Recipient: _simbelmyne_
Author: hobbitgwen
Pairing: Dominic/Billy
Rating: PG-13/R-ish


The dizziness echoed around in Dom's head, forcing his eyes in and out of focus, his fingers clenching and unclenching against his own sweaty palm. His breathing was too fast, heart thundering in his chest, skin trembling as he shut his eyes, blocking out the shaking of the world around him. For the briefest of moments, he wondered if he was going to faint.

Then his long fingers finally found purchase in fine strands of light hair, twinning and winding between them, feeling them slip under his palm like moonlight, like waves beneath his surfboard. He anchored himself through his hands, through hair, tracing an ear, a jaw, a vast expanse of pale neck.

"Easy, mate," a thick accent chimed from somewhere close to Dom's existence, "let's get you to bed. Too much alcohol is never good for a Brandybuck."

Dom prayed with all his might that in the morning, that would be all it was.

It wasn't, of course, it never was. But that didn't stop Dom from hoping. He hoped every day when he thought of Billy, of his guitar calloused hands and small wicked smile. He hoped every night, as his hands slid over and around his own cock, pretending it was Billy.

Dom hoped so long that the lines blurred. There were moments when he couldn't remember if it was real or a dream. Times when he was sure, if he could just reach out, they would connect, and Billy would welcome it. Had welcomed it. Would welcome it again.

It never occurred to Dom that this might be because Billy was hoping, too.


It took months of blurred lines before Dom slipped. It was a hazy afternoon, curled on the couch as the sunlight warmed them from the window. Boundaries became hazy in those moments, and before he could stop and think, Dom had leaned forward, mouth pressing and insistent against Billy's.

Billy kissed back, smiling. Finally, he thought.

Dom pulled back suddenly, sunlight heat fading from him. "Sorry. Sorry, Billy, I ..."

Billy laughed, silencing him. "Don't, Dom. Merry. It's okay."

Billy pressed forward this time, kissing Dom eagerly. Dom slid into the kiss slowly, letting his guard down one millimeter at a time. It made Billy feel both weak and powerful. It made Billy's head spin.

It was practically over before it began, head spinning in its teenaged rush. Dom never made it out of his trousers, Billy's hips and hands working too intensely for him to hold out. Billy made it a little further, his jeans scrunched down by his knees when Dom brought him off. It was a stickier mess than either liked, but it was perfect. Dom slid his eyes shut as Billy settled his weight above him. The afternoon sun set towards evening, the light taking on a bluer, colder edge.

Dom pulled the blanket up around them, and they slept.


Dom was dizzy again, staggering and drunk. He giggled into Billy's hair, watching the dawn as it pinked the horizon. His yawn was wide and sleepy, but Billy knew it said I love you.

Dom's fists clenched and unclenched around the lapels of Billy's jacket. His breathing was shaky, and he squinted against a moment of queasiness.

Billy's arms anchored him as they slid around his middle. Dom allowed himself to be molded into Billy's side; it was a shape he'd always harbored a particular love for.

"Easy, mate." Billy's soft burr reverberated close to Dom's ear. Dom sighed, letting Billy help him to his feet. He followed close behind his lover as they headed home.

As they reached the door, Dom leaned forward, unable to resist. He tangled his fingers in the short ginger of Billy's hair and sighed.

Dom wished that when the morning came, it would mean forever.


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