Recipient: overloved
Author: ripsgirl
Pairing: Billy/Dominic
Rating: R
Request: anything is fine, except violence of any kind or angst. i love aus.


It was Dom's 40th birthday, and Dom himself wasn't in the house.

Billy wasn't worried; Dom had been there when they woke up this morning, and he knew exactly where Dom would be, today of all days. The previous month leading up to their holiday had been so frantic - for most of it they hadn't even been on the same continent, Billy tying up details so they could start rehearsals of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in London in January, and Dom in various meetings in LA. Because of this, they had chosen to spend some time quietly by themselves at the beginning of December; the party would happen in a couple of weeks, when hoardes of friends and family would descend upon them for Christmas and New Year, and a belated birthday celebration for Dom.

At last, they were here, in their New Zealand house, and as Billy walked across the back garden (more of a field, really), blanket and cushions under one arm and champagne and glasses in the other hand, there was Dom, right where he expected. Under his favourite tree, journal in his lap, chewing on the end of his pen. Billy grinned, thinking of how many photos he had of Dom in some variation of that pose over the years.

It was a fabulous day. One of those early summer days when everyone finally discards warm clothing and dons shorts and throws open all the windows. By the time he reached Dom, Billy was almost literally full of the joys of spring, and has a rather silly grin on his face.

"Fancy meeting you here," Billy said, dropping the blankets and cushions.

"Outrageous, isn't it," Dom said, grinning back up at him.

After Billy spread out the blanket, it was natural for them to cuddle up together with their champagne, Billy with his back against the tree and Dom with his back against Billy's chest. Champagne in their right hands, fingers of their left hands laced together. Billy loved the way their wedding rings bumped together; still a novel feeling after only a few months. Dom's hair smelt of the sun and fresh air and living, breathing things, and it seemed even more natural that they presently found themselves lying on the blanket, Dom on top of Billy, gently pressing his thigh into Billy's groin. God, this was good. It had been too long since they'd had the energy or space to take their time over sex.

Billy derived an almost irrational (he thought) amount of joy from the way that he and Dom were able to arouse each other so easily after more than a decade of being together, and despite the age that Billy felt sometimes. He grinned and pressed back against Dom, loving the little gasp it elicited, and that Dom's mouth latched on to his. Billy put one hand into Dom's hair, the other around his waist under his t-shirt, and they kissed, kissed, kissed.

The only sounds were occasional little sighs from the two on the blanket, and birdsong, insects and the rustle of leaves in the tree overhead. Of course, it then seemed entirely natural that Dom started to unbutton Billy's shirt and kiss and lick his chest, sucking on first one nipple then the other. Billy closed his eyes and let the physical sensations take him over as Dom moved further down his body, finally unzipping Billy's trousers and tugging them and his boxers down and off. Billy grabbed a cushion for under his head, and let his legs fall open as Dom settled himself between them. Momentarily, the thought crossed his mind It's Dom's birthday, not mine..., but as the wet warmth of Dom's mouth explored the secret places of his body, with hums and sighs of satisfaction sending pleasurable vibrations through him, he knew, as he always did, that this was what Dom wanted.

Billy looked up, and the leaves above him seemed somehow to stir in time with the waves of pleasure that washed over and through him. These days, it took a bit longer than it used to to get him going, a fact he was grateful for at times like this. Eventually, it seemed only natural that Dom was on his back and Billy sinking into him, full of gratitude and love as Dom surrounded him with arms and legs and tight, velvety heat. Billy filled him with long, gentle thrusts, aware that Dom had been close to orgasm even before Billy had entered him, and wanting to prolong it. Dom matched his rhythm easily, arching up and trying to take Billy in deeper, with soft murmurs of Billy and Yes and Mine falling from his lips over and over.

"Happy birthday, Dommie," Billy murmured, as Dom came with a long, deep groan. It wasn't long before Billy too was falling; falling into Dom and oblivion, a silent shout echoing around in his brain.

It wasn't quite warm enough to lie around naked and damp with sweat, so they quickly dressed and lay on the blanket, Dom curled against Billy's body.

"Have you checked in on the bees yet today?" Billy said after they'd lain there in silence for a good long time. "Made sure they were well looked-after in your absence?"

"Of course. And they all buzzed me a little happy birthday tune."

"No they didn't, Dom. That was your imagination."

"See? I turn 40 and senility immediately sets in. It happens. I noticed it when you turned 40."

"Just be glad it's your birthday so I don't have to kill you."

Billy felt Dom's grin against his chest, and combed his fingers through Dom's hair. Dom undid one of Billy's shirt buttons and slid his hand inside, his palm warm on Billy's skin. Then it was Billy's turn to smile.

Another silence. Billy stared up at the leaves, watching and hearing them wave in the breeze.

"I'm going to have to go into town and pick up a few odds and ends if I'm going to produce the gourmet meal I promised you this evening," Billy said after a while.

"I notice you're leaping into action with that."

"I've just had fantastic sex, it's a gorgeous day, and you're sort of wrapped around me. All of which are not conducive to rousing me to action."

Dom chuckled, and it rumbled against Billy's ribs.

"Okay, well, not the sort of action that will get dinner on the table, anyhow," Billy conceded with a laugh.

Finally, he sighed and disentangled himself from Dom, who rolled on to his back.

"If this is how it's going to be, I'm going to like being forty," Dom said.

"Make the most of it, it's downhill from here," Billy said, getting to his feet. "I'll leave you the champagne, can you manage by yourself for an hour?"

"I'll cope somehow."

Doing up his shirt button, Billy started back towards the house. About halfway there he couldn't resist a quick look back, and smiled to see Dom already engrossed in his notebook again. Just then, as if he'd been tapped on the shoulder, Dom looked up and grinned.

"Bugger off and leave me alone!" he called.

Billy turned and headed into the house, laughing.


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