elijah's hip, long fingers curling around the skin and Elijah glanced down but put his own hand on Orlando's arm.

such romantic eyes, got me hypnotised and if I had my chance I'd never let you go

Elijah kept his eyes on Orlando's and Orlando opened his mouth to say something but didn't. Instead, he raised his eyebrows. "So, do you know this song?" He asked

Elijah shook his head. "But it's got a good beat, right?" He had to speak fairly loudly to be heard over the music. The bass pounded through his body and Elijah closed his eyes, nodding again, head moving in rhythm to the song.

and if I had my chance I'd never let you go

"D`you think they'll get together?" Elijah asked, jerking his head over to where Dom and Billy were, now talking and pointing at them. Orlando scowled at the two of them and they both burst into laughter where they were. Elijah rolled his eyes and grinned.

"Probably. Soon? Hopefully. Otherwise I'm going to go insane from Dom complaining-"

"About Billy not paying attention to him or not showing interest or anything." Elijah agreed. Orlando glanced around. "What?"

"Can we go outside a minute? Fresh air." Orlando asked. Elijah nodded and as they headed towards the door, the music fading to a dull roar behind them as they closed the door behind them.

"So what's up? You've been acting funny." Elijah said. Orlando took in a deep breath. "What?"

"Oh. Just enjoying the outside." Orlando said. "I mean, the air. It's a good time. And, uhm. Oh. I got you a card." He pulled it out of his jeans pocket. It wasn't big but it was cute. At least he thought so. A little reindeer holding a fuzzy heart saying, "Oh deer, it's Christmas."

Elijah opened the envelope and laughed at the front of the card. "I like it." He said, opening. "This card entitles the owner to a free dinner at any restaurant." He paused. "I'm assuming a nice place, not some fast-food joint?"

"Well, since I'm the one paying, I'd assume you'd pick that, yes. No, you can't just go up to a fast-food place and show them the card and expect free service-Hey!" Orlando ducked a light smack from Elijah.

"Thanks." Elijah said.

"No problem. It could be a date. If you wanted. Or not." Because Elijah had looked at him in surprise and backpedaling was good now. "Uhm. Enough fresh air for me. I think I should get going." He said quickly. "Thanks for a fun party!" Bolting down the stairs, he headed to his car. Elijah was watching him, looking as if he was going to come after but then not.

And then Orlando was quickly pulling his car out from between Viggo's and Bean's and heading away from Elijah's house, mentally berating himself the entire time as he drove home. And as soon as he got home, he headed to the shower and scrubbed himself clean, trying to wash away the feeling of shame. Then he just let the water pound down over himself. Of course he's not interested. You saw the way he looked at you as soon as you said that.

As he got out and grabbed a robe, tying it around his hips and heading to get something to eat (he'd not eaten at Elijah's and he was hungry), he heard something. Something that sounded like a door opening and closing "Fuck." He growled. He hoped it wasn't a burglar. As he headed towards the living room carefully, he heard a small thump and a grunt. Glancing around and seeing only a picture hanging on the wall, he grabbed that, inteading to smack the intruder with it. "Oi!" He shouted as he burst into the room to see-

-Elijah, looking at him with huge eyes.

He froze. Elijah blinked a few times and then backed up. Orlando realised that he was still staring at Elijah and holding up the picture, probably looking slightly (more than slightly) threatening. Putting down the picture on the nearest table, he made sure his robe was closed tightly and still retreated into the shadows of the hallway slightly. "What are you doing here?" He asked. Elijah blinked.

"Apparently getting attacked by you with a picture."

"Elijah." Orlando said tersely. Elijah rolled his eyes. "Wait, what about the party?" He asked.

"Well, considering that Dom and Billy are in my bedroom..." Elijah said. "I really wanted to crash and it wasn't going to happen. So I came here. Besides, I need to talk to you."

"Oh. Uhm. Let me get dressed." Orlando said. Elijah shook his head and crossed the room. "What?"

"I don't think you need to." He said. "See, Orlando, you left before I got a chance to properly thank you for the card and gift. I was so shocked at what you'd said that I didn't get a chance to do this." And with that, he reached up and grabbed Orlando behind the neck, pulling him down and kissing him firmly. When he let go a few seconds later, both he and Orlando looked around a bit self-consciously for a moment before Orlando coughed.

"So. You. You're interested." Orlando asked quietly. Elijah raised his eyebrow. "Right. Do you want something to eat or drink or something?"

"What are you talking about, Orlando? And by the way, you need to lock your door. You could get a lot of your stuff stolen." Elijah said. "I mean, I just walked right in."

"And I almost attacked you with a picture." Orlando said. Elijah picked it up and looked at it, then put it down. "And what do you mean, what am I talking about? I'm being a good hostess and trying to figure out what to do now!"

Elijah nodded and gave him the wide-eyed expression again. "Well, for starters, you could kiss me again. And that couch and blanket look really good." He said. Orlando's lips were on his again almost before he got the sentence out and Elijah pressed himself up against Orlando with a content sigh, wrapping his arms around Orlando's neck. Moving backwards, it ended up that the blanket was wrapped around Elijah's shoulders and pinned behind Orlando, holding them effectively together while Elijah sat on Orlando's lap. When they finally broke for air, Orlando stole a nibble at Elijah's earlobe and watched him giggle and twist slightly and then come back to look at Orlando.

"Hm?" Orlando asked.

"Feel like taking me out for New Years on a real date? Pay for dinner like the card offered?" Elijah asked. Orlando smiled at him, suddenly calmer than he'd been in a while. "And would you mind if I did stay here tonight? Since I'll be washing my sheets tomorrow thanks to the other two?"

Orlando nodded. "Y`know, I don't think I'll be minding." He whispered in Elijah's ear. Elijah laughed again as Orlando stretched out, bringing Elijah on top of him. "Think we should move this into the bedroom?" He asked. Elijah paused.

"Not just yet. I'd like to get a couple dates out of you before that. So you don't get the wrong impression of me." Elijah teased. "But this is good. A nice Christmas gift from me to you, since I didn't really get you anything. Except for something back at my place that I forgot because I was in such a rush to come after you."

Orlando winced. "Sorry." He muttered.

"Don't be sorry, dolt." Elijah whispered back. "Just keep kissing me." And Orlando obliged him happily.


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