Ghosts of Christmas Past

Recipient: scots_in_kilts
Author: queenbitter
Pairing: Billy/Dominic
Rating: R


Billy turned the lights down in the living room, leaving only the sparkling tree for illumination. Ali had gone to bed about an hour ago, and Billy knew he ought to join her. He would. Soon. He just needed some time to himself. A few stolen moments while he waited for a phone call that should be coming any minute now. He walked to the hall closet and rummaged in the back until he found the old shoebox he was looking for. Sitting in front of the tree, his cell phone within easy reach, he began to look through the photographs.

Most were from New Zealand, but the ones on top, those were from Hawaii. Brightly colored shirts and even brighter smiles and Billy didn't think that he and Dom would ever be happier than they had been at that moment.

Billy hated when he was right.

Time and distance and all those other things that they said would never come between them stretched out into the dark. Billy looked at his cell phone, willing it to ring. The lights cast shadows across the pictures, making them move, making Billy remember.

When the phone didn't ring within the hour he went upstairs to find Ali still awake and waiting for him. She kissed him softly.

Later as Billy was sliding into her and staring into eyes the wrong shade of blue, he heard his phone ring. He closed his eyes and softly whispered, "Happy Christmas" into the dark.


During their very first Christmas together, Dom had leaned over the table and very soundly kissed Billy on the mouth. This was not a particularly new event, but it was the first time that Billy had returned the kiss and Dom's smile as he sat back in his chair was a mixture of playfulness and wonder. The others at the table, mostly Elijah and Orlando had whooped loudly, while Sean shook his head and turned his attention back to his wife. Really, it wasn't different than most nights.

Later back at Billy's flat, Dom had done other things with his mouth, and that was new. Billy watched as the flickering lights from the tree cast strange shadows over Dom's face and his shiny slick mouth. Dom lowered himself to his knees and Billy shuddered as he watched Dom slowly take him in. A flick of the tongue here and just the right suction there and Billy became aware of a high keening sound bouncing off the walls. For minutes or days, Billy didn't know which, Dom brought him closer and closer to the edge. Dom twirled his tongue again and Billy came with a shout, ending the keening that Billy finally recognized as his own.

Dom stood and kissed him again, the slide of his lips across Billy's obscenely beautiful.

"Happy Christmas Billy."

Later as Billy thrusted deep inside of him, he looked down and smiled.

"Happy Christmas Dom."


It was a standing arrangement that Dom would call Billy during the years that they couldn't spend Christmas together. They usually had a couple of days to spend with each other over the holidays, but after filming was over they rarely had the day itself together.

It didn't matter to Billy. It was hard juggling career and newfound fame and Ali with his "other" life, which is sometimes how he thought about his time with Dom. It was an extension of his time in New Zealand, which even now he sometimes wondered if it all really happened. That life, his "other" life, was something that he never wanted to lose. And since he still had Dom he knew he never would.

The phone rang in the middle of the night. Billy didn't even bother checking the number.

"Took you long enough."

"Hey Bills," Dom's voice was soft and far away. Billy sat up.

"What's wrong?"

"What? Nothing. I'm just. Nothing."

"You're a shit liar Monaghan."

Dom sighed. "Yeah well, you're a nosy wanker so I guess it all evens out."

"I guess so. Now tell me."

"It's nothing. It's stupid. Just me being stupid. No work and crap auditions and I think Elijah wants me to move out of his house."

Billy, who thought the idea of them living together was bad to begin with, said nothing.

Dom continued. "He hasn't said anything but I know he's tired of my bullshit. Hell, I'm tired of my bullshit. I slept until 7 pm yesterday. I broke his Playstation. I hit on Hannah."

Billy snorted into the phone.

"Let me guess? He's more upset about the Playstation."

"I don't know. He threatened to kick my ass over Hannah."

"You should be more worried about Hannah."

"Yeah I know. She slapped me. Fucking came out of nowhere. 'm surprised I didn't bruise."

"Awww Dommie. Y' always bruise so pretty."

The silence was a living thing between them. Finally Billy spoke.

"Well. That took everything in a different direction."

Dom laughed. "Yes. Good work Boyd. I'm no longer worrying about any member of the Wood family. Now I'm just thinking about um. Well."

"Wood?" Billy supplied.

"Pretty much. Hey. We could try phone sex."

"Not appealing. I always thing you're on the other end making faces at me."

"Well that's no different from what I'm doing now."

"Fuck off."

"So is that a yes?"

"No you wanker! Calm your hormones for a moment and let me check my calendar."

"There are jokes here about you scheduling sex or something, I just don't quite know how to phrase them."

"Good. Now shut up for two seconds. I've got nothing going on after about the 5th. How about I come out to LA and you can show me around and I can see what a raging asshole sell out you've become."

"Really? You've got time to visit?"

"For you Dommie, always. Besides, you're going to need some protection in case you run into Hannah again."

"My hero."

Billy smiled into the phone.

"Happy Christmas Dom."


Hawaii was both exactly what Billy wanted and everything he was afraid of. Time spent with Dom was perfect. They toured the islands and surfed and ate and fucked and for a few glorious days Dom belonged to Billy and Billy belonged to Dom. And when Elijah and Sean showed up things were still great as the hobbits were once again together.

Time and distance and everyone growing up a little had healed any lingering wounds between Elijah and Dom, and it was with high spirits that they all hit the town together. Dom wanted them to meet some of his new cast mates, and took them to a local bar that they sometimes gathered.

Dom introduced everyone and Billy who was drunk on Dom and bad whisky couldn't remember anyone's name except for Evie, who made him laugh and was sweet enough that it didn't bother him when she kissed Dom on the lips.

Later that night as they stumbled into bed Billy mumbled something into his pillow.

"Wassat?" Dom asked as he peeled off his shirt.

Billy turned over and looked at Dom with the very serious eyes of a man who is very very drunk.

"If I lose you to anyone, it better be someone like Evie."

Dom just laughed.

"You drunk idiot. You're not going to lose me."


The next morning Billy slipped out of bed, careful not to wake Ali. He got the paper and made coffee and was contemplating what to make for breakfast when he heard his phone signal that he had a message.

Walking into the living room he picked up his phone from in front of the still lit tree. He punched in his code and listened.

"Hey Billy. Sorry it's so late. I almost forgot. Evie and I were out late."

Billy hit delete without listening to the rest of the message.

He had spent enough time last night with the ghosts of Christmas past.


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