Between Friends

Recipient: heroically
Author: dizzydame
Pairing: Billy/Dominic
Rating: PG-13
Request: Gen!fic, historical AU, first time.


They’re in the middle of a game of poker when Billy leans over and kisses Dom. It’s wet, warm, and open-mouthed, Billy’s slick tongue plunging and poking around and then withdrawing. Dom’s a little too shocked to respond, save for his fantastic impersonation of a hooked fish.

“For luck”, Billy says, and winks. “And for shock value.”

Dom wins the next four hands in a row, and once he’s stopped licking his lips and swallowed (reasonably sure that all of Billy’s saliva is no longer lingering in his mouth), proclaims Billy the best good luck charm he’s ever had.


Dom drops Billy off at his front door, and gives him a pout.

“Dominic,” Billy says, wryly and with rolled eyes, “Would you like to come in for a drink?”

Dom jumps out of the car and grins. “Don’t mind if I do.”

Once inside, there’s whiskey and video games (Dom’s console, moved to Billy’s house because that’s where Dom liked it best). Halfway through a thorough trouncing of Mario Brothers (old school, because Dom’s a child of the early nineties if nothing else) he grins. “So if you kissed me now, whose luck would that improve?”

”Mine,” Billy says.

”How’s that so? Earlier it worked in my favour.”

”I wasn’t playing, earlier. Now you’d be so amazed at my world class kissing that you’d fall dead away into a faint, and I’d win the game.”

“You’re awfully sure of yourself, Boyd.” Dom says, in that typical boyish playground-challenge way.

Billy reacts instantly. He pauses his game, and turns to the side facing Dom, one hand on the back of Dom’s neck so their mouths press together. Dom’s breath hitches and his fingers twitch and tremble a little, and he kisses back in a much more responsive way than he had earlier, surrounded by the fellowship and a bevy of extras and crew people.

The controller falls from his fingers. He barely notices Billy unpausing the game until he leans in and meets cool air. His eyes fly open just in time to see his character with a blinking Game Over above his head.


He doesn’t think anything of it until he’s about to go home with a cute little redhead on his arm, and Billy slams a mug down on the table and stalks off.

Billy’s never struck him as the jealous type.

“He’s not jealous, dude,” Elijah informs him. A wise-arse, always, but maybe sometimes just plain wise. Or maybe not. Maybe Billy talks to him. Tells him things.

That thought settles in Dom’s belly like a marble lump.

“Why’s he acting like that, then?” Dom stares at the doorway where Billy disappeared. The redhead wandered away a few minutes ago, realising that she’d lost Dom’s attention, and with it his affections.

“How many times in the past two weeks has Billy kissed you in public?” Elijah asks.

“Um. Five?” Dom thinks back.

“And how many times has he kissed you in private?”

Dom glares at Elijah. “None of your business.”


“Well, what?”

”Don’t you think he does it for a reason?”

”Yeah,” Dom says, crossing his arms over his chest. “To beat me at video games. Because I finished off his beer. To win an argument that he knows he’s losing.”

“… because he wants in your pants.”

”Elijah! Don’t even fucking talk like that. Billy doesn’t…” He stops, sighs. “It isn’t like that. Billy isn’t like that.”

”I give up. You’re stupid. Buy me another beer.” Elijah says.

“If Billy wanted something… like that…” Dom says, awkwardly. “He’d just say it.”

”Dom. Listen, man. I think you’re giving Billy too much credit.”

Dom stands up and walks away.


“So, Bills?” Dom says, pushing his way past Billy’s front door. “I was thinking.”

”Thinking what?” Billy gives Dom a dry smile and shuts the door behind him.

”That maybe you should stop snogging me.” Dom says, carefully gauging Billy’s reaction. Or he would. If there were any reaction to gauge. Billy’s not just an actor, Billy’s a good actor. He follows Billy into the kitchen. “Some people are starting to get the wrong idea.”

”And what idea would that be? Cup of tea?” Billy gestures to the steaming pot.

“Sure,” Dom sits at the kitchen table. “Just the idea that maybe you fancy me.”

Jackpot. Billy’s hand stills on the teapot for just a beat before he tips it and pours into the cup. “That so? Let me guess, Elwood?”

”Right on the money.”

”He’s a nosy little prick,” Billy says with more vengeance than Dom expects.

“So what’s that mean?” Dom asks. Billy slides his cup across the table, and sits down opposite him.

Billy shrugs. “I’ll stop snogging you.”

”Not what I meant.”

”I know.”


They finish their tea in silence.


It’s hobbits versus elves billiards night, and the hobbits are down by a bit.

“I need some luck,” Dom says, and his eyes are mischievous.

He grabs Billy around the waist and dips him, pool stick pressed long ways against Billy’s spine.

When they break apart with a wet smack, Billy has two fistfuls of Dom’s shirt. Dom rights him again, and lines his shot up. Billy tastes like gin and peppermint.

He sinks three balls, and evens up the score.


“Nice idea of no snogging you have,” Billy says, leaning drunkenly on Dom.

“I said maybe you shouldn’t snog me,” Dom corrects, talking slowly and clearly. “Because people might think you fancied me. Just looking to protect your heterosexuality, mate.”

”... right. Because it needs you to defend it,” Billy chuckles. “So you think if you snog me instead of the other way around, they won’t think I fancy you?”

”No, they’ll think I fancy you.”

“And… wait… I don’t understand.” Billy’s face is crumpled, his mind trying to work it out.

“Bil-ly.” Dom whinges. “Come on. You know what I’m saying.”

“No,” Billy says after a moment, coming to a decision. “I don’t believe I do.”

”Billy!” Dom pouts. He’s a brilliant pouter, really. Never fails. “Fine. I decided that I like snogging you. And I really don’t care what they think.” He gestures grandly at the table their company occupies, completely in the wrong direction, but Billy understands.

”So I can snog you now?”

“Yeah,” Dom grins back.

“And what about-“

”Later,” Dom finally gets the bartender’s attention and gets their drinks. “We can talk about that later. Tonight is for getting drunk and making out with my best mate.”

Billy howls, and clutches at his beer. As soon as he’s regained the ability to speak without spewing, he gives Dom a great big kiss.


Concept created by Megolas in 2002
Fabulous artwork ©2002 by Hope.
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