Just Because

Recipient: ladymoonray
Author: cathybites
Pairing: Karl/Sean
Rating: R


"Easy there."

Sean's words are spoken softly, a low rough-and-tumble of sounds against Karl's ear, as reassuring and steady as the hands that keep him from pitching forward over the porch rail, holding him against Sean's chest. Karl closes his eyes and leans his head back on Sean's shoulder, listening to the jangle of keys as Sean unlocks the door. The world is still spinning slightly but the solid warmth of Sean behind him slows it down, keeps it on its axis. Then there's a click and Karl is being yanked forward. He stumbles over the door sill and knocks into the wall but when Sean looks over in concern, Karl just gives him a sloppy happy grin. "'m okay."

"You're pissed out of your bloody mind, that's what you are," Sean says sternly, shaking his head and grabbing Karl's arm. "Come now, let's get you cleaned up."

Karl tries to wave Sean off - I don't need a nursemaid, he wants to say - but his brain decides to remind him, rather suddenly, that his upper lip is split open and he has the beginnings of what promises to be an impressive black eye. "ow, fuckin' hell," he says, pressing the back of his hand to his mouth. "PJ's going to have our hides for this."

"No worries," Sean says, mouth quirking up at one corner, "we'll just lay the blame on the hobbits, say they roughed you up in the alley."

Karl snorts at that, batting at Sean's head. "Right, that's believable." The world is starting to spin again, teetering off-center, and Karl throws his arm around Sean's shoulder, leaning in close and humming a little. Aside from the bang-up job on his face, Karl's feeling good, warm and relaxed, content. He lets Sean lead him down the hallway, into the small guest bathroom next to the dining room. Sean flips the lightswitch and for a moment, everything is sparkling white. The room shimmers and shines, settling into place slowly as Karl blinks once, twice, and then sits down with a thud on the edge of the tub.

It's all hazy-dazy inside of Karl's head, flitting thoughts and images that fade away before he can really take a good look at them. He doesn't recall getting this drunk, or why somebody thought that his face would look better all bloodied and bruised, or, really, anything outside of this space, this moment. He closes his eyes as Sean rummages through the medicine cabinet, listening to the rhythm made by the items Sean's moving around, lifting up and placing down. The click of the door and the one-two tap-tap of Sean walking over to him, standing between Karl's legs.

There's firm pressure on Karl's forehead and he grins as he tilts his head back, licks his lips and says, "Demanding bastard, aren't you?"

"Cheeky," is all that Sean says, but there's an undercurrent in his tone, a bit of amusement that makes Karl crack one eye open to see Sean's mouth curl into a smile, to see something dark flash in Sean's eyes, something that lights up a tight coil of warmth inside of Karl. "No, close that again," he says and Karl does, half-expecting to feel a washcloth brush over his brow, wiping away the dirt and blood.

Instead there's warmth and the slightest scratch of something against his skin, pressed against his forehead, and it takes a moment for Karl to realize that Sean has just kissed him. Not in any sort of way that Karl might've imagined being kissed by Sean Bean - and there's been a few wild daydreams over the years - but somehow it's all the more intimate for the gentleness and innocence of it.

His eyes are still closed when Sean's mouth travels over skin, down his jawline, and moves over his own mouth, tongue flicking over the cut on Karl's lip. A tiny spark of sharpness cuts through the fog in Karl's brain, followed closely by waves of heat and want and need, but he still pulls away, looks up at Sean, not quite sure of what's going on. Sean just smiles at him, holds Karl's face in his hands, one thumb swiping over his lower lip.

"This okay?" he asks, as if the answer isn't clearly evident in the way Karl leans into his touch, in the way that Karl has been casting glances at him all night. But Karl still nods, rubbing his cheek against Sean's palm. Whatever Sean wants, Karl is more than okay with it.

And what Sean seems to want at that moment is for Karl to stand up, judging by the way he's pulling at Karl, helping him to his feet. Sean's mouth is back on his, and there's something completely absurd and surreal about the situation, standing in the bathroom with Sean pressed up against him, licking his way into Karl's mouth. A part of Karl wants to laugh at it all, at how unlikely it is, but Sean's tongue slides against his and suddenly all Karl can focus on is how every inch of his skin seems to be sizzling and tingling and vibrating with want.

There's a tilt to the room and then the blur of scenery changing; Karl blinks and he's being backed into another room. Sean's bedroom, it would seem, guessing by the mattress digging into the back of his knees. He falls rather gracelessly onto it, pulling Sean along for the ride, and there's a bit of fumbling, a bit of laughing and cursing. Sean hovers over him, smiling wildly, teeth bright and white against the dark of his beard. Karl grins back and tugs at Sean's shirt. "What are you waiting for then?"

It shouldn't be this easy, but it is, clothes being tugged off and skin exposed. It's as if everything in Karl's life has led to this moment, like he's been in rehearsal and now it's just recalling the steps. Sean's leg goes here, Karl's hand grips there, Sean's teeth...Karl gasps at the feel of them, digging ever so lightly into the curve of his shoulder. He arches up and evidently that's exactly what Sean had wanted because his hand wraps around Karl's prick, squeezing just enough to leave Karl shuddering.

A couple of long, strong pulls and Karl has to bat Sean's hand away before he embarrasses himself. Sean glances up at him, worried expression melting away when Karl says, "I was going to...too much, too soon." Sean's grin reappears, a deliciously wicked tilt to it this time, and then he slides down Karl's body, head ducking down and...Karl thinks he might have howled. Pretty sure of it, the way his mouth falls open and his throat and tongue buzz with sensation.

Sean's mouth is hot, hot and wet and close to scalding Karl's skin. He hums a little, his warm molten tongue scraping up the underside of Karl's cock, and Karl twists his hands in the sheets, heels digging into the mattress. His heart is pounding double-time and air has suddenly become very scarce in the room, or so it seems the way his lungs are aching for it, the way he swallows it down more than breathes it in. Sean's mouth is sliding farther down, taking Karl in more and more, and Karl lets go of the sheets to grasp at Sean's head, fingers scrabbling for purchase, clutching and grabbing as Karl thrusts up. This was fantastic, bloody fucking fantastic, and that coil that had been sitting inside him ever since Sean had given him that first heated look was loosening up, rapidly. He pushes at Sean's head, unable to form the words to warn him a second time.

Sean pulls off and Karl is actually disappointed for a moment; his warning had really been more politeness than anything else, not like he'd actually wanted Sean to stop. Then Sean's body is back on top of his, his mouth pressing bruises into Karl's neck, his cock lined up next to Karl's, sliding against it as Sean pushes forward, and Karl has no complaints. It only takes a few thrusts before Karl is biting his lip, gripping hard onto Sean's hips, pulling him impossibly close and coming harder than he has in weeks. He hears Sean mutter, "Bloody hell, bloody fucking hell," and then there's wet warmth on his stomach, and Sean is panting in his ear, halfway between laughing and gasping. He rolls off of Karl, stretching out on the mattress, and he looks over, grinning wide. Karl smiles back at him and then closes his eyes.

Maybe in the morning there'll be aches and pains, all sorts of hurt to deal with it, but for now, Karl just relaxes and enjoys the moment.


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