Recipient: rawiyaparand
Author: mimm_
Pairing: Billy/Dominic
Rating: R


Billy dreams of Gizmo crawling on the back of his hand, making its way across the fingers, one by one. It's heavy, rather than tickling, and it looks up at him with its funny eyes. It hops away for a while, then comes back. Billy thinks about shouting to Dominic to come and take his pet away and put it somewhere safe before someone accidentally crushes it, but Dominic isn't there. He tries to shake the creature off but it won't leave. For a while, he struggles with it, then he resigns himself to letting it be.

When Billy is between sleep and wakefulness, he feels like there is something crawling on his hand. Gizmo, he thinks, remembering his dream, but it doesn't make sense because Dominic no longer has it. With his eyes still tightly closed, fearing the bright light that would hurt them, he listens. Sheets against skin, light breathing, the touch of something warm and soft on his fingers. Dominic's hand on his hand.

"What'reyadoing," Billy mutters, his voice sleepy. He's leaning his cheek against the arm, not taking the hand away, simply because he doesn't have the energy to do that.

"You can tell the others it's your girlfriend's," comes the reply.

Slowly and painfully Billy opens his eyes, closes them again for a moment because they hurt, then opens them again. Dominic is kneeling next to him, a pen in his hand, and he's obviously writing something on Billy's fingers and knuckles.

"What does it say?" he asks, still not moving the hand away.

"See for yourself," Dominic says, taking his hand and pen away.

Billy raises his hand and turns it to look at the writing. It says "DOM" in capital letters, one letter in each finger, and there's a heart on the fourth. He closes his eyes, lets the hand fall back on the sheets, and laughs.

"Pretty hard to say it's a girlfriend. Actually, pretty hard to say it's anyone but you."

"Then they have no imagination," Dominic says, and he crawls under the same sheets with Billy. His shins are cold against Billy's when they slide around them, and Billy shivers a little.

"You're freezing," he mutters, nuzzling closer to Dominic, leaning his forehead against Dominic's stubbly chin. It's a nice place to be, he thinks.

"Then warm me up," Dominic says, tilting his head a little so that his stubble scrapes against Billy's right temple.

"Mmm," is the only thing Billy manages.

Billy pulls away from Dominic and looks at him for a moment, then slides his hand along Dominic's chest, resting his palm against the breastbone. He can feel that chest heaving, the heart thumping slowly and strongly under his fingertips. Whereas Dominic's legs were cold, his chest is warm. Billy wants to leave his hand there, play with the light hair, just feel Dominic being there, close to him. It has been a long time since they last met like this.

They had both been too busy to be able to organize a meeting more than a few times a year. There were scripts to read, lines to rehearse, and filming to attend, so most of the time they had to resort to quick overseas phone calls.

Then, one evening Billy had looked at his schedules and he had quickly come to a decision.

He had heard Dominic picking up the phone just when he had been certain that Dominic wouldn't answer.

"Hey," Dominic had said. His voice had sounded warmer than Billy remembered, but he also sounded a little out of breath.

"Are you busy?" Billy had asked.

"I'm on the phone, aren't I?"

Billy had laughed a little. "What about Friday? Are you busy then?"

"Not more than usual. Why?"

"I thought I'd come over. Have a bed to spare?"

"No, but you know you can always use mine."

"Great. Start preparing."

Five days ago, Billy had been on the phone with Dominic. Now he was in the bed with him. Finally. He had come to miss that over the past few years. There had been a time when they had been around each other almost every hour of the day, and then it had stopped. Billy wasn't sure he had ever really gotten used to it.

For the time being, he could forget the worrying. For the time being, he was with Dominic.

From Dominic's chest, Billy lets his fingers slide upwards, towards the throat that feels burning hot. The heart's beating faster now; the beats are so strong it feels like they are his own. He puts his palm against the left side of Dom's throat, his thumb caressing the downside of his chin. He looks Dominic in the eyes and Dominic is looking back. He's grinning.

Billy laughs.

"Don't you think the heart was a bit too much?" he asks.

"Not really," Dominic mumbles, his eyes half-closed, his mouth in a small smile. "I'm just in touch with my feminine side, is all."

"Then you won't mind if I make you squeal like a girl?" Billy asks, his voice huskier now than it was a moment earlier. Dominic's whole body feels warm now, almost too warm. He wants to lean closer and touch his body with his lips and his tongue; feel the warmth and taste the salt.

"You're welcome to try."

Billy puts his hand over Dominic's mouth, feeling the prickly stubble against the fingertips.

"Shut up," he says. "You just might."

He climbs on top of Dominic, sitting on his thighs, straddling him. From up here, Dominic looks nice and tanned against the white of the sheets. His hair's a mess, something Billy often jokes about.

"See," he used to say, "with hair like mine you're bound to look like a gentleman at all times. But that?" He would then pause for a moment, looking at Dominic's hair with a meaningful expression. "That is just sexy. They will never take you seriously if you're just sexy all day long."

"And how is that an insult?" Dominic would ask, just a moment before ruffling his hair even more. "You can't get enough of me, so I must be doing something right."

Then Billy would laugh. "Point."

Now he's looking at that hair again, and it looks soft. He wants to reach out for it. He puts his palms flat against Dominic's chest, his fingers on the sides, and Dominic tenses up, clearly holding in laughter. Billy knows Dominic is ticklish like that, but he enjoys torturing him a little, so he doesn't take his fingers away, only starts tickling Dominic even more.

"Stop that," Dominic manages between the muffled hiccups of laughter.

"No," Billy replies, leaning in closer to Dominic. He lets his hands slide upwards until they touch Dominic's underarms, and he leans in to nibble lightly at Dominic's chin. From the chin, he moves upwards, and he presses his lips against Dominic's.

Dominic opens his mouth a little, kissing back, letting Billy kiss him. Billy can taste the mintiness of toothpaste, smell it in Dominic's breathing. The kiss is lazy and languid, rather than rushed. They both know that this will end soon, when the weekend is over, so it is best if they savour the moments for as long as they can. Soon, Billy forgets himself, forgets anything but Dominic, and the kisses grow harder, more demanding. It feels as if Billy can't get close enough, but he tries, and it feels a little like dying when Dominic responds with little noises of pleasure, his hands gripping tight around Billy's neck, pulling him even closer.

Billy tears himself away for a moment, licking his lips, and they are hot and swollen, tender due to the stubble that's been scraping them. Dominic looks at him, eyes looking cloudier than before, and he raises a hand towards Billy and presses a finger to Billy's lips. It's cool against the skin. Soothing. Then Dominic tries to get up, but Billy doesn't let him, and he goes back down, kissing Dominic again.

They shift around a little, finding a better position, and Billy lets out a sharp gasp when his erection brushes against Dominic's. Instinctively, he tries to press closer, move his hips against Dominic's for maximum contact. The combination of the friction and kissing Dominic at the same time feels incredible, but even that doesn't seem to be enough for Billy. He wants more, and he whispers this to Dominic, his voice heavy with lust.

Dominic snakes his hand between their bodies, taking a firm hold of Billy's cock, and Billy lets out a cry of pleasure, raising his hips to give Dominic better access. They are lying there, skin against skin, as close as they can be, and yet they are both desperately trying to get closer. Billy returns the favour, sliding his hand towards Dominic's cock, and soon they are lying there like asymmetrical mirror images of each other, panting and moaning and kissing each other sloppily, the kisses more desperate biting than tentative tongues brushing against each other.

Billy pulls himself away from Dominic for a while and looks at him. He's making quiet whimpering noises, breathing heavily, and Billy feels almost overwhelmed by it all. He sees Dominic's face take on an expression of pain. Then his body jerks upwards, towards Billy's, and from his lips comes a wordless, shapeless cry signalling pleasure and relief. As his hand tenses up mid-orgasm, fingers pressing Billy's cock so tight it should feel painful, Billy comes too, only a few moments after him.

Billy lets himself fall on his back, sweaty skin against the sheets, feeling exhausted and spent. He looks at Dominic who is now on his left side. Dominic's eyes are closed and he's still breathing fast. Yet he looks just the way Billy feels -- happy and relaxed. His hair is in an even bigger mess than before, and Billy reaches out to touch it. Dominic presses himself against the hand.

"You don't have to leave, right?" Dominic says. "You could stay here. We don't need to tell anyone."

Billy smiles. He wishes he could do that. He hates the fact that he can't be around for more than a few days at a time. A few years ago everything was different and they could be together every day, but of course it had had to come to an end eventually.

"I'm not sure you're allowed to keep large pets here," Billy laughs, but despite the feigned happiness there is a hint of sadness behind the comment.

"I'll go get some water," he says, getting up, and he leaves Dominic lying in the bed as he walks quietly to the bathroom. He turns the tap on and leans down to drink. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand -- the hand with Dominic's name on it, Billy notices, and he can't help smiling at that -- he picks up a couple of napkins and dips them into the water. He wipes the sticky stains on his stomach, then takes a few more napkins for Dominic.

Standing by the bed for a moment, he notices the pen on the nightstand and picks it up. He sits down, offering Dominic the damp napkins.

"Thanks," Dominic mutters, starting to clean himself up. When he's ready, he throws the napkins on the floor and closes his eyes. He folds his arms under his head, and everything about him looks relaxed and comfortable.

Without a word, Billy pulls his feet up and turns around to face Dominic. He uncaps the pen and looks for the perfect spot. When he finds it, he moves closer to Dominic and sits right next to him.

When the pen touches Dominic's skin, he twitches.

"What the fuck?" he asks, laughing, jolting his head upwards, trying to look at whatever it is that Billy is doing.

"Just revenge. Never you mind."

Dominic gives him a suspicious glare, but then he shrugs and lies down. Billy presses the pen against Dominic's lower belly once again, but this time Dominic knows to expect it and remains calm.

It takes a while to get the ink to stick to the skin. Every now and then Billy looks up at Dominic, who is looking back at him with amusement. As Billy writes further, Dominic starts closing his eyes more and more, and finally when Billy is done with the writing, he notices Dominic's eyes are closed.

"Are you awake?" he asks softly.

"Mhm," comes the sleepy reply.

Billy puts the pen on the nightstand and climbs towards Dominic. He picks up the other edge of the blanket and pulls it over himself, and soon they are both lying under it, warm and happy and tired.

"Dom," Billy says, his eyes turned to the ceiling.


"What would you say about going surfing today?"

For a while, Dominic is silent, and all Billy can hear is his steady breathing.

"Sounds good to me," Dominic finally says, his voice slightly unclear.

"Good," Billy says, feeling his eyelids getting heavier by the minute. Finally he closes them, wanting nothing more than to fall asleep. "Afternoon?"

"Yeah," Dominic answers, sounding more asleep than awake. He turns around, facing Billy and putting his hand over Billy's chest. Then neither one of them says anything, because they have both fallen asleep.


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