En Mexico: a leaf in the wind

Recipient: wbearsmom
Author: slashfairy
Pairing: Billy, Dominic
Rating: G


"Que lejos estoy del suelo

donde he nacido

inmensa nostalgia invade

mi pensamiento;

y al verme tan solo y triste

cual hoja al viento,

quisiera llorar,

quisiera morir de sentimiento.

Oh tierra del sol,

suspiro por verte

ahora que lejos

yo vivo sin luz, sin amor;

y al verme tan solo y triste

cual hoja al viento,

quisiera llorar,

quisiera morir de sentimiento.

Oh tierra del sol..."


"What's he saying?" asked Dom idly, holding his Margarita glass carelessly by the blown-glass stem, watching the Mariachi band stroll by. He sipped the tequila drink, watching Bill's face change as the singer wove through the trilled rrrrrrs and yodeled wails of the song. Green Scots eyes followed the bright serape as the little grupo threaded through the tables in the restaurant's patio, green eyes that changed colour as the sea does with moods too deep for ordinary men to follow safely.

"It's a cancion a kind of ballad song, and it sounds lonely," Billy replied, long Bonden-plait behind him falling curled behind his tanned neck. His pride at it's being mostly all his own hair in the film was nothing to Dom's pride in his friend's success, a feature film playing an important character, shot on location in Mexico in large part. Thus Margaritas, and cancions.

The singer watched the two Brits deep in their seemingly casual conversation, the little touches, licks of lips, brushes of fingers, slow closing of eyelids over too-limpid eyes. He thought of his own exile from his home province, how his mountain village was nothing like this seaside town with its resorts and restaurants. The dry air, sage-scented even when it snows. Crisp mornings and sunsets that happen just-like-that. He wondered where they were from. Not the same place, he thought, their accents are too different. But they look at each other as if they've known each other forever, from some time outside of maps and calendars.

Standing now beside that table the singer put his heart into the crying call of the song, then, while the band played behind him, translated for Dom and Billy, who listened carefully, hearts opened by the music in this warm salt air seaside evening.

"How far I am from the land where I was born

Immense sadness fills my thoughts

I see myself so alone and so sad

Like a leaf in the wind

I would like to cry I would like to die

From the feeling

Land of the sun

I long to see you

Now that I live so far from your light,

Without love

I see myself so alone and so sad

Like a leaf in the wind."

He smiled as they each tipped generously, their hands meeting in the middle, not fighting for dominance but just gently together putting the money in the basket. He noted how their heads met when he came to the part 'so alone and so sad', how they smiled into each others eyes, how the air around them became heavy, saturated almost.

"Better not to be alone, when one is not at home, yes?" he said, appreciating the subtlety of their obvious comfort with each other's bodies, each other's heat.

"Yes, it is," Dom and Billy said at the same time. "So, so much better. Thank you for the song, and the translation," said Billy. "Would I be too bold, to ask you to show me the chords? I'd like to add this one to my repertoire."

"No, no problem at all," answered the mariachi. "You have someone to sing it for, then?"

"Yes," said Billy, smiling at Dom. "I have a friend, a friend who gets lonely sometimes. I think this is a good song to add to a set I'm putting together for him, so he's not feeling so far away from home, from friends." Dom smiled, tracing a leaf on the back of his hand, then one on the back of Billy's. "Sometimes it's not so easy being a leaf on the wind, you know?" he smiled back at the singer before the little troupe walked on to serenade another table. "No, but it'll be easier, a little, with a proper soundtrack," said Billy, humming a bit of the tune, just to be sure he had it right.


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