In the Dark

Recipient: coffeewordangel
Author: anyothergirl415
Pairing: Dominic/Orlando, Elijah
Rating: R


He watches in the dark of the alley way. From his position he can see the tall, skinny, brunette walking down the street. A small smile pulled tugged at his lips, and it quickly formed into an unbridled smirk. This was his territory. Here, watching his prey, memorizing them, he was in control.

"Master? When do we attack?" An impatient, eager voice sounded behind him and momentarily inspired the desire to jump. Silly mortal instincts.

"When I say, Elijah, and please... wait back where I told you too, you're sure to ruin this perfect moment," he sighed, annoyance laced in every fiber of his words. Sometimes he wondered if it were worth it to have a young apprentice. Maybe training his art was not the wisest thing.

The younger man scuttled back into the shadows of the alley way, leaving his Master to more important matters. That is, the succulent Brit now turning the corner and heading north down a near deserted street.

He left the alley, waving his hand behind him in a motion to make the younger stay, and followed at a safe distance behind his prey.

There was an art to this. The study, the observing, the learning. You watch them, memorize. You learn their likes, their dislikes, every little thing that may one day help you catch, ensnare, and capture. It is like perfection. A sweet, tangible thing that will pay off in forms unspoken.

"Where are you going Master?" The voice is behind him again and it's enough to make the sharp form of fangs detail his face.

He spins slowly and looks at the shinny blue eyes that are definitely going to be the bane of his immortality. "That hand gesture Elijah, did you happen to see it?"

Elijah ponders for a moment then slowly nods, "Yeah, I think I did... why?"

"Translated, it means, stay put," he runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "Listen, there is no lesson tonight, understand? Just... go get your fill for the evening then... do whatever you like, simply leave me alone."

A look of pure glee comes over Elijah's face and he quickly turns, walking like a vampire with a mission down the street and disappearing into a supposedly hidden nightclub where he will commit varies acts of randomness and probably come home drunk of some mortal girl's blood.

He snorts, shaking his head, ah to be young.

"Trouble with your lover?" A thick, British burr sounds behind him and he tenses. He had been so distracted with young Elijah that he had not heard nor sensed the approach of someone new. Especially him.

He turned to the man and shook his head, "That boy is not my lover. Most definitely not. He is... simply my... annoying little... brother type thing."

The Brit smiles at him and holds out a hand, "I'm Orlando."

"I know," His eyes widened and he quickly shook his head, "I mean, I'm Dom, Dominic. Monaghan."

Orlando smiled and nodded as well, "I've seen you around, Grande White Chocolate Moca yeah?"

Dom blinks, confused, "Huh?"

"That's what you always order," Orlando smiles, gesturing down the street, "at Starbucks, where I work? Where I see you..."

"Oh! Right," Dom nods and inwardly curses himself. He has lost his calm, his cool, and he's not sure why. This was his territory; this was what he had toned and skilled over hundreds of years. Why was this suddenly so difficult?

"Well, I guess I'll see you..." Orlando slowly started to turn from him, as if waiting to be stopped.

It occurred to Dom that yes, he was waiting to be stopped. "Wait, maybe you want to do something... maybe watch a movie?"

"Sure," Orlando grinned, gesturing his head in the direction his body turned to walk, "Let's go to my place, it's just over here."

Dom nodded and began to follow him. He let Orlando talk on about himself, about the life he lived, while Dom once again fixed the control he'd so steadily built inside himself. After all, he was a creature of the night, and this man would not destroy his perfected inner self.

Several hours later found Dom and Orlando sitting with mere centimeters between them, laughing at old humor on the television. Dom could sit here, enjoy this moment, and momentarily forget the real reasons he had so carefully watched this boy.

"You get lost in thought a lot don't you?" Orlando spoke, raising an eyebrow at the man in curiosity.

"I suppose," Dom nodded, leaning back a little so the curve of his neck resting on just the brush of Orlando's arm.

Orlando smiled at him and closed the remaining centimeters by slowly sealing their hips in a gentle press. Dom licked his lips in a nervous habit. Why was this such a nerve shaking thing? He had prepared for this. He was ready.

Their lips met in a gentle brush that quickly exploded into a heavy rush of tongues and lips slipping and colliding. Orlando's breath was rushing between the part in their lips but he seemed unaware of Dom not doing the same.

Dom laid the Brit back on the couch, crawling over him and starting to kiss little patterns along his jaw line. Orlando moaned, reaching up and tangling his hands in the soft silk of Dom's hair.

A small grin flittered across Dom's lips as Orlando's head fell back and pressed into the pillow, leaving his neck open for Dom's eager eyes. His tongue slowly snaked from part cold lips and lapped at gentle skin. Another hidden smile featured his face before sharp teeth sunk into pale skin and Orlando gasped.

In the morning Orlando would wake with a slight headache, as if he drank a little too much, and wonder briefly about blue eyes that sparkled with something unknown. At some point he would dismiss the man as a dream, a figment of his imagination. And the two small red dots on his neck would remain unnoticed. Except for the man who stands in the dark of the alley way, simply watching.


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