Everybody Does Elijah

Recipient: tuuli1109
Author: waqaychay
Pairing: Dominic/Elijah, (mention of Elijah/Orlando)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Graphic sex, a bit of spanking, a bit of D/S.


After five minutes of continuous clicking, Elijah finally threw down the television remote in disgust and declared there was nothing on. Dom groaned and stretched on the sofa. "What good are 400 channels if there's nothing but shite on each one?"

Elijah snorted and flipped around in his recliner. "Wanna play a video game? I'll kick your ass at Halo 2."

"Nah. Want to watch a movie? You have to have something decent we can put on."

Waving a hand listlessly toward the entertainment center, Elijah replied, "The dvds are in the bottom cabinets."

Dom got off the couch with a grunt and crawled across the floor. He opened the wooden doors and peered inside. There were stacks of flat plastic cases inside. Quickly scanning the titles for something he felt like watching, Dom stopped short at one that didn't quite sound right in his head. "Everybody Does Raymond?" he asked, talking mostly to himself. "I thought it was called Everybody Loves Raymond."

Suddenly, Elijah was out of his chair and practically vaulting over Dom's back to get to the dvd. "Not that one!" he cried.

Of course, this only piqued Dom's interest. He fended Elijah off with one arm and reached for the case with the other. "Why not? Oh." Taking the movie out of the stack, he could finally see just what kind of movie it was. "Why, Elwood. I'm shocked."

"Oh, fuck." Elijah climbed off Dom's back and retreated to his chair, sullen and pink-faced. "Okay, so I have gay porn. It doesn't mean anything." Dom stood up and started to put the dvd in the player. "What are you doing?" Elijah shrieked.

Dom shrugged. "What does it look like? I'm going to watch it."

Gaping, Elijah asked, "What? Why?"

Getting himself comfortable on the couch, Dom gave him a cheeky grin. "Because I haven't seen this one, yet."

It took the younger man a moment to get the meaning behind the declaration. "Wait. You mean... you watch gay porn?"

Smirking, Dom retorted, "I'm a young, healthy man with young, healthy appetites. But sometimes I get tired of chicken dinners and prefer a nice... juicy... beef steak." He enjoyed the look of shock on Elijah's face for a moment, then said pleasantly, "Oh, goody, the movie's starting."

For the next few moments, no one said a thing. They just sat and watched as the fairly good-looking men on screen set up a fake bar for a fake party, then quickly got down to some serious cock sucking.

Elijah sweat and squirmed and tried to make his obvious enjoyment of the film not so obvious. He was about to put a throw pillow over his lap when he thought, Yeah, subtle, Elwood, and caught the distinct sound of flesh rubbing over denim from across the room. Glancing cautiously in Dom's direction, Elijah nearly gasped out loud when he saw Dom running a palm over the bulge in his jeans. The rather large bulge in his jeans. When Dom lowered his zip a moment after that and took his cock out, Elijah did gasp.

Either not noticing or pretending not to, Dom started stroking himself, focus completely on the screen and the man on his knees servicing three others. Elijah just gaped at the size of Dom's -- ahem --audacity. His 'audacity' was about eight inches long, thick as Elijah's wrist, and heavily veined with a nicely flared head. It made Elijah's mouth water.

Since he was still staring at Dom's cock, Elijah missed it when the other man's eyes left the television screen and moved across the room to settle on his face. He also missed the sly grin that slowly spread across Dom's face. He didn't miss it when Dom changed the grip on his cock to more of a teasing pet, then tilted the member in Elijah's direction. "Wanna taste?" he asked in a husky, growling voice.

Freakishly wide eyes went even wider with panic, and Elijah frantically shook his head no. "What? No, I... No, why would you think...?"

Laughing, Dom shook his cock at his friend. "Because you've been staring at my dick like a starving man at a buffet. C'mon, Elwood, I think you want to suck it, and I think you want to suck it so much it's killing you."

Elijah shook his head again, face turning bright red and blue eyes going watery, but that didn't stop Dom from getting off the couch, cock bouncing slightly as he crossed the room to stand in front of the recliner. "You don't want it?" he asked, stroking himself inches from Elijah's face. "Are you honestly telling me that if I were to put the head against your lips, like this...." Dom leaned forward and stroked the wet cockhead gently against Elijah's lower lip. The other man didn't move away, but didn't do anything else, either, except stare and look scared. "...You wouldn't just open up and swallow me whole?" Dom pressed lightly at the seam of Elijah's lips, and with a groan, Elijah's eyes fluttered closed and his mouth opened. Dom chuckled. "There's my boy. Swallow me down now."

It soon became apparent that this was not the first time young Elijah Wood had sucked cock. Within minutes, Dom was groaning and thrusting himself as far as Elijah's sitting position allowed him to go into his mouth. The lithe, agile tongue stroked him with every withdrawal and pressed flat against with with every push inside. It was incredible, but Dom needed to go deeper. Gripping the dark, spiky hair, he forced Elijah's head back and off his cock. "Get down on the floor," he growled.

Shaking his head as far as the tight grip would let him, Elijah licked some glistening precome off his lips. Dom's cock throbbed. "Dom, I.... I have to tell you...."

"I didn't say talk," Dom interrupted. "I said get down on the floor. I want to fuck your throat."

Dom's eyes blazed in his head. Sweat beaded his forehead and upper lip. It made Elijah as hard as steel. He slid off the chair and knelt on the floor at Dom's feet. He gazed up at his friend and opened his mouth again. As Dom pushed back inside, he gently grazed the shaft with his teeth and hummed quietly.

"Oh, you slut," Dom laughed breathlessly. He tilted Elijah's head back a little and pushed farther inside. He could see his friend's face try to contort into a grimace and his eyes tear up as he tried to control his gag reflex. "Yeah, take it, baby. Take it, Lij. All the way." He didn't stop shoving in until his balls hit Elijah's chin. He kept Elijah there, face mashed into his stomach, and gently rocked his hips, using his fistfuls of soft hair to keep the younger man from pulling off.

When Dom thought he would come if he stayed buried that tight, hot throat a second longer, he slowly withdrew. Elijah coughed and swallowed convulsively when he was finally free. Dom felt a little bad until he noticed the tent in Elijah's jeans. He smiled ferally and was about to speak when a yell of pleasure caught his attention. He whirled around, looking for whomever else was in the room. Spotting the tv, he mentally smacked himself. He had forgotten all about it. The men on the screen were still going at it, now waiting in a long line as the one kneeling made his way slowly through the group. "These guys really like sucking cock," Dom commented off-handedly. "When do they get to the fucking?"

"There's..." Elijah trailed off and cleared his throat. "There's no fucking in this one." He sat back on his heels and tried not to look like he needed to come or would go insane. The mood Dom was in, he'd probably just use that against him.

"No fucking? Where's the fun in that?" He turned back to stare at the man kneeling before him. "Don't you like fucking, Lij?" His young friend jerked and grabbed his crotch. Dom laughed. "I think you do. Turn around."

Elijah tried not to come at hearing Dom ordering him into a good position for anal sex. He squeezed his balls harder, then swiveled around on his knees when he felt the need to climax dissipate enough for him to let go without shooting off in his pants. He leaned his forearms against the chair cushion and waiting to see what Dom would do.

What Dom did was tug his shirt up and over the back of his head, leaving it covering his face and trapping his shoulders. Then, he knelt behind Elijah and smacked each asscheek before reaching around to undo his fly. The jeans were quickly shoved down, along with his boxers, and one finger made its way between his cheeks. Dom hissed when his index finger slid easily into the hole there. "Goddamn," Dom panted. "You've been fucked recently, haven't you? When? By whom?"

Burying his face in his arms, Elijah whimpered, "This afternoon."

"Oh, god. How long before I got here?"

"An hour, maybe two."

Groaning, Dom dove forward and bit the back of Elijah's pale neck. "Fuck, fuck," he chanted when he finally released the flesh from his teeth. He stuck three fingers easily inside and began to fuck them in and out. "Who was it? Who fucked you?" Elijah shook his shirt-covered head. Dom thrust harder with his fingers, firmly hitting Elijah's prostate. "Who?" he demanded.

"Orli!" Elijah shouted, his head coming up and his hips bucking into the sensation.

Dom was impressed. "Really? Well, that is a surprise." He scraped the fingernails of his free hand down Elijah's spine. "Never figured the elf as one for the lads. Was he any good, then?"

Scrabbling at the shirt covering his face, Elijah managed to free himself of the cloth. "Good. Yeah." He groaned as Dom smacked his ass again. "Fucked me hard."

Stroking himself to spread the precome and saliva around the head of his cock, Dom smiled. "You like it hard? I can give you hard." And he pulled out his fingers and replaced them with cock.

Elijah screamed as he was impaled fully in one stroke. "Dom! Yes!" He tried to spread his legs wider, but they were trapped by the denim around his knees. He arched his back, changing the angle of Dom's cock so it rubbed over his prostate every time Dom thrust hard into him.

Dom couldn't believe how tight Elijah was, even after being fucked earlier in the day. He grunted and shoved in and out as hard as he could, gripping the slim hips hard enough to cause little mewls to come from the man under him. Occasionally, he smacked one asscheek then the other, just to feel Elijah tighten even further on his cock. He reached under himself and felt the stretched muscle surrounding him before cupping his own balls and rubbing them against Elijah's ass. "Did you fuck you bare, Lij?" he panted. "Did he come up inside you?"

Unable to vocalize an answer, Elijah nodded frantically. He worked his hips back against Dom's in an attempt to get Dom to speed his thrusts. Moaning loudly, he figured out that if he leaned just a bit further, he could rub his own cock against the chair. He humped between the two, trying to fuck the chair just as he was being fucked.

"God, you're so fucking hot. Gonna come in you," Dom ground out, taking Elijah's cue and speeding up. "Gonna pump you full again. You like being full of come, don't you, Lij?"

The only answer from Elijah was a full-throated scream as he came suddenly. He clamped down hard on Dom's cock and shot stream after stream of come against the chair cushion. Dom shouted "Oh, fuck!" and came, as well, shoving as far into Elijah as he could and letting loose. He squeezed the narrow waist in front of him in a bear hug and jerked his hips against Elijah's until his orgasm passed.

He stayed inside Elijah until he was soft, then pulled back and away. He flopped onto his back on the carpet and stretched, feeling too hot and sweaty in his clothes. "Next time, I'm getting naked," he declared.

Without moving, Elijah shot back, "Who says you're ever fucking me again?"

Dom laughed and cupped his spent dick. "Like you could ever resist this."

Groaning at the complaints of his knees, Elijah pulled himself up into the chair, shucking his jeans and sprawling naked on the seat. "Shit. I'm gonna get come on the cushion again."

"Orlando fucked you on the chair, too?"

Smiling, Elijah said, "No, on the couch. Right where you were sitting."

"Fuck, Elijah. I sat there for hours! I hope you fucking cleaned it up first."

"I turned the cushion over." Elijah grinned from ear to ear, then sobered. "Listen, Dom...."

Dom rolled over on his side. The suddenly somber mood was infectious and he frowned. "What is it?"

"Don't... don't tell Orli, all right? We kind of have a... thing, I guess." His face flushed again and he didn't meet Dom's eyes.

Dom thought for a moment before replying. "Yeah. All right. If you don't tell Billy."

Elijah looked shocked, his eyebrows nearly reaching his hairline. "You and Billy?"

Covering his eyes with his hands, Dom shook his head. "No. But maybe... you know, someday."

Elijah doubted it, but nodded anyway. "Okay. Deal." He shifted and felt the come running down his legs. "Fuck. I'm going to take a shower. You wanna...?"

"Nah," Dom waved him off. "'M gonna go. I'm tired and depressed all of a sudden." He slowly sat up and struggled to his feet. "Shite. My legs are fucking rubber."

"Cool. So, I guess... I'll see you tomorrow." He waved and headed off down the hall toward the bathroom.

"See you." Dom zipped up his jeans and headed to the door.

In the living room, the dvd played on, completely forgotten.


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