The Missing Ties

Recipient: apple_pi
Author: silentnumbsmoke
Pairing: Dominic/Billy
Rating: PG-13


"William Boyd!"

A ready smirk situated comfortably on his lips, Billy sauntered back into the guest bedroom. He leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms. "Yes, Dominic? I hope you don't mind if I forgo using your full name, as it's quite the mouthful."

"What's the first thing a man does when he wakes up?" Dom demanded, eyes narrowed in frustration.

"Go take a piss," Billy answered easily, cocking his head.

Growling lowly, Dom shook his head. "Not quite, William. You may feel like fulfilling your kinky fantasies now that I'm visiting, but when I wake up, I like to have a nice, healthy scratch at my privates, thankyouverymuch... which isn't quite possible if you've tied my hands to the bedpost!" Dom pulled uselessly against the sure sailor knots binding him to the bed's frame.

Billy quirked an eyebrow and stepped further into the room, struggling to hold back a grin. "You do yoga, Dom. Couldn't you just twist about" -- he demonstrated, lifting a leg, angling his head irregularly, and contracting his left hand oddly -- "and rub said privates against the mattress?"

Dom glowered.

"Or would you like a hand?" Billy offered, kneeling on the edge of the bed and beginning to pull the duvet down.

"Oi!" Dom shifted uncomfortably, bunching up the covers between his knees to hold them in place. "I'd just rather you release my hands, thanks."

Billy smirked and threw a leg over, straddling Dom's waist casually. "So, Dommie," he started, smiling at Dom's look of alarm. "Any itches you need scratched?"


"Hey, Bill."

"Lij! You wee bugger, I haven't heard from you in ages! What's on with you?"

"I wish I were calling to shoot the breeze, Bill, but we've got a bit of a... situation."




"Yeah. Listen, Bill, I wish I could be the one to tackle him but I'm fucking choking on work. If it gets much worse then I'll take a break, but... well, you know how that goes..."

"Aye, I do."

"So... how 'bout it?"

"... How 'bout what?"

"Invite Dom to come down for a visit!"

"He hasn't quite been answering the phone, Lij..."

"Fine, then, I'll order a ticket and get it sent to his place... special delivery. Have you got any breaks coming up?"

"What? Oh. Yeah, yeah, next week... I've got Wednesday to Sunday."

"Brilliant! All right, I'll get those figured out and email the details to you, all right, Bill?"

"Yeah, sounds good. Oh, and Lij?"


"Bloody well stop using British terms, will you? There's a reason why they're British and not American -- they sound awful with your accent."

"Fuck you, Bill."

"Love you, too, Lij."


Diverting his eyes, Dom futilely pulled at the ropes binding his wrists and winced. "Bills, they're rubbing my wrists raw, will you just let me go?"

"Stop struggling," Billy said simply, his smile fading and his eyes growing intense.

"Why should I when my one need right now is to get out of your fucking ropes?"

"Because you and I have something to discuss." Billy wriggled until he was comfortable, then leaned forward until the tip of his nose was pressed against Dom's. He met Dom's accusing gaze with a determined one of his own.   "So... how long were you planning on doing this to yourself, eh?"

Dom squawked indignantly, eyebrows furrowing as his head burrowed back into the pillow, achieving an inch of space between his face and Billy's. "What the fuck are you are on about, Billy?"

"You're not healthy," Billy pointed out, reaching forward and easily looping a finger between Dom's skin and his leather wrist band as if to prove his point.

Dom rolled his eyes. "Fuck, Bills, just let me go, all right?"

Twisting his own hand, Billy ran his thumb over the three scars, prominent just under Dom's wrist. "Fit as a fiddle, aren't you, Dom? That's what you've been telling Lij, but he can see your lie. Hell, we all can!" He kept his eyes, dark with frustration, trained on Dom's. With nimble fingers, he quickly undid the binds, rubbing the sore skin tenderly before dropping his hands. His words lowered to a whisper. "What happened, Dom?"


Memories of moans, sweat and the most feminine hands he'd ever seen... Inappropriate giggles, secret glances and half-awake Scottish incoherencies. A squeeze at the wrong moment, a fumbling trip to the restroom, wearing one another's clothing. Muttering 'wanker' while aware that it wasn't accurate, a sensitive but beloved bruise, sharing secrets in the shower...

Wrapping his fingers in a shaky but firm grip around his erection, Dom bit his bottom lip as he gave it a tug. "Fuck, Bills," he muttered, eyes squeezing shut.


Moans, sweat, and surprisingly feminine hands. "Wanker..."


Wrapping his fingers in a shaky but firm grip around the erection before him, Dom bit his bottom lip as he gave it a tug. "Fuck, Bills," he muttered, eyes squeezing shut.

"Dom. Dom."

Dom opened his eyes and smiled at the man before him, who smirked back and leaned in to exchange a chaste but intense kiss.

"If you ever wait that long before telling me again, Dom, I swear I will your kick your skinny arse..."

Snorting softly, Dom cocked his head and clenched his fingers, nails pressing into Billy's sensitive skin. "Oh?"

"Yes," Billy squeaked, eyes widening. "Oh and Dom?" he started, kissing his way down the younger man's chest.


"I missed you, too."


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