Christmas Snow

Recipient: silentnumbsmoke
Author: scots_in_kilts
Pairing: Billy/Dominic
Rating: PG


From the window next to his front door, Billy watched as the snow fell softly to the ground, blanketing the area in a soft, white coat. He sighed and leaned against the windowsill, happy to be inside his warm home with a cup of hot tea in his hands. The warmth from the tea and his breath had fogged the window up a bit. Billy lightly ran his fingers through it, writing his name on the window. He stayed by the window as his coffee cooled and the sky darkened.

He was tired of waiting for Dom to come home. He'd spent every night for the past three days waiting to see Dom appear and to be wrapped up in his arms. Every time he spoke to Dom, he danced around the subject of when he was leaving Hawaii for Scotland, leaving Billy to wonder if he would ever see his lover for Christmas.

Billy pushed away from the window and into the kitchen, dumping the rest of his cold tea into the sink before heading into the living room. He turned on the television, stretched out on the couch, and drifted off to sleep to the dull sound of the television.

Dom's feet crunched in the snow as he slowly made his way to Billy's place, his duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He smiled at the idea of surprising Billy. He'd hated lying for the past few weeks about when he was coming home, but he'd been working on his present. He didn't want to show up empty-handed.

He stood at the bottom of the steps up to Billy's place, smiling at the knowledge that his Billy was inside. He walked up the steps, pulled his key out of his pocket, and unlocked the door. He stepped quietly into the house. "Billy," he called out softly. "Billy, you up?" He grinned at the silence that filled the dark home.

He opened his duffel and pulled out his gift. He toed off his shoes and crept quietly down the hallway towards the living room. Dom smiled when he saw his Billy sleeping soundly on the couch, his chest rising and falling. He placed the gift on a table just inside the entranceway before heading to Billy's side. He knelt beside him and gently ran his fingers through Billy's soft hair.

"Billy," he whispered softly. "Billy, love, wake up." He pressed his lips softly to Billy's forehead. "Baby, wake up."

Billy's eyes fluttered open slowly. He groaned and rubbed his eyes. "Dom?" he said hoarsely. "What the fuck?" He grabbed Dom's shirt and pulled the younger man into his arms, burying his face in his lover's shoulder. "Am I dreaming?"

"No, love, I'm right here." Dom wrapped his arms around Billy and held him tightly. "I wanted to surprise you."

"Well, you did that." Billy pulled away. He took in the sight of Dom, his nose and ears red from the cold air, his hair a mess from its usual lack of styling. "And you're an arse you know. You could've told me when you were coming home."

"I could've, but then I wouldn't have been able to surprise you." Dom sat on the couch beside Billy and put his arm around his shoulders. "I hated lying to you, but I wanted to make sure I had your Christmas present all ready."

Billy forgot all about being angry at Dom. "You got me a present? Where is it? Can I have it?"

"You're not very patient for a man of your age, are you?"

"No, I'm not. Can I have it?"

Dom chuckled as he ran his hand down Billy's back. "It's not Christmas yet."

Billy ran his hand down Dom's chest. "So? You're here and I want it." He straddled Dom's legs. "Please, Dommie." He leaned over and pressed his lips to Dom's neck. "Please?"

Dom groaned softly. Billy knew just what to do to get his way. "But it's not Christmas."

"I'll give you yours." Billy pressed his lips to Dom's, tasting his lover for the first time in months. "Please."

Dom smiled and cupped the back of Billy's neck. "I love you, Billy." He kissed Billy softly, enjoying the feeling of the Scot in his lap. "But you'll have to get off me if you want me to get it."

Billy grinned and rolled off Dom's lap. Dom chuckled as he headed towards the table. He picked up the box and went back to Billy's side. "Here you go, love. Hope you like it." Dom's face turned as red as his ears.

"Dommie, I'm sure I'll love it." Billy kissed Dom quickly before quickly pulling off the green paper. He pulled the top to the box off, and his eyes narrowed in confusion. Nestled in the small box was a key resting on an envelope. "Dom, what the...?"

"Open the envelope, Bill." Dom smiled at the look on Billy's face. "I think you'll figure it out."

Billy pulled the envelope out and carefully opened it. Inside was an open-ended ticket to Hawaii. "Dom?"

"I want you to come live with me in Hawaii, Billy. Whenever you're ready." Dom pulled the key out of the box. "This is to my house. so when you come, just walk right on in." He placed the key in Billy's hand and wrapped his fingers around it. "It's your house now too."

Billy stared at the ticket then at Dom, then back at the ticket. "Dommie, I... I don't know what to say." He ran his hand down Dom's cheek. "Thank you," he whispered before leaning in and kissing Dom. "Thank you." His eyes met Dom's. "When you go back, Dommie, I'll go with you."

Dom choked back a sob as he pulled Billy into a tight embrace. "I love you so much, Billy."

"I love you, too, Dom." Billy ran his fingers through Dom's, not wanting to let go of his lover.

Dom pulled back enough to catch Billy's mouth with his.

The pair sat on Billy's couch for a long time, simply enjoying the fact they were together again, that soon they would wake up in each other's arms every day.

Dom's eyes wandered towards the window, his attention turning to the snow that fell slowly. "Billy..." He smiled as he stood up and held out his hand. "Come with me. Just trust me."

Billy slipped his hand into Dom's and let the younger man lead him outside. "Dom, it's freezing out."

"Hush, Billy." Dom led Billy down the front steps. "It's so warm in Hawaii. We don't get snow. Been dying to stand outside, play in the snow, kiss the person I love." He pulled Billy into his arms as they stood out in the cold Scottish air, the snow falling into their hair. "I love this time of year."

"Me too," Billy whispered as he watched the snowflakes fall into Dom's eyelashes and onto his cheeks. "Great time to be inside next to a fire with a warm cup of tea in your hands."

Dom chuckled. "That too. But look at this stuff, Billy. How can you not play in it?" He smiled as he leaned and kissed Billy. "Make a few snow angels."

"Have a snowball fight?" Billy wormed his way out of Dom's arms, grabbed a handful of snow, and tossed it at Dom.

"You're going to pay for that," Dom replied as the snowball hit him square on the cheek. He made his own snowball and chased Billy around the small yard. He grabbed Billy by the back of his sweater and pushed the snowball on top of his head. "Ha!"

The two chased each other around the yard for several minutes, pelting snowballs at each other. Soon, their cheeks were red, their hair and clothing soaked.

"Dommie, Dommie-love, let's go inside," Billy said, grabbing Dom's sweatshirt and pulling him closer. "Before we catch something."

"Maybe I want to catch something. Then you'll have to take care of me." Dom grinned and kissed the tip of Billy's nose, bright pink from the cold.

"Yes, and Charlie caught whatever you get how, exactly?" Billy took Dom's hand. "Let's go inside."

"I don't think so." Dom wrapped his arms around Billy's waist and fell back into the snow. He looked up into Billy's eyes and slowly brushed the snow from his hair. "I love you, Billy," he whispered, pressing his lips to Billy's forehead.

"I love you, too, Dom. Now can we go inside? My legs are freezing."

"What do you plan to do with me? Once we're inside?"

Billy kissed Dom quickly before standing up. "Guess you'll have to come inside to see." With a wink and a smile he headed inside, not looking over his shoulder to see if Dom was following.

Dom quickly got to his feet, brushed the snow off his clothes and followed Billy inside. This was going to be a great Christmas.


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