Recipient: trianne
Author: saklani2
Pairing: Viggo/Elijah
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: We may have gotten a little carried away… enjoy!


Hitch hiker! - Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen

I guess boys all dream and so did I

My hands once reached to touch the sky

Is this the sky that I reached for

Just the dust of the road and nothin’ more

Here comes another car

Hitch Hiker

Hitch hiker! Hitch hiker!

Like a restless tiger you can’t stand still

And you never will.


It was raining.

A slow drizzled that turned the world grey and dull. The kind of rain that worked its way through your clothes with slow deliberation, wetting you from the outside in. He stood in the rain, coat closed tight, collar turned up to meet his hat, under which he protected his ear phone. At his feet was a damp backpack that had clearly seen better days. He stood beside the road, one pale hand stuck out, thumb up, praying for a lift as the rain started to fall a little harder, reducing visibility even more.

The whish-whish noise of the windshield whispers driving away the persistent rain kept Viggo company as he drove his truck down a quiet country lane. A faint frown tugged at his mouth when his headlights revealed a small form huddled by the side of the road, hand stuck out in a plea. His compassionate nature tugged against his natural caution at picking up strangers. The wind picked up suddenly, pushing the truck to the left of the yellow line. Viggo fought to keep from swerving too much, his mind made up by this worsening of the conditions. He slowed up and pulled over, opening the door in offering to the hitch hiker.

Scrambling to grab his bag and get into the car, and out of the rain as quickly as he could the driver was offered a quick smile, “Thanks.” The door closed now he sat on the far edge of the seat, unsure how safe this man was, but it was worth getting out of the rain that was now beating on the roof of the car.

“Where are you going?” Viggo asked, pulling back out into the road. He pressed the pedal down a bit harder, not wanting to carry his unknown passenger for too long. A glance at the man revealed next to nothing- his old-style hat pulled down so the brim hid his face completely. His clothes looked worn, though at one time stylish- a trench coat paired with faded jeans and once expensive shoes.

“Somewhere I can get dry?” The hitchhiker looked up at the driver, “Where ever you can take me? I... I don’t have any place in mind.”

For a moment, the huge blue eyes caught Viggo in their depths. Only another crazy gust of wind reminded him to concentrate on the road again. “The next town is about fifty miles ahead. I was planning on staying the night there...” Viggo paused when he realized how that sounded. “I mean, I can drop you anywhere in town.”

“That... that would be great.” But he couldn’t help but wondered suddenly if he was being invited, or offered something more. He let his gaze travel up and down the driver’s body, his look hidden under the brim of his hat and smiled, his Good Samaritan was an attractive man. Perhaps he should see if the man was amiable to a trade for the evening’s shelter.

Although he did not see the look, Viggo felt the incredible eyes rake over him like fire over coals. Despite his passenger’s slight build, the decision to pick him up suddenly seemed incredibly dangerous. The temperature in the car jumped several degrees, even though the wind howled even harder outside. “I’m Viggo, by the way,” he ventured finally.

“Hi Viggo.” He considered for a long moment before saying softly, “I’m Jordan.” His gaze lingered on Viggo for a few moments before he finally looked away and through the front window of the car, shivering in reaction to the cold day.

Viggo’s hand reached out instantly to turn on the heat, flooding the car with warmth. “Have you eaten anything lately, Jordan?”

He did not even realize he was moving but as soon as the heat started to flow he was sitting forward, closer to the vent, “Ohhh... nice.” He rubbed small pale hands together trying to get some warmth into them, “Um... I had a donut for dinner last night? Why?”

“There are some snacks in my backpack. I always take more than I can eat when I go out painting.” Viggo jerked his head toward the pack on the floor near Jordan’s feet. “You’re welcome to whatever you want.” Another car, the first for miles, passed them by in the flash of headlights. The brights sparked in Viggo’s eyes, causing him to jerk away and back toward his passenger.

“Thanks man.” Looking down at the bag he smiled, “Um... you... you don’t mind me getting them out... I mean... going through your bag and all?” He looked up at Viggo questioningly, blue eyes visible again.

“Nothing of any interest in there, unless you pickpocket tubes of oil colors and strange art supplies.” For the first time, Viggo smiled, his entire face transforming, as he thought about how disappointed a thief who snatched his pack would be.

Laughing softly, “No, I don’t normally pickpocket much, let alone steal paint.” Going through the bag he pulled out a bad of chips and opened it with a grin, “So... did your wife pack you a cut lunch or something?”

“I just tossed whatever happened to be in my cupboards together and drove off this morning. I planned on going home tonight, but this rain changed my plans. I ended up having to detour over seventy miles when my main road washed out.” His grin widened as he laughed at himself.

“Seventy miles? That’s not so good...” Snuggling back into the seat he turned to look at Viggo as they spoke, “So... what did you paint? Is it a hobby or are you like an artist?”

“I’m an artist.” Viggo slowed to avoid a puddle that threatened to swallow part of the road. “Painting, photography, poetry... the killer ps.” He picked up his Nalgene and took a deep swallow. “May I ask what you’re doing hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere?”

“I’m pretty sure you can ask yep...” he looked out the window, scrunching into himself for a moment, “No special reason.” It was all the answer he had to give, “So... you make money from all that art stuff?”

“I do now. It took me a long time to get enough experience to produce work that interested enough people. Still, it was worth all the odd jobs and hard work... guess that sounds pretty lame to you.” He did not press about the unanswered question. Whatever pushed a young man to make his lonely way across the company, Viggo hoped he found a place to settle.

“So you like only paint and photo things that people are interested in? Sounds kinda... commercial?” There was a very faintly disapproving tone in his voice. He didn’t think art should be made for what people liked, but he understood the need to make something that sells, money made the world go round after all.

At this statement, Viggo laughed, rich, deep and from the soul. His work interested people due to its oddball and offbeat depictions of life. He could produce realistic or commercial work when he wanted, but only did so when the mood struck him. Indeed, Viggo always followed his moods and whims, feeling that art made from genuine interest made for better results. “Hardly. I meant that it took awhile to be discovered and to develop enough talent to be worth discovery.” The laughter tapered off, but his voice sounded deeply amused.

He smiled at the laughter, “So... you’re the artistic type... is it true what they say about artists? They live strange indulgent lives?” He grinned, eyes raking over Viggo’s form again, it was quite clear from the look and tone in his voice what type of indulgence he was talking about.

The laughed dissolved instantly into sharp silence. “I don’t expect some kind of repayment for the lift.” His fingers tightened on the steering wheel, knuckles a little white at the tips.

“Maybe it’s not repayment... maybe it’s... keeping each other warm on a cold night?” He hated the slightly hopeful tone that made its way into his voice, he hadn’t meant it to. Sighing he looked out the window, shivering in anticipation of being kicked out and back into the now pouring rain, back into the cold.

The wistful note in Jordan’s tone pricked at Viggo conscience. “You want to spend the night in my hotel room? I can afford to get one with two beds.”

He chuckled, he couldn’t help it, “Now what’s the fun in that?” His tone was both joking and somehow sad as if often slept alone and it wasn’t his preference. “You’re very kind to offer but I’m sure you’d rather not.”

“I don’t make offers I don’t mean,” Viggo said. He squinted into the sheets of rain, watching the water pour over the windshield. “And the fun is in offering something to someone else.”

“There are other types of fun to be had... believe me.” Glancing out at the rain he said very softly, “Thank you.” and deep blue eyes focused on Viggo again as looked out from under the brim of his hat.

“I was young and broke once... not even that long ago.” A steel gaze turned to meet the blazing blue nearby for a split second. A spark sizzled between them before the conditions forced his attention back to the road.

He shivered, the spark heading deep into his belly where a familiar heat started to pool, “And what did you do when you where young and broke... for fun I mean.”

“What didn’t I do?” Viggo said with a chuckle of memory. His tongue snuck out to lick at the scar on his lips, a symbol of one of his wilder escapades.

Blue eyes followed the motion, entranced, his own pink tongue echoing it without even realizing it, “Like what?” Although the question could have sounded challenging it ended up sounding more like a child asking for a story.

“Well, there was the time I got a bit high on pot and decided that painting a lewd mural on the house of my principal was the best idea in the world. When I woke up... in jail, they told me I managed to get about on third done with spraying the walls with neon pink and tossing old spaghetti, complete with sauce, on the doors. I’m not sure that was fun, though... can’t really remember.”

“If you can’t remember, how can you be sure it was going to be lewd?” He laughed softly, eyes still locked on Viggo’s lips.

“It was always lewd,” Viggo said. “I was a randy teenager after all. A very randy teenager...” Laughing, he rolled his own eyes at himself. “There are some CDs in the door pocket next to you, but I’m not sure you’ll like any of the music I listen to.”

“Is there such a thing as a non randy teen?” The question was asked very dryly as now warm fingers started flipping through the cds, “You’re right, not really my style... Um... Well this one isn’t bad...” And he put it on. “Hippy.”

“Well, one out of twenty isn’t bad, but I feel very old now,” Viggo said with a snort. Another car passed by, headlights glaring off the windshield. “I think we’re about twenty miles out of town now. What about that hotel room?”

Looking out at the ever darkening sky and the ever heavier rain he said softly, “If the offer’s still open... um... yes please?”

“Chinese or greasy spoon?”

“Um...” Mentally he counted the small collection of bills and coins in his pocket, wishing he could afford to say Chinese, but at a greasy spoon he could probably get just a thing of fries, “Um...” He didn’t want to say it but finally answered “Greasy spoon?”

“You want to eat at a greasy spoon?” Viggo asked, deadpan. He lifted one eyebrow smoothly, a move he perfected on his ex-wife. She considered the move sexy and later, annoying.

“No Mr. Spock, I want to eat Chinese, but I can afford a greasy spoon.” he did grin a little, “How long did it take you to learn that?”

“I think I can afford to purchase dinner for two,” Viggo said. “And it took a couple of weeks. Look at it rain...” A pounding of constant water replaced the individual drops from before.

“Are you for real?” He looked at Viggo, curiosity written across his face, “I mean...” He shook his head, “The niceness?”

“I grew up in Argentina, where everyone is poor and looks after each other. I never learned to be cynical and untrusting. Some people consider that a weakness on my part.”

“It’s dangerous.” he nodded slightly, “People can take advantage of it. But...” He grinned a little, “I’ll have to be thankful for it, I don’t fancy sleeping outside tonight.”

“This is a very quiet road to be hitchhiking down. I suggest you pick up highway seventy-four from town... if you’re still going south.” Viggo slowed down even more as they approached a wash.

“I’m not heading any place in particular... where ever I can get a ride too really.” Looking out the window he wondered out loud, “That’s if there are any roads left tomorrow.”

“This is not unusual,” Viggo said, “for this time of year. A little more intense than you get most days, but within the norm.” A streak of lightening suddenly cut through the darkness, followed almost instantly by an earthshaking thunder crack. “And here comes the light show.”

He jumped and swore at the top of his lungs, skidding on the seat as he attempted to wedge himself between the door and seat, the swearing dieing away but he was white and obviously shaken.

The truck skidded on the wet road, as Viggo twitched on the wheel at Jordan’s reaction. He righted the vehicle with a curse and flinched as a bolt of lightening shot across the sky to their direct east. This thunder sounded right over the roof.

He cried out again, pressing himself even more into the tiny space, clearly very distressed by the thunder.

The cries startled Viggo every time, even though he tried not to respond to them. The slick road beneath the wheels made each twitch an unsafe zigzag across the yellow line and back again. When the loudest crack yet caused a shriek, Viggo gritted his teeth. He pulled over on to a safe, paved shoulder and turned on the emergency lights. Without asking, only knowing it’s the right thing to do, he slid across the seat and took hold of his passenger in a strong embrace. “Calm down. It’s all right.”

Words failed him, so all he could do was cling to Viggo, shivered and shaking, still jumping at each crack of thunder, burrowing closer, seeming to be trying to get into Viggo’s skin. This had been a bad idea, he shouldn’t have done this in the rain. Stupid, stupid, dumb, dumb whimp.

“Shhh.” Viggo rocked the young man back and forth, rubbing his back as soothingly as possible. “This won’t last for too long. A few more minutes probably. Just hold on to me... it will be all right, Jordan.”

He clung tighter, even his thoughts driven away as a huge stab of light filled the car and an explosive boom of thunder sounded directly above them.

The brim of Jordan’s hat pressed uncomfortably into Viggo’s chest, and he lifted it off, revealing a mass of shockingly wild black hair. With this barrier gone, he tucked Jordan into his neck for safe-keeping. The hat found itself a new home on top of Viggo’s backpack.

A face damp with tears was pressed tightly into Viggo’s neck and the small form in his arms trembled with every crack of thunder, jumped at each spear of lightening and whimpered softly into the skin of Viggo’s neck, a soft heartfelt muttering that could have been cursing or preying.

The worst of the thunder and lightening lasted for another ten minutes and then slowly kept rolling away from them. Flashes of lightening still danced on the horizon, but the thunder lowered to a distant rumble, more of a purr than anything else. “How are you? Better?” Viggo asked the trembling bundle in his arms. He shifted slightly, easing a cramp in his back without disturbing Jordan.

His hand snuck up to wipe a few tears away, nodding a little, “Yes... I... I am.” He blushed a little, “Thanks... um... and... I’m... I’m sorry for falling apart like that.”

Curious to see Jordan’s face, Viggo pulled back slightly and reached up to cup his cheek with his right hand. Wiping away the remains of tears with the ball of his thumb, he tilted Jordan’s head up. His eyes flickered back and forth, memorizing the soft, innocent face revealed to him. “Nothing to apologize for. Everyone is afraid of something. I’m not fond of small rooms myself.”

“I bet they don’t make you scream, shake and throw yourself at perfect strangers.” But he took the offered comfort anyway, blue eyes standing out even more than before against the slight redness left by his tears, “Thanks Viggo.” And he sighed, turning his head to press a kiss to Viggo’s thumb, acting on pure instinct. When he realized what he’d done he looked up at Viggo, eyes wide in surprise as he waited for the other man’s reaction.

Another pulse of desire jellied Viggo’s bones for a moment. His eyes darkened instantly before returning to near-normal. “Why did you do that?”

“I...” He looked away, “I just did. I... I wanted to?” He sounded very unsure at first, “It was instinct I guess.”

Viggo trailed his thumb down further, tracing a smooth cheek. The tip of his finger landed square on Jordan’s mouth and pulled down on the bottom lip. “I think you want to be touched.”

Soft red lips closed around the lip of that finger, sucking at it lightly in reply.

The seat material rustled beneath them, as Viggo scooted forward to press Jordan more firmly into the door. He withdrew his thumb and replaced it with his lips- soft and very tender.

The lips under Viggo’s opened in response, a curious tongue coming out to lick at the scar Viggo had highlighted before. It then traced the seam of Viggo’s lips very gently.

Encouraged by the reaction, Viggo wrapped his arms around Jordan more tightly. He deepened the kiss, his own mouth opening to welcome the new tongue, before seeking to explore on its own. They shifted on the seat more, Viggo using his greater weight to scoot them both back and then lay his passenger over the front seat.

Eager arms wrapped around Viggo, sliding up and down his back several times before sliding into the hair he found at Viggo’s collar. An even more eager tongue was exploring all he could, Viggo’s mouth, and then Viggo’s tongue in his mouth. His moans of need could not escape their joined mouths, but his chest vibrated with their force.

Viggo allowed this mauling of each other to go on for a few more minutes, enjoying the eagerness of the lovely man beneath him. He parted their mouths with a last dip of tongue to smile down at Jordan. “Guess you were right about what I wanted after all.”

“I guess you’ve guessed that I wasn’t that against the idea...” He grinned, rocking his hips into Viggo’s, letting the other man know just how not against the idea he was.

“Do you always do this?” Viggo asked quietly, not condemning, simply asking.

“Make out with people I’ve only just met? No... Not always, but probably more often than most people would be comfortable with,”

“That’s not what I meant... do people who give you rides often ask for... compensation?” He stroked a finger down a soft cheek, memorizing the curve of soft skin and hard bone beneath. “I just do not want you to feel like you need to do this to pay me.”

The smile he got in response was truly evil, “Maybe I want to feel like I need to pay you.” Sighing softly he added, “Sometimes, but it’s pretty rare you know. Mostly they just ignore me.”

A fresh flash of light whizzing by them on their side of the road startled Viggo. He climbed off the warm body beneath him reluctantly, but with a bit of relief. The sudden heat between himself and his passenger worried him as much as it excited. He turned over the motor. “Seatbelt.”

Viggo was gifted with a truly perfect pout at the command but he did as told, sitting up and belting up, “You don’t like that answer.”

“I don’t want to be slammed into by someone speeding by us on this road in the dark,” Viggo replied. He belted himself in and pulled back out on the again dark road. His Brights shone far ahead, casting eerie light on fencepost and shrubs.

Turning so he was leaning against the car do, blue eyes watched Viggo intently as he drove, wondering if they where going to return to the kissing, or if he was going to end up with very blue balls. Although it was his color, he didn’t like it on that part of his body.

The weight of those eyes finally made Viggo glance at Jordan. “Something wrong?”

“I was wondering about blue balls.” There wasn’t the slightest shame in his voice, just a small knowing grin.

“Wondering about them,” Viggo deadpanned. “You must be bored.”

“No sirriebob... having them, and wondering if I’m going to bed with them.”

“Well, I’ve heard more appealing requests.” Viggo slowed as they neared another wash, this one half-flooding the road. He swerved into the other lane, splashing through the edges. The truck wobbled on its wheels, losing contact with the road for a moment.

His passenger turned to look at Viggo a little nervously, “Is this car like... safe?”

“It’s not the truck, it’s the road. Even with four wheel drive, we lose some traction on this slick surface. It rained a lot in a short time.” He turned a reassuring look at Jordan. “One bed would be more comfortable.”

“I’d have to agree... it’s very hard to kiss you if where across the room from each other... and I rather liked it.” A cheeky grin came with the words. Although inside he was wondering at the strange turn in his afternoon.

“So did I,” Viggo admitted softly. “It’s been awhile since I felt so damned attracted to someone I just met, let alone a hitchhiker from the side of the road.” In the distance, the lights of Brooke’s Valley appeared. “Ah, the mighty town at last.”

At the admission from Viggo that the attraction was mutual he couldn’t resist reaching out and stroking his fingers up and down Viggo’s thigh, “The mighty town with it’s even mightier dry hotel rooms?”

“All very high class.” The dry tone belied the heat stoking effect of the fingers trailing over his leg. His right hand dropped from the wheel to still Jordan’s hand, large fingers wrapping over small ones.

Grinning he kept the tips of his fingers moving as much as he could, stroking the firm, well muscled thigh, shivering a little as he imagined the power in those muscle, and the power they would give when Viggo was thrusting inside of him.

“Evil creature,” Viggo hissed, lifting the hand away. His gaze might burn through metal, when he turned it on Jordan. “Don’t you want to survive to get to the motel?”

“Are you trying to tell me you are in danger of causing an accident just because I’m stroking your thigh?” He licked his lips as Viggo watched, his lips just a little swollen and red from their kisses.

“I’m torn between the desire to toss you out on your ass and just let go of this wheel and take your ass.” The voice lowered two octaves, reaching a dangerous tone that dared you to mess with its owner.

The shiver it provoked was clearly visible, and the fingers stilled, but didn’t move away, “I think...” His voice was breathy with desire, “I like option two?” His expression was full of desire, blue eyes glazed, pupil’s dialing even more.

“Not since we’re still in motion you don’t.” Viggo transferred their joined hands to Jordan’s leg. Without even sparing a glance over, he pushed them up high to the groin and rubbed there in circular patterns.

A loud groan and bucking hips was Viggo’s only answer for several moments as the added stimulation forced the blue eyed male to fight desperately for his control. His need was so strong he could hardly fight off the desire, “I don’t wanna cum in my pants.”

At his plea, Viggo released his hand and put his own back on the wheel. The truck finally rolled into town, where a few forlorn streetlights attempted to fight off the gloom of the clouds. Viggo navigated easily to the one motel in town. “Waiting or coming in to check in with me?”

Eye’s gazed with lust glanced towards the office and he shook his head, “I’ll wait here... you don’t want to be seen with me anyway.” It would attract far too much attention, and that was the last thing either of them wanted.

For a moment, Viggo hesitated and then he leaned over and kissed his passenger long and hard. “Don’t get lonely waiting.” The door shut with a bang behind him as he disappeared inside the office.

“Damn he’s hot.” Panting with the intense need Viggo had stirred he opened the car door a little, lifting his face and letting the rain wet and cool both it and his ardor, at least a little.

“Needing a cold shower?” Viggo sounded both amused and teasing, as he walked around the passenger side to lean against the truck. A set of keys dangled from his right hand. “I got something in the back, away from the other guests. Said I needed some peace and quiet.”

“Then I’d suggest you get another room... cause I don’t intend you to have any peace or quiet in the slightest.” An evil grin and blue eyes raked up and down Viggo’s form, “Getting back in the car? OR are you going to take that cold shower you where talking about?”

“Ah, then you want something near the other guests, where they can hear every cry you make.” Viggo shrugged a little and turned to go back in the office. “Let me just go change the room then.”

Reaching through the still open door he grabbed the back of Viggo’s pants, “Get in the car and drive us to the room Viggo, unless you want to be mauled in the car park.”

Tilting his head back, Viggo caught Jordan’s mouth with his own for an upside-down kiss. He licked and sucked momentarily at a soft upper lip, before suddenly leaving to circle the truck and climb in again. The engine purred to life, and they drove around the corner of the squat row of rooms to the furthest room.

A slightly trembling hand took the keys out of Viggo’s hand and sweeping up his bag and hat he was out of the car and opening the door to their room in a moment. Glad to be out of the rain he started stripping, not bothering with closing the door as he headed to wards the bathroom, pail skin seeming to glow in the overcast of the rainy day.

Affecting a casual stroll, Viggo removed all his art supplies and moved them, along with his small overnight bag, into the motel room. He took off his own wet boots, shirt and jeans. The king-sized bed beckoned him, and he sprawled in a relaxed manner. Like most motel rooms, the walls featured cheesy pictures that offended Viggo’s artist’s sensibilities. A pair of lopsided dogs peered down from a picture frame, their tongues lolling in permanent stupidity. He sneered back at them and rolled over.

Leaving the bathroom door open as well Viggo’s hitchhiker had headed directly into the shower, the bathroom steaming up as he just stood under the hot spray, warming up.

The invitation of the open door interested Viggo, but he remained snug on the bed, looking over the room. A connoisseur of cheap motels, he rated this one higher on the scale- clean, comfortable and not as tacky as many. Satisfied, he shut his eyes and began controlled breathing exercises.

Only when he was warm and slightly pinkening from the heat did the water shut off. Drying quickly he watched the man on the bed, wondering what would be the best plan of attack. Finally, deciding on a frontal attack, the blue eyed boy threw his warm body on top of Viggo’s and kissed him deeply.

Viggo rolled over instantly, pinning Jordan to the bed and kissing him with the ferocity of all his attention. He fisted his hand in warm, damp hair and tugged playfully. His mouth left Jordan’s but only to land on his throat and clamp down for a suck that left indents.

Moaning loudly he wrapped his arms around Viggo, fingers trailing up and down the muscles of Viggo’s back, wondering at the smooth skin, “So smooth...” his fingers crept down to brush over Viggo’s ass and he giggled, “Soft.” Before twisting his neck so he could nibble and suck at Viggo’s neck in return.

“Soft?” Viggo pulled back to frown at him a little, though his eyes laughed in return. His hands brushed the curls at the vulnerable nape of neck, before pulling up to kiss Jordan again.

Returning the kiss as deeply as he could he wondered how firmly Viggo was holding him down? A moment’s hesitation before deciding it couldn’t hurt to try and with all his strength he rolled them over so he was stretched across Viggo’s chest. He grinned in victory before bending down to steal a breathtaking kiss from Viggo’s sweet lips.

Not to be outdone, Viggo rolled them back over, his mouth still attached to Jordan’s. His hands clasped thin wrists and pinned them above Jordan’s head. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I think I was sitting on you.” A very suggestive grin accompanied the words as he lifted his head to lick up the side of Viggo’s neck, “Why? Do you have something else in mind Viggo?”

“Yes. I want you on your knees.” Viggo’s lips pulled upward in a feral little half-snarl, half-smile. He thrust his hips a few times into Jordan’s, giving them a few moments of glorious friction.

“Knees?” He gulped, “Knees are good...” And he squirmed against Viggo, letting the larger man feel his returned erection, “What else do you have planed?”

“Trying not to destroy this lovely bed when I take you harder than you’ve ever been taken before,” Viggo purred. “And maybe a bit of appetizer to start.” He sat up with that easy, fast grace and scooted back. Jordan’s spread legs reached the peak of their flexibility under Viggo’s hands, as he flexed them apart.

“Was there something... something you wanted special... as... as an... an appetizer?”

Instead of answering, Viggo leaned down and kissed the slight curve of abdomen. Fingers calloused from brushes, pens and swords curved around Jordan’s cock. They squeezed the very bottom, inched slowly up the length and then squeezed the top. The ball of his forefinger rubbed the resulting pre-cum around.

“FUCK!!!” He groaned deeply in the back of his throat, “Yessss...” Hips pressing upwards, he whispered softly, “Oh... please? More please? Please?” He rocked his hips slightly, trying to encourage Viggo to stroke him rhythmically. “Please?” It wouldn’t take much at all to send him tumbling into orgasm.

Such sinful begging deserved a reward, so Viggo switched to stroking hard and fast. He worked Jordan like a master with his favorite palette. Any indication of a preferred spot for touching, or a caress that brought an extra moan got repeated and teased and tortured.

It was more than he could take, and with a strangled scream of pleasure he came, body shaking with pleasure what wiped his mind clean and had him spilling his seed as his lips mangled any attempt at speech.

The lovely sight thrilled Viggo, making him hop from the bed and thumb through art supplies till he found his sketchbook. Grabbing a pencil, he settled back at the foot of the bed and drew frantically. Every line marked a study in passion and ecstasy. The curve of a slightly open mouth with tongue just visible. The twist of a thigh, still bent open to touch. A wide-eyed stare full of shocked pleasure. Perfection... though he could never capture it well enough, but might manage the barest essence.

Sated eyes flickered up at Viggo, asking huskily, “What are you doing?”

“Sketching you,” Viggo said. The lines flowed on to the paper, practically flooding from his pencil. They turned dark here, light there, and Jordan appeared on the page.

“What do I look like?” He stretched a little, purring at the pleasurable feeling. “Ohh I feel good.” He smiled his most inviting smile at Viggo, reaching out towards him and whispering, “Come back to bed lover man.”

“Let me finish,” Viggo mumbled. A few last expert lines, and he surveyed the product with pleasure. Setting the pad down, he climbed on the bed like a large predator approaching prey and gifted Jordan with a sucking kiss as thanks for the perfect art of his body.

When the kiss ended blue eyes met blue and there was a soft whispered question, “What was that for?”

“Does it matter?” Viggo asked. He kissed him again, slow, sweet and with a bit more feeling than most one night stands might warrant.

The kiss went on and on, so when it finally ended it took him several moments to answer, “Yes... yes it does.”

“Why?” Viggo whispered, his mouth still brushing Jordan’s. “Tell me why it matters to you, little hitchhiker.”

“Cause... cause it was so sweet.” The words where said in an almost awed voice.

“Do you mind?” Viggo asked. “Am I getting too affectionate?”

“I...” He shook his head slowly, “I don’t mind... it... it was, is nice...” He looked a little flustered as he confessed, “People don’t normally touch and kiss me like that.”

Viggo flipped his leg over Jordan and straddled his body, still keeping his weight up on the palms of his hands. “You inspire passion... affection... art... you are all of these things.” His mouth ghosted kisses and touches over Jordan’s cheeks, his throat, his eyelids.

He couldn’t help but lift his face into the kisses, soaking in the emotions, the warmth and affection just as much as the physical pleasure of the sweet kisses.

Viggo remembers his promise to take Jordan hard and fast while on his knees, but now wonders if this plan might be a mistake. He wants to watch his face- the fluttering eyelashes and slightly open mouth. His eyes drift away and notice a large mirror on the opposite wall. “Come with me.:

“Come where?” His gaze followed Viggo’s and his eyes widened slightly, “Over to the mirror?” He cocked his head to the side, “Want to watch us lover?”

“I want to watch you as I make love to your body.” He runs his fingers down Jordan’s sides, ticklish and tender at the same time. “I cannot deny myself the exquisite expressions you make when you are lost.

The smile that Viggo received after his words was bright, full of amazed joy. “Wow... poet... I see that now... wow.”

A soft laugh, delighted and pure, shook Viggo’s shoulders for a moment. “Am I? Poetic?” He pulled Jordan so they both sat near the right edge of the bed, their reflection clearly visible in the mirror.

“Yeah...” He nodded, “Very... wow.” He shook his head a little before focusing on the mirror, sighing softly. “We look... different.”

In the glass surface, Viggo’s larger frame wrapped neatly around the pale skin of his lover. His tanned and muscled arms practically engulf the chest around which they encircle. His gaze caught Jordan’s in the mirror and held it for a long, simmering moment. “Are you ready for me?”

He licked his lips, trying to form some sort of word, to give Viggo an answer, but in the end he had to resort to nodding, yes he was ready for Viggo. Ready for him to take him and remake him in an image Viggo found more pleasing.

“Do you have something to ease my way?” Viggo asks, nuzzling the soft hairs of Jordan’s nape and blowing wet raspberries along his neckline. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Something to ease... ohhhh.” He even blushed a little as he realized what Viggo was asking, “Um... yeah... in... in my bag...” he shivered a little, pressing back against Viggo, “I... I don’t know where I put it though.”

“Hmmm,” Viggo hummed against his neck. His right hand found the small indent of Jordan’s navel ad dipped one fingertip inside teasingly. “

Naughty boy. You are going to make me separate from you to look?”

“I...” He looked around the room, trying to find his bag, suddenly unsure if he’d even brought it into the room, “Is... unless there’s something else we can use... I guess so?”

Sliding his hand further down, Viggo wrapped his hand rather claimingly over Jordan’s cock. “I shall have to let go of all this to find something then.” Sighing in regret, he pulled away and headed for his own bags.

A sad and somehow self-pitying whimper followed Viggo as he left the bed, “Tease.” Wrapping his arms around himself the boy on the bed watched Viggo intently, whispering softly, “Come back.”

A natural hand lotion buried in the back pocket of his backpack earned itself a place in the heavens when Viggo discovered it with a smile. The soft pleas of the waiting man still kneeling on the bed made the room pulse with urgency and want. He took the tube and carried it back to the bed. Hopping back up, he took Jordan and kissed him reassuringly. “I’m here.”

Wrapping himself around Viggo he not only returned the kiss, but upped its intensity, exploring Viggo’s mouth before sucking Viggo’s tongue back into his own mouth and dueling with it playfully.

“Now, you are kissing differently,” Viggo teased, resting his forehead against Jordan’s lightly. He slid his hands down and turned his lover back around so they rested chest to back.

Arching backwards he did his best to press every inch of skin he could against Viggo, purring happily at the silken feel of flesh brushing flesh, “I like kissing you...”

“I noticed,” Viggo murmured. The bottled cap flew off when he flipped it open and the lotion oozed out all over his fingers and on the bedspread. Viggo slid his coated fingers down a prominent spine, between firm ass cheeks and over and over a small, puckered opening,

He gave a startled gasp, no matter how many times he did this, that first touch always surprised him. He arched away at first, just for a moment, before arching back into the light touches, encouraging Viggo with soft needy moans, “Oh... like that... oh please?”

“Even better than that,” Viggo promised, his lips pressed to a smooth shoulder. His tongue lapped at the salty skin, eager for more of the unique flavor of Jordan. Smooth, soothing lotion coated the inside of tight, hot muscle, as Viggo breached with his fingertip.

“Ohhhhh...” It was a higher pitched sound of pleasure and he wriggled back on the finger slightly, encouraging Viggo to keep going. There was little discomfort, he was much more relaxed than normal and that fact had him eager for more, “Please?”

“Shhh.” Viggo puffed warm air in Jordan’s ear with the soft noise. He answered the request, slipping his finger in deeper into the already eased depths. “Are you really so eager for me, my hitchhiker? Feel how easily you open for me. How hot you are...”

This time the sound was almost a coo and he pressed his hips back, accepting most of Viggo’s finger with another whimper, showing him how relaxed and accepting, how eager he truly was with his actions. For he could not find any words as liquid pleasure rather than blood started running through his veins once more.

Viggo glanced up at the mirror, where he could see all of his lover. The expression of pleasure and trust on Jordan’s face tore him from the insides. He wanted to cry. He wanted to fall in love. He wanted to fuck him through the sheets. He wanted to photograph, paint, capture in poetry the perfection he saw there. Instead, he worked to bring Jordan more pleasure.

Lifting his head, the boy Viggo knew as Jordan stared at the mirror and stared into Viggo’s eyes. Although his expression showed pleasure, the pleasure he was feeling, the pleasure that Viggo was giving him, his eyes where searching Viggo’s for something. He did not know what he was searching for until, deep in Viggo’s eyes he found it. Viggo cared.

“Jordan,” Viggo groaned when their eyes met and sparked in the mirror. He twisted his neck and tilted Jordan’s head so he could kiss him while his second finger found its place inside Jordan.

The loud and happy moan in reply didn’t make it out of Viggo’s mouth as he deepened the kiss, unwilling to lose this connection, the difference in Viggo’s kiss, in their shared kiss was even more noticeable now. For he was starting to care as much as Viggo did, and it showed.

The moments passed by in waves of warm, shared pleasure in the passion and emotion of the kiss. Viggo nearly forgot to keep his fingers in motion, only prompted by the slow rock of slim hips against him. His lust hung in tatters, overwhelmed by a deeper kind of need.

The feelings that where welling up inside him where overwhelming. The physical pleasure matched with the emotions that where starting to crowd his head and heart. It was the emotional ones that had him breaking the kiss, gasping for air as blue eyes searched Viggo’s face. The answer he found their inspired a low sound of pleasure before he pressed their lips together for another deep kiss.

Smiling into the kiss, Viggo found the presence of mind to remove his fingers and fumble gracelessly for the condom on the bed. He managed to grasp it in two fingers, before forcing himself to break his hold on Jordan to open it and slide it ruthlessly over himself. Their mouths remained fused, however, tongue caressing in a sensually happy dance.

The removal of Viggo’s fingers and then his hands completely resulted in a sad little whimper however he realized dimly that it was sure to mean that something even better was coming so he didn’t break their kiss to protest. In fact he deepened it, tongue sliding into Viggo’s mouth to search out and learn every part.

In the end, Viggo pulled back with a last flicker of tongue. “Are you ready?” he whispered, his voice so deep he sounded like water over gravel. “Do you want me, little hitchhiker?”

“Oh yes please? Ready... willing... waiting... please don’t make me wait any more?” The words where whispered breathily, “Please?”

“No more waiting, for either of us,” Viggo murmured. He palmed Jordan’s cheek and watched his eyes as he carefully pushed inside his body. The intrusion met no resistance, just welcoming heat. “Oh. Oh...”

He didn’t look away, he didn’t even blink, sinking into Viggo’s eyes as Viggo was sinking into his body. He couldn’t say anything, only marvel at the perfect feeling of being complete for the first time in his life. No one and nothing had ever made him feel this way. He was whole.

Their joined bodies paused together, both perched on their knees on the edge of the bed. Viggo slid his hands up and down a soft belly, a slender neck, soft cheeks and into messy hair. “Tell me how you feel,” he breathed, reading the eyes hungrily, greedy for more.

“Full... finished... complete.” He twisted a little, pressing back against Viggo’s body, wanting to feel skin touching skin again, feel Viggo all around him, embracing his body even as he was holding Viggo within him, “I am whole.”

How much Viggo wanted to believe the answer, for both of them. However, he feared his beautiful lover felt whole only for this moment, when the physical pleasure overwhelmed all reason. Still, he savored the answer, kissing Jordan again and thrusting in and out with utmost care.

“So good... oh gods...” He stared into Viggo’s eyes, watching the expressions that they displayed, seeing how Viggo’s emotions changed their color even as his own face and expression showed Viggo the same things. Showed the pleasure, the bliss he was feeling, showed the tears that welled, tears of pleasure and amazement. He’s never felt this way with anyone else before, he could hardly believe he was feeling it now.

“Look at the mirror, Jordan. Look at your face. See what I see... see how perfect you are, how lyrical. Look for me.” He tore his eyes away to study them in the mirror. He loathed himself for a moment, the large, imperfect person finding pleasure in such loveliness. “You don’t deserve this,” he thought, before pushing the illogical idea away. For, he caused the startled delight in Jordan’s eyes, his trembling limbs, his open mouth.

It was hard, looking away from Viggo even when they no longer had the eye contact. He didn’t want to give up the pleasure of watching Viggo to look at himself. He’d seen himself from the outside more times than he cared to count, although not quite like this, and to his eyes Viggo was much more attractive. But there was something in Viggo’s voice that made it hard to ignore, so he let his eyes travel over his own body and moaned.

As Jordan watched, Viggo wrapped his capable hand around his erection. His fingers moved in slow tandem with his patient, strong hips. Immensely patient, Viggo wanted this to last as long as possible. One night with his lovely hitchhiker, one night to savor and share this body. “You’re perfect. So perfect for me. I want to stay here... deep inside you while your face looks as it does right at this moment.”

“Perfect... yessssss...” He hissed the word on a long exhale, “Perfect, it’s perfect.” Eyes wide he watched Viggo take him, thrusting back and meting the other man moment for movement, “Never end? Yes stay like this.” His words where just the tip of the iceberg compared to what he was feeling, the bliss and completion. However perfect was spot on, being with Viggo, this man he’d only known for a few hours, felt perfect.

Viggo never expected this kind of reaction from a man he literally picked up off the street. He bowed his head to kiss, suck and mark the creamy shoulders and enticing neck. The building of pleasure worked upward, climbing toward its peak with relentless strokes of hip an squeezes of muscle. Sex-the word seemed wrong and ugly to use-never worked so effortlessly for him before. Their bodies fit with each other, ached for each other, knew each other.

As his physical pleasure started to build more and more it battled with the emotional, which until then had been clearly the more powerful. Neither was stronger than the other however and at some point he realized that he couldn’t tell what physical and what was emotional any more. The blissful feeling of being complete melded into the full feeling of Viggo moving within him and heightened them both to an almost unbearable pitch. Every emotion and physical sensation blended together until all he could do was feel.

Finally unable to hold back any longer, Viggo used his power to take Jordan fast and hard. The tendons in his muscles stood out in stark relief at the force of his movements. “I’m sorry,” he gasped. “I need you... need this... fuck... oh yes... Jordan...” He lost his voice and grunted into each thrust, the bed adding its groans of protest at the treatment.

He met Viggo thrust for thrust their bodies moving with the frantic need that had built between them, a fire that could only end in the sweetest of all explosions. He could feel the fire that was once his blood burning him from the inside out as their bodies moved in a rhythm older than time and yet still brand new. He fought with his conflicting desire to hold off, make it last longer and to come now, to feel the apex of this moment but eventually his body decided for him.

After the feelings running throughout the encounter, Viggo should have been prepared for the power of his orgasm. Still, the explosion left him helpless in its wake, pouring out his insides like a tornado. He threw back his head and yelled incomprehensibly and deafeningly at the sky, as in some sort of prehistoric celebration. The rest of his body ploughed into Jordan, clutching him tightly as wave after wave spasmed his body.

Elijah came with such power, the feelings so intensely pleasurable they where almost painful and he screamed. Screaming out at the power of his orgasm his body clamped down on Viggo’s shaft within him, muscles contracted so tightly Viggo couldn’t have pulled out of his body even if he’d wanted to. And still his pleasure continued, wave after wave of sensation pulling him down towards unconsciousness but he clung on, not willing to lose a moment of Viggo.

When his senses returned, Viggo felt his lover still climaxing and shuddering in his arms. He rested back on his thighs, holding Jordan close through his release. His mouth uttered soothing, loving words, kissing and gentling the young man with soft touches that spoke of more than he counted on when this began. How could a one night stand turn into something that made him feel so powerfully? Viggo set aside this wondering for later, contenting himself now with the blissful reality in his arms.

As the convulsion started dieing down Elijah leant closer into Viggo, plastering his back to Viggo’s chest, panting as if he’d just sprinted ten miles. Lacking the air to say anything he brought one of Viggo’s hands to his mouth and pressed a kiss to the palm.

The slide to the mattress seemed only natural, and Viggo pulled Jordan down with him as they went, ending up neatly sprawled on the spread. He cuddled his new lover to him, slipping out regretfully. “How do you feel now?”

Shuddering a little he pressed tightly against Viggo, “Empty without you.” He sighed, the wonderful feeling of completeness was fading away. It wasn’t gone completely, he suspected that it wouldn’t as long as Viggo was there he’d feel some of it, but the intensity was gone.

“You hardly know me,” Viggo murmured, kissing the back of his neck. “Yet I feel less without you there as well.” He trailed delicate fingertips over ribs and a flat abdomen that suddenly rumbled. “Hmmm, I can see all of you is not focused on me.”

Elijah blushed a little before saying very defensively, “It’s been a while since I’ve eaten I guess...” He tucked his head in just a little, “I... And we’ve been kinda active for the last little while.”

Viggo found the blush endearing and cradled Jordan closer for a deep, tongue-filled kiss. He began to throw one leg over Jordan’s, when another rumble startled him. “I think you need sustenance, if even my kisses are not enough for you.”

“If my stomach was feeling what the rest of me was, it would realise they are more than enough.”

“A romantic hitchhiker,” Viggo teased, his voice deep and pleased. He leaned down to suck on Jordan’s bottom lip, before discovering his tongue again.

The kiss swept him away again, moaning deeply as he turned into Viggo’s embrace, pressing their bodies together and deepening the kiss more, sucking at Viggo’s tongue happily.

They rolled over, Viggo using his superior weight to pin Jordan to the mattress. His arms tightened on Small shoulders, his body signaling a desire for a repeat... Jordan’s stomach rumbled almost angrily under his, the ripples vibrating the skin of both. Sighing with regret, Viggo rolled up and searched for a phone book.

Watching Viggo Elijah bit back a groan of protest at the loss of contact, “What you doing?”

“What do you want to eat?” Viggo asked, flipping to the restaurant section. “Not a lot of choices... greasy spoons, a Chinese, a bar... Are you old enough to drink?”

“Shouldn’t you have asked me that before you made...” he hesitated before finishing, “Made love to me?” His tone was slightly scolding, but amused, “Yes Viggo, I’m legal... but... Chinese??” He looked hopeful.

“Legal for me to love is younger than drinking.” He smiled a wicked little grin at his lover and then nodded. “Chinese it is. What dishes do you like?”

“Um... just about everything honestly. I never met a Chinese meal I didn’t like.” The grin he gave Viggo in return was just as wicked as he stretched out on the bed with a groan, “Ohhhh I can feel that.”

The stretch drew back Viggo attention. He tossed the book aside, still open to the right page, and re-straddled Jordan to rub against him tantalizingly and kiss the tormenting mouth. “I don’t want to leave right now.”

It was a long time later that Elijah broke the kiss, smiling up at Viggo before asking, “Um lover mine? What time is it?” his stomach growled loudly yet again and he giggled a little.

“Foul creature,” he muttered, glancing at the clock. “It’s a little after eight, why?” His attention diverted to an arched neck, which he proceeded to suck on while waiting for an answer.

“Just wondering how much time we had before the restaurants would close?” Nail-less fingers raked down Viggo’s back and pinched very lightly at his ass cheek.

“Not too much longer.” Viggo pushed back against the hand instinctively. “I should really go.” Instead, he captured a warm mouth and spent a good five minutes more kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking and generally enjoying himself.

Elijah giggles into the kiss at first but soon he was as distracted as Viggo as he returned the kisses and nibbles, licks and playing bites, “Ohhh... What... what where you saying?”

“I want to photograph you,” Viggo said, although that had nothing to do with what he had been saying.

“Ok.” Elijah grinned at Viggo, “I think I can handle that... but with one condition, feed me first?” He gave Viggo his very, very best pathetic look.

Viggo growled and sighed at the same time, resulting in an impatient huffing noise. He rolled off the pliant body unwillingly and climbed into his jeans. His shirt followed, after which he grabbed his wallet, the phone book and disappeared out the door without another word.

Elijah giggled for a few moments after Viggo had left but soon their faded away as he sat up. Walking across the room he stood in front of the mirror, asking, “What the fuck are you doing Elijah?”

The food seemed to take forever to be ready, as Viggo prowled the front area restlessly. Eventually, the owner brought out three bags full of containers, for which Viggo tipped her generously. Tossing them in the front seat, he jumped in and zipped back to the motel post-haste.

Having taken another hot shower Elijah pulled on his only dry clothing from his bag, a pair a sweat pants. Looking around the room he opened the small windows, trying to air some of the sex smell out, but everything he was pure distraction from thinking about what on earth he was doing.

The door bust open as Viggo practically fell in, his arms weighed down with food. “Ok, I got about everything on their menu. Eat to your heart’s content, little hitchhiker.” He bundled them on a table, ripping open the first bag and pulling out containers. “I have no idea what are in any of them.”

Elijah laughed softly and shook his head, “You want me to eat things you can’t identify?” He laugh was very amused and he leant over, kissing Viggo long as slowly, “Hummm... can I use you as a plate?”

Viggo held Jordan to him for a moment, keeping their mouths together. “I mean that I am not sure which dish they packed in which container, brat. And as for using me as a plate... maybe later. I’m hungry, too.”

He snickered, he couldn’t help it, “Well it would probably burn you...” Picking up the chopsticks that had come with the meal he closed his eyes and stuck them into one of the containers, saying, “I’ll start with this one.” And only then did he open his eyes and grin, lifting a mouthful of foot to his lips with a happy smile.

“Probably.” Viggo snags a pair if chopsticks of his own, opens a carton and tries a piece. “Mmm, chicken and shrimp.” He sets down that carton, opens another and tries another piece. “Mmm. Mandarin tofu.”

“You like tofu?” His nose wrinkled with distaste as he continued eating another mouthful of broccoli beef.

“I love tofu.” Viggo opened yet another carton and pulls out some noodles with practiced ease. “Tasty and good for you.”

Reaching over Viggo he took some of the noodles with a smile, “Ohhh... spicy! Nice!!” And he took more, chewing and swallowing before saying, “I don’t like it much to be honest.”

Viggo considered for a moment, chewing some pork fried rice. “That’s the first thing you’ve told me about yourself- you don’t like tofu.” The statement lacked judgment, merely hanging there quietly between them.

“We haven’t made a whole lot of conversation you know...” He ate another mouthful before adding, having thought about their time together, “You haven’t asked me much either.”

“Why are you hitchhiking?” Viggo asked, figuring he might as well see if he can get a straight answer.

He would ask the one question that Elijah couldn’t answer, not really fully, but he could give Viggo the truth, or part of it, “I... I had to get away from the insanity that was my life...” He sighed softly, he needed to get away from being Elijah fucking Frodo Wood. “This was the only way I knew to do that.” It wasn’t the full truth, but it was completely truthful.

“How long have you been on the road this time?” he asked, opening yet another carton and trying a bite of some sort of strange vegetable that nearly made him gag.

“Not too long I guess... honestly I’m not sure.” He sighed, he really wasn’t, he’d been doing this on and off since the movie had opened, trying to escape faster than the movies could follow. He hadn’t been doing a very good job.

Viggo offered him a sweet and sour shrimp wordlessly. He chewed on his own for a few silent moments and then said, “How old are you, little hitchhiker?”

Elijah took the shrimp and sighed, chewing slowly before saying, “21.”

Sensing the sadness infusing his lover, Viggo set down his carton, stood, walked around the chair and offered a hug. He did not force Jordan, merely standing with his arms wide and welcoming.

He almost threw himself at Viggo, burrowing into Viggo’s frame, arms wrapping tightly and sighed, breathing deeply of Viggo’s scent, commenting almost absently, “You smell good.”

Warm palms rubbed and massaged the soft skin of Jordan’s bare back, trying to soothe the trembles he felt there. Their bodies fit together well, the smaller man sliding like a puzzle piece into place. Viggo wondered about tomorrow for the first time, and his brain hissed warnings at him uselessly.

Taking a deep break Elijah pressed his lips just over Viggo’s heart and sighed softly, “Thank you.” He tilted his head back to look up at Viggo and smiled, “Very much.”

“Eat some more, little hitchhiker,” Viggo said, gently releasing him. “You may need the strength before the night is done.”

Elijah laughed a little low sound, “I hope so...” And he sat back down, proceeding to eat hungrily.

The laugh sent a shiver down to pool and ripple in Viggo’s guts. He sat down himself, trying to focus on his food and failing miserably. Instead, he caught himself watching Jordan rather openly.

He didn’t need to look up to know he was being watched, it was a sensation Elijah was completely familiar with, but this time instead of a vague dread all he felt was a slow blooming warmth, finally asking softly, “See something you want?”

“Yes, I fear I rather do,” Viggo said with genuine feeling. “Do you mind?”

Elijah looked at Viggo, his smile lightly up his face, “Not in the slightest.” And he put down his chopsticks. Standing he finished his drink and wiped his hands and lips on a napkin. Then he strolled towards the bed, looking invitingly at Viggo over his shoulder, “Coming?”

“Not right after dinner,” Viggo laughed with a shake of his head. “I’m going to get a nice, warm shower and then I might be ready.” He closed the cartons, putting them away neatly and carefully in the bag. His right eye flashed a quick wink at Jordan, before he disappeared in the bathroom and the water started.

Laughing softly Elijah let Viggo have a long shower before stripping off his pants and opening the bathroom door quietly. As carefully as he could he pushed open the shower curtain and climbed in behind Viggo. Then without warning he wrapped his arms around Viggo’s waist and pressed a kiss to his shoulder blade, “I couldn’t wait any longer.”

Water sloshed crazily, as Viggo tried not to fall over and kill them both. He steadied himself with one hand on the porcelain tiles and gasped, “Are you trying to kill us, Jordan!? You shouldn’t sneak up on an old man like that!” Any trace of anger or annoyance in his voice vanished by the third word, and he grinned over his shoulder.

Elijah’s grin was very cheeky as his hand started stroking down from Viggo’s belly towards his cock, “No... Unless you’re speaking of the little death the French love so much...” A small set of fingers wrapped around Viggo’s shaft and stroked just a little.

“Not just the French,” Viggo murmured, his hips jerking into the touch. “What do you want to do to me?”

“I don’t know really... just wannna play I guess...” He smiled slightly and pressed a biting kiss to Viggo’s shoulder, “Touch you, learn you...”

“Shall I just stand here like this then?” Viggo asks, his amusement and want clear in his deep rumble.

“That is an idea... I want you to enjoy yourself too, so... feel free to move as you want to.” Another nipping bite to Viggo’s other shoulder, “You taste better than dinner.”

Viggo turned off the rapidly cooling spray and spun around to face Jordan with an effortless twist. His fingers tangled in mussed, damp hair and pulled his lover to him for a deep, tongue swirling kiss.

Elijah wrapped his arms and then legs around Viggo monkey like, giggling into their kiss as two wet bodies rubbed against each other. The giggle soon became a happy moan as he deepened the kiss, rubbing their bodies together a little more.

The wall supported them as Viggo leaned against it to prevent ending up sitting in the tub with a thump. He held Jordan to him tightly, his hands caressing the skin and muscle under them. Eventually, he parted their mouths with a wet sound and nuzzled Jordan’s nose. “Shall we get back to bed?”

“That’s the most brilliant idea I’ve heard in my entire life, did you know that?” He turned his head so he could breath the words directly into Viggo’s ear and then he started licking and nibbling at Viggo’s neck.

“Of course it might help,” Viggo muttered around gasps, “if you stop short-circuiting my brain so I could get us there!”

“Sorry, now that is something I can’t do.” And as if to prove his point Elijah bit lightly at the lobe of Viggo’s ear, sucking it into his mouth as he cling to the larger man.

Viggo reversed and banged Jordan, though not hard, into the side of the wall. He jerked his head away from the maddening mouth and neatly crushed their lips together in a fierce, possessive kiss. His hips pushed against Jordan’s rubbing them together hungrily.

Elijah didn’t even feel the impact or the cool of the tiles against his skin, all he felt was Viggo. His kiss, his body, his skin, every feeling was searing itself into his body and mind, it even felt like the sensations where burning into his soul.

A few moments of hard thrusting and the world attempted to spin away from Viggo. He clamped down on his control hard and pulled back, eyes pleading. “Please, Jordan, I don’t want to do this here. Just let up a moment. We’ll both get hurt if we do this here.”

Taking a deep breath in a desperate attempt to control himself Elijah nodded, whispering ok and buried his face in Viggo’s shoulder, the only thing he could do to keep himself from kissing Viggo again.

Half-staggering, Viggo managed to get them out into the bedroom. Still dripping, he dumped Jordan on the bed and then stared down at him. “You’re sinful.”

Stretching across the bed, his every movement an invitation, legs spread and arms open in offering, “Come sin with me then.” And he reached out for Viggo with a small hand.

Viggo took the hand and smiled a little devilish twist of his lips. His right knee perched on the bed, as he leaned over to kiss and suck at each digit in turn. When he finished with the fingers, he turned to the palm and delicate wrist, lapping at the pulse point.

Elijah moaned deeply, reaching out with his other hand and cupping the back of Viggo’s head lightly, “If I’m sin... you’re the devil Viggo.”

“That would not be the first time I have been called the devil,” Viggo admitted, easing his other knee up on the bed. His hands reached down to rest on either side of Jordan, holding his body up, tantalizing close, but just out of contact.

Blue eyes narrowed at the teasing distance between them and without warning Elijah pushed his body up, legs and arms wrapping around Viggo, pressing them tightly together, letting his weight hang off Viggo’s body.

Viggo crashed on to the bed and Jordan, laughing breathlessly at them both. He buried his hands in sot, dark hair and kissed Jordan through the laugh. His body eased up a little, locking them into place.

When this kiss ended Viggo could see the victorious smile being sent his direction, “Much better...” and then Elijah brought their lips together again, doing his best to drown them both in the desire that was flaring even stronger between them now than it had before.

“What do you want?” Viggo asked, breathing in short, shallow pants as his heart raced like a jackhammer in his chest. “Tell me, Jordan.”

“I want everything.” The confession was a ragged whisper against Viggo’s neck, “I want your lips on mine, I want your cock deep in my body and I don’t want it to ever end. I want your taste in my mouth and your scent in my nose, I want everything Viggo.”

The seriousness in Jordan’s voice stropped Viggo for a moment. He studied the lovely face underneath his, wondering at what he saw there. Still, the plea could not go unanswered for long, so he kissed Jordan again, sweetly conveying his agreement.

Fingers tangling in Viggo’s hair Elijah returned the kiss, keeping it sweet and tender, almost loving. Their next kiss was just as sweet, at the start, but soon his need started well up again and Elijah started deepening it, fingers starting to caress down Viggo’s back.

Viggo rolled slightly off Jordan and scooted away from the perfect mouth to suck on a small, dark nipple. His fingers rolled the other between them, pinching and plumping and rubbing. His other hand reached down to stroke lightly at Jordan’s cock and balls.

Elijah’s moaned at the wonderful sensations, Viggo’s caresses where somehow perfect, but he didn’t want to stop the explorations he had started in the shower. So he reached out as well, small warm hands caressing down Viggo’s chest, one lingering at his nipples, stroking and rolling them while the other continued downwards.

Nerves sparking pulses of pure fire through his veins at the touches at his nipples, Viggo nearly bit deeply into a succulent bud. He lifted his head just in time, nearly biting off his tongue instead. “Crap,” he muttered, as pain added itself to the powerful sensations. The taste of blood mingled with the taste of Jordan on his injured tongue.

Elijah’s hands stilled and he looked at Viggo with concern, “Is everything alright Viggo?” He was truly concerned at the sudden change in Viggo’s demeanor.

“I bit my tongue and made it bleed,” Viggo muttered a little grumpily. “Maybe I better not kiss you again...” He stroked Jordan’s cock again, squeezing sweetly and twisting a little at the very tip.

Elijah frowned slightly, pouting at Viggo, but he knew that blood wasn’t something he should be playing with, “Maybe... for now...” His hips pressed up into Viggo’s caresses, hands starting their movement, their own caresses again, now that he knew he hadn’t caused Viggo’s pain.

His mouth now free from kissing, Viggo could not help but comment softly as they touched and caressed, “You are so lovely, Jordan. You do not belong out wandering the streets alone, lost and un-friended. The whole world should know of your beauty and treasure the light you bring. You’re so perfect when you arch into my hands... so lovely when you cry out... so sexy. I want you enough to make me ache.”

Elijah’s eyes widened at Viggo’s words and it was everything he could do to keep from completely breaking the mood and breaking down crying. He was wandering the roads because of exactly what Viggo thought he deserved, what irony.

“Did I say something wrong?” Viggo asked, his hands stilling instantly. He reached up to cup Jordan’s cheeks and rubs under his eyes, seeing the sorrow there.

“No... Nothing really...” He sighed a little before looking at Viggo with a new light in his eyes, “I think you’re able to think a little too much... I’m going to have to do something about that.” And with no further warning Elijah leant down and latched onto one of Viggo’s nipples, sucking it.

“Oh fuck,” Viggo cried, using profanity for one of the few times. His hands instantly caught Jordan’s head, urging him to continue. The rest of him began to thrust a little uselessly into Jordan’s thigh. Growling a little in frustration, Viggo rolled back up on Jordan to find better friction.

Elijah giggled against Viggo’s chest before he started sucking more powerfully, almost nursing at the small, but obviously sensitive bud of flesh. He rocked his hips with Viggo’s, working himself against Viggo even as his hand sneaked between their bodies to play with the nipple that wasn’t in his mouth.

Everything overloaded as Jordan suckled at his nipple like a kitten. He snarled deep in his throat, eyes rolling back into his head. His thrusts turned hard and desperate, seeking the blind pleasure of release.

Loving the overwhelming response his actions where getting Elijah continued to suck even more powerfully, tongue lapping and teeth scraping carefully, everything he could do to stimulate Viggo further.

The continued torture of his sensitive nipples drove Viggo over the edge. His hips snapped as powerfully as possible into Jordan over and over, until he froze on the last, cumming in long, hard, almost unendurable waves. The bed groaned angrily under the strain, even as his body protested the harsh angle of his back. Finally, everything ended with a smash, and he crushed Jordan on the bed.

This was bliss Elijah realised as he wrapped his arms around Viggo. Being here, giving this man he had only just met such pleasure, giving Viggo this was bliss. He was not sure why, no encounter he had ever had before, even ones with respected friend had touched him like this. All he knew was this felt better, more right than anything in the world. And he clung to that feeling as he stroked his hands up and down Viggo’s back soothingly.

Senses returned one by one in a leisurely, almost surreal fashion. Viggo first became aware of the scent of sex and musk, an intoxicating brew. Second, warmth and stickiness ebbed through his skin, as touch returned. Taste followed on its heels, offering the tang of blood, the salt of sweat and the unique flavor of his lover. When hearing ventured to journey his way, he detected the soft breathing of the one beneath him, the little sighs and breathy moans of his own. Finally, intelligence kicked in, and he murmured one word, “Jordan.”

Elijah’s hands didn’t still on Viggo’s back but he pressed a soft kiss to Viggo’s shoulder before he answered, “Yes love-er mine?”

Without replying, Viggo found the curve of Jordan’s neck to bury his face in. He shut his eyes for a few moments, allowing his body a bit of respite.

Sensing Viggo’s need to collect himself, Elijah simply kept his hands stroking soothingly, pressing soft kisses to the top of Viggo’s head. He ignored his own un-sated arousal, he knew they would get around to it and this felt too wonderful to stop, even for an orgasm.

The lethargy in his limbs faded, and Viggo felt the pulse of Jordan’s need between them. Without a word, he reached for the hand lotion bottle and a condom. Settling back on his haunches, he reached down to pull it over the weeping erection. Smiling slightly, he coated lotion everywhere, working fast to not let Jordan climax too soon. His own muscles still lax from their recent experience, he positioned himself carefully. A deep breath, two and he pierced his barrier with a shocking jolt of pain, but did not stop until he settled all the way.

It had taken Elijah a moment to work out what Viggo was intending, and after that shock kept him immobile long enough for Viggo to pushing himself down on Elijah’s cock. His eyes crossed at the delightful feeling of being buried deeply inside Viggo’s body. Warm tightness surrounded him, seeming to be trying to suck out his soul along with his climax, “Ohhhh fuck me!!”

“Hard from this position,” Viggo said with a short breath of laughter. He moved up a little and then back down, letting his body get used to the feeling. “Gods, you’re huge.”

Elijah let out a breathless laugh that became a deep moan, “Not half as big as you...” His hand reached out, landing on Viggo’s hips, stroking there for a moment before he slid them up higher, caressing Viggo’s sides, eyes on Viggo’s nipples, wondering if he could get Viggo that aroused again.

“Don’t,” Viggo warned with a little shake of his head. He caught the roaming hands and kissed them both gently. His muscles flexed, pushing himself up and down in a lazy, forceful movement. “Just let me do this.”

Elijah cupped Viggo’s face and tugged him down lightly, brushing soft kisses over Viggo’s face, “Don’t what?” He asked innocently, a rather strange expression to see on the face of the man whose cock was buried deep as it could be in Viggo’s ass.

“Please,” Viggo said, looking down at Jordan with quiet eyes. His head bows forward as he managed to slip Jordan even farther into his body and strike the small gland inside. “Please.”

Elijah growled a little, hips pressing upwards with a sudden jerk, his cock bumping against Viggo’s prostate with more force, “Please what??” the question was panted as his hips fell back to the bed, only to jerk upwards again, the pleasure too much to keep still.

His lover’s movements doubled the pain and pleasure inside his body, Viggo drove down harder, clenching more with each slide. Sweat coated his body, running down like tears over his tanned flesh. Real tears sparked in his eyes, spilling relentlessly over his cheeks.

Elijah reached up to wipe the tears away, looking at Viggo concern and pleasure written across his face in equal measure, “What’s wrong baby?” He caressed Viggo’s cheek, not aware of the endearment he’d used, “Tell me what’s wrong?”

The word did not escape Viggo, but he let it pass, too busy moving and trying to give pleasure. “Its... so much... been a long time... forgot its so fucking much...” His teeth bared in a helpless snarl as each movement brought greater feelings.

Elijah’s lips formed an ‘O’ of understanding and he nodded, after a long period of abstinence it was overwhelming, even without the remarkable heat between them. Controlling himself as much as he could with the lava of pleasure heating his blood and destroying his mind Elijah’s fingers wrapped rather lovingly around the flesh at the apex of Viggo’s thighs, stroking and caressing, trying to give Viggo the same pleasure he was being given.

A sob of escaped breath made Viggo bite down on his tongue again. The stroking confused his already overwhelmed system, sending pleasure signals and blood in all directions. Some leaked out between his teeth again, as he bit down harder in concentration. Some headed south, trying valiantly to respond to the caresses. Most swirled in a frustrated whirlpool. But Viggo never stopped moving, his body on auto-drive and working for all it was worth.

Elijah frowned at the blood trickling from Viggo’s mouth and with all the strength in his body he flipped them over, stilling Viggo under him and looking deep into his eyes, “You’re hurting yourself.” He shook his head, “I don’t want you to hurt yourself... Viggo.” Leaning over Viggo he pressed very soft kisses to Viggo’s face. He wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but he knew he didn’t want Viggo hurting, at all.

Viggo eyes fluttered open and looked at Jordan in slight confusion. “I’m all right.” He nuzzled a soft cheek and resisted the urge to lick gently, despite his wounded tongue. “Just a bit out of practice. Don’t stop”

“You didn’t stretch yourself at all did you?” Elijah shook his head and pulled out of Viggo carefully, “Hush love... I’m not stopping, just making sure this is as pleasurable for you as for me...” As he spoke Elijah had coated his fingers with the hand lotion and was very carefully caressing Viggo’s cock in one hand, checking to make sure that Viggo hadn’t damaged himself in his haste. When he was sure Viggo was untorn he carefully slid a finger into Viggo’s body, searching out Viggo’s prostate to caress, wanting pleasure to help relax Viggo further.

The growl that tore out of Viggo’s throat did not speak of happiness when Jordan left his body. He shut his eyes, swallowing hard and trying not to react with the frustration he felt at the moment. Jordan cared about his pleasure, wanted to make sure this felt good for them both. Still, he made a choice when he impaled himself before, knowing about the pain. His teeth ground together slightly, and he rasped, “Jordan... don’t... just... finish.”

“Viggo... please... I... I can’t while it’s hurting you, I can’t.” He looked deeply into Viggo’s eyes trying to show Viggo how important that was. He couldn’t find pleasure when he knew Viggo was in pain. He did however speed his fingers a little, stretching Viggo, wanting them both to have the pleasure he’d felt from being deep inside Viggo’s body.

“I don’t mind the pain,” Viggo said in a dark voice, his eyes nearly lost in black. “Its... part of this, too... all of it... part of life...” His cock finally fully hardened under the constant touches.

Elijah’s hands didn’t stop moving as he took in Viggo’s words, Viggo didn’t mind the pain. He let them work through his mind several times as he finished stretching Viggo. Striping off and replacing his condom Elijah positioned himself before carefully sliding into Viggo’s body, staring deep into Viggo’s eyes, watching his expression like hawk.

When Jordan slid back in, Viggo arched up to meet him. His right hand wrapped up around Jordan’s head, pulling him down a little. “There... perfect... and no pain, even.”

Elijah moaned deeply, now that his worry for Viggo was gone his own desire flooded over him, burning as brightly as the sun, but a liquid sun, that was sliding though his body. He started thrusting slowly, but it didn’t last, and soon he was pounding into Viggo’s body with all his strength.

Viggo met him thrust for thrust, wanting to see the pleasure overwhelm Jordan as surely as it overwhelmed him. His own pleasure forgotten in favor of his lover’s, Viggo did what he did best, focus all his passion on one task, one person, one end result.

Elijah knew that he couldn’t last much longer, and although normally he was as concerned with his partner’s pleasure as his own he couldn’t any more, all he could think about was the heat blooming inside him ever faster, from deep in his belly outwards until he came with a scream, throwing his hips forward and burying himself as deeply as he could in Viggo’s body.

Barely noticing his own simultaneous release, Viggo held Jordan to him through his orgasm, begging him for everything, all of it. All his impatience and darkness left with this end, bringing back the gentler look in his eyes and expression. “All right?” he asked softly, his voice just above a whisper.

Tucking his head up under Viggo’s chin Elijah panted for several long minuets before he murmured something that sounded vaguely affirmative.

“I’m sorry for hurting myself,” Viggo murmured, hands caressing the sweaty slope of Jordan’s back. “Thank you for caring.”

“‘Elcome...” The word was muffled against Viggo’s neck but it was fairly clear what Elijah meant, “Thank-you for... wow.”

“How about a bath?” Viggo asked, thinking of the sweat and cum now coating them both. His voice changed, becoming appealing and even pleading. “I can hold you in my arms, against my chest, as we wash off in warm water.”

“Sounds very good... but... one problem... no legs!” Elijah sounded much younger than before as he confessed that at that moment he couldn’t feel his legs.

Viggo rolled them over slowly and slid himself off Jordan with a last gasp. He kissed a curved neck and then parted to go fill the bath. In a moment, the sound of water could be heard, along with Viggo singing softly in Spanish.

Elijah removed the used condom, throwing it into the bin as he stood up unsteadily, staggering across the room to the bathroom. “What are you singing?”

“Guantanamera,” Viggo said, testing the water with his fingers and still humming softly. “An old song sung by Pete Seager and written by Jose Marti.”

“What does it mean?” Elijah leant against the wall as still shaky legs threatened to let him fall, watching Viggo as the tub filled.

“I cultivate a rose in June and in January. For the sincere friend who gives me his hand and for the cruel one who would tear out this heart with which I live. I do not cultivate thistles nor nettles... I cultivate a white rose.” Viggo turned off the tap and looked over his shoulder at Jordan, before standing and sliding into the water.

Elijah made his way across the room and slid into the water, and into Viggo’s arms with a sigh of pleasure, “You have a good voice.”

A warm, welcoming kiss greeted Jordan, as Viggo tilted his head to find his mouth. “I sometimes record songs and strange noises when I am in the mood.”

“Really? What kind of strange noises?” Elijah looked at Viggo curiously.

“Whatever I feel like,” Viggo said, his hands settling naturally on Jordan’s abdomen and thigh. “Sometimes, I bang on instruments just to see what they sound like or skew musical notes until they grate the ears. There is no pattern to my madness.”

Elijah chuckled softly, “Kinda sounds like fun...” He gave a little sigh of pleasure at the feel of Viggo’s hands on him, too drained to feel aroused, but the touches still gave him sweet pleasure.

“It is fun, even though it drives a lot of people nuts when I waste an entire day.” He kissed the curve of Jordan’s neck, breathing in deeply. The words on his tongue found themselves swallowed, as he simply basked in holding his lover.

Elijah closed his eyes, laying his head against Viggo’s shoulder, marveling at how well they seemed to fit together. He didn’t want to move, or even really talk he just wanted to soak in the wonderful feeling he had. Being around Viggo was unlike being around any one else, ever. He... he was able to be himself, just be Elijah. Normally when he was ‘being Elijah’ as he privately called it he felt completely uncomfortable. He loved acting, adored it, but it came at a price, and price that had upped incredibly with the release of Fellowship. A price that he loathed playing almost as much as he loved acting. Being Jordan was normally much simpler. He was a part as much as ‘Elijah’ was, but he was a simple part. However around Viggo he didn’t seem to be either. And it was wonderful. He felt fully relaxed for the first time he could remember. He intended to enjoy it for as long as he could.

The soap attempted to leap for freedom, but Viggo corralled it against the side of the tub and lifted it to Jordan’s chest. He lazily lathered the skin there, before washing it off with warm water. His efforts inched slowly up to include two perfect nipples, a collarbone and then a pale throat. “Turn around.”

Elijah carefully rolled over in Viggo’s arms, pressing them together chest to knees, smiling at Viggo slightly, “Do you normally bathe your hitch hikers so carefully?” His tone was light and joking before pressing a soft kiss to Viggo’s lips.

Viggo kissed back with equal care and then with a bit more passion. “Do your encounters often go like this?” he asked, though with seriousness.

“Never. This is a true first.”

“How is this different?” Viggo asked gently, not pushing if Jordan did not want to tell him.

Elijah wondered how to explain before finally saying softly, “It’s real.”

“Yes, I feel that as well,” Viggo said, kissing Jordan ever so softly. He washed Jordan’s back with his soapy hands, pulling him closer with each rub.

Elijah pressed against Viggo, closing his eyes and resting his forehead against Viggo’s, wondering if he should tell him everything, explained it all. But he was afraid, what if knowing changed this? What if he lost this sooner than he had to?

Their lips met again, as Viggo tilted his head forward. His tongue swept into a warm mouth and rubbed carefully along its mate. Hands tightening even more, Viggo slid his head to the right to deepen the kiss.

Retuning the kiss Elijah didn’t turn away from the faintly copperish taste of Viggo’s blood, letting their tongues play together softly for long moments.

Viggo slid back into the water, pulling Jordan with him. Their mouths remained locked, unwilling to part even for the breath both needed. A hint of more than lust, more than want, more than need crept into Viggo’s kiss.

Elijah purred as the warm water embraced them, caressing his skin as they kissed. He wasn’t sure what his lover was trying to tell him with his kiss, he just knew that he himself was putting all the intense emotions and pleasure he was feeling because of Viggo’s presence.

Viggo settled them comfortably against each other, his own back resting against the tub. His eyes settled shut in tired contentment, and he stifled a large yawn. Only his hands remained active, mapping and memorizing the smooth skin of his lover, in case they never got another chance.

Elijah relaxed against Viggo for a long time, until finally feeling a little guilty he sat up, straddling Viggo’s body carefully as he found the soap and started forming lather on Viggo’s chest, quite enjoying the opportunity to touch Viggo freely.

Sighing in deep pleasure, Viggo pressed a little into the hands touching him. His drowsy eyes opened and focused a little blearily on Jordan. “Better hurry,” he murmured, interrupted by a yawn, “before I decide to go to sleep right here.”

Elijah did speed up his washing, although it was regretfully. When finished he stood slowly, getting out and wrapping a towel around his waist before holding one, waiting to do the same for Viggo, “Lover?”

With a burst of energy, Viggo stood up in the bath. He toed out the stopper, watching the water trickle down the drain, while it also dripped off his body. His long hair shook back over one shoulder with a flick of his neck and a small spray of water splattered. He reached out for the towel, pulling Jordan up for a kiss instead.

Elijah moaned, pressing himself against Viggo and returning the kiss, his tongue slipping into Viggo’s mouth to gather his taste. When they had to end the kiss to breath he stepped back slightly, wrapping the towel around Viggo and taking his hand, stepping back again, “Bed?”

“After I get dry this time,” Viggo laughed, running the towel over his body efficiently. He finished with his head, rubbing so vigorously, his hair ending up spiking at extreme angles when he threw the towel on the ground. “Perfect.”

Elijah laughed, moving out of the bathroom and with long experience in hotels off all types managed to get some clean sheets delivered and was stripping the bed, “We made a lot of mess you know.”

Naked, Viggo grabbed the other end of the sheet and assisted Jordan in remaking the bed. “I think I may have noticed somewhere along the way.”

“Viggo if you don’t put that thing away we’re going to get into more mess...” Elijah disappeared back into the bathroom the moment they where done, coming out some minutes later.

Viggo already lay under the covers, stretched comfortably on the left side of the bed. “I usually sleep on the left. Do you like the right?”

“I don’t mind... you’re likely to have me roll over you several times regardless...” Elijah slid into the bed beside him, snuggling into Viggo’s side and laying his cheek on Viggo’s shoulder.

“Roll over me or on me?” Viggo asked, his voice gently teasing. He lifted Jordan’s face to his for a sweet, slow kiss that spread low heat everywhere. “I do not mind in either case.”

Their kiss was spearmint flavored as Elijah had brushed his teeth, “Both Vig... I might even roll over you and onto the floor, it’s been known to happen.”

Laughing softly, Viggo fluffed the hair of his bed partner. “I shall just pick you up and hold you tightly so you cannot do it again.” He reached over and turned off the bedside light. The room plunged into darkness. “Goodnight, Jordan.”

“Goodnight Viggo.” Elijah let out one long sigh as he relaxed against Viggo, letting his tiredness push his thought away until tomorrow and just enjoy the moment.

For several hours, Viggo stared up at the ceiling through the darkness, holding his lover gently with one arm. He considered tomorrow and all the possibilities it might bring. His rational side warred with his quietly stronger passionate side and eventually acquiesced. Yes, he might be setting himself up to be hurt, but in all truth, that time already passed. He must at least make the effort, offer what he could to Jordan. Resolved, he smiled and kissed an unruly mop of black hair, before slipping into contented sleep.

Elijah slid into sleep well before Viggo, his sleep untroubled for the first time in months. He woke feeling wonderfully refreshed and sighed, pressing a kiss to the nearest patch of Viggo’s skin he could find.

Mumbling in his sleep, Viggo pulled his warm bundle closer and slept on blissfully.

Elijah smiled and pressed another kiss to the next patch of skin, grinning happily.

The mumble became louder, as Viggo rolled over on top of Jordan. His body curled around the smaller frame, arms sliding lower to grip loosely.

With a soft giggles Elijah considered his new position and decided that he wouldn’t be moving any time soon. So he just pressed another kiss to his neck and closed his own eyes, not sleeping any more, just enjoying Viggo’s closeness and embrace.

Viggo’s eyes cracked open around ten am and blinked sleepily at Jordan. Slowly, he smiled and nuzzled a moment before kissing. “Hello there.”

“Morning sleepy head.” Elijah’s voice was wide awake and full of repressed giggles.

“I am not,” Viggo protested around a yawn. He grinned at his own lie and kissed Jordan to shut him up for a moment. “If I am, it’s all your fault!”

Elijah’s only answer to that was a highly unrepentant grin.

The grin demanded another kiss, which Viggo gave, rolling more completely on Jordan and pinning him with a deep, tongue-twisting, breath-destroying embrace. “How are you?”

“Breathless...” Elijah managed to gasp out and it was all he did for a while as he regained his breath, “But good... very good in fact.”

Viggo studied the blue eyes for a long moment, trying to decide. Finally, he rolled off and sat up to look at Jordan intensely, his heart pounding a hole through his ribs. “Would... would you like a chance to keep feeling that good?”

Considering his life growing up in Hollywood that offer seemed fraught with danger and Elijah asked softly, “What... what do you mean?”

Viggo breathed in deeply and said, “You don’t have to wander the streets alone, Jordan. I know you don’t know me very well, but I am prepared to offer you a place to stay while you figure out what you want. No strings... I just don’t like the idea of you taking the chance of being picked up by someone dangerous... Truthfully, I don’t like the idea of you doing this...”

Elijah’s eyes widened to almost in-human size and he stared at Viggo, stunned at the offer. So stunned he couldn’t find a single word of answer.

The stare discombobulated Viggo for a moment, and he cast his mind around to try and regain his train of thought. “I live about two hundred miles from here on a ranch. It’s a quiet place, good for thinking and whatever else you need to do... I’m not rich, but I make enough... I mean... you would be welcome.”

“Oh Viggo...” Elijah’s eyes filled with tears but only one slid over his cheeks as he looked at Viggo, “You... you are amazing.” He leant forward and he gave Viggo a soft kiss, lips barely brushing against each other.

Viggo wiped away the tear with his thumb, kissing back just as softly. “But...”

“I...” He looked down at his lap as he confessed in a soft voice, “I’m not what or who you think I am.”

“What do you mean?” Viggo asked, wondering what Jordan considered shameful, considering they already shared a bed.

“My name isn’t Jordan...” He sighed deeply before looking up at Viggo with blue eyes that where sweeping the world with hobbit fever, “It’s Elijah... Elijah Wood.” And he waited for the reaction.

“Elijah.” Viggo rolled the name off his tongue and found it delighted him in some silly way. “That’s a lovely name.”

Elijah looked at Viggo, giving a kinda incredulous laugh, “Viggo, don’t you recognise the name? Just about everyone else in the English speaking world seems to.”

Confusion wrinkled Viggo’s smooth brow, and he lifted his arms in a weak shrug. “I don’t understand... what do you mean?”

“Viggo I’m an actor... a pretty well known one at that... I’ve been acting since I was like 8...” He looked deeply into Viggo’s eyes as he spoke, “I... I... you have no idea what I’m talking about do you?”

“A well-known actor?” Viggo asked, suddenly wondering if Jordan needed psychiatric attention.

Elijah sighed, raking his hand through his hair as he nodded, “Yes... Haven’t you heard of Fellowship of the Rings?” He felt the irony so deeply it almost hurt, here he was trying to prove his identity, the one thing he was normally running from.

“The book by Tolkein? I read it a long time ago... My son mentioned somebody might make it into a movie or something...” Viggo waved his hand distractedly in the air. “I really don’t know anything about movies.”

Elijah looked at Viggo in confusion, “I play Frodo.” He shook his head and then let out a yelp as his cell phone started howling. Getting up he pulled the phone out of the bottom of his bag, “Hello?” He searched the bag for a few more moments before passing Viggo some of the press kit he’d taken from the last premier.

The pictures burned themselves into Viggo’s brain with bright clarity. For a moment, he considered the possibility that they were doctored. But threw that idea away instantly. He knew what those kinds of photos looked like. He felt like Alice after plummeting down the rabbit hole. Everything he assumed proved false by the face staring back at him in these photographs. Jor- Elijah talking excitedly in the background on his cell phone merely heightened the whole sense of ridiculousness. Viggo knew he set himself to be hurt, but this was not the way he expected.

“No! I mean it! NO! Fuck that!! I don’t care! Tell New Line to go fuck themselves for a while CC! I mean it.” He raked his hand through his hair, “I’m... no! I’m not even home. I... fuck I don’t know where I am. I’m in no state to do an interview!”

Viggo eyed their identical naked states and nodded his agreement to that last exclamation. Jordan vanished in front of his eyes, replaced by this stranger, an actor of much skill. Viggo wondered if he should consider himself privileged to receive such a personal performance. He slid off the bed and pulled on a pair of jeans, his hands shaking slightly.

“CC I told you I was taking some time for myself and I MEANT it. So tell New Line if they don’t like it, they can fucking fire me, and I won’t be doing pick ups for them ever again.” And with that he hung his phone up. Dropping it back into his bag he swung around, looking for Viggo. “Viggo?”

“I’m here,” Viggo said, rooting through his bag in a fruitless search for a clean shirt. He turned back to Jor- Elijah and ran a hand through his bed head. “So-” he said lamely and then realized he did not know what to say.

“I...” Elijah looked as lost a Viggo, searching for the closeness he had felt only minuets before, “I... I’m sorry for... for not telling you... but... but I was trying to get away from it all... and... And being with you felt so good.” he looked down at the floor sighing.

Viggo’s natural empathy kicked in, and he sat back down near Elijah, reaching out to rub his neck soothingly. “Yeah. It’s all right. I can’t say I understand, but it sounds like you got it a bit rough there. Everyone needs to get away from themselves now and then... just... you never can, really.”

“I didn’t lie about anything else Viggo, except my name... maybe a lie of omission... but everything is about last night being a first... I meant it.” It was desperately important to Elijah that Viggo believed him.

“I don’t think that was your first time being Jordan,” Viggo said quietly. “So how was it different?”

“Jordan’s my middle name you know...” He sighed a little, “I... I use it when I need to get away... but... it was different... cause I wasn’t being Jordan... I wasn’t even being Elijah Wood... I... I was just me. And it was wonderful!” His expression brightened just with thinking about last night.

“Then I’m glad I could give you that,” Viggo said with a smile that felt like a blow to the gut, despite its utter sincerity. “You made me feel more than I have in a long time, as well.”

“I... I don’t want to never feel that again Viggo.” It was a plea, plain and simple.

“What are you asking me, Elijah?” Viggo asked in his quietest voice. “I want to know exactly what you want... all of it. I’m an ignoramus when it comes to the media and popular culture, but I know enough to realize they do not readily embrace gay men.”

“I don’t know exactly what I want... except I desperately don’t wan to lose what I found with you last night... and I’m not just talking about the amazing sex...” he sighed a little, looking at Viggo, his expression showing his every emotion, the confusion, the hope and the desperate fear, “I don’t want to lose the person I found with in me. I thought I lost most of him years ago.”

Viggo gazed back, his own eyes steady and calm. Despite the inherent dangers in the offer, he said, “You’re not lost for the reasons I thought you were, but you’re still lost, aren’t you? You’ve been giving away pieces of yourself to portray others for so long that you don’t know where you are anymore...” He paused for a breath, wondering if that was the truth at all, before deciding it hardly mattered. “My offer still stands.”

Elijah shivered and leant a little closer to Viggo, “You really mean that don’t you?” his eyes filled with tears again, several falling his time. He wanted more than anything to wrap his arms around Viggo and cling onto him for dear life but he wasn’t sure if that would be allowed. So he just looked up at Viggo, tear filled eyes fill of emotions.

The back of Viggo’s rough hand wiped away the tears from Elijah’s cheek. “Yes, I do. You’re still welcome... whether you’re the unknown Jordan or the world-renowned Elijah.”

“I don’t want to be either Viggo... I just want to be Elijah... to remember who he is again... before I lose him for good.” Turning his head a little Elijah pressed a kiss to Viggo’s palm, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Viggo said. He paused and then gently curled a big hand around Elijah’s waist. He tugged him into a hug, offering support with more than just words.

When Viggo initiated the contact Elijah couldn’t resist any longer and he wrapped his arms around Viggo burrowed his face into Viggo’s neck, “Thank you.” He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. When he was a little calmer Elijah leant back and looked deeply into Viggo’s eyes, “I... I’m so glad you picked me us yesterday.”

“Don’t say that until you see my ranch,” Viggo said with a smile that brought warmth back to his voice. “I’m infamous for being messy and scatterbrained when I’m working.”

“I don’t believe you.” Elijah grin was just a little impish and he lifted his head to kiss Viggo.

For a moment, Viggo let himself enjoy the flick of their tongues against each other. He pulled back and sighed a little. “Elijah, can you afford this?”

Elijah frowned ever so slightly as he cocked his head to the side, “Afford? I don’t think you mean money...”

“Being with a man... especially one who picked you up hitchhiking. Can you imagine what the press would say if they ever found out?” Viggo’s eyes narrowed with worry, his mouth a thin line. “I wouldn’t know how to deal with them.”

“I know what they press would say and honestly I don’t care any more... but I would never want to put you in a situation that made you uncomfortable Viggo.”

Viggo drew Elijah back toward the bed, crawling up on the mattress and pulling Elijah up with him. “I just don’t know anything about your world, Elijah. Honestly, I’m feeling more than slightly surreal at the moment.”

“I won’t force anything from that world on you Viggo, I promise...” it was the only thing Elijah could think to say as he wrapped himself around Viggo tightly, sighing softly as he spoke, “I would never let them hurt you.”

“My little hitchhiker,” Viggo mumbled into his hair. “How much life has changed since I started driving home early on a wet and rainy afternoon only yesterday?”

“Looks like we’ve both hit that detour you saw yesterday Viggo. But... but maybe it will be a good detour?”

Viggo tilted his head, steel eyes full of quiet wisdom. “Take it slow... one day at a time and see... that’s all anyone can do.”

“I’ve been living one day at a time for years Viggo, I think I can manage it for a little while longer.” He smiled slightly, pressing a soft kiss to Viggo’s chin.

“How long do you have free?” Viggo asked, thinking of Elijah’s phone call.

Elijah sighed, eyes darting over at his bag and sighed again, “A few days... a week at most I guess.” He sighed yet again and pressed his face into Viggo’s shoulder, “I want more time with you.” silently he added, ‘with myself’.

“My ranch is very secluded and certainly a good place to hide your cell phone. You can hike for hours along trails, go sit beneath a tree for an afternoon and generally be free.” Viggo hugged Elijah gently, the touch friendly.

“I would love to visit your ranch Viggo, if you’ll have me?”

“For as long as you want to stay,” Viggo said, tightening his hold for a moment. He fluffed Elijah’s hair. “You want to go take a shower?”

“I don’t know if we need another one.” Elijah grinned at Viggo, nuzzling his shoulder lightly, “Do... do you want to leave just yet...” He gave Viggo a highly suggestive look, “I can think of other things to be doing...”

“Elijah... I’m not sure it’s a good idea,” Viggo said hesitantly. “When you were an anonymous hitchhiker, I could justify it to myself. Now... you’re more than that... I don’t want to do this for the wrong reasons.”

Elijah stared at Viggo in confused disbelief, “You... because you know who I am, you don’t think it’s right to have sex with me?” It denigrated what they had shared to call it sex, but he wasn’t bold enough to call it love making, particularly after being turned down so abruptly.

“I’m offering you more than sex,” Viggo said softly. “I’d hope you would see my friendship as being worth more. And I’m not denying there is something between us... something that made me offer Jordan a place to live, no matter who he was. But I want you to know who you are and who I am, before we just tumble back into bed together.”

Elijah actually pouted at Viggo’s words, sighing deeply, “I... I understand what you just said... It’s just... being with you last night... it was glorious, the most amazing night of my life... and I don’t want to lose that, although I do want to get to know you better, much better.” The last was said without any suggestiveness, he truly meant it.

The pout brought a smile to Viggo’s face. “Why would we lose that?” Viggo asked gently. He touched the pouting lower lip with a thumb tip.

“Cause a lot of that is being able to touch you... I... not just the... more stuff...” He really didn’t want to just sex to describe it again, it lessened it too much, “But... I’m... I am a very physical person... it’s going to be very hard not to touch you.”

“Who said you can’t touch?” Viggo asked, fluffing Elijah’s hair. “I’d not deny either of us the joy of touching.”

Sighing softly Elijah turned his head and pressed a kiss to Viggo’s palm before laying his head against Viggo’s chest, “I... Do you want to get going for your place? Cause if you do I need to get some clothing on.”

“Yes, I would, Elijah. It’s a bit of a drive. We can talk on the way, or just sit and watch the road go by... whatever you want.”

Elijah wondered if this, what ever this was, really could survive his life. But he was determined to find out. Not answering for several moments Elijah snuggled into Viggo’s chest and breathed deeply before sitting up and nodding, “Ok.” He brushed a quick kiss over Viggo’s lips but was up and getting his clothes before Viggo could react.

Viggo watched his new- friend? lover? with gentle concern. He did not think Elijah really needed him as much as he needed a place to discover himself. And Viggo could offer him that at least. He shimmied off the bed and searched for a clean shirt under his art supplies, glad to find an old one tucked away. He smiled, remembering how Henry laughed at his father’s old, battered clothes.

Elijah pulled on the sweat pants he changed into for dinner the night before, adding a hooded sweater. His clothes, still wet from the day before where shoved into a plastic bag before getting packed away in his backpack. He added the press pack and he was done. Blinking a few times he realised that he hadn’t taken his contacts out the night before, and really should. “Um... I... I need to do something...” And disappeared into the bathroom.

“All right.” Viggo opened the door and hauled his art supplies back to the truck throwing them behind the front seat. His old backpack followed on the heap. “There.”

Elijah came out a few moments later, a pair of black rimmed glasses sitting on his nose as he slid into the truck, his backpack joining Viggo’s, “Still want to share your home with a bat?”

The glasses gave Viggo a start, before he laughed and leaned over impulsively to kiss Elijah. “You look cute.”

Elijah laughed softly, shaking his head only after he’d returned the kiss, “I’m glad you think so... most people seem to think they hide my best feature.”

“Your best feature?” Viggo asked, turning over the motor and pulling slowly out of the parking lot.

“My eyes?” Elijah looked at Viggo for a long moment, “They did make me after all.” He shrugged, “Without them I’m just a geek.” He seemed quite used to this, almost happy with it.

“Your best features are your heart and soul,” Viggo quoted with a little smile. The truck splashed through a puddle, one of the few signs of the storm from the previous day. The sun shone brightly down on the town as they drove away. “Would you like some breakfast?”

“Who said that?” Elijah snuggled into the seat, remembering the trip the day before, the rain and the cold and Viggo’s incredible kindness, “I’d love something to eat... I don’t think we ate as much as we exercised.”

“I thought you stocked away enough Chinese food for both of us,” Viggo teased. He slowed down and stopped in front of a small diner downtown. “Come on, I’ll let you buy me some pancakes and eggs.”

Elijah stuck his tongue out at Viggo, “Will you just...” He leant over and kissed Viggo before hopping out of the car, swinging his bag into his hand as he quite deliberately walked away from Viggo, hips swaying just enough to remind Viggo of the night before.

The truck door swung shut with a bang behind Viggo, as he trotted a few steps to catch up with Elijah. He very deliberately reached down and pinched his ass, before opening the door to let him in. “Will I what?”

“Let...” He emphasized the word deliberately, “...me get you breakfast?”

Viggo grinned and winked at the waitress, before indicating a table near the back. Once seated, menus in hand and steaming coffee before them, he said, “I figure I can live very well off your income.”

Elijah looked completely stunned for several long moments before he burst out laughing. It took him several minutes to get himself under control, but when he did Elijah couldn’t help but comment, “You and half the state.”

Laughing a little with him, Viggo ended up look smug and content all in one. “You’re lovely when you laugh. Do it more often.”

Elijah stuck his tongue out at Viggo, but he was smiling happily at the other man, clearly feeling quite content and relaxed, “I’ll try and remember that.” Shaking his head he took a look at his menu before announcing, “I want a farm hand platter.”

“Two large slices of ham, three strips of bacon, three sausages, two eggs and a side order of hash browns... why am I not surprised?” Viggo drawled.

“You forgot the fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and stack with syrup.” Elijah smiled at him sweetly.

“I’m going to have the granola with strawberries,” Viggo said, putting his menu on the side of the table. “Just thinking of you eating all that is making me full.”

“That’s not a healthy breakfast Viggy!” Elijah shook his finger at Viggo, “You need to have something more.”

The eyebrow shot back up for the hairline. “That’s a very healthy breakfast, young man. Especially for an older man trying to maintain his weight and appearance, so he can continue to pick up pretty young hitchhikers.”

Elijah rolled his eyes and shook his head, “You don’t need to be worrying about other hitchhikers remember?”

The waitress took this order in the bored way of so many waitresses, before Viggo turned back to Elijah. “Do I get a written guarantee on that? A contract in blood or something?”

Elijah looked across the table at Viggo, expression very serious as he asked, “Do you really need one?”

Viggo reached out to took Elijah’s hand in his larger, calloused one. “No.”

Elijah smiled at him so brightly it was as if the sun was coming up again, curling his fingers into Viggo’s and slowly stroking Viggo’s wrist with his thumb. He didn’t say anything because words where just not needed.

The waitress cleared her throat in an odd manner, setting down Viggo’s orange juice and granola. The look she shot them clearly disapproved, but Viggo rolled his eyes at her behind her back. “Some people just have to have something to disapprove of.”

Elijah just shook his head, “I know... it’s one of the worse things about the human race is the need to judge other people, I hate it.”

“Yet, I am sure you have been guilty of it yourself,” Viggo said mildly, “As I have as well.”

“I’m sure I have... I’ve even done it to myself.”

“And what judgment have you passed on yourself, Elijah Wood?” Viggo asked, making the name a title more than a name.

“That I don’t like me.”

A flicker of concern turned into something deeper, as Viggo leaned forward to examine the eyes behind Elijah’s glasses more closely. “What a terrible thing to say, Elijah. Why would you even think such a thing?”

“Because it’s true, there are times with I dislike Elijah so much I can’t even be him any more.” He spoke softly, a little sadly.

“Why?” Viggo pressed, his fingers rubbing Elijah’s soothingly.

“Elijah Wood can be so unreal it hurts to pretend any more.” Elijah shook his head and sighed, taking a long drink of his coffee.

“You don’t have to pretend with me,” Viggo said. “I don’t know who Elijah Wood is in any sense.”

“Maybe... maybe neither do I.” Elijah sighed softly, looking down at the table, “I have to find out you know... being with you, I ... I like this person.”

“No better place to find yourself then on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. It’s just you, the horses, nature and your thoughts.”

“And you.” Elijah then realized what Viggo had said and grinned, “Horses??” He looked at Viggo hopefully.

“The true rulers of the ranch, no matter what I may say,” Viggo said. “There’s TJ, Urias, Euripedes and Silas.”

“I love riding... I learnt on Rings...” He looked at Viggo, almost bouncing in his seat at just the thought of getting to ride again.

“Silas is a sweet horse, an old chestnut Quarter Horse. TJ is a bratty little paint with a streak of larceny in his heart. Urias is a patient sport horse, who will put up with any kind of ride. And Euripedes will toss you in a coyote bush if you do not ride him correctly.”

“Ride correctly huh? I was taught, so hopefully he won’t toss me, if you let me ride him that is.” Elijah grinned just a little shyly, “I think I like the sound of TJ to be honest.”

“You’re welcome to ride any of the four, though I love Urias best myself. His heart is as big as the sky itself.” Viggo dug into his granola, as Elijah’s food arrived on a huge platter. The waitress set down their check and marched away without another word. Viggo waved three fingers at her cheekily and kept right on plowing through his bowl of fruit and grain.

Giving Viggo a happy smile he tugged his hand away, “Thank you...” And then he started eating. There was no more talking, there wasn’t even thinking as he eat every scrap of food on his plate with true hunger.

The food on Elijah’s plate seemed to evaporate as Viggo watched in disbelief. His own remaining breakfast remained untouched, forgotten at the sight of this amazing spectacle. He wanted to photograph Elijah eating, the concentration on his face intense and almost frightening. His tongue snuck up to lick his scar in thought, as he wondered if he could capture that desperation in a drawing or abstract art.

Elijah sat back with a happy sigh, taking Viggo’s orange juice and taking a healthy swallow before asking teasingly, “Are you gonna finish that?”

“No. Now I know I’m full. That was... disgustingly entrancing.”

Elijah laughed, throwing his head back and just letting the sound spring free.

Viggo picked up the check and paid without a thought. “Come on, Elijah, before you decide to order lunch now, too.”

“I thought I was buying.” Elijah didn’t complain but he did go to the counter and order a couple of drinks and pieces of pie for them to snack on as the day went on. Paying he grabbed the food and followed Viggo out. “Soooo... what was so disgusting about it?”

“Your food never stood a chance... didn’t even know what hit it,” Viggo said with a look of wonder at Elijah. “One moment, it all sat happily on the plate and the next, WHOOSH! It was no more.”

“Would it have been kinder to play with it? Let it think it had a chance and then realize its end had come?”

Viggo snickered at the idea and then turned to face Elijah. “So, is it the sex that keeps you in such great shape then, or do you have the metabolism of a gerbil?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how long it was before you... I have a good metabolism, but I also work out, I don’t wanna get pudgy.”

Viggo reached down and pinched Elijah’s slight tummy. “I like a little flesh, gives me something to hold on to and hug.” He twisted his head to kiss Elijah with soft care.

Elijah shimmed at the pinch, kissing Viggo back just a little aggressively, “I don’t want to be a stick figure, just not pudgy either...” He pressed into Viggo’s side, “Don’t want to give you splinters when we snuggle or anything.”

“Easy,” Viggo mumbled at the aggressive kiss. He rubbed Elijah’s side and then started the truck with a rumble. “I’ll have to buy a lot of extra groceries for you.”

Elijah nodded, “Good idea... I can eat a lot you know...” And he snuggled into the door of the car, “Mind if I put some of my music on?”

“I don’t know if it’s safe to say no or yes to that question,” Viggo mumbled. He gestured to the radio system with a resigned air. “Go ahead.”

Elijah grinned and delved into his bag, pulling out a random CD and slipping it into the player. He almost laughed when the music that resulted was a Beatles album.

“And I’m too old-fashioned for you?” Viggo questioned with a little smile of pleasure. He drove out of town and then sped up to a comfortable sixty-five on the highway. He sang along with the songs, his voice pitched low and sweet.

“I like all different kinds of music.” Elijah shrugged and let himself listen to Viggo’s singing with no further comment, enjoying the man’s very pleasant voice.

“Folk songs?” Viggo asked. “Bluegrass? Classical? Show tunes?”

“And more.” He grinned, “I have yet to meet a genre that I couldn’t find something I liked in it.”

“Rap?” Viggo asked, his tone flatly dubious. “Heavy metal?”

“A little bit of everything Vig... even punk.” he grinned, “What about you?”

“I guess I can stand anything but popular teeny stuff and rap. Those make me break into a full-body rash. Especially some of the more annoying young girl singers and boy bands. If you put one of those on, I’m tossing you out no matter who you are.”

His laugh filled the car with peel after peel of amusement.

Viggo shook his head and muttered darkly, “You think I don’t mean that.”

Elijah just kept laughing.

“Isn’t there any music that makes you feel the same way?” Vigo demanded, his mouth wanting to form a ridiculous pout that he refused to acknowledge.

“There are some songs that are reason to kill for I believe... but I don’t dislike genres... I look for something good in each one.”

“Now that’s a practice I can appreciate... even if I fail to find anything that resembles quality in rap... my apologies to the artists who like to yell bitch and ho and motherfuckingbastardwhore as one big word.”

Elijah couldn’t help himself as he dissolved into giggles again.

Viggo laughed with him this time, his eyes alive and dancing. “I guess that’s a bit of a generalization. There must be one artist who tried to make his music worth something more than shock value.”

“There are a few... I think they all count on the shock value, but some of them have a good message that they are trying to shock people with.”

“Hmmm,” Viggo said doubtfully, though he looked thoughtful. “Maybe you can play one of those for me after awhile... but not until I can safely flee if necessary.”

“I’ll let you have the remote, so you can turn it off at any time ok love?” Elijah tone was highly amused, but he didn’t start laughing again.

“Uh... remote?” Viggo asked. “What kind of stereo system do you think I have?”

“The best one I can order you on the internet?” Elijah smirked at Viggo.

“I refuse,” Viggo said with a firm tone. “My ranch shall not be tainted by technology.”

“Yes dear.” Elijah made his tone as sweet and obedient as he could.

Viggo shuddered and tried not to look distressed. “Ok, did you make that scary on purpose?”

“No dear.” It said in exactly the same tone.

Viggo gritted his teeth and turned the volume up on the CD. He focused on his driving, not on the maddening person in the passenger seat.

Elijah’s laugh was warm and husky and he reached across the seat, twining his fingers with Viggo’s on the wheel.

“Tell me how you make me feel guilty without actually doing anything. That’s a very useful trick.”

“What are you talking about?” Elijah was genuinely confused. “Feel guilty? I don’t want you to feel guilty about me.”

“About the stereo system,” Viggo said. “I’m not very up to date, especially on the ranch. I have a computer, but everything else is in the rustic vein. I wouldn’t even have the computer, but I admit the internet is too useful to do without.”

“It is isn’t it?” Elijah grinned, “And there is so much to read.” He snickered loudly.

“I order a lot of art supplies and oddities off of it, mostly. Sometimes, I check out what other artists are up to as well.”

“There are many oddities on the web. Lots of fun there too.” He was still snickering.

“I’m not going to take the bait, so you just hush,” Viggo said, smiling at Elijah and shaking his head.

“Bait?” Elijah frowned a little, he had been remembering a story he’d read just before leaving to become Jordan again, one that he had to remember to show Orli.

Viggo’s expression changed to one of confusion. “To ask about the oddities,” he said, sounding hesitant.

“Oh...” Elijah shook his head, “Sorry I was remembering a story I had read... there are some strange fans out there, that’s all.” He leant across the seat and kissed Viggo very softly on the corner of his mouth.

A series of strange expressions crossed Viggo’s face until he finally blurted, “What are you talking about?”

“Some fans like to write stories about what they think actor’s lives are really like. Some of them are very funny, and others are a little disturbing.”

“Oh. I guess I never delved into that part of the internet. Nobody cares what an artist’s life is like... and for good reason!”

“I want to know what your life is like.” And he was being completely honest, Elijah wanted to know everything there was to know about Viggo.

“I get up early or late, depending on my mood and often spend hours staring at blank canvas, waiting for inspiration. When it comes, I often spend the next hours doing odd things like throwing paint at the canvas from a long distance. Other times, I add other elements that touch my fancy.” Viggo grinned, remembering the time Henry came home and discovered all his Lincoln Logs on his father’s latest artwork. “Or I sit all day outside and write poetry or sketch the landscape. My life does not have a set routine, really, but it’s definitely a quiet existence.”

“Sounds... much more peaceful than my life to be honest.” Elijah smiled and leant across the car to kiss the corner of Viggo’s mouth again. He was rather amazing at home much he wanted to touch Viggo, but it was so pleasant to do so he didn’t try and hold back.

Blue eyes slid over to gaze at the bespectacled young man beside him. “How did you get to be in the movies? I have heard vague rumblings that it’s a killer business to break into.”

“Ahhh the question of all questions...” Elijah grinned, “My mother wanted me to work off some energy...”

“That’s not an answer, but we’ll let it pass,” Viggo said, taking a left and heading down a back country route toward his ranch. “But I do understand about the energy. I’m lucky in that regard. My son is a rather staid teenager, not really much for the hellion tricks I was always pulling.”

“I don’t mind talk...” Elijah stopped though as he processed what Viggo was saying, “You have a teenage son?”

“He’s fourteen,” Viggo said with a little nod. “The best thing that ever happened in my life.”

“Fourteen?” Elijah did some mental math’s before asking, “Um Vig? Just how old are you?”

“I’m forty-two, Elijah,” Viggo said with an easy smile. “Old enough to be your father.”

Elijah gaped at Viggo for several long moments before muttering, “You don’t look it.”

“Thank you. I’ve been lucky that way. Makes me a little less appealing as a permanent partner, doesn’t it?” Viggo does not sound annoyed or upset, merely accepting of his age.

“Less appealing? No, not at all. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t surprise me. Viggo. I’ve been in the acting business for... as long as your son has been alive Viggo. I’ve always been around and gotten along with people older than myself. We seem to understand each other much better.”

“That doesn’t mean you want to be in a relationship with one.” Viggo slowed down and then stopped to let a box turtle make his way across the road.

“Means I’m more likely to than with some teeny bopper that wants to date a...” He did a fake gasp, “Movie star!!” and then he swooned dramatically.

This display earned him a chuckle from Viggo, who reached out and removed Elijah’s glasses.

Elijah reached out, trying to grab Viggo’s hand before it moved into the blur of I’ll never find it again, “Hey hey! I need those!!”

Viggo kept them teasingly out of the younger man’s reach and studied his face with quiet attention. “Yeah, I guess I can understand the swooning impulse.” He watched Elijah flail for a few more minutes, before wrapping his free hand around the back of his head and pulling him forward for a sweet, lingering kiss.

Elijah melted into the kiss happily, their lips and tongue getting reacquainted with slow and tender passion. “I would be quite happy to never stop doing that you know.”

“Never?” Viggo rubbed the side of Elijah’s cheek with his thumb, before tucking his glasses back on his nose. “I don’t think even the turtle is going to take that long to cross the road.”

“We could pretend we didn’t see it finishing...” And he leant in to capture Viggo’s lips for another kiss.

The door creaked a little, as Viggo leaned back against it and accepted the kiss. His hands sought out the familiar curve of Elijah’s ass and settled there tightly. “You’re not good for helping me keep resolve.”

Elijah grinned and pressed his ass into Viggo’s hands happily, “Good. I don’t want you to... cause it’s not needed.”

“You say that so easily, but you don’t really know.” He hugged Elijah for a moment and then sat them both back up. “Ah, our little friend made it to the other side. Time to move on.”

Elijah shook his head and caught Viggo’s lips for a long kiss full of loving passion, “You’d be surprised what I know Viggo.”

“What would that be?” Viggo asked, now looking at Elijah with startled eyes.

“What do I know that would surprise you?” Elijah cocked his head to the side, “That I am not going to give you up.”

“How are you sure you have me to give up?” Viggo asked, eyes flickering at the surety in Elijah’s gaze.

“Try it this way Vig, I’m not going to give up until I’m sure I have you.” And he kissed Viggo’s chin softly.

“God.” Viggo scooped him back up to kiss firmly. “We’re both going to mess everything up for this, aren’t we?”

Elijah purred at Viggo, “Why does it have to be messing things up to be together Viggo? Why can’t it be making everything right?”

“Because it’s never that simple or easy. Even when it should be. You have to mess everything up and ground it all into paste and then eat it before it ever comes out right. And I wonder if I’m capable of trying that again.”

Elijah’s words where softly spoken as he looked deeply into Viggo’s eyes, “I believe we have something that could become even more, be truly amazing.”

“You’ve known me all of one day,” Viggo argued softly. “I picked you up off the street and we fucked like bunnies.”

“You’re different... this is different. I’ve fucked someone before Viggo, it’s NEVER felt like last night felt. I was... I was me! After that first time... I wasn’t hiding behind Jordan, I could just be me.” He looked deeply into Viggo’s eyes asking softly, “Do you know how amazing that is for me.”

“No, but I can see it in your eyes.” He combed his hand through his hair with a slight sigh. “Maybe we should talk about this when we’re not sitting in the middle of a highway. It may be quiet, but this is not a safe place.”

“Ok lover.” Elijah gave Viggo a small smile before kissing Viggo’s chin again and moving back against his door, watching Viggo, “How much further is it to the ranch?”

“A few hours.” Viggo pulled out at a good speed, now in a rush to get home. A thousand conflicting thoughts and feelings cascaded through his mind as he drove, now quiet.

Elijah nodded and curled up on the seat next to Viggo, laying his head on Viggo’s shoulder as he watched the countryside pass, quite happy to let the silence linger as long as Viggo needed it too.

“Have you ever been in a serious relationship?” Viggo asked after awhile, his hand falling naturally on Elijah’s left knee.

“Serious? Yes once, but it didn’t last long...” He sighed softly, resting a little more comfortably against Viggo’s arm.

“Tell me?” Viggo turned his head to kiss Elijah’s brow.

“Josh and I where on set together and we where sure we could combine work and made passion together. We... we couldn’t. We ended up able to walk away as friends, but it was touch and go for a while, we still have moments where we... we are strange around each other. There is still passion between us that can flair at the worst possible moments.” He sighed softly.

“Excene and I also divorced on the best terms possible to end a marriage with. We were both the products of broken homes and determined not to let Henry feel the strain of our parting. He is in my full custody, but he visits his mother often.”

“Excene? That’s an interesting name...” Elijah pressed a kiss to Viggo’s shoulder as he wondered why it was ever so slightly familiar.

“She’s a punk rocker. Not widely known, but had a few hits... I think.” He laughed a little at himself. “My total inability to understand her music was always a problem.”

Elijah’s grin became huge and he laughed softly, “Your ex-wife is a punk rocker??”

“Yep.” Viggo enjoyed the amusement as much as Elijah did. His own mother nearly laughed herself sick when she found about their marriage.

“I... I wouldn’t have picked that...” He laughed softly, kissing Viggo’s shoulder again.

“Love has nothing to do with making sense,” Viggo reminded him, amused by the way he kissed his shoulder. “It’s not like you were thinking I might be the ideal man for you when I stopped yesterday.”

The truck hummed along pleasantly now, its tires speeding over the back roads. The scenery became distinctly more lonely and unpopulated. A few lone houses stood in the far distance.

“I wonder if anyone would notice if I stopped right here and made love to you in the truck bed?” Viggo’s voice teased gently, his smile warm.

Elijah grinned, pressing another kiss to Viggo’s shoulder, “I don’t know... want to try it and find out?” Turning his body towards Viggo’s a little more Elijah stroked his hand down Viggo’s arm and onto his thigh, holding it there and kneading the strong muscle softly. Viggo’s leg was warm under his hand and Elijah purred softly at the strength there.

The muscles twitched and jumped under Elijah’s touch, and Viggo’s smile turned into a slight growl of arousal and irritation. “Yes, I think I would... but I won’t.” He removed one hand from the wheel and wrapped it around Elijah’s twining with the smaller fingers. “You’re going to be tough to handle.”

“Not really lover... I’ll just demand your touch and your constant attention and lots and lots of amazing love making... I’m easy to please... all I crave seems to be all of you.” He smiled as he curved his fingers around Viggo’s nuzzling his neck for a moment, “You are so warm.” He sighed and snuggled closer, speaking into Viggo’s ear in a whisper, “I’ve never made love outside... always wanted to though.”

“Elijah,” Viggo growled warningly, his jaw clenched against the younger man’s persistence. “I’m going to kill us both in a moment, if you don’t stop.”

Still, his hand pressed Elijah’s with strength and a quick caress of fingers.

“I don’t want to die.” Elijah sighed softly, laying his head on Viggo’s shoulder and closing his eyes, humming softly along with the music, intent on giving Viggo a breather so his lover could get control of himself. But he couldn’t help but comment, “I didn’t know it was so hard to keep one’s hands off me.”

“Oh really,” Viggo commented dryly. He lifted his hand and placed it back on the steering wheel with a little snort. He kept his eyes forward deliberately, singing in his odd way and watching the road go by. He let the silence build, determined not to let his desires get the better of him.

Instead, he thought about his art in the back of the truck, considering what finisher to use on the particularly odd one.

Elijah draped his arm around Viggo’s middle, stroking his side quite absently as he watched the road, very happy with the company and relaxed. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so content. “You’re the one that said it Viggo... you surprised me.” It was obvious form his tone Elijah was being truthful.

Viggo sighed a little at the soft words and let his arm fall back over Elijah’s shoulders in a friendly gesture. “Nobody ever told you, you were beautiful?” he said with extreme doubt in his voice.

“Beautiful? Not really no... Amazing eyes... yadda yadda... but mostly kinda... nerdy and or geeky looking. And I’ve never had sometimes tell me they are having problems keeping their hands off me... not the way you just did.” Elijah pressed a kiss to Viggo’s neck softly, “I kinda liked hearing it.”

“My hands remember the softness of your skin beneath them. My ears remember the sounds you make when I touch you. My eyes picture your face when you feel pleasure, caused by me. How can I not want to touch you?”

The nape of Elijah’s neck received the barest of massages from Viggo’s distracted fingers. He tickled the strands of hair there, thinking of how perfect Elijah would look with long hair. His mouth pulled up the corners of his mouth, as he added on soft, brown locks to Elijah’s head in his mind.

Elijah watched Viggo as he spoke, “I don’t remember anyone finding those things so amazing that they thought me beautiful.” He pressed against the hand stroking through his hair and sighed, “I love how you touch me... Makes me feel so... precious, if I can use that word.” He smiled a little wondering of Viggo got the reference.

Viggo chuckled a little and shook his head. “I see no reason for you not to use that word, if it suits you.” He tugged a little at Elijah’s hair. “Have you even worn your hair long? I think it would make you look even sexier.”

“Let’s just say the word will always have echoes off Andy and Gollum.” He grinned a little, “Filming with Andy is... well something that I’ll not forget, but I don’t know if I want to associate with you.” he pressed a kiss to Viggo’s shoulder, “And no... Not really. The longest I think I’ve had my hair was Frodo...”

“Andy?” Viggo said curiously, sparing a moment to glance at Elijah. He laughed a little at the repeated kisses to his neck and shoulders. “I keep expecting you to bite me and get it over with.”

“Andy was the voice behind Gollum... Gollum was a computer generated character, but Andy was his voice and inspiration. However working with him was a rather... strange experience at times.” He giggled a little and nibbled softly at Viggo’s shoulder, “You think I’m a vampire?”

“I think you are hungry for me,” Viggo said without any ego. “I’m rather shocked you have managed to hold out this long without jumping me.” He winked a little at Elijah in the rear-view mirror, never taking his eyes off the road.

Elijah laughed, shaking his head and nuzzling it into Viggo’s neck, whispering against the skin, “I’m being good... proving to you that I don’t only want you for your body.” He giggled and bit softly at the skin of Viggo’s neck, licking up to the point of Viggo’s chin, “If I’m disappointing you... I’ll happily stop controlling myself.”

“How is sucking at my skin and kissing everything you can reach proving you don’t want me for my body?” Viggo asked with deep amusement. “What else do you want me for, anyway?”

A lone car sped by them at about a hundred miles an hour going the other way. Viggo clucked his tongue and shook his head. “Where do people think they’re going, anyway? Why not slow down and enjoy life?”

“I said not ONLY! Not that I don’t want your body, cause I do you know... a lot, but that’s not all I want you for... I could stop if you’d like me to? I could stop touching you and kissing you. I could move away so we’re not in contact down one side of our bodies.” He looked sad at the idea, “If that’s what you want.” Only then did he answer Viggo’s other question, “Cause of the way you make me feel.”

“It’s not what I want,” Viggo assured him softly, his hand resting lightly on Elijah’s nape. “Be easy, Elijah. I’m not being critical of you. I wouldn’t do that. I like having you near me.” His neck turned quickly to allow his mouth to press a kiss to the side of Elijah’s head. “I like that I make you feel special.”

“You do you know... I... I so didn’t expect to feel anything but... away-ness. The relief of not having to be ‘Elijah fucking Frodo Wood’ for a few days... but you have gifted me with so much more they aren’t even in the same category.” Elijah relaxed completely against his new lover and sighed happily, “I wish I knew the words to tell you how much you have affected me already.”

“You don’t need the words, Elijah,” Viggo murmured. “I think you’re doing well enough without them.”

“Words... sometimes that are too easy... they become... the reason not the... the explanation.” He sighed, “Does that make sense?”

“I like dealing in words, but I also understand silence and action,” Viggo said. He steered carefully around a large puddle. “There’s a small town ahead of us. Do you want to stop to grab a little food for a picnic lunch further up the road?”

“Sounds like a plan Vig... um... is the town closest to your place? Cause if it is I need to do some shopping...” Having said that Elijah returned to the other topic, “What... Was I was trying to say is sometimes the words get in the way, but that so often they are the only way... and it drives me batty.”

“Shopping?” Viggo asked with a tinge of amusement. “This town barely has a tiny general store. What do you need?”

“Well... um for starts I think I need some more clothes... yours aren’t gonna fit me... and I have what I’m wearing and what I wore yesterday... and um... well maybe I should fill your cupboards, I eat a lot apparently?”

The air filled with Viggo’s amused laughter. “We’ll have to worry about getting you clothes tomorrow. I think Henry’s will fit you, anyway. He’s about your height. As for food, well, I hope I have enough for tonight.”

“You want me to wear your son’s clothes? You know what I want to do to you... and you still want me to wear your child’s clothing??”

Viggo’s laugh nearly rattled the car doors and he shook from head to toe. “You have a very interesting perspective on things.”

“Are you seriously telling me you don’t see the squick factor in that? Would you even be able to like... put your hands down your son’s pants to grab my ass?”

“As long as my son wasn’t in them, I wouldn’t really notice,” Viggo said, chuckling even more madly now. He finally calmed down a little, still snorting a few laughs.

Elijah shook his head, looking at Viggo in disbelief, “You are the strangest man sometimes Viggo.” Elijah thought for a moment before asking, “Um Vig? What’s your full name?”

“Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr.” he said in a very official tone and then grinned again.

“Well Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr... it’s very nice to meet you.” And he leant over and caught Viggo’s lips for a long sweet kiss.

Surprised, Viggo held on to Elijah with one arm and steered frantically with the other. “Elijah,” he gasped, pushing him off. “Let me stop before you do that.”

Elijah’s laughed was soft and husky, “Ok baby... then I think you should stop, because I want to do that again.”

Viggo pulled the truck off beside a large field and stopped. He undid his seat belt and turned to face Elijah. “Hello.”

Elijah almost crawled into Viggo’s lap as he crawled into Viggo’s mouth, exploring it as he pressed their bodies together wantonly, rubbing against Viggo as his tongue explored Viggo’s mouth.

Viggo rubbed his hands through Elijah’s hair and down his back to cup his ass gently. “You’re lovely, my Elijah.”

Elijah smiled at the possessive ‘my’, pressing against Viggo and kissing him again, lips and tongue searching out Viggo’s taste and feel happily.

They shifted around on the seat until Viggo could rest his back comfortably against the door and support Elijah’s weight. “What do you think we’re going to do now?” he asked, chuckling.

“There is a something else we need to do? No... I think this is just perfect...” And Elijah went back to kissing Viggo, getting lost in the act.

Viggo finally gave in and enjoyed the sensation of necking in his truck. He slid his hands under Elijah’s shirt and mapped the wealth of bare skin on his back and sides. His busy tongue pushed Elijah’s away and thrust into his mouth for a few tastes of the sweetness there.

Elijah’s hands also found their ways up and under Viggo’s clothes to splay across Viggo’s chest to stroke and tug lightly, to caress and pinch carefully at Viggo’s nipples as he sucked Viggo’s tongue into his mouth and nursed at it for several long moments.

A hiss escaped Viggo and he jerked back from the hands under his shirt. “I’m not taking you in this truck.... so leave the nipple alone.”

Elijah let his fingers play over Viggo’s nipples for a few more moments before pulling them down and away, looking both pleased and disappointed, “If ... if you really don’t want to... maybe... you should start driving again before I maul you?”

“You want me that much?” Viggo asked, knowing he might regret the words.

“Yes Vig... I want you very much... so please help me here?” He gave Viggo a little pleading look, “You drive and I’ll control myself cause I don’t want to get us into an accident.”

Viggo pushed Elijah back, off his lap and then down on the seat. “Stay still.” He unzipped Elijah’s fly and yanked down his pants and boxers. “Very still.” Thus saying, he leaned forward to suck him carefully.

Elijah’s gasp was a sound of pure shock, this was the last thing he had expected Viggo to do and for a moment he couldn’t feel Viggo’s touch, only his surprise. A moment later the intense pleasure crashed over him and suddenly that was all he could feel. It took him long moments to get his control back but when he did he looked down at Viggo and moaned, “Vig? I... ohhh... fuck... Vig??”

Viggo never glanced up from his work, using his long tongue to wrap around and tug and lick at Elijah’s cock. His hands helped hold Elijah down, so he could work unencumbered.

Elijah’s hands gripped so hard at the seat he was sure they would have his hand print for the rest of time, his heels where digging into the padding of the seat, chanting Viggo’s name over and over as he tried to thrust up into Viggo’s mouth.

“Easy,” Viggo rumbled, or would have if he could talk. Instead, he began to suck on Elijah like a man with a sweet lollipop. The tendons on his neck stood out from the force of his sucking mouth.

Elijah knew with sudden and almost shattering certainty that he was not going to last long under this intense and overwhelming sensations. His mouth was open and babbling curses and other sounds as he tried to want Viggo that he couldn’t keep his control much longer.

The more excited Elijah got, the more Viggo sucked and licked and tormented and tried to help him climax as explosively as possible.

And explosive it truly was.

Elijah came with a cry that could have been pain, his body arching up towards Viggo, white dots dancing behind his eyes as endless spikes of pleasure swamped him from the inside outwards. His seed spurted into Viggo’s mouth powerfully as Elijah thrust his hips up, breaking Viggo’s hold on him with the strength of his pleasure, calling out to Viggo before slumping back onto the seat, panting.

Viggo swallowed with a hint of worry and then a little shrug internally. He licked off his lips and sat up to regard Elijah with amused eyes. “All better now?”

“You... You...” Elijah closed his eyes and took several deep breaths before trying again, “Evil tongue!”

Viggo flicked his tongue out lazily, the length amazing. “You didn’t like my tongue?”

Elijah fisted his hand in Viggo’s shirt and dragged him closer, catching his mouth for a long hard kiss. His free hand wrapped around Viggo and held him tightly.

Viggo let himself be kissed for a few moments and then broke the embrace gently. “We better keep going. I don’t want to get home too late.”

Elijah nodded and muttered, “Evil tongue.” Sighing he tucked himself away and just lay there, smiling goofishly at Viggo.

Shaking his head, Viggo helped his lover sit up and buckled his seat belt for him. “Strange creature.” He redid his own belt and set off again, chanting in his head until his own erection faded.

“You know what I don’t often see... someone give such an amazing orgasm... and then not ask for anything themself.”

“I guess I subscribe to the idea that giving is better than receiving.” Viggo pulled around a bend and smiled as the tiny hamlet of Happenstance appeared before them. “Start thinking about what you want for lunch.”


The comment earned him a roll of the eyes, and Viggo pulled into town, slowing down to 25mph. He pulled up in front of the only store in town and parked. “Come on, little hitchhiker.”

Elijah stuck his tongue out at Viggo before slowly ungluing himself from the seat and almost slithering his way over to Viggo’s sides, legs visibly weak, “Wow...”

Viggo touched his cheek and kissed him, tilting his head up to taste him slowly.

Elijah hooked his arms around Viggo’s neck and went to his toes and deepened the kiss, just a little at a time moaning happily, although softly.

Viggo let them stay there for several long moments, just kissing each other softly and happily. He finally set him down gently and smiled at him. “Come on, love, let’s go choose some lunch.”

Elijah sighed, brushing his thumb over Viggo’s lip before nodding and bumping his shoulder against Viggo’s arm, “Food is good... what do you want babe? What do they have?”

“They make good sandwiches. I’ll probably order my chicken salad as usual. Maybe a bag of potato chips and an apple to round it all out.” He strolled in and greeted the man behind the deil with a smile and a wave.

Elijah was a little surprised how comfortable Viggo was to be seen kissing a guy in a little town in the back of nowhere, near to his home, “Um... Sandwiches huh? That... that sounds good.”

The older man grinned and waved at Viggo with a familiar air. “Back again for the fixings, Mister Mortensen? And something for your friend as well?” He did not sound at all offended or disgusted.

“The usual for me, Joe. Do you have any of those salt and vinegar kettle chips?”

Elijah’s eyes opened a little wider at the seeming calm acceptance of he and Viggo making out out the front of their shop and he shook his head, “Um... Can... Can I have a... a club?” He looked around the small store and smiled, it was so homey.

Joe nodded and busied himself making their sandwiches, while Viggo rummaged in the back of the store, searching for kettle chips. He peered around one of the racks and grinned at Elijah. “Want to split a box of animal crackers with me?”

“Animal crackers?” Elijah snickered and nodded, “Yes, I’d love to.” He grinned and shook his head, “Remember we still have the pie babe.”

“Oh... yeah... I forgot.” He looked sadly at the animal crackers.

“I didn’t say don’t get them.” Elijah shook his head, “Just don’t forget the pie too.” He took the pack of animal crackers and kissed Viggo’s cheek, “Do we need anything else love? While we’re here?”

“I had forgotten,” Viggo admitted. “I must be getting old.” He rubbed Elijah’s cheek and then led him to the produce section. “I recommend the Fuji or Gala apples, but their strawberries are also killer.”

Elijah grinned, “I love strawberries!” Elijah bounced a little and started gathering a few punnets of them.

Viggo watched in amusement and went to get them a basket. “Want anything to drink?”

“Um... I mainline juice, coke and hot chocolate?”

“Mainline it?” Viggo asked nervously. “You can’t possibly mean you need caffeine and sugar in your diet?”

“Normally I never stop drinking it in some form or the other... I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without it, love.”

Viggo leaned over and kissed him for a moment, his clever tongue working over Elijah’s. “I don’t suppose,” he purred in his deepest voice, “you might give it up for me?”

“Give up which one?” Elijah looked at Viggo very suspiciously.

“The caffeine and sugar,” Viggo said, his tongue still playing with Elijah’s lips. “Not all of it, of course, but the main lining part.” He bit Elijah’s ear gently.

“I...” Elijah looked truly torn and bites his lip, “I... I... I guess... I could maybe... see if I could... could try?”

“Do you really want them, Elijah?” Viggo asked with a little sigh.

“I... I don’t know... they are about the only thing that got me through filming rings you know...” He sighed, “I... really don’t know.”

With a little shake of his head, Viggo headed for the soda and pointed at it for Elijah. “Whatever you want then.”

“You... you don’t approve do you?” Elijah scuffed his foot against the floor of the shop, looking down at it as if his trainer was fascinating.

“It’s not my place to approve or disapprove, Elijah,” Viggo said gently. “I just don’t drink the stuff as a rule and keep Henry away from it as well.”

“Oh... ok...” And he headed towards the juices instead of the sodas, gathering a few bottles of apple juice and coming back to put them on the counter. “Do you have cooking chocolate though? And milk?”

“No cooking chocolate, but plenty of milk,” Viggo said, kissing Elijah gently again. “Are you sure about your soda? Won’t you get headaches and dizzy from cutting it off so fast?” He looked worried.

“We’ll see how we go... worst comes to worst I’ll get some I guess... but...” He grinned and headed off, coming back with two large blocks of cooking chocolate, “I am going to introduce you to real hot chocolate.”

“Imagine, I only knew fake hot chocolate until now,” Viggo whispered, nuzzling Elijah with his nose to cheek.

Elijah laughed and turned, kissing Viggo softly, “Funny man.” Shaking his head he asked, “What do we need for the house?”

“I can get what we need later from the more local store. We have everything else we need already.” He licked the tip of Elijah’s nose and walked to the counter, where Joe was grinning at them. He set down their sandwiches and rung everything up. Viggo paid and offered Elijah his arm, holding the bag in the other hand.

Elijah tucked his arm through Viggo’s with a grin, thanking Joe as they headed out and back to the truck, “You know... you’re going to have to let me buy something at some point Vig.”

“If you want,” Viggo mumbled. “I guess it’s hard for me to remember you can buy my ranch ten times over.”

“I don’t know ... how big is it?” Elijah teased a little, before getting serious, “I just... I don’t want to free-load off you.”

“I would have let Jordan free load off me,” Viggo said. He climbed in and turned on the motor, before looking at Elijah. “I don’t mind, you know.”

Elijah couldn’t resist kissing Viggo softly, “I know you would have, and that... open hearted kindness is an amazing part of you.” He kissed Viggo again softly, “You just... don’t have to that’s all.”

“I know. Just... I don’t want to be paid for my kindness, either. Not in any way.” He put his thumb square on Elijah’s mouth. “I know the perfect place for our lunch. It’s about a half an hour away. Can you wait?”

Elijah sucked Viggo’s finger into his mouth and chewed on it softly, nibbling and sucking happily as he watched Viggo’s face, nodding his agreement that he could wait yes.

Laughing a little, Viggo extracted his thumb and turned to drive onward. He slid in one of his CDs, an old selection of cowboy songs and sang happily with them.

Elijah giggled, snuggled into the corner of the car, watching Viggo. He joined in on the few songs he did know, but mostly watched Viggo as he sang, watched the enjoyment on Viggo’s face and smiled himself. “Your face is made for smiling, did you know that?”

“And I’ve even got the wrinkles to prove it,” Viggo said, his smile deepening even further.

Leaning over Elijah pressed kisses to the laugh lines up Viggo’s face, “Makes you even sexier.”

“Liar,” Viggo said, sounding pleased and embarrassed all at once. “I’m just an average guy, who paints and writes really weird crap.”

“I’m being totally serious, when you smile, you are a hundred times sexier than when you’re not smiling.”

“Oh, well, everyone looks better when they smile. I always smile at anyone who smiles at me... even birds and lizards.”

“It’s more than that with you Vig... some people look sexy when... when they brood... some people make forbidding really sexy... you have an incredibly sexy smile.” Elijah kissed his smile lines again.

“Oh, I do a lot of brooding,” Viggo said. “Artistic type, you know.” He steadfastly refused to take what Elijah said about his smile seriously, teasing him instead.

Elijah shook his head and nibbled Viggo’s ear for a moment, “I’ll make you believe me... eventually.” And he leant back against the seat again, watching Viggo.

“I do believe you, Elijah,” Viggo said. He glanced at his passenger briefly, looking over his youthful face. “I just refuse to let myself get egotistical about it.” He winked once and then pulled off on to a small gravel road. “A few miles to a nice little reservoir and some trees.”

Elijah shook his head, “It’s not egotistical to know that your lover thinks you sexy you know Viggo.”

“You’ve got to learn not to take me seriously,” Viggo said, his trademark smile appearing again.

Not responding in words Elijah just started pressing kisses to those beautiful smile lines again.

Viggo stopped the car, put on the brake and quickly turned to kiss Elijah, nipping his lips lightly. “I think you and I may be here awhile, eh?”

“Be here awhile? What ever do you mean? I don’t think I’m going to ever stop being here, if here is admiring you...”

Viggo snorted a little laugh, grabbed their lunch and hopped out. He kicked off his boots and strolled toward the trees without looking to see if Elijah followed him.

Giggling hard Elijah got out of the car and shouldered his bag before catching up with Viggo. Taking his hand he looked around, smiling at their picnic sight, “Very pretty Vig... rather romantic too.”

Viggo just smiled at him and found a nice grassy area under an old willow to sit. He pulled Elijah down next to him gently and wrapped a friendly arm around him. “It’s perfect.”Elijah sighed happily and leant against Viggo’s side, snuggling in somewhat but leaving their hand free to eat. “It’s lovely.” He smiled and looked around at the view, “Where is your home ... like can you point towards it?”

Viggo searched the area for a split second and then pointed without any doubt. “There. Henry says I have a homing beacon inside me. No matter how far away I am, I always know where home is...”

Elijah sighed wishfully and lay his head on Viggo’s arm, saying softly, “Tressure that gift and that knowledge my friend, never ever forget how amazing it is.”

“I already do,” Viggo said, leaning down to press a soft kiss to Elijah’s hair. “I hope you find a place to call home someday.”

Elijah didn’t answer, not wanting to pressure Viggo more than he was already feeling pressured but he smiled a little, hopefully as he thought about the chance maybe Viggo might be able to give him that as well.

“Eat your lunch,” Viggo said softly, opening his own and digging out the sandwich. “And trust me, these will be the best sandwiches you ever ate.”

Elijah grinned a little, “You think so?” Taking his own he opened it slowly, lifting one of the halves to his mouth and taking a slow bite. He chewed painfully slowly as he considered the sandwich.

Viggo rolled his eyes and took a large bite of his, enjoying the way little chunks feel messily out the back. Only a sandwich stuffed full of goodness rated highly in his book. Especially chicken salad. “Tell me that’s not the best you ever had!”

Finally swallowing Elijah didn’t say a word, he didn’t need to, for his bright smile let Viggo know just how wonderful he found the sandwich.

Viggo laughed at the smile and offered him some of his sandwich. “This is my absolute favourite in the world.”

Elijah took a small bite, and after giving it the same consideration he grinned up at Viggo, “I think I can see why.”

“Good.” Viggo leaned back against the trunk of the tree, considering the distance with half closed eyes and munching in quiet contentment. He always felt at ease here, even in his more uncertain moments. And right now, a lot of things felt uncertain.

Elijah sensed Viggo’s need for quiet and was perfectly happy to eat the wonderfully fresh food and watch the beautiful scenery until his companion felt like talking again.

“Apple?” Viggo asked, pulling them out of his bag. He held one out to Elijah, not looking away from the scene, but letting the arm around his companion tighten slightly.

Elijah leant just the right direction to take a bite of the apple from Viggo’s fingers.

“I knew you would do that,” Viggo said with deep amusement. He took a bite himself, taking out a much larger chunk, before offering more to Elijah. “So... Frodo?”

Elijah took another bite, chewing and swallowing before replying, “Yes?” He cocked his head to the side questioningly, “What do you want to know about him?”

“I guess nothing that you haven’t answered a thousand times before,” Viggo said thoughtfully, taking another bite with a satisfying crunch. “It’s just... you’re a famous figure, and I know absolutely nothing about you. It’s a strange feeling, knowing so many people know so much more about you.”

“So ask me love... I don’t mind telling you what I’ve told many before, and also what I have told few or none before.”

“I don’t really want to bombard you with questions about the very thing you seek refuge from,” Viggo said with wistful tone. “It can wait... except, who will you tell about us?”

“I’ll probably tell my sister first... I can’t wait for you to meet her.” He grinned a little strangely, “But Han and I are close, she’ll know that something happened...” He smiled and kissed Viggo’s palm, “Close friend, Sean for starts... I admit to having problems working out how he’s gonna react.”

“Who, Sean or Han? Is that short for something?” He rubbed Elijah’s smaller fingers.

“Han, short for Hannah. I know how she’ll react, she’ll be pleased as punch, as long as you continue to make me happy... if you ever stoped, then god help you... It’s Sean I don’t know about. He’s... protective of me.”

“Is he your brother?” Viggo asked, trying to picture what Elijah’s siblings might look like.

Elijah grinned, “Of the soul maybe? But no, he’s Sean Astin, he played Samwise to my Frodo...” Elijah’s smiled became full of fond memories, “We... bonded... the first moment we met, and it’s never lessened.”

The smile sent a spark of warmth through Viggo, even though it was not directed at him. “I’d like to meet them both. Anyone else?”

“My fellow hobbits, Billy and Dom... Orli is bound to ask... I’ll tell him too... We... there was a lot of real bonding on rings you know... Did... did you notice that tattoo I have?”

“Yes, I did... in the mirror.” He reached out to rub a little at Elijah’s hip. “But at the time, I didn’t really think to ask... nor consider it my business.”

“All the actors of the fellowship got one... it’s elven... means 9. There where nine in the fellowship...” He snuggled into Viggo and sighed, “We’re not all the best of friends, but between all of us I think we will manage to stay in contact.”

“Sounds like the whole experience was special to you,” Viggo said, raking his fingers through Elijah’s short hair. “Do they know about this?”

“About Jordan?” He shook his head, “No, just my sister and Sean.” he made a little cooing noise, almost a purr and snuggled closer into Viggo in pleasure, “Keep doing that?”

The fingers slid up to curl through Elijah’s hair even more deeply. “Its hard to untie the image I had of you only yesterday- a penniless, lost teenager- with everything you’ve told me since then.”

“Do you rather Jordan? Penniless, lost and a child? He could never be an emotional equal you know my friend... Within me Jordan will always been a teenager.” He let his head move with Viggo’s motions, relaxing happily under the stroking touches.

“I don’t know that Elijah is any different,” Viggo said simply. “Do you?” His fingers paused momentarily in the soft hair and then slid down to caress the base of Elijah’s neck.

“I don’t know if he is at the moment or not... I just know he can grow, I... I want him to grow and develop... I don’t know if I can let Jordan change. He’s... he’s a static part of me. Something that I’ve depended on for a long time... I don’t think he can change, I... I think I have to move away from him. Some of him... I don’t know if I can ever give him up completely.”

Viggo nodded a little and put the remains of the apple away. “No wonder you needed to get away for awhile. Sounds like you have a lot of thinking to do.” He pulled out his cookie and broke off a piece, offering it to Elijah.

“More thinking than I know how... how to start. I don’t know where to start.” He sighed, “I... I don’t seem to have an angle of attack for any of the different thoughts and issues I’m trying to think out. And it’s getting really confusing, more confusing as my ... As I give them more importance. As sorting me out becomes more and more important.” Elijah sighed and shook his head, “Does any of that make since?” Needing to keep himself from babbling for a few moments Elijah took the cookie and started chewing it.

Chewing his own piece of cookie for a moment, Viggo finally said, “I think getting out of the limelight for awhile sounds like a good start. When you’re not with anybody who expects anything out of you, whoever you really are may be free to emerge.” He smiled lopsidedly. “Of course, I really have no idea. When I get confused or lost, I go back to a blank canvas and let it guide me.”

Elijah smiled at his mental picture of Viggo emerging from a color splattered canvas with a ‘that’s better now’ expression on his face, “You have found something that brings you back to yourself... I... I guess I need to find that anchor for me.”

Viggo hugged Elijah with his arm and then pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I’ll do what I can to help you, Elijah, even if that’s only keeping out of your way. Now, we better get back on our way. It’s about another five hours from here.”

Elijah swung around so he was straddling Viggo’s lap and looked deeply into his eyes, before asking softly, “And what if helping is getting in my way? Perhaps even being a part of that anchor?”

Two strong, warm hands reached up and cupped Elijah’s face gently, as Viggo kissed him with a gentle flick of tongue. Their mouths parted with equal care and the softest of wet sounds. “Hopefully, I will be up to the task.”

“I hope we both will.” Sighing softly Elijah pressed their foreheads together, pressing a feather light kiss to Viggo’s lips, “We should get going huh?”

A low chuckle shook Viggo’s chest. “I’m afraid so, though I would happily stay here longer if we had time.” He ran the tips of his fingers over the curve of Elijah’s left earlobe, before carding through the black hair again.

Elijah purred deep in the back of his throat and sighed, relaxing more against Viggo, “You’re not making it easier to leave love... you know that don’t you?” Elijah’s lips nibbled butterfly like at Viggo’s neck.

“So I see.” Viggo allowed Elijah to remain where he was for a little while longer, his hands still working over the curves of his skull and then down his neck. Regretfully, he stirred and scooted Elijah off his lap. “There will be time to do this when we get to my ranch. We can just find a place under the elm and sit there for an entire day if you want.”

Elijah pouted at Viggo for moving him, but his tone was wistful, “Sounds like heaven.” Standing Elijah stretched tall and his back and neck made several loud crackles and pops, and he smiled at Viggo beatifically, “That’s better!”

“I think I’ll also make use of the massage table Exene gave me several years back and work those kinks out of your back. If you keep making those terrible noises, you’re going to ruin your posture.” He shook his head and rose gracefully. Picking up their bags, he headed for the truck. “By the way, we’re going to pass through exactly one more town before we get to my ranch, so speak now if you need anything.”

“Um... Can we just stop and looked around, even if I don’t get anything?” Taking Viggo’s hand Elijah walked beside him, looking around, “It really is beautiful, we need to come back here some time you know.”

Viggo glanced down at their joined hands and smiled a little goofily. Nobody held his hand in that manner for a long time. His fingers squeezed Elijah’s affectionately. “Yes, we should.”

Opening to passenger door, he paused to regard Elijah for a moment and then let go to walk around to his own side.

Elijah didn’t let go of Viggo’s hand, and in fact tugged him a little closer, smiling at him before going to his toes to press a sweet kiss to Viggo’s lips, “Thank you.” And he kissed Viggo again, asking softly, “Did you know you taste better than the finest wines... and are more intoxicating?”

“Corny,” Viggo said, though he looked pleased. In thanks, he kissed Elijah again, this time letting his hands wander and caress Elijah’s back and down to the firm curve of his ass.

“You like me corny!” Elijah grinned shyly up at Viggo before snuggling into his chest for several long moments, “Oh... so comfortable.” He wrapped his arms around Viggo’s neck and went to his toes, sharing several more kisses with Viggo. “I guess we should get into the car or something right?”

“Yes.” Viggo’s voice sounded husky and distracted. He held Elijah to him for another moment, before disentangling himself and making sure to stride away firmly. Climbing into the truck, he waited for Elijah to buckle his belt.

Elijah took several long breaths before letting out a particularly long sigh and got into the car, control restored and good feelings flowing again. Buckling up he leant back, relaxing against the car door and grinned at Viggo, “That was really nice... but you know what we forgot? The pie! From breakfast!”

“Do you want it now?” Viggo asked, holding his stomach dramatically. “I’m not sure I can manage more than a few bites. How about we stop and have it as a snack along the way? Five hours straight on the road would be easier with a break.”

Elijah just grinned, “Sounds like a plan... cause no, I don’t want or need anything more to eat.” His grin twisted a little and he started fiddling with the radio, finding an old country music station and singing along at the top of his lungs, completely off key and loving it.

Viggo drove back to the main road, trying not to laugh as Elijah butchered a version of “Ghost Riders in the Sky.” He pulled back on the pavement in time to join in on a chorus.

Elijah grinned and kept singing at the top of his lungs, tapping the beat with his fingers on the dash and generally being very silly.

“You’re beautiful,” Viggo said impulsively when the song ended. “May I still photograph you? I won’t try to sell them... they’ll just be for me...for us.”

Elijah looked up at Viggo through his lashes shyly and nodded just a little, “If... if you want to.” He leant into Viggo and kissed his cheek, “I... I trust you.” It was said with simple honesty, “If you wanted to sell them I wouldn’t mind. I don’t mind friends getting ahead.”

“I might want to put them in one of my photography shows, if that is all right. I wouldn’t advertise that you were part of the event, though. I don’t want to use your name to get ahead.” He reached out and placed a warm hand on Elijah’s thigh, rubbing gently.

Elijah grinned and placed his hand over Viggo’s, twining their fingers together. “You’re so warm.” he shuffled over a little, pressing their sides together, “It’s like you radiate heat.” Elijah wasn’t cold, but Viggo was just so warm it was incredibly comforting. “I wouldn’t mind that... not at all.” he grinned a little more and snuggled right up into Viggo’s side.

“I am? Viggo asked in soft surprise. He laughed a little at the idea of himself as a human radiator and rubbed Elijah’s thigh a little more, not taking his eyes off the road. “I guess you must be used to having your picture taken. Do you enjoy it as a rule?”

“It totally depends on the photographer... it really does. Some of them treat who ever they are photographing as if they are a person, talking, making you comfortable... others like you’re a slab of meat for their consumption. Those ones I don’t like... the first kind is mostly enjoyable. I... I’m used to it more than I enjoy it mostly.”

“Ah.” Viggo nodded in understanding and kept his eyes on the deserted road ahead of them. Around them, endless fields of mostly weeds stretched under the mostly cloudless sky. “Well, it was just an idea... I get them a lot.”

His eyes shifted to the West, where a bank of clouds began to build a bit menacingly. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we got another thunderstorm in a few hours.”

Elijah shuddered a little, “I don’t like storms.” He shook his head and returned to the earlier subject, not wanting to think about the thunder, “I think I would enjoy you taking pictures of me... but you’d have to promise the... the ones I really enjoyed...” there was a deliberately sexual tone, although teasing, in Elijah’s voice, “Would never been seen by anyone but the two of us.” He grinned a little wicked smile before nuzzling Viggo’s neck, making it clear what kind of pictures he was talking about.

Laughter bubbled from Viggo’s chest. “I have never taken photographs of that kind, honestly. I fear they would be cheesy rather than sexy.” He shifted a little away from the distraction of Elijah’s nuzzling, not wanting to lose his concentration again.

Elijah laughed softly, stopping the nuzzling to lay his cheek comfortably against Viggo’s shoulder, “I don’t know... we could try and see what happened... if you wanted to... I’ve never done anything like that, always too afraid that someone might find them or something.”

“Is that all that stopped you?” Viggo asked, wondering who offered or asked Elijah to pose. He glanced over once, his steel eyes assessing Elijah purely as a model. A little small to be considered traditionally sexy with a soft face and full lips... but those eyes made up for any multitude of sins, even as they invited participation in a multitude of sins.

“Not... not completely... I... I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea... with the person I guess is more accurate to say.” Looking up at Viggo through his lashes Elijah smiled a little, “Not a problem with you... isn’t that odd? I’d known him longer... and all that stuff, but I trust you much more.”

Without pause, a smile lit up Viggo’s features. “I feel the same way about you, obviously.” His fingers rubbed Elijah’s leg muscle and squeezed his smaller hand. “There’s something special about this... something that logically, we should both be questioning... but I really don’t want to question. I like the warm, right feeling you give me without needing to know why.”

In the distance, a flash of lightening lit up the mountains, followed in a moment by a murmured roll of thunder.

Elijah shivered unpleasantly at the sound, pressing himself closer to Viggo, hiding his face in Viggo’s shoulder, although it did nothing to hide his fear, “I hate thunderstorm.” And he shivered again, feeling much colder suddenly, although the temperature in the car had not changed at all.

“Hush,” Viggo said softly, his arm slipping up to wrap around Elijah’s shoulders. “You are safe with me, Elijah.” He kissed soft hairs and then returned his eyes to the road. “I’ll hold you when the storm comes.”

Elijah glued himself to as much of Viggo as he could and not be getting in the way of Viggo’s driving, closing his eyes and answering in a whisper, “You’ll keep me safe?”

“In whatever ways I can.” Viggo answered all the question implied in his deepest voice, the rumble vibrating against Elijah’s body. “Including from scary thunderstorms,” he teased.

“I know it’s silly, I know it’s childish and I know I should have grown outta it years ago, but they frighten me.” He whispered the words against Viggo’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry for laughing at you,” Viggo said. He wished they did not have so far to go, so he might stop the truck and properly soothe Elijah. “Do not fear yet, Elijah. The storm has miles to travel before it gets to us. We won’t notice its effects for a few hours yet.”

Taking a deep breath Elijah calmed himself, “You... you didn’t laugh at me, you tried to make me laugh at myself, at my fear. That’s not a bad thing, I just... I just can’t about this.”

“That’s all right,” Viggo murmured, finding a knot in Elijah’s neck and working it with strong fingers. “Some things scare us no matter how hard we try not to be frightened.” As Viggo’s hand stroked Elijah gently, the truck continued on down the lonesome road, Viggo always about ten miles above the posted speed limit. “If we see another five cars on this road before we get to Gurney Junction, I shall be very surprised.”

“Busy area huh?” Elijah laid his cheek back against Viggo’s shoulder and looked down at the steering wheel, watching Viggo’s hands, his strong fingers, guiding the car safely before muttering softly, “You’re speeding.” It was said with neither approval nor disapproval, it just was.

“I want to escape as much of the storm as possible and not get home at midnight, as well,” Viggo said. “Why don’t you try to get some sleep while I drive? Or you can try more music to ease the time.”

Elijah considered both options for a moment before he grinned and snuggles into Viggo’s side, hand reaching out to turn up the music. He channel surfed for a while, settling for a few songs here, a few there, changing when something he didn’t like came on. Generally keeping himself as distracted as possible while keeping as close to Viggo as possible.

Viggo kept driving, most of his senses on the road, but part of them diverted by the warm body pressed against his side. He also noted the approach of the storm with a bit of consternation. The winds picked up and moved the clouds faster than he anticipated.

“We’re nearly to the other town. Do you want me to stop?” He refrained from looking at the black clouds which were nearly upon them. “I should probably get some gas for this machine, anyway.”

Elijah gave a shuddering little nod, “I... I’d rather not be in the car... when... when the storm is over head?” He was speaking softly against Viggo’s top, “And I kinda... well I need a pit stop.”

“Hmmm.” Viggo considered their options. The town did not consist of very much, but he thought the small diner might be open. They entered the small town just as the rain began to fall over them. A flash of lightening illuminated the old, but well maintained, buildings. In the centre of the very small main street, a fifties style diner sat, its open sign flashing invitingly. “How about we stop here for awhile?”

Elijah had watched the town carefully as they had driven in, noticing that about the only people he’d seen where in said diner and he nodded, “A cup of something warm would go down a treat... right afterwards.” He smiled a little and nodded, “Yes please?”

Viggo parked and pulled his coat out of the back seat, tossing it over Elijah. “Here, wear this.” Another flash of lightening was followed by an instant roar of thunder.

Elijah’s fingers fisted in the jacket and he jumped, moving sideways and almost into Viggo’s lap, shivering but apologising at the same time.

Viggo caught him and gently helped him into the jacket. “Easy there, Elijah. It’s not going to hurt you.” He opened the door and pulled Elijah out with him. They hurried through the rain toward the diner, even as a flash of lightening tore the air overhead.

Elijah cowered against Viggo’s side, stumbling across the street and into the diner. He didn’t move away from Viggo’s side, although being inside a building did make him feel a little less vulnerable than just being in the car.

An older waitress gestured them to a booth, though the entire place was empty. “Hello dearies. Bad storm, eh? What can I do you for?”

Viggo kept Elijah by his side as he sat down and smiled up at her. “I’ll have some tea and some hot apple pie, please.”

“Um... do... do you have a rest room?” Elijah gave her his very best appealing blue eyes, the action automatic.

She nodded and pointed to the corner. “Can I get you anything, honey?”

“Um... some... a hot cocoa?” He gave her another appealing look before he headed over to the door she’d indicated.

“He’s a real heartbreaker, I bet,” the waitress said to Viggo, as Elijah disappeared. “Those eyes. Being his father must be quite a difficult job.”

Viggo smiled politely and said, “A heartbreaker... yes, that’s a good description.”

She smiled back, nodding sagely, before scurrying off to get their order.

It took Elijah a little while to come back and when he had he’d obviously washed up a little. Sitting at the table he smiled at Viggo, although the thunder had him still trembling a little, “What did I miss?”

“Nothing, except that the waitress was very taken with your eyes, even behind the horn rims.” He wrapped and arm around Elijah’s shoulders and hugged him a little. “You’re trembling.”

“I don’t like the storm Vig.” And he pressed into Viggo’s side gratefully, “Some people like the glasses... something about knowing I’m blind as a bad makes me... cuter or something... I don’t know.”

“Softer,” Viggo cooed, pressing a kiss to Elijah’s forehead. “You look vulnerable... even though I think you’re probably hard as nails.”

“Don’t coo at me!” Elijah’s voice was indignant. “I’m not soft! Or... or vulnerable or Cute!”

“What are you then?” Viggo demanded.

The waitress chose this moment to bring their drinks. She smiled at them broadly, thinking they are father and son still.

Elijah changed tactics slightly and whispered into Viggo’s ear, “You didn’t think me soft when I had my cock as far up your ass as it could go this morning.

Viggo raised an eyebrow at the uncouth response. “That’s not the same.” He cut a small piece from his pie and ate it slowly, sliding a little away from Elijah.

Elijah gave Viggo, and then the waitress his most sweet and saintly smile and took a sip of his cocoa, “Thank you.”

Rolling his eyes, Viggo muttered, “It might also help your tough image if you weren’t drinking cocoa.”

“Oh and tea is such a manly drink...” He grinned, “Makes you look like a bloody Brit!” He did his best Ian accent as he said it too.

“I’m not the one protesting,” Viggo observed mildly, glancing outside to watch a shocking lightening flash.

Elijah had a barely a moment to put down his mug before the huge boom of thunder sounded and he called out in fright, pressing himself into Viggo’s side as if trying to hide between him and the booth.

Without comment, Viggo wrapped his arms tightly around Elijah and let him burrow in his chest. He settled back against the booth, watching the rain pour and rush down the streets.

Snuggling as close as he could Elijah closed his eyes and shuddered with each further crack of thunder.

Viggo stroked Elijah’s back and hair soothingly. “Do you know why you’re afraid of the storm, Elijah?”

“No... I... I don’t know. I’ve always... ever since I can remember.”

“Hmm,” Viggo said. He began to sing in Spanish, his voice pitched so only Elijah could hear him. His low tones helped dim the sounds from outside, focusing everything on them alone.

Elijah focused his every sense on Viggo, the sound of his voice, the feel and smell of him near, the touch of their bodies up one side. His eyes where closed, but he was picturing them snuggled up in front of a fire, warm and cosy.

Viggo picked up the cup of cocoa and offered it to Elijah. “Here, drink some more of this.”

Elijah didn’t reply verbally, but he took a small sip of the warm drink.

Viggo set it back down and picked up his own tea, sipping it and letting the warmth seep through to his bones. Fortunately, the waitress did not come over to chat, though she shot them several curious glances. At length, Viggo said, “I think the storm is abating, Elijah.”

Looking out the winder Elijah nodded, there had been no lightning or thunder for several minuets, and the force of the rain was visibly lessening, “Looks like it to me, yes.”

“Want to keep going? We’ll be home soon.” He offered Elijah his last piece of pie.

Elijah declined the offer of pie, finishing his cocoa and then answered, “Yes, let’s get home...” He placed some bills on the table, paying with a very, very nice tip and stood, “Come on old man, let’s get going?”

Viggo slid out with a nod at the waitress and took Elijah’s hand, walking outside into the now light drizzle. “So, not cute and vulnerable, right?” he said, the hint of a smile reappearing.

Elijah sighed, “Not fair to use thunderstorms against me!! It’s not! I... um... take the fifth.”

Viggo laughed soundlessly and opened the door for Elijah. “You’ve gotten on in a killer business since you were a child... I’m thinking you never were all that helpless.”

Elijah climbed into the car, waiting for Viggo to get in before answering, “There is a part of me that can act the part perfectly. The young star and all that crap... but I do care... a lot. It’s a hard industry... soulless. Sometimes I think it’s killed mine.”

Viggo narrowed his eyes slightly. He leaned forward and brushed his lips ever so softly over Elijah’s, inviting without pushing.

Elijah deepened the kiss, but oh so slowly, as if kissing Viggo for the first time all over again.

Viggo touched Elijah’s cheek with his fingertips, stroking there a few times before pulling back. “I rather think your soul is intact, Elijah.”

Elijah’s smile was shy and he blushed a little, “Thank you.” Leaning forward so their lips touched again Elijah gave Viggo the softest kiss he could, trying to convey his growing emotions.

The temptation to just remain in the embrace and let the hours melt away grew deep inside Viggo. He pulled back from Elijah before they overpowered him. “Same here,” he said softly, before turning back to start up the truck. “Let me get some gas and then we’ll be back on our way.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Elijah shrugged out of Viggo’s jacket but he just draped it over his body as a blanket as he snuggled into Viggo’s side, eyes closing. The intense emotions brought on by the storm was fading and with them gone tiredness was creeping in.

Viggo stopped at the local gas station, filling up quickly and then climbing back in with Elijah. He draped his arm over his lover and sang softly as they drove out of town, hoping to soothe him to sleep.

It worked and soon Elijah was dozing against Viggo’s shoulder.

The miles vanished in behind them. As the clouds passed on, the late afternoon sun emerged and glistened off the wet pavement. Viggo smiled contentedly at the familiar scenery, knowing home lay not far before him. He let Elijah sleep until they pulled into the long gravel driveway that led to home. Shaking him gently then, he said, “Wake up, Elijah. We’re home.”

Elijah’s eyes opened slowly and he muttered, “Five more minutes Sean? Please??”

“Sean?” Viggo said in a bit of bemusement. “Sorry, my name’s Viggo... and we’re at my ranch now, Elijah.” He shook him a lot more.

Elijah blinked up at Viggo and smiled a little, “Hi... Sorry... um... didn’t want to wake up.” He smiled a little more and pressed a kiss to Viggo’s cheek asking, “Are we home?” It was asked hopefully.

“Yes we are,” Viggo said, driving past the pastures where horses lifted their heads and watched them with their mouths full of grass. He gestured to the old ranch house in front of them. “Its over a century old... and I love it.”

Elijah smiled at the emotion in Viggo’s voice, and on his face, “I can see that...” He watched as the rain washed house seemed to gleam in the light and nodded, “Beautiful.”

“Wait until you see the inside... I got it furnished with period pieces. There’s only one room which is modern. Henry nearly made the walls rattle apart with his shrieks when I proposed getting rid of all his technology.”

Elijah laughed softly, more awake now as he studied the house more, “I wonder if I’m going to have to arrange emergency-relief technology drops for me though.” He grinned at Viggo and kissed his cheek, “Show me home please?”

“Emergency relief technology drop offs?” Viggo said dubiously. He parked in front of the house and hopped out, his boots crunching the familiar ground as if in greeting. He grabbed his gear and gestured Elijah toward the house. “I’ll give you a grand tour.”

A giggling Elijah followed him out of the driver’s door, dragging his backpack behind him which was quickly swung up onto his back, “I look forward to the grandness of the tour...” He held his hand out to Viggo, “Show me the way.”

With a grand bow, Viggo took Elijah’s hand and led him to the door. “I present to you, the grand home of Senor Mortensen,” he said with a little snobby lift to his chin. “Please, no flash photographs, as everything in here is priceless.”

Elijah giggled, leaning against Viggo as the giggle became an outright snicker, asking, “Have you ever considered acting?”

“I used to do a little on the stage, but I was never going to be able to make a living at it, so I gave it up.” He walked inside, slinging his backpack on the coat wrack and heading for the kitchen. “This is my twenties style kitchen. I decided after a few disasters with Henry that I had to get a modern stove and a microwave, no matter how distasteful. Usually, I prefer to throw together my meals.”

Elijah followed Viggo’s example of where to put his bag, but carefully hung Viggo’s jacket up before looking around and following him into the kitchen, grinning, “Very reto man!” He ran his finger over the cool of the bench top and smile, “Looks good.”

“I’m glad you approve,” Viggo said with a little laugh. He led through a swinging door into a huge living room, where an old fashioned rocker sat in front of a large, antique fireplace. Everything, from floor to roof, was panelled in exquisite old oak and shined proudly. Viggo headed for a newly refurbished sofa and flopped on it for a moment. “Oh, heaven.”

Elijah got one took at the rocker and he seemed teleported into it, curling up in the large chair and starting it rocking, “You may never get me out of this...” He sighed happily rocking back and forth, his smile becoming a little dreamy.

“What about the rest of the tour?” Viggo asked, watching Elijah with an equal smile. “There’s still my studio, the guest room, Henry’s bedroom... and our bedroom.”

“They aren’t going anywhere are they?” Elijah’s dreamy smile didn’t change, although his expression got a little thoughtful, “Be perfect if there was a fire...” he looked at Viggo a little hopefully.

“A fire? In the summer?” He raised an eyebrow at Elijah with a little shake of his head.

Elijah looked a little disappointed but he kept rocking, “Oh...” It was an accepting little noise.

With a grumble, Viggo rolled off the couch and walked to the fireplace. He opened the grate and gathered up a few small pieces of wood. In a moment, a small fire crackled happily. “There. I’m going to go put my things in the studio.”

Elijah watched the fire entranced for a few moments before standing and hugging Viggo from behind, “Thank you.” He kissed the back of Viggo’s neck before asking, “Let me help?”

“Why not stay and enjoy the fire? I’ll just be a few minutes.” He turned to kiss Elijah and then hurried off to collect his things. Neatly balancing his canvas, backpack and a few tubes of paint in both hands, he trotted up the stairs.

Elijah did feel a little guilty at not helping, but not guilty enough that he didn’t snuggle back into the chair, rocking it as he stared dreamily into the fire, humming something very softly.

A series of odd noises drifted down from the studio, as Viggo puttered about, setting things up and setting his paints in their places. He shut the door behind him and trotted back down. “Are you hungry? I have some pasta I can whip up for dinner.”

Elijah stretched a little, looking over at Viggo shaking his head, “No... There’s something you could do for me though...” he looked at Viggo hopefully as he stood, stretching and smiling.

Viggo paused and looked at Elijah with slightly questioning eyes. “And what might that be, Elijah?”

“Sit down?” He pointed to the rocker, his expression even more hopeful then before.

Viggo walked to the chair and sat down, assuming the stretched out, comfortable position he always favoured. “Ah... lovely.”

With a look of pure glee Elijah snuggles himself into Viggo’s stretched out lap, laying his head on Viggo’s shoulder with a contented little moan. “Perfect!”

“You’ve been wanting to do this all day, haven’t you?” Viggo said, his arms slipping naturally around Elijah. “What do you think of my home? What you’ve seen of it, that is.”

“Yes I have...” he snuggled in more and sighed, “I like it a lot... it fits you... although the fifties kitchen isn’t what I expected, I can see it fitting your silly side.”

“Twenties,” Viggo corrected absently, one hand rubbing Elijah’s side. “And why silly?”

“Why do you have a silly side? No idea... asks your parental units, they would know better than I.” He kissed Viggo’s neck softly and nibbled on it lightly, “Nummy!”

Snorting, Viggo turned to kiss Elijah thoroughly. “Welcome to my home, Elijah. Stay as long as you want.”

Elijah retuned the kiss and then after that lovely statement had to give one of his own, “Thank you... I hope to.” he smiled and with a ‘what the hell’ grin kissed Viggo again, muttering against Viggo’s lips, “I think I’m addicted to your lips.”

“Sorry, they have to stay where they are,” Viggo said. “However, I may be able to mould you some replicas out of plaster.” He offered Elijah another kiss and then started the chair rocking.

Elijah laughed, “Nono! I want the real things... I guess I’ll have to lug the rest of you around with them... well... honestly that’s not so bad... there are other parts of you I would be just as happy to get addicted to.”

“Really?” Viggo rumbled. He gathered Elijah closer and rocked faster. “I can’t imagine what those might be.”

“Maybe if you ask very nicely... I’ll tell you.” Closing his eyes Elijah gloried in the wonderful embrace and purred.

“You sound like an overgrown house cat.” Viggo slipped his hands under Elijah’s shirt to warm there and trace patterns on his pale skin.

Elijah shivered pleasantly at the caresses, whispering against Viggo’s neck, “Vig? Where’s our bedroom?”

“Upstairs,” Viggo said with a light kiss to Elijah’s shoulder.

Elijah nibbled his way along Viggo’s jaw towards his chin, “Wanna show me?”

“I might be persuaded,” Viggo murmured, tilting his head upward, “if you make a convincing enough argument.” He stilled the rocker, too focused on Elijah’s actions to remember to keep it in motion.

Elijah nibbled his way to the tip of Viggo’s chin, the tip of his tongue learning the cleft slowly before making his way up to Viggo’s lips for a long lingering kiss. He then kissed and nibbled his way down lingering at the cleft for a moment before starting to lick and nip his way up the other side of Viggo’s jaw, “Convincing? What ever could convince you?”

Viggo tilted Elijah down and kissed him more passionately, nearly knocking them both out of the chair. His tongue found a soft spot just beneath Elijah’s and laved the area repeatedly. He stood up slowly, lifting Elijah with him and not breaking their mouths apart until his lungs screamed for air.

Elijah purred, wrapping himself monkey like around Viggo, holding onto his lover tightly as they kisses, kissed until Elijah had spots dancing before his eyes from lack of air. Finally the amazing kissed stopped, but to Elijah’s surprise the sensations didn’t die away at all.

The stairs seemed to last forever, as Viggo carried Elijah up them toward their bedroom. He never broke his eye lock with his young lover, captured by the dazed happiness he found there. Instinct alone steered him safely down the hall and into his bedroom, where he laid Elijah on the bed.

“Uh... here we are...” For the first time, Viggo sounded nervous.

Elijah knew he should look around, he should tell Viggo how beautiful the room was, but his eyes couldn’t be forced away from Viggo’s face. They just moved from watching Viggo’s kissable and kissed lips, to gazing into his eyes, watching the expressions that flirted across Viggo’s face. Instinctively he reached out for Viggo, wanting to draw his lover closer. “Beautiful.”

“You didn’t even look around,” Viggo said, but he did not object further, stretching out to lie beside Elijah on the bed. He placed a hand on a flat, firm stomach and rubbed, remembering how Elijah enjoyed that sensation.

“Can’t seem to look away from you...” Elijah’s body arched and pushed up, pressing against Viggo’s hand more firmly, shivering at the delicious sensations, “Ohoh!” His hands reached out for Viggo’s shoulder, caressing and stroking the strong muscles through Viggo’s shirt, “Want you.”

“I want you, as well,” Viggo said, seeking the feel of warm skin beneath Elijah’s clothes. He edged down to press soft kisses on the curve of Elijah’s neck, taking his time and examining each spot thoroughly before moving on.

Small but nimble fingers slid down Viggo’s back and then up it again, but this time they where underneath the layers of clothing separating them, stroking the warm skin he found with strong fingers that caressed lovingly. “What do you want Vig? Tell me just how you want us to be...” He smiled, fingers digging into the small of Viggo’s back slightly, “Let me make a fantasy come true?”

“I just... long to know every inch of you,” Viggo said with a lazy kiss and lick at the pulse beating strong beneath warm skin. “I want to spend hours just exploring... touching you... no rush... no hurry... just us.”

“Just us...” Elijah agreement was spoken on a blissful exhale, “Just Viggo and Elijah... and time.” Elijah smiled as he started pushing Viggo’s top up over his head, “Too many clothes?” Although it was a question Elijah was fairly sure of Viggo’s response.

In response, Viggo removed his shirt the rest of the way and casually tossed it in the hamper. He returned to his ministrations to Elijah’s neck, still preoccupied with his pulse point and collarbone. “Yes, Elijah... the real one.”

Elijah’s hands swept over Viggo’s back in long lingering caresses. Although he didn’t say anything it was obvious he didn’t want to stop touching Viggo, of even for a moment. The contact between them was intoxicating, “Really Elijah... Really here... Don’t leave... lease? Stay with me? Please?”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Viggo mumbled against the hem of Elijah’s shirt. He nuzzled around it for a moment, before tugging at the bottom restlessly in an obvious appeal. His mouth still found new places to suck on as he did, complicating the entire procedure.

Sitting slightly Elijah pulled his tops up over his head and threw them in the same general direction Viggo had thrown his own clothes. He smiled down at Viggo before threading his fingers through the thick hair, tugging lightly, “Vig? I... I wanna kiss you? Please?”

Viggo slid upwards to catch Elijah’s mouth, letting him set the pace for the kiss. His hands found the bareness of a smooth back and tried to memorize every ridge. The softness of Elijah’s skin soothed his own work roughened hands. He hummed softly into the kiss in pleasure at the ability to touch Elijah.

Elijah’s own moans and whimpers of need and desire where lost in Viggo’s mouth as he just kept kissing Viggo, mouths exploring, slow and sensual and loving. When each kiss broke it was all Elijah could do not to complain. And he could no do anything but press their lips together for another kiss.

The obvious neediness in Elijah’s demand for kisses only heightened the tenderness Viggo felt. His body urged a faster pace, but he disregarded the idea for the sheer pleasure of giving Elijah what he wanted. He could not pull away from the pouty, lip-swollen mouth anymore than he could command the earth to stop rotating on its axis. He met every new demand with determination to exceed his previous efforts, even if he eventually forgot to breathe.

Elijah was drowning, drowning in Viggo, drowning in his kisses and contra to popular belief, drowning was the most pleasurable experience he had ever had. His whole body felt heavy, swollen with blood, just as his cock was swollen and rubbing uncomfortably against his pants. He wasn’t thinking as he pushed and pulled at the restive pants, he just sighed with pleasure into Viggo’s mouth when they where gone.

Viggo’s hands discovered the newly bared skin instantly and started an expedition up and down nicely muscled legs. His brain lagged behind, dim-witted by desire and pleasure. Eventually, Viggo figured out he might want to get rid of the material restricting his own legs. A series of wild kicks and sensual wriggles later, and a pair of blue jeans hit the floor.

Elijah wasn’t sure if it was the wriggles or the wide silly kicks but Viggo’s motions had him giggling into their kiss for several moments before he felt the amusement die away, but it was good amusement, born of the overpowering joy and pleasure he was feeling being in Viggo’s arms, touching and exploring. The most overwhelming was the knowing. Knowing that he had all the time in the world, that they had all the time in the world to learn each other.

“Are you laughing at me?” Viggo said, his lips ghosting over Elijah’s as he spoke. He scooted down from the addictive mouth to discover what other wonders might await him. His first exploration led to the discovery of a ticklish spot just below Elijah’s left ear, which he mercilessly exploited.

Elijah squirmed under Viggo, giggling and pushing at Viggo’s shoulders rather ineffectually, he wasn’t really trying to be honest. Finally he scrunched a little and started nibbling on Viggo’s shoulders happily, purring in pleasure at Viggo’s taste.

Tilting his head to listen to Elijah’s purr, Viggo lifted his head to rumble back at him in equal happiness. He continued his slow meaner down Elijah’s torso, until he came to a nipple. For a moment, he eyed the spot and then his tongue bathed the surrounding area teasingly. When his mouth finally touched its target, he latched on and sucked, humming softly.

Elijah’s fingers dug into the small of Viggo’s back again, his teeth bitting and nipping a little sharper at Viggo’s shoulder, his own head twisted down at a strange angle so he didn’t lose the connection to Viggo’s skin. His movements under Viggo where uncontrolled, he ground their bodies together for several long breathless moments as he moaned his pleasure for Viggo’s ears only.

Fighting not to bite into Elijah’s nipple, Viggo lifted his head and nudged at Elijah cheek until he could kiss him. He surged back up to rest over his lover, letting their body’s line up.

Elijah’s legs wrapped around Viggo’s body in an attempt to bring their bodies into even more perfect alignment, “Vig... I...” He took a deep breath before trying again, “Won’t... last long.”

“We’ve barely started,” Viggo said, sucking on Elijah’s lower lip afterward. His hands wrapped around thin hips and pulled them into a slower rhythm, wanting to make it last.

Elijah did his best to relax a little, thinking about cold showers and running naked in the snow, anything that cooled his arousal, pushed him back from the very brink. His breathing slowed a little and he smiled up at Viggo, “Sorry... I... I was having a little trouble.”

“I don’t consider my ability to make you lose control as troublesome,” Viggo murmured. He stopped moving and stroked Elijah’s hair. “What do you want me to do, hmmm?”

“Feel as good as I do right now?” Elijah was still a little breathless but in a good way as he caught Viggo’s lips for a lingering kiss, “To feel... that’s what I want us to do.”

“I do,” Viggo answered, kissing him again, wetly and with a soft sucking sound. He rolled them over so Elijah lay on top. The newly exposed skin of Elijah’s ass and back received extra caresses, as Viggo strokes incessantly.

Elijah sat up a little, looking down at Viggo with a smile of pure sexual enjoyment, “Beautiful!” And he lowered his head to take a flat but succulent looking nipple into his mouth to suck firmly on.

The cry of pure delight could not be stifled, and Viggo did not even try. His body arched up automatically, trying to increase the contact. Hands clenched at Elijah’s ass, pulling them flush with each other.

Elijah grinned and increased the force of his sucking, fingers coming up to play with the nipple he wasn’t tormenting with his mouth. He sucked and licked, fingers doing their best to give the same sensations to the other nipple, lost in Viggo’s enjoyment.

“Elijah!” Viggo managed the one word before the rest dissolved into meaningless cries of delight and need. He thrust harder into Elijah, his own control lost.

And Elijah loved every moment and movement of Viggo’s lost control. Adored the wildness in his lover’s reaction, needed it. Their bodies moved as one and Viggo’s wide reaction sent Elijah to the limits of his own control once more. Several long moments of sucking and playing with Viggo’s nipples later Elijah was ready to spill on Viggo’s groin as Viggo did the same for him.

Nothing could save or stop Viggo now. He buried his face in the crook of Elijah’s neck and muffled his cries as he orgasmed long and hard over his lover. His hips snapped up in response to the lovely sensations, rubbing him against Elijah.

Elijah purred and moaned, grinding down powerfully as he took a carefully bite a Viggo’s blood hardened nipple, sucking on it for a lingering moment even as he ground his own hips down with a need that was not going to be stemmed a second time.

Viggo continued to move against Elijah, wanting to give him an equal release. His own limbs trembled a bit with satiated release, but he forced them to keep moving.

IT was all Elijah could take and with a desperate call Elijah came, his seed spilling between then and over them both as he shuddered and shook, calling to Viggo several times over and over aging.

“Well,” Viggo sighed on a long exhale, “that’s not exactly how I envisioned this.” He caresses Elijah’s already mussed hair and rubs the back of his skull tenderly. “You make me as uncontrolled as a teenager.”

Elijah’s grin was a combination of amused and bashful, “Is that a bad thing?” turning his head Elijah let his weight settle on Viggo fully, pressing a kiss to his shoulder.

“No.” Viggo sighed contentedly and caressed Elijah’s back in long, slow strokes. “Want to take a bath, once I manage to get up?”

“Hummm... a bath? Warm water all around us? Sounds heavenly...” Elijah snuggled deeper into Viggo’s chest, “But... I was thinking... a nap might be in order before my legs are going to function again.”

“A nap?” Viggo teased. “At your age? Shouldn’t you already be craving another go?” His mouth lifted in a teasing grin. “Besides, we’re going to glue together if we don’t move soon.”

Elijah giggles and nipped at Viggo’s chin, “Well when you put it that way...” He laughed and shook his head, slowly, oh so slowly pulling away, sweaty skin separating with wet noise as Elijah stood, “Show me the way?”

Viggo followed Elijah up as if magnetically drawn to him. He took his hand and led him to the bathroom, where an old-fashioned claw-footed bathtub awaited. “Big enough to hold three or four people... if you were into that sort of thing.”

Elijah snickered leaning back against Viggo and shaking his head, “I wouldn’t have thought about it... does that mean you where or are into such things?”

“I’ve experimented with various combinations,” Viggo said vaguely. “I was married to a rocker, you know.” He filled the bath with warm water and then gestured to an assortment of bottles on a shelf nearby. “Do you like a little something extra in your bath? Salts? Bubbles? Bath bombs?”

“Sounds like you’ve got some stories to tell me... while we enjoy our bath...” Elijah headed over to the shelf and started sniffling the different offerings, “Ohhh! I like this oil! It’s very... soothing...” He carried it over to the bath and bent over to sprinkle the bath oil into the water generously.

Viggo slipped into the warmth with a sigh of contentment, toeing off the faucet. He looked up at Elijah and slid his legs apart to let the younger man sit between them. “Exene liked to party, and so did I, until Henry unexpectedly came into our lives.”

Elijah headed away from the bath, putting the bottle of oil away and then came back, stepping into the tub before settling himself against Viggo, his back pressed to Viggo’s chest, leaning against him comfortably, “What... what’s the most extreme thing you ever did before Henry?”

“That depends on what you mean,” Viggo said. “I tried cocaine and heroin when all rock stars did that... woke up once in a ditch with a split lip and no memory of how the Hell I got there. I never tried it again.”

Elijah made an ew face and noise, “Glad to hear it... drugs... well they are badness I think.” Shaking his head Elijah took one of Viggo’s hands and wove their fingers together, “What about something that you enjoyed?”

“Something extreme that I enjoyed?” Viggo thought about it for awhile and then shook his head. “Until Henry came along, I was willing to try anything. Threesomes, a bit of bondage, trading partners... but a lot of it seemed cheap later on. Not that I didn’t enjoy the physical pleasure...”

Elijah nodded, “Want to hear my answer? The most extreme thing I have ever done that I enjoyed was budgie jumping off a bridge with Orli in Queenstown.”

“That counts?” Viggo asked, his mouth suddenly pushed outward in a slight pout. “I could have explained the scar on my lip or how I am actually missing half of one of my front teeth if that counted as extreme. Although, I’d be lying about enjoying it.”

“What ever counts as extreme to your everyday life... although it is fascinating hearing about your sexual exploits... so do feel free to continue...” Elijah giggled and twisted around to kiss Viggo’s pout.

“I haven’t done anything like that in a long time, Elijah... until I picked you up off the lonely highway. My deciding to do that surprised me. Even now, my choice still surprises me.”

“So I’m your enjoyable extreme thing?” Elijah looked both amused and kind of pleased at the idea and he didn’t resist the desire to kiss Viggo again, “Why thank you kind sir.”

“You’re laughing at me again,” Viggo said, his voice low and rumbly.

“Not really... I’m laughing at the idea that I’m extreme to anyone, particularly someone who was married to a punk rocker.”

“You’re much more dangerous,” Viggo said quietly. “In Exene’s world, the more extreme you were, the better. I don’t really value what some people call morals, but I do value the truth. We never had to hide anything from each other or the world. You hid from me the very first moment I met you.”

“And that hiding? That makes me dangerous?” Elijah was trying to wrap his brain around an idea that seemed rather odd to him, but then how many people consider themselves dangerous?

“Dangerous to me, yes,” Viggo said, “if we end up wanting to make this something lasting. Is that what you want, Elijah?”

“I think so... yes. The more I am with you, the longer you are around me, the longer I you... the more comfortable and amazed I am about being here, finding you. And the less I want to give that up. Ever.”

“I’m glad. I just want to warn you that I’m not good at hiding and don’t like doing it. “ He sweeps his hands over Elijah’s sides and then up to his face, stroking with a serious expression. “I think you may be worth the effort.”

“You do?” Elijah’s face was showing an almost frightening vulnerability, “I... I would love you to... to think I’m worth it.”

Everything in Viggo, from his expression to his insides softened at the hope and longing on Elijah’s face and in his eyes. He traces a path from brow to lips before replacing his fingers with his mouth.

Elijah pressed his lips to Viggo’s almost shyly, blushing a little as his arms tightened around Viggo, his hands stroking up and down Viggo’s back, just lightly.

“You do not need to be so unsure of yourself, Elijah,” Viggo breathed as their mouths parted slightly. “You already make me contemplate things I never would have dreamed of yesterday.”

“Yes I do... because even now you have no really idea what that will mean Viggo... you... my world... I... I want you at my side, but you’d hate my world. I... it wouldn’t like you that much... well that’s not true... the tabloids would love you.”

“And everyone else would hate me,” Viggo said softly. “They would think I was after you for your money or your fame... something like that...” He regards Elijah for a long, quiet moment. “You did have to choose my road for hitchhiking on.”

“The people that matter to me... they won’t hate you...They will be thankful that you make me happy... after the whole grilling you like a forth of July hotdog... it’s the press, the public... it’s fickle.”

“And the studios. I’m sure they won’t want any press that might go against their movie.” Viggo nuzzles under Elijah’s chin. “I get the feeling this is not a small endeavour we’re talking about.”

“No love it’s not... it’s bloody huge.” Elijah slumped and sighed, “I guess why I understand if you to change your mind. I don’t want you to, but I’d understand.”

“I am not accustomed to running just because things may be difficult,” Viggo said. “I would hardly have persevered at becoming an artist if I gave up easily.” He kissed the down turned lips gently. “All right?”

“I’m counting on that. Being a visible part of my life means being in the fire. I ... I think you have the strength, more than I, to deal with my world and not lose yourself.”

“I hope you are right,” Viggo said, holding Elijah gently to him. “There is nothing to do but find out, now is there?”

“Does it sound odd that just knowing you’re willing to try... makes me as giddy as a fangirl?”

“You know how giddy fangirls are?” Viggo teased, trying to ease the serious subject a little.

Elijah just looked at Viggo and laughed, shaking his whole body with the force of it as he leant against his lover, who better than Frodo to know about fangirls, giddy or otherwise.

Holding him, Viggo noted the slight hysterical tone to his laughter and eased his nerves with a gently soothing massage to his lower back. “I guess you do.”

The giggles died away into a rueful grin that Elijah directed up at Viggo, “Kinda...” And he sighed leaning even more against Viggo in pleasure.

“I feel like I’m wearing an oversized rug,” Viggo complained mildly, not really minding Elijah’s sprawl. “Want to go sit under that tree tomorrow?”

“That tree? The one we picnicked at? Or just a random tree?” Elijah was a little lost at the sudden change in topic.

“The one I told you about this afternoon,” Viggo scolded. “I mentioned we could just lay under it and do nothing all day. Remember? Alternatively, you could just sit there and gather your thoughts, if you want.”

“Ohhh... lay under the tree together and do nothing all of tomorrow? Please??” he bounced a little, looking up at Viggo hopefully, even nuzzling Viggo’s chin for a moment.

Viggo laughed, his chest rocking Elijah’s frame. “I already said yes. Not that I mind the nuzzling and other assorted begging.”

Elijah giggled before whispering into Viggo’s ear, “The begging comes latter...”

“Somehow, I think I might be the one doing it, too,” Viggo said. His hands slid up to cup Elijah’s head, as he pulled him into a kiss.

Elijah melted into the kiss, his tongue boldly exploring Viggo’s mouth before playfully tugging Viggo’s into his own mouth and suckling on it lightly, then stronger.

The warm, demanding mouth brought out moans and growls of startled delight from Viggo. His long tongue darted even further into Elijah’s mouth, trying to wrap around everything it discovered.

Elijah’s separated their lips slightly, tongues still playing, long enough to fill his lungs again before he pressed his lips back to Viggo’s, tongue twining around Viggo’s happily.

“You really like kissing.” Viggo breathed a few badly needed pints of oxygen into his blood, watching Elijah with hooded eyes, even as he felt his lips swell. “I’ve never had a lover so into just being kissed.”

“I... I don’t... don’t normally kiss so much... it’s... so... so... personal. Most people are lousy kissers anyway... at least the ones I’ve come across. You just... taste and feel so good.”

“As long as there is some sort of feeling in a kiss, I never notice if the technique is not as skilled or perfect as it might be. Some of my bestest kisses nearly smashed in my teeth or broke my nose.”

Elijah laughed, pressing several soft kisses to Viggo’s nose and lips, “Poor love! Evil mean bad people who try and breaks you!”

This strange baby talk combined with Elijah’s youthful looks give Viggo a moment’s pause. Everything stopped for a moment, as he studied the other man with intense eyes. “You’re so double-edged... I have no idea how to think of you.”

“Think of me... as Elijah.” He smiled a little, pressing a soft kiss to Viggo’s cheek and wriggling, splashing some water on himself and smiling, “How do you normally think of people?”

“As adults... or not adults. Sometimes, I cannot tell which you really are.”

“Both.” Elijah admitted it without embarrassment, “Much of me... had to be adult long before my peers... so the parts of me that didn’t HAVE to be, have... lagged behind... that’s a part of what I... I have to... integrate.”

“Give yourself time, Elijah,” Viggo said. “It’s a big thing, getting to know a person... especially yourself. I know I found a large part of myself when Henry was born.”

Elijah looked deep into Viggo’s eyes and said very seriously, “I do hope it’s not parenthood that I am waiting for, seeing as between us there is a distinct lack of womb.” And then he laughed softly at Viggo’s expression.

The expression faded away at the laughter. “There’s always adoption.” He felt a mild surge of surprise at how easily he accepted the idea that they would be together long enough to adopt.

Elijah nibbled on his lip as he thought about it, “I... I’ve thought about it... just a little bit... but I know I have a lot of growing up I need to do before I could be a good father... and I’m kinda hoping if I leave it for a while it will become easier for gays to adopt. It’s still not exactly favoured.”

“I did a lot of growing up when I looked into Henry’s face. I learned how to be responsible... how to care about the next day. That little mush face showed me how hollow a lot of what I did was... I wanted to be better than that.”

“Sounds like being a father is something you love a great deal.” Elijah sighed and lay his head on Viggo’s shoulder, “I lose my todays in plans of my tomorrows... I think... maybe I need to learn to live more in the moment, than always planing for tomorrow... because tomorrow is always tomorrow... it never gets here.”

“That’s what being here is best for, Elijah. Nothing to do here except bask in the moment and just be. Riding helps, too.”

Elijah gave Viggo a very sexual grin and muttered, “I bet...” Before shaking his head, “Sorry... wrong kind of riding.” he pressed a kiss to Viggo’s shoulder almost in apology.

A snort and a scoff later, and Viggo accepted the apology with a sweet kiss. “Sex isn’t everything.”

“No... But it’s never felt this good before.” Elijah smiled at Viggo sweetly.

Forgive me my manly blushes,” Viggo said. He hugged Elijah once and then shivered a bit. “We best get out of here before we turn into two large, peach prunes...” He laughed at his own odd turn of phrase.

“Peach prunes?” Elijah snickered but after giving Viggo one last kiss he stood slowly, water trickling off his body as he stretched over Viggo, finally stepping out of the tub and wrapping a towel around his body, “You are a strange one.”

Hopping out gracefully after him, Viggo removed Elijah’s towel and pulled him close. “And do you mind?” He kissed him before he could answer, tilting him backward like a dance move.

Elijah wrapped his arms around Viggo’s neck, holding on tightly as he looked deep into blue eyes, “Not in the slightest, in fact... I like it.”

“Do you like to dance?” Viggo asked, his smile blinding. “I wouldn’t mind taking you out sometime, when we’re somewhere that has a dance floor.”

“Dance? I haven’t danced a whole lot... I mean... like at clubs and stuff yeah... I guess... stood with a bunch of friends and tried to be the most insane... but... like formal one on one dancing, not much.”

Lifting them back to a standing position, Viggo laughed softly, his body thrumming with the movement. “I can teach you, if you want. Waltzes. Rumbas. Fox trots. Anything you want. And you can teach me how to bump and grind in a room full of sweaty twenty year olds.... well, I might let you.”

Grinning up at Viggo Elijah answered, “I’m not letting you near a room of bumping and grinding twenty-somethings... not at least until you put some clothes on.” He grinned and kissed Viggo, “But I’d like to learn from you.”

“Aren’t you a sweating, grinding twenty year old?” Viggo tugged on his hair playfully and then executed a neat little twist and spin move.

Elijah watched him, grinning, “That was good...and yes, I’m ONE... I am not a roomful!” He stuck his tongue out at Viggo as his lover moved, “If you don’t want me to pounce you again, I’d stop that.”

“I never said I didn’t want you to pounce on me again. And you are more than a roomful in terms on being dealt with...”

Elijah rolled his eyes and headed over to the bed, throwing himself down, watching as Viggo moved, “Ever considered stripping or exotic dancing?”

“I did that for a few months once, when things really got bad. It was amazing how much you made in tips...” He laughed softly and suddenly swung into a bit of a wild, ass shaking salsa dance.

Elijah laughed, watching Viggo shimmy his way around, giggling and sputtering as he tried to say something. Finally he just let himself laugh, loving the mental images he was getting.

With a last little shake of his hips, he flopped on the bed by Elijah and waited for the laughter to stop. “I didn’t think I was that awful.”

“It’s not...” He giggled some more, rolling to snuggle into Viggo’s side, “More... unexpected!”

“I never had to strip though,” Viggo said, pulling Elijah to snuggle. “I got asked to a few times, but I never had that much courage.”

Elijah sat up a little and trailed his eyes down Viggo, “I don’t see why not... you have exactly nothing to be ... nervous about.”

“Well, it wasn’t the equipment I was worried about,” Viggo said, his smile bright.

Elijah let his gaze travel slowly up Viggo’s body before asking curiously, “So what was it?”

“The idea that I might fall over my underwear as I was trying to dance out of it,” Viggo said with a straight face.

Elijah looked at Viggo with a blank expression for a long moment before pressing his face to Viggo’s shoulder, shaking them both as he laughed.

Resting his face in the wet hair, Viggo laughed with him. He collapsed back on the bed, pulling Elijah to lie beside him.

Elijah snuggled into Viggo’s side happily, finger lazily tracing a circle around Viggo’s nipple, “Strange man. But I like you this way.”

Viggo whacked Elijah’s finger gently, shooing it away from his sensitive nipple. “I also was afraid of being asked to do lap dances.”

“Would you give me a lap dance if I asked for one?” Elijah’s finger slid down Viggo’s chest until he was circling Viggo’s bellybutton.

“Yes, I would. But I’d be afraid I might not do a good job. It’s been a few years.” He caught Elijah’s hand and sucked on his fingers gently.

“I’ll let you practice as much as you want!” Elijah smiled, pulling his finger away from Viggo’s mouth so he could kiss Viggo softly.

Viggo kissed back lazily, before getting a bit more demanding and caressing every inch of Elijah’s back and ass. He slipped him a few swipes of tongue and then asked for Elijah’s back.

Elijah moaned, pressing his body against Viggo’s as his tongue willingly delved into Viggo’s mouth, enjoying Viggo’s taste, relearning the soft texture he found, the warm wet of Viggo’s mouth was very inviting.

“You’re sweet.” Viggo pulled back to survey Elijah’s face and then lick his nose teasingly.

“You’re... spicy... with just a hint of honey and chocolate....” Elijah smiled at Viggo.

“That’s not what I meant, but you are sweet to the taste. Sugar... liquorice and a hint of cinnamon. And you, whatever you are.”

“Cloves, chocolate and chilli... that’s what you remind me off... your taste... it’s not exact... just remind me of those thing.” He kissed Viggo again, tongue exploring for more of Viggo’s taste, “And a hint of honey.”

Viggo snorted and shook his head a little. “You’re crazy. I probably taste like chicken, really.”

Elijah shook his head “Nope... And I don’t think I’m more crazy than you.”

“Nobody is that crazy,” Viggo said and laughed. “At least, not that are wandering the streets.”

Elijah pressed his lips to Viggo’s neck, as if to kiss him, but blew a raspberry instead.

Swatting Elijah, Viggo mock scowled at him. “What was that for?”

Elijah just grinned down at Viggo, “Because it’s fun...” And he blew a trail of them down Viggo’s neck out to his shoulder, giggling.

“Yucky, Elijah slobber,” Viggo said in his baby Henry voice. “Gross. Cooties!”

Elijah tried to raspberry Viggo again but he was snorting and laughing too hard, finally just falling onto Viggo’s chest as he laughed himself out.

“I don’t know what Henry would think if he knew I was imitating him with my new lover... think I ought to ask?” Viggo’s smile looked positively devilish.

“No... I think that would disturb him ten times more than it does me...” Elijah shuddered.

“Why?” Viggo batted his eyelashes innocently.

Elijah just shook his head and kissed Viggo softly, “I think I’m falling.”

“In love?” The words came out lightly, but they masked a deep seriousness.

“Maybe I’ve already fallen... can you fall in a day?” Elijah’s voice was hushed as he asked the question softly.

“I think you can. I don’t think it happens often... its something to be treasured.” He studied Elijah’s eyes and felt overwhelmed by their depths.

Elijah gazed deeply into Viggo’s eyes, not saying anything as his lips slowly formed a happy smile, “I’m glad.”

“Is that’s what happened between us, Elijah?” He finds the smooth lines on the quilt suddenly fascinating. “Is that why I’m sitting here considering trying to go into your life, adapt to your rules... because I love you?”

“I don’t know... but... I do. I can’t seem to stop thinking about ways to integrate you into my life... wondering how I can spend time here, in your arms with you even when I have to go back to work... I... I think... I... I know I’ve fallen in love with you.”

“Elijah...” Viggo kissed him sweetly, unable to find the right words, the right way to tell him. He let his mouth tell him, his hands, his body.

Melting against his lover Elijah gave Viggo the same kind of kisses and touches, letting himself express his feelings without the words.

Eventually, Viggo gives in to the need to breathe and pulls away. He gazes at Elijah for long moments, his eyes quiet and full of all the things he could not say for himself. Finally, he murmurs, “All these days, looking for someone to love... who knew all I needed was to look on the side of the road?”


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